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Chapter 975 - Supreme Being Great Battle

Ning Chuan ascended to the stage. No one else dared to go up, this place immediately becoming deathly silent!

Just now, when Gu Jianyun got on the arena, there were at least a few people who challenged him, especially the last individual with the heavenly deity magical artifact who even inflicted injuries on him. 

Now, the white clothed Ning Chuan appeared, unexpectedly making it hard for everyone to even breathe. No one dared to challenge him!

In the blink of an eye, two hundred rounds passed. He stood there calmly, no one going up on the stage.

This was unprecedented, never seen before since ancient times!


"Yi, there's someone crossing tribulation?"

Everyone was shocked. Under this type of situation, there was actually someone who chose to face tribulation. It truly was astonishing.

"It's Chang Gongyan!"

"Four Crown King is facing tribulation, shocking and stunning after all! Only, it's unknown if he could cross it or not!"

When news of this travelled out, everyone became shocked.

At the same time, there was more news that there were people undergoing tribulation in other small words. There were people who heard world shocking thunder. 

"More experts are going to die!" Someone said with a sigh.

This was the truth. How could lightning tribulation be that easy to cross? Rashly inciting heavenly tribulation would inevitably result in being hacked into ashes!

Those who dared do this were definitely the most powerful kings, with ancient freaks taking the lead. The deaths of these types of people would definitely be the greatest loss and regret.

This made others sigh!

"No dao friends are going to come up?" On the arena, Ning Chuan was extremely calm, not being moved by the thunder sounds. However, right now, Shi Hao was currently at a critical point, golden light covering his body, already reaching his knees, his entire body about to become golden. 

Shi Hao's expression was calm. He gave him a look, but didn't stop. If there was a battle to come, it would still be when he successfully made it through this process!

"I'll fight against you!"

At the two hundred first battle, someone flew onto the stage, the bone blade in his hands hacking towards Ning Chuan. This was a creature at the great circle of the True Deity Realm, indeed powerful.

However, Ning Chuang only used a hand to point out. A streak of quiet light flew out, shattering that bone blade. 

It was as if fireworks were set off in the void. Bone blade fragments flew in all directions, and it began to burn. Ning Chuan's strike was powerful to a frightening degree. 

However, right at this moment, shocking changes happened. Those bone blade fragments, even though broken, still shot forward as if they had intelligence, not stopping. In addition, the void unexpectedly exploded.

"What? Heavenly deity might?!" Many people turned pale with fright. These changes were too strange. 

It was the blade handle that was left, so how could its power become even greater?

"Formless Blade!" Someone cried out in horror. This was a secret treasure, a heavenly deity magical artifact, the most terrifying type of weapon. 

This type of blade's blade body couldn't be seen, able to hide in the void, a terrifying demonic weapon for assassination, impossible to defend against. 

"Heavenly deity magical artifacts can't be brought into Immortal Ancient, and the weapons of natives cannot approach the arena, so where did he obtain this, what is going on?"

Previously, Gu Jianyun had already encountered one, and now, another heavenly deity magical artifact appeared, leaving everyone shocked and in confusion. 

The void rumbled. That Formless Blade was too sharp, shattering the void!

Heavenly deity natural laws interweaved, terrifying divine force engulfing everything. Even Ning Chuan's expression changed, quickly evading. He disappeared from his original location, appearing at a different place. 

However, this expert brandished the heavenly deity magical artifact, cutting open the void, sweeping through the entire arena, making this place incomparably terrifying.

"An Era Into Nothingness!" Ning Chuan released a shout. 

In the end, he still wasn't a heavenly deity, so he had to treat this seriously. He displayed a great divine ability, his body turning into a streak of light, darting about, moreover, refining the void. 

Even though this creature was powerful, activating the heavenly deity magical artifact was still too exhausting. Even though Ning Chuan was forced to retreat, that creature still knew that the current situation wasn't favorable at all.


In the end, he coughed out large amounts of blood, magical force not enough, unable to activate the heavenly deity magical artifact, suffering serious injuries. 

The moment his source energy was about to run out, like an immortal ascending into the heavens, Ning Chuan pointed outwards, blasting through the space between his brows with a pu sound. That formless blade immediately flew away, disappearing.

Everyone erupted into commotion, feeling admiration towards Ning Chuan's power, as well as shock towards the heavenly deity magical artifacts that appeared one after another.

"There are geniuses from the three thousand provinces who are working together with the natives!" Someone said quietly.

"You're right, it should be like this!"

Soon after, there were people who came to this type of conclusion. 

Those who could go on the arena were naturally all outsiders, not natives.

As for the weapons, everyone suspected that the natives were in charge of refining the core, to the extent where only the final step of the refinement of the heavenly deity weapon was left to the outsiders to complete.

This wasn't impossible. Even though a heavenly deity magical artifact was precious, difficult to refine, if all of the conditions were prepared ahead of time, waiting for outsiders to take advantage of, then it could still succeed. 

"It is to the extent that it might not be the natives, but rather a few large sects themselves. Do not forget that there are some great sects that purposely left some disciples in Immortal Ancient, turning into unconventional natives, their scheming great."


The more they thought about it, the more frightened the people felt. 

One had to understand that even Immortal Palace's Di Kun was a chess piece, left behind in Immortal Ancient to cultivate up to the Heavenly Deity Realm, only, he was killed earlier by Shi Hao. 

One could thus assume that other great sects definitely had ancient heroes stay behind to work from inside. 

Sure enough, in the following battles, there were several individuals who took action, still using heavenly deity magical artifacts. In addition, everyone could tell that they came from different parties. 

"Not good, things don't look good at all. A few ancient sects made plans a long time ago, joined up with natives, or established their own foundation. How can we stop this?"


During the three hundred eighty-seventh battle, there were experts who took action. They were exceptionally terrifying, there was actually an ancient freak with a heavenly deity magical artifact, challenging Ning Chuan. 

Everyone was stupefied. This was too frightening! An ancient freak with a heavenly deity level weapon, apart from Ning Chuan, Huang, and others at this level, others would only have the fate of death awaiting them!

In this battle, Ning Chuan exhausted quite the effort. The other party not only had a heavenly deity magical artifact, but also grasped a type of curse, almost affecting his dao!


Behind him, a heaven diagram appeared, finally wrapping the other party, refining him into a pile of white bones.

An ancient freak died just like that!

Everyone was shocked, but at the same time felt sorrow for him. He previously overlooked an era, unrivaled under the sky, but now, he encountered an even more powerful individual, dying just like that. 

In addition, even if an ancient king grasped a heavenly deity magical artifact, it still wasn't enough, unable to match Ning Chuan!

Ning Chuan won four hundred in a row, and then he stopped, no longer taking action, because continuously fighting against individuals who graped supreme secret treasures left his blood energy a bit unstable. 

This was especially the case when the last person was an ancient king, making him exhaust a certain amount of strength.

If there weren't any experts here, then that was one thing. He could continuously guard his place, but Ning Chuan saw the currently recovering Huang, as well as the Exiled Immortal and Ten Crown King. 

He didn't dare bite off too much, jumping off the arena, making sure that he was always at his peak. Even if he was missing just a bit of blood energy, he would rather not be on the arena. 

Then, another person walked over, his body indistinct, surrounded by a bit of chaotic energy as he ascended onto the arena. 

"Who is this person?" Many people didn't recognize him.

"He is… Ten Crown King!" Someone said softly, fearing that something taboo might happen. 


At this moment, everyone became shocked. This was the one known as the undefeated wonder, Ten Crown King? The one who had moved unhindered through Immortal Ancient from past to now, unmatched this entire time?

Forget about them, even the natives were shaken. Many people widened their eyes as they looked at him.

This person carried too much impact, entering Immortal Ancient ten times, each time suppressing everyone with his strength, coming out on top. There were those who remembered his fight against Eight Crown King. When he swept through the world under the sky, he had an unmatched aura. 

In the eras where he appeared in before, his energy devoured mountains and rivers, no one could stop him!

There were natives who previously wanted to kill him as well, but he always came out unharmed in each era, avoiding the heavenly deities that bore hostility against him. 

"This old one's teacher had previously wanted to deal with him, but was killed instead." A senior among the natives said. 

Regardless of whether it was the three thousand provinces or this ancient land, Ten Crown King was an undefeated legend, a legendary figure. 

When he went up, sure enough, there was no one who dared fight against him at first!

However, later on, there were still people who went up, still the creatures who held heavenly deity magical artifacts. However, Ten Crown King didn't show fear. Chaotic energy swept out, suppressing those who challenged him. 

"Just small dao!" He only had these words.

Below, some people felt like they were suffocating, expressing deep acknowledgement. Even if a child held a sharp blade, it would still be difficult for it to resist an adult. Ten Crown King had the qualification to speak like this, because he was strong.

This made others frown inwardly. Their many years of preparation was actually ineffective, unable to do anything to people like Ning Chuan and Ten Crown King!

Flute sounds echoed through the air. A person walked over from the distance, stepping on the void, clothes fluttering about, looking like an Exiled Immortal. He looked aloof and otherworldly, as if untainted by the world of mortals.

The Exiled Immortal came, the mysterious male that came from the vicious nest. 

He held a pure white bone flute in hand, ascending the arena to face Ten Crown King. 

"Dao brother, if you would." The Exiled Immortal a calm smile, hinting towards Ten Crown King to take action.


This place erupted with noise. Two world shocking experts were clashing, leaving everyone shaken. 

"I already saw you the first time I entered Immortal Ancient." Ten Crown King stared at him, carefully observing him, unexpectedly speaking like this.

"Indeed, back then, the two of use entered Immortal Ancient at the same time, previously faced each other from the distance on the three thousand bluestone paths, smiling and sending each other off." The Exiled Immortal said with a smile. 

These words left everyone stunned, every single person shocked. The two of them… appeared in the same world, entered Immortal Ancient in the same era?

That was Ten Crown King's first era, but was it the Exiled Immortal's first, second, or third? No one knew!

The Exiled Immortal laughed and said, "After ten eras have passed, dao brother already overlooked the world, having the title of Ten Crown King, rising above the ancient people, deserving of honor and respect."

"You are the first one that I admire so. Ten eras without showing yourself, you truly are the Crownless King." Ten Crown King said with a sigh. 

When everyone heard their conversation, they all became stupefied, great waves stirring within them. 

"Then let's just settle things in this final era." The Exiled Immortal remained calm throughout this discussion.

"Fine!" Ten Crown King only had this word, starting to take action.


The arena unexpectedly shook. This was something completely unprecedented. The two of them began to exchange blows.

"Vicious ten precious technique!" Many people cried out in alarm. 

Those two were too extraordinary, immediately using world shaking great divine abilities!

Ten Crown King's fist smashed out. A True Dragon roared, clearly a Dragon Fist, the unmatched True Dragon precious technique!

This was not a loose move, but the real undamaged world-shaking divine ability!

The Exiled Immortal's clothes fluttered about as if they were dancing. He was like a reincarnated immortal. Around him, brilliant colors shone. He displayed the Heavenly Phoenix race's great divine ability. 

True Dragon versus Heavenly Phoenix!

Everyone was dumbstruck. This was only the beginning, the first move, yet these two used such exceptional secret methods. How could this not leave everyone shocked?

The natural luck of these two was just too great. These two precious techniques, calling them first and second throughout time was already close enough!

Then, everyone became even more shocked, their scalps going a bit numb. It was because the two of them quickly changed secret methods, once again displaying different vicious ten precious techniques.

"Heavens, how many world shaking precious techniques do they grasp?"

On the stage, thousands of natural laws appeared, ten thousand streaks of auspicious light shining, tearing through the heavens, splitting the clouds. Even the ancient arena was shaking, something that had never happened before. 

When cultivators fought on the arena in the past, it never budged an inch.

In an instant, the two already exchanged over a hundred moves. During this process, both of them used three to four types of unmatched precious techniques, all of them belonging to the vicious ten!

Were they defying the heavens? This made everyone's mouths and throats go dry, their hearts shaking violently, difficult for any words to come out. 

"Truly a battle between giants…" Shi Hao said. He opened his eyes. The golden light already spread to his feet. He succeeded, completing the transformation. 

"Sinner's blood descendant, do you dare fight?!" Ning Chuan spoke. This was the first challenge he issued after arriving here. 

"Why wouldn't I? The the two of use can also go up!" Shi Hao pointed at the arena. 

Immediately afterwards, the two of them rushed up, both of them leaping onto the ancient arena floating in the sky. 

Everyone became stupefied. Even this was okay?

The two of them didn't speak unnecessary things, fighting immediately after rising up. 

It was a world shocking clash. The arena was divided into two different battlefields, both sides using the rarest great divine abilities in this world. They fought until the sun and moon lost light, heaven and earth losing color. 

Four great experts clashed. This was unprecedented, this type of intense battle never before seen since the ancient times. This arena unexpectedly permitting two different battles between young supreme beings. 

Below, everyone's blood boiled from watching the battle. 

This was an extremely rare great event since the ancient times. True unmatched great battles began, a power struggle between supreme beings!

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