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Chapter 980 - Disorder

There were those from the outside world breaking in!

This was completely earth-shattering!

Turbulent changes that Immortal Ancient had not experienced for endless years were now beginning. It made all of the natives feel a great fear, not knowing if this was good fortune or a disaster. 

As for the geniuses of the three thousand provinces, they were all stirred up. They knew that their masters were going to enter, about to march into Immortal Ancient's remains. Unfortunately… they were a step late.

If they came a bit earlier, Huang wouldn't have entered the gate of light!

"What a pity!" There were some that stomped their feet in anger. It was too regretful, just slightly off. This would become their life's greatest regret.

Many people felt incomparably bitter, roaring where they stood. There were quite a few that cursed, their faces distorting, already going mad, truly wishing to guide their masters in massacring Immortal Ancient. 

There were some whose bodies went cold, having bad premonitions. 

For examples, some of the ancient freaks, as well as Ten Crown King, Exiled Immortal, and others, for them, the arrival of the sect masters of the outside world signified extreme danger. 

It was because they carried heaven defying objects on them. There were definitely going to be some who would target them!

Everything was in turmoil. If Immortal Ancient encountered a disaster, those sect masters sweeping through this place, their situation would be extremely bad as well. 

Even Gu Jianyun, someone who had a great sect protecting him, his face also fell. If Immortal Ancient was thrown into chaos, if an ancient king like himself couldn't immediately reunite with his sect, he might very well be plotted against by others.

The effects of this were too great!

In that instant, everyone's reactions were different. 

"It's not that I am not a match, but rather that the situation changed too quickly!" Ten Crown King said softly, clenching his fists tightly. Three strands of immortal energy turned into True Dragons, winding about his body.

With an exertion of force, the void caved in, making everyone shiver with fear!

This was especially the case for the group of talents that were too close to him. All of them coughed out blood with a wa sound, flying outwards, unable to resist those fluctuations at all.

This was Ten Crown King. When he got angry, when his aura surged, others wouldn't be able to endure it at all.

"Yi?" The Exiled Immortal was originally disappointed and frustrated, unwilling to accept this result, but suddenly, his expression changed. It was because the gate of light was still there, not having disappeared.

The Exiled Immortal's black clothes fluttered about like a Heavenly Phoenix spreading its wings, drifting over. He was surrounded by immortal energy, scattering out a rain of light, directly arriving before the gate of light. 

"What? He also entered!" Everyone became stupefied. 

The Exiled Immortal was extraordinary, surrounded by immortal light, incredibly pure and aloof. He stepped into that gate of light with a single step, quickly rushing inside.


This place immediately erupted with commotion!

No one could remain calm. These sudden changes left everyone shocked, happy, emotions immediately surging. Even more people roared towards the sky, venting out their heart's frustrations. 

At this moment, enormous joy filled the hearts of every single person. 


Ten Crown King took action. Like a True Dragon rising from an abyss, he leapt out, no one able to stop him. When he brandished his fists, mountains and seas collapsed, heaven and earth trembled. It was as if a matchless divine king was moving.

Blood energy surged, rising into the heavens above and seeping into the earth below. When one watched from the distance, a fiery red 'dao furnace' surrounded him, massive like a mountain. This was all formed from blood energy. 

This was the vitality of a single person, even more so the embodiment of his unmatched strength!

Ten Crown King rushed inside, also entering the gate of light. Everyone moved out of the way for him.

"Actually this type of situation. There is still a chance to remedy the situation. We can also enter!"

Everyone cried out, and even those below the arena were shaken, swarming towards the arena like a flood, wreaking havoc through heaven and earth. 

Unexpected developments took place, giving everyone hope. All of the cultivators' eyes burned fiercely, each striving to outdo the other. They had to enter no matter what. Even if the natural luck had been seized already, they still had to see it to its end.

A heavenly diagram moved, within it a sun, moon, mountains, and rivers. Right now, the ancient scroll turned into a great golden path. Ning Chuan entered after Ten Crown King on his heavenly diagram.


Shi Yi took action, his eyes shining, dual-pupils opening heaven and earth, displaying the profound mysteries of the world's beginning stages, forming a heavenly domain of its own. He split the void, sweeping through everyone around him, also rushing inside.

"How can I miss out on this? I will definitely become an immortal!" The little fatty Cao Yusheng shouted, standing together with Chang Gongyan, also rushing forward.

Ancient freaks all moved, each displaying their own methods, great divine abilities appearing endlessly. The gate of light swirled with brilliance, natural laws interweaving, heaven and earth collapsing. 

The most powerful individuals all entered one after another, but when they stepped through the gate of light, they discovered that their treatment wasn't the same as Shi Hao's. Huang directly disappeared from this place, brought to the final destination. 

Meanwhile, they had to run along a passageway constructed from natural laws and head towards that mysterious place.

"Hurry, we have to hurry!"

Everyone shouted. If they were late, there wouldn't be anything left, likely everything completely taken by Huang.

Forget about those in the rear, even the Exiled Immortal and Ten Crown King were quiet, using the greatest strength, igniting divine force, exhausting their source energy, not hesitating to use any resources to rush forward.

For what purpose did they wait several eras? It was for this moment! They all erupted with power, becoming even more terrifying than before!


Of course, during this process, there were a few battles. For example, the dual-pupils fired beams of light, chaotic light pervading the air, clashing with Ning Chuan's heavenly diagram. 

This road was not calm!

"Why is this path so long?!" Even the ancient freaks became anxious as they moved quickly. With their cultivation levels, even several thousand li could be covered in the blink of an eye. 

However, as time flowed on, they now traveled at least several tens of thousands of li, yet in the end, they were still advancing along the road, not getting closer to that ultimate ancient land. 


In front of the arena, that great void crack trembled, the aura frightening.

The natives' faces became unpleasant, all of them returning to their clans to prepare against the changes that were taking place.

At the same time, there were also those who rushed towards a certain small world, wishing to see what kind of figures were arriving, preparing to scout out information to report back to their clans. 

There were even more geniuses from the three thousand provinces that rushed towards that small world. They didn't enter the gate of light, instead wishing to receive their own sects, guide the experts over. 

In the eyes of many, instead of fighting against Huang, Ten Crown King, and Exiled Immortal, it was better to hurry and find their sects' sect masters, as well as block that gate of light. That way, nothing could get away. 

Darklight Realm, a place that wasn't that large, an ordinary small world. 

However, because a spatial node was blasted open here, connecting to the outside world, everything became different. This place was not going to become calm again. 

Divine force surged, natural laws interweaved. Lightning rumbled between heaven and earth. All types of irregular scenes appeared, brilliant and varied, shocking all of the natives in this realm.

After experts from other small worlds hurried over, they were all stupefied as well. A great crack ran through this realm, among them one part that was especially wide. That was where the spatial node rested. 

An elder wearing a purple golden crown, his body in dao robes stood in the cracks, half his body entering this realm. His eyes were like divine rainbows, sweeping through the mountains and rivers, burning with incomparable passion.

In front of him were a dozen or so other individuals, but their cultivation levels were all lower than his, ranging from the Supreme Expert Realm to the True Deity Realm, all of these cultivators successfully entering to test the carrying capacity of the spatial node.

"Not good!"

This person released a cry of shock, feeling his soul trembling. His felt as if his blood ran cold as a great danger surrounded his body. 

"Ah…" He released a great cry, struggling greatly, trying to rush over. However, Immortal Ancient had strange laws that interweaved within the great void crack, stopping him.

Even though there were those in the outside world that took action, supporting him in crossing realms, it still wasn't enough. His face immediately became pale. 

It was because supreme dao laws rushed into his body.

"No!" He cried out loudly. 

His frontal bone shone, primordial spirit rushing out, wishing to flee into Immortal Ancient Remains, because he he already felt a bad premonition that his flesh wouldn't be able to hold on. 

However, right at this moment, the great void crack's light became hazy. Primal chaos light swept out, and like the exceptional sword radiance, hacked down on that primordial spirit, not letting him go at all.


That fist sized primordial spirit cried out in grief, exploding on the spot. Meanwhile, his flesh was also burned into ashes at the same time. 

The dozen or so individuals that arrived all backed up, their faces lacking color. They were quite fortunate to have made it through successfully. Meanwhile, this daoist's strength was tyrannical, already having one foot into the next stage, a half sect master level figure. 

In the end, such a powerful creature died so easily, just like a stone thrown into a lake, not producing ripples too great. 

Outside world, uninhabited region. 

Great cracks weaved through the air, blood-colored multicolored light erupting. Pitch-black lightning interweaved, the scene horrifying. 

At this moment, groups of people stood here, their levels ranging from supreme experts to heavenly deities, and then to sect masters and others, all cultivators from various sects. 

This was especially the case with the group of sect masters up ahead, all of their expressions grave. They all used up an enormous amount of power, finally breaking through the realm walls. In the end, they tried one after another, Divine Flame and True Self Realm people entered without any problems.

Out of impatience, that old daoist took the initiative, volunteering himself. They cooperated in helping him cross over, never expecting that a heavenly deity with one foot into the next cultivation realm would be killed so quickly!

"Could it be that we have no chance, no opportunity to enter?" One of them said with a sigh. 

They watched that scene just now with their own eyes. They silently thought to themselves, already deducing that sect masters couldn't enter, expelled by Immortal Ancient. Otherwise, that old daoist wouldn't have died so miserably.

"The greatest will only be at the Heavenly Deity Realm, not even those with one foot in the next realm able to cross." One of them said.

The sect masters here all became silent. Which one of them didn't want to enter? However, after thinking about it, they all frowned, feeling unwilling inside. 

"Are there any other dao friends willing to give it a try? We will do everything we can to protect and assist you." Someone said. 

No one replied, because they had long determined the result. 

"Forget it, we can only have our heavenly deities to fight for the opportunity. I believe that they will be able to bring it out." There was a sect master that spoke up. 

However, this realm wall wasn't stable. Even when transporting heavenly deities inside, they still had to work together to prop open the node, protect those who were crossing realms.

"Immortal Ancient rejects us, so this passageway wouldn't be too stable. I do not know how much longer it can be supported, so the number of heavenly deities that can be sent in wouldn't be too great," someone said. 

Everyone knew that if this spatial node was destroyed, they would have to find another place and then use the same method all over again to open up another one. 

Based on their deductions, the first batch of people should be able to enter smoothly.

This quota was extremely important. The various sects discussed it among themselves, arguing with each other over them.

"My Immortal Palace must have a spot in this first batch of people!" Chaotic energy spread from an ancient bronze palace in the distance, releasing an aged voice. 

Everyone's minds were shaken, the great sect masters of various sects no exception. They all felt deep restraining fear towards him.

A voice sounded from an emperor carriage as well, the present world Emperor Race, also requiring a spot.

"My Western Sect needs a place as well." 

"My Underworld Clan must enter Immortal Ancient's place of natural luck."

"My Divine Temple used the Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Scriptures to protect the passage, so we ought to have a spot."


All sect masters were speaking up, fighting over the spots.

At this time, they definitely couldn't back down. This involved great natural luck. They were dividing up Immortal Ancient's greatest opportunity.

"What Huang? What Exiled Immortal? What ultimate victor? Under the suppression of heavenly deities, they can only be regarded as dust!"

Someone inside the heavenly deities that were chosen said softly, a middle-aged man from Immortal Palace, his eyes cold.

"Dao friend's words are precisely correct. Before we entered, those were just children playing house. Now, we have to choose the owner of the natural luck again. Those who don't follow us will all turn to ashes!"

Inside Immortal Ancient, the ultimate ancient land behind the arena's gate of light.

Shi Hao stood there alone. This place was too mysterious. He seemed to have already become petrified. 

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