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Chapter 979 - Fighting Open a Path

With a shua sound, over ten thousand great dao fragments flew about, dazzling to the extreme!

The World Tree, even though only a sapling, really was just too powerful. It contained all dao from the day it was born, harmonizing with heaven and earth. It could produce an entire world.

At this moment, it moved about, releasing hualala sounds, leaves producing all types of brilliance. 


Shi Hao held the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram in hand, facing it head on. Ten thousand void figures appeared, all types of creatures emerging, unexpectedly blocking that little tree. 

Between the two, large amounts of chaotic energy erupted. Everything was hazy, making this platform shake violently! 

This type of scene shocked everyone here. This was a supreme treasure!

The World Tree sapling was one thing, the entire world aware of its terrifying nature. However, what was that palm sized white bone piece in Shi Hao's hands? It was pure white like jade, unexpectedly so powerful.

This bone piece only passively defended, not displaying any offensive characteristics.

The arena shone, producing a gate of light, forming a transport formation. That type of power became greater and greater, pulling at Shi Hao. 

He was swept up, about to rush inside. However, everyone tried to stop him, those precious artifacts too powerful, blocking his path.

Heavenly Horned Ant suppression!

The Exiled Immortal took action. The single horn didn't look that long, but it was heavier than ten thousand great mountains added together, the pressure making it hard for others to breathe. 

One could see the void explode inch by inch. It contained laws of extreme power. The Heavenly Horned Ant's natural laws appeared again, this power previously overturning the nine heavens!

If it was an ordinary person, they would have exploded a long time ago, and not even an ancient king would be able to stop this strike. This was an unmatched magical bone that was without equal. 

Fortunately, Shi Hao also had methods, an item that could match it. 

The Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram in his right hand resisted the World Tree, while the dragon scale in his left faced this attack. Waves of draconic cries sounded, tearing through the nine heavens, stopping this single horn.

"The defying scale of a dragon, touching it will incite great anger!" Someone trembled, releasing this type of cry of amazement. 

It was because there were people among the natives that recognized that this might be a True Dragon's defying scale. It actually appeared in Huang's hands!


Heaven and earth split apart, even the arena became cracked, all because of the collision between the single horn and scale. These were a horn and scale from the bodies of the vicious ten, a confrontation that crossed thousands of eras. 

One represented strength, the other representing the world's most powerful species. 

This type of great confrontation was naturally terrifying without end. In that instant, it was as if the sun, moon, and stars all fell. Deafening great dao sounds rang out!

"Stop him, don't let him leave!" There were others who shouted from behind.

Now wasn't the time to fight one on one. Once Shi Hao entered, it would end everyone's hopes. Only by stopping him, blowing him off the arena would they have a chance.


Those behind him also slaughtered over, taking action at the same time. 

In that instant, all types of precious techniques flew about, all of them world shocking divine abilities. Normally, just the appearance of a single one would leave others stupefied, yet now, all types of restricted divine abilities appeared. 

There were some that had been lost in inheritance for several hundreds of thousands of years, yet now, they all saw the light of day, displaying their brilliance. 

Shi Hao released a great roar, his entire body shining. With two divine treasures in hand, he fought against the crowd before him. He completely went for broke, doing everything he could to resist.

The one that posed him the greatest threat was still Ten Crown King's little tree. Even though that tree was only a foot tall, the ten thousand light mist strands, every single one of them was a type of dao fragment, tangling around him, preventing him from entering that dao gate. 

Otherwise, Shi Hao would have directly left. Right now, he was bound by the World Tree, the biggest problem he faced right now. 

Apart from this, the Heavenly Horned Ant's single horn's power was also terrifying. Even though it couldn't restrict him, its offensive power was ridiculously great, releasing an unceasing torrent of symbols. Its divine might was matchless, about to make the arena itself cave in.

If it wasn't for the defying dragon scale in his hands, it would have been extremely difficult for him to fend off that horn. 


The male surrounded by mysterious flames slaughtered his way over, activating the Reincarnation Disk. With a light shake, the heavens split apart,  chaotic energy pervading the air.

This immediately worsened Shi Hao's situation. Another supreme precious artifact pressed down. In not for the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram and defying dragon scale, he would have definitely been crushed without any suspense.

Just like that, several supreme treasures tangled together, chaotic energy surging between them, spreading from the hands of all different owners. They locked down the void, confronting each other.


Ten Crown King loosened his grip, not fearing that anyone else might steal the little tree, directly slaughtering over to fight against Shi Hao.

The Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, Heavenly Horned Ant's single horn and the others floated in the void, tangling together, forming a strange space, temporarily preventing Shi Hao from leaving. He could only fight.

Shi Hao let go of everything. His entire body blazed like a great sun, erupting with endless brilliance!


He didn't say anything, instead directly facing Ten Crown King. His fists were like jade, sparkling and transparent, but when they smashed over, it was more terrifying than heavenly thunder. 

This fist contained several types of profound mysteries, nothing it couldn't overcome, powerful to the extreme.

Ten Crown King's expression became grave. His body released pi pa sounds. That arm shone, the Dragon Fist merged with other 'vicious ten precious techniques', making that fist strength matchless.


Their fists released heavenly deity flames, transcending the past, as if they really were going to break through the heaven and earth cage to display immortality!


The heavens caved in and earth collapsed. Smoke and dust surged. The arena was damaged.


The Exiled Immortal also took action, gracefully brushing his arm. Chaotic multicolored light erupted, looking pure and aloof, but this strike made the arena surface split apart. 

There was even less of a need to talk about Shi Hao who exchanged a palm with him. He endured an unimaginably great amount of force. Ascension-like light erupted between the two, producing an endless rain of brilliance, the dazzling light hurting everyone's eyes. 

Everything happened too quickly, taking place in the time it took for sparks to fly off a flint. Three great experts already confronted each other. 

Suddenly, mountains collapsed and seas roared. A heavenly diagram took to the air, suspending in the air like a heavenly sun. Great stars swirled about, the stars of the cosmos faintly discernible, boundless silver river brilliant, powerful to the extreme. 

Ning Chuan also took action. The heavenly diagram on his back suppressed forward. 

This left everyone stupefied. Four great supreme experts were contending for supremacy, among them three surrounding the fourth. It was too shocking. 

One had to bear in mind that any one of them could sweep through an army, overlook all enemies, rarely encountering opponents. However, things ended up developing like this.

Everyone's hearts were beating crazily. Will Huang be able to live? He is likely in danger!


Shi Hao released a great roar, the tattered armor on his body shining. Even though there were many holes, right now, they weren't a weakness, but instead provided benefits.

The holes were full of brilliance, continuously swirling about, drawing the world's essence from all directions, sending it into Shi Hao's body, making his blood surge, assisting in his fight against three great enemies.

In that instant, the world split apart, gods and devils weeped, a rain of blood pouring down. There were even immortal spirits that seemed to appear, hazy light surging. There were too many irregular scenes. 

Four great supreme beings turned into light, intertwining together, continuously clashing.

Everyone was shaken up. Shi Hao was actually this formidable, not falling, fighting intensely against three individuals. 

"I'm joining in as well!" Someone roared from behind, also taking action. 

It was precisely Zi Yanfei. This person was quite the monster, cultivating the Great Sky Burning Art to an unprecedented level. His body attained great power through the fire dao. Right now, he swooped over.

"What?" Everyone was shocked. One could vaguely sense immortal dao energy.

"Turns out to be like this!" Shi Hao understood. This fella had an 'ancient flame' refined together with him, one that could be considered an immortal seed. It was just like Qing Yi merging with the Green Lunar Flame. 

Zi Yanfei refined a flame dao technique to begin with, the Great Sky Burning Art shaking past and present. It was something that was comparable to the Six Dao Reincarnation or Nine Heavens Tenth Art. Now, he even merged with the origin flame a true immortal left behind, so the power he displayed was definitely unimaginable!

"No wonder he said that he cultivated the heavenly art to an unprecedented level. Indeed frightening!" Someone said with a sigh.

Even if others obtained the 'ancient flame' left behind by a true immortal, after they became a deity, that flame would still leave. Meanwhile, he managed to make it stay behind. 


However, contrary to Zi Yanfei's anticipations, Shi Hao faced it head on, forcefully clashing with his Great Sky Burning Art, not hiding at all.

It was because Shi Hao's fist had three strands of immortal energy surrounding it. It suppressed all flames, impossible to match.


Fiery light overflowed. Zi Yanfei shouted loudly, the spiritual essence in his entire body surging, the raging flames burning with such great ferocity even the heavens were going to collapse. 

This was the power of an ancient flame, even more so the power of the Great Sky Burning Art, simply unimaginable. 

A tremendous noise sounded. Shi Hao formed a fist imprint. It became even more resplendent, and in the fist's surroundings, golden willow branches flew out one after another, turning into divine chains of order, rushing into the fiery light.


After an intense collision, Zi Yanfei released a muffled groan. He then coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, retreating backwards. 

His injuries were extremely serious, suffering a loss in that great clash. 

"How could this be? Merged with the ancient flame, in this cultivation realm, my heavenly art has already been cultivated to a level no predecessors have ever accomplished!" He didn't dare believe this. 

"Come back with your heavenly art after you cultivated three strands of immortal energy!" Shi Hao shouted coldly. While fighting against three great supreme beings, he was also looking down on everyone else. 

"Suppress him together!"

The others didn't dare approach, taking action from the distance, producing precious artifacts, among them including ancient freaks. 


Shi Hao released a great roar. At this moment, he formed a fist imprint, fighting against the three world-shocking experts. His body shone, golden ripples spreading, also producing the Willow Deity's technique.

On his body, patterns interweaved, and then a golden branch rushed out from every single opening. This was the Willow Deity's technique, appearing gentle, but the power was unstoppable. 

Pu pu sounds rang out incessantly. 

In the distance, the space between everyone's brows were pierced through one after another, killed on the spot.

It was to the extent where there were three ancient freaks that were also pierced through, crying out loudly as they retreated. However, immediately afterwards, they were blasted apart by the golden branches, exploding on the splot. 

"All those who stand in my way will die!" Shi Hao shouted. 

He exerted all of his strength, displaying all of his secret methods to unleash a massacre. Those that stopped him were the same as stopping his path of dao.

At this moment, only the three great supreme being experts could remain calm. Everyone else's expressions changed. That type of method was too terrifying. Shi Hao brandished heavenly wind, sweeping through all in his way.

Around his body, blood energy surged into the heavens, his fist imprint matchless!

The Willow Deity's technique was activated by him, sweeping through all directions. 

The powerful dual-pupil user unexpectedly didn't take action, standing to the side, his eyes incredibly overcast. Chaotic light flashed. He was clearly a terrifying expert as well. 

He didn't move, the effects of this extremely great. 

Apart from this, Chang Gongyan held his enormous bow, not moving either, standing in the distance.

Shi Hao faced three great supreme beings. The armor on his body rumbled, light mist overflowing. He had previously suffered attacks, but also delivered strikes onto his opponent. Right now, there were traces of blood on his body.

The arena was chaotic. He moved about, attacking left and right, ferocious and unmatched.


Finally, the equilibrium was broken. The gate of light produced by the arena swelled, becoming even more brilliant. In addition, the arena unexpectedly began to burn, grand and majestic. 

Shi Hao roared. The earth quaked and mountains shook as he did everything he could to slaughter his way into that gate.

At this time, he forcefully grabbed the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram and defying dragon scale, holding them in his hands. 

It was clear that this arena was about to break apart. This was the final opportunity. If he couldn't enter, then the gate of light might be destroyed.


Finally, he succeeded, forcefully smashing his way inside. The main reason was because the gate of light was also displaying power, the flourishing beam of light engulfing him.

With a ka cha sound, the natural laws the World Tree exerted separated from him, unable to bind him any longer.


Shi Hao disappeared from this place, entering through that gate.

At the same time, Immortal Ancient rumbled, as if it was going to break apart. The great void crack immediately became several times larger, releasing ka ka sounds. 

"Not good, those from the outside world are going to get in!" Right at this moment, shouts sounded from the distance, shaking up heaven and earth. 

Everyone was greatly alarmed. Immortal Ancient was going to be thrown into chaos!

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