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Chapter 974 - Experts All Appear

Shi Hao sat in place. Starting from his hands, the golden radiance began to spread inch by inch, overflowing with vitality.

He was originally all dried up, about to die out, unmoving without the slightest trace of vitality. Many people thought that he had died in a seated posture, but now, they saw this scene. 

Everyone was stupefied, none of them daring to believe what they were seeing!

As time went on, that withered body began to flourish with vitality, golden luster flowing out, spreading from his arms. Soon after, the upper half of his body became like this.

Shi Hao's appearance was dignified, as if a golden body was undergoing rebirth. That body contained supreme mysteries, astonishing power spreading outwards. 

It was clear that he succeeded and was starting to revive, life force slowly taking form. 

Everyone couldn't help but sigh. Huang was too heaven defying. Everyone thought that he was dying, but in the end, it was just like he said, using those people as 'trash' to temper his body. 

A few people looked towards Gu Jianyun. It was clear that this exceptional genius' judgment was wrong!

Gu Jianyun was also calm, not saying anything. Only, he silently stared at Shi Hao. 

"Killing a direct descendant of my Silver Blood Devil Tree Race, choosing to stand against my holy land, you will not be forgiven!" Someone spoke secretly, an expert from the Silver Blood Devil Tree Race. 

That was a male heavenly deity, and beside him was a female heavenly deity. They had both previously appeared in Soul Island, clashing with the Eight Armed Soul Race. 


A divine awl flew out, dark black, releasing dark light, a heavenly deity magical artifact…


The space immediately shattered. The might of a heavenly deity was immeasurable. It tore through the void, immediately arriving before Shi Hao, the chilliness bone-penetrating, about to strike the space between his brows.

"You dare!"

The Eight Armed Soul Race's old heavenly deity swung his sleeve, heavenly deity natural laws spreading, locking this place down, and then engulfing that black magical artifact. He also stood in front of Shi Hao, protecting him. 

The battle escalated, even heavenly deities now taking action!

Everyone was incredibly nervous. Giants at this level could make an entire realm bleed with a single clash, a small world possibly even being destroyed. 

"Eight Armed Soul Race, you all are shielding evil. You all are also Immortal Ancient's descendants, yet you watched as he killed our people, now still standing together with him. Deserving punishment!" The Silver Blood Devil Race's heavenly deity shouted. At this time, it even revealed its true body, turning into a silver-colored ancient tree, its branches reaching into the heavens, voice ringing like thunder. 


The silver ancient tree moved, enormous branches lashing down, cracking the void. In addition, every single branch produced a heavenly deity natural law, incredibly terrifying. 

The Eight Armed Soul Race's old heavenly deity had cultivated for many years. The space between his brows shone, powerful soul force surging. He was a peak level heavenly deity, so he was naturally without fear. He constructed a natural law web, suppressing the other party. 

"Since this is the case, why did you all ascend to my Soul Island, your mouths saying 'little dao friend' when you came, and offering all types of benefits as well. When little dao friend refused, you all now become hostile?"

The elder spoke things before everyone, not giving the Silver Blood Devil Tree Race any face. 

As for what exactly happened, everyone understood clearly. Fighting over Shi Hao, wasn't it all to neutralize the curse? Meanwhile, there were some parties whose grudges definitely wouldn't be resolved, so they now wanted to kill him. 


Heavenly deity natural laws clashed. The void here distorted.

"Two dao friends should calm down. I heard that there are people in the outside world who are trying to break Immortal Ancient's realm wall, wishing to break in. We cannot have internal conflicts right now." Someone advised.

Right at this moment, the world trembled greatly, as if proving what this person said.


The void crack that stretched across various small words released mysterious multicolored light under the violent trembling. Natural laws interweaved. It became unstable, as if it was about to collapse. 

It was clear that there were many powerful experts that were attacking, wishing to tear open this crack and make it through the realm wall!

This made others worry, the natives especially flustered. Since the ancient past, for countless years, no sect master level figures could enter. Was this going to disturb this place's peace?

Everyone was uneasy. This was the last time Immortal Ancient was going to be opened, so one knew what kind of conclusion there would be, what will ultimately happen. 


That enormous crack began to tremble once again. It suffered an even more powerful collision, making Immortal Ancient's natives' expressions change. 

The geniuses that came from the three thousand provinces all became happy. Were their masters going to enter? Many of them were excited, because the arena was already too difficult for them, impossible to win. However, if their clan's heavenly deities were to come, if sect masters were to descend, then that was enough to stop everything. 

What Huang? What Gu Jianyun? None of them were significant. No matter how great their talents were, they could still be killed. Right now, they definitely couldn't stop sect masters. 

"Yi, Gu Jianyun got on the arena!" Right at this moment, everyone released a cry of alarm. 

It was clear that Gu Jianyun also felt that things were troublesome. If those from the outside world were to enter, if they were to then clash, even if sect master fought against sect master, no matter how brilliant he was, he still wouldn't have a chance. 

"Who dares fight against me?!" He calmly asked. On his back was a divine sword. He swept his eyes over everyone. 

This place immediately became silent, no one responding.

It was because he was currently unharmed, at his peak state. Who dared to fight against him head on? Apart from Huang, he was the only ancient freak who faced tribulation and lived. 

One could vaguely see that he currently had unmatched power. 

As time went on, Gu Jianyun intimidated everyone just by standing there. There were no battles, but as time went on, the arena granted him fifty wins. 

This left everyone speechless!

It was actually like this! Many people were speechless. He calmly passed rounds just by standing there without battling, collecting wins!

Quite a few people frowned, extremely unwilling to accept this, yet didn't dare go up. 

"These are the residual effects left by Huang's display of might!" There were some that sighed.

Not long ago, everyone could see that even though Huang was about to die, he still won eight hundred rounds, no one his opponent. Now, Gu Jianyun was someone who had crossed heavenly tribulation, his blood energy flourishing, unharmed. This naturally left everyone fearful. 

In everyone's opinion, right now, he might be even more terrifying than Huang!

Just like that, he stood there, his accomplishments already reaching ninety-nine, winning without fighting!

When the hundredth round arrived, an expert finally appeared, shouting from the distance, "Gu Jianyun, I will keep you company!"

An expanse of lead clouds rushed over, carrying heaven overflowing pressure. A long gray-haired young man appeared, landing on the arena with a honglong sound. 

"It's you, you're still alive!" Gu Jianyun was shocked. 

"Correct. Back then, you won by a fluke, my damaged body not dying, still alive. I will settle things with you in this world!" The one who came shouted. This youth's face was pale, his gray hair reaching his waist, surrounded by yin mist. 

Needless to say, everyone knew that this person was incomparably terrifying. Back then, he could fight against Gu Jianyun in a bloody battle, only losing by a single move. This was an ancient freak!

"The last time, I could defeat you, so this time, I naturally can still kill you!" Gu Jianyun said after calming down.

"Less nonsense. Let the fight decide everything!"

This was a life and death struggle. The fighting intent of the one who came surged, the aura his body released extremely terrifying, throwing himself over like an angry lion.


After a dozen exchanges, this person was killed by a finger from Gu Jianyun. Blood splashed out, his flesh splitting apart. 

"Dying just like that, too easy!"

"Gu Jianyun now cultivated immortal energy, so how could past opponents be able to deal with him?"

Everyone sighed, feeling pity for that person.

Gu Jianyun didn't loosen his guard, still taking action. He produced an expanse of dao flames, burning that person's corpse and blood. 

"You can't kill me!" What was horrifying was that an expanse of blood surged, turning into ten thousand droplets, quickly evading, condensing into a human body not far out. 

"The reason why you escaped death last time is because of this method right? Endless Blood Scripture!" Gu Jianyun said. With a qiang sound, he pulled out the divine sword on his back, pointing it at the blood-colored figure.

"Correct. As long as I still have a drop of blood left, I won't die. Hand over your life!" That blood-colored figure shouted, not needing a flesh body, only attacking with a blood body. 

This left everyone shocked!

"Heavens, it's actually the Endless Blood Scripture, this type of demonic art is the most cruel and difficult to refine. Wasn't it long lost in inheritance? It actually appeared again!" Many people cried out in alarm. 

This was an ancient secret method. Even though it couldn't compare to the Great Sky Burning Art or Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Scripture, its advantage was in its craftiness. It was difficult to kill the one who cultivated this art. 

The divine sword in Gu Jianyun's hands continuously brandished about, scattering that blood person, but he just didn't die. Even though it was burned until there was just a bit of blood beads left, it was just too difficult to burn everything. 

"Not good, there's actually this type of person who can't be killed. How can you even win against him?!" 

Sword Valley's people felt worry. This type of enemy was too frightening, possessing an undying body.

"There is no need for worry. Gu Jianyun brother definitely can find a way to break through it. There is no undying body in this world. I reckon there is a few drops of foundation blood essence that allows him to revive several times. If he truly erases those concealed droplets of blood, he will undoubtedly die!" Someone said. 

"I will refine your entire body, begone!" Gu Jianyun shouted. His sword swept out, a domain taking form, surrounding that person.


The entire blood individual was pierced, and then set aflame.

However, in the distance, a drop of blood rolled out from between the cracks of the arena, condensing into a blood body, fighting a great battle against Gu Jianyun. 

"A single drop of blood can produce a magic body?" Everyone was shocked. 

"Once this type of demonic art is cultivated, it still doesn't reach the immortal dao domain. It's not that one becomes unkillable, but rather that there will be five to nine more lives." Someone explained the inner details. 

This battle was extremely intense. However, in the end, Gu Jianyun hacked through everything, using an unstoppable might to kill this person nine times. The bloody light finally vanished, that person losing his life. 

"I cultivated immortal energy and even crossed heavenly tribulation, so even if you had a hundred lives, it wouldn't be enough for me to kill!" He said calmly. 

When these words were spoken, this place immediately became silent.

Then, he stood in place, winning without fighting for another several dozen rounds.

When the two hundredth round descended, something unexpected happened. Someone got on the arena, producing a magical artifact. At first, no one sensed anything, but later on, it unexpectedly erupted with a terrifying aura, releasing blazing divine radiance, striking Gu Jianyun until he coughed out large amounts of blood. 

"Heavenly deity magical artifact?!" Many people were shocked. 

There was no way the geniuses of the outside world could bring in this type of weapon!

Meanwhile, the weapons of natives, generally speaking, couldn't appear on the arena. 

Gu Jianyun was injured. His eyes flourished with radiance as he said, "Regardless of how you obtained it, you aren't a heavenly deity yourself, so you will still die!"

He released a long roar, the divine sword in his hands shone. He became one with the sword, and then fought intensely against that expert, at the same time avoiding the light released by that heavenly deity magical artifact. 

In the end, he cut down that person. However, that heavenly deity magical artifact flew into the air, unable to stop it. 

Gu Jianyun wanted to continue guarding his spot, but he suddenly saw someone. His pupils shrunk, stopping these plans. An exceptional individual appeared, while he was injured.

He had to treat his injuries, or else he would be in danger.

Gu Jianyun leapt off the arena, disappearing with a flash. 

Then, someone arrived from the distance, white clothes fluttering, extraordinary and aloof. This person was too handsome, making even many women jealous. 

It was precisely Ning Chuan, his silver hair reaching his waist, body tall and slender, even his socks and shoes white, untainted by a speck of dust. He stepped on great dao symbols as he arrived.


This place immediately erupted with noise. Ning Chuan was still alive!

This was an enormous event! He successfully crossed tribulation, not dying.

He ascended onto the arena with a single step, his gaze deep as he swept his eyes over everyone. He didn't say anything. No one was willing to get on the arena. 

Shi Hao sat there, golden radiance currently moving down inch by inch, now already spreading to his legs. He was like a golden sculpture, his appearance extraordinary!

He sensed something, his eyes suddenly opening. He immediately saw Ning Chuan on the arena. 

In addition, Shi Hao's divine senses were extremely sharp. He looked into the distance, seeing another person. The Exiled Immortal from the vicious nest also came, he didn't die!

Then, he discovered Ten Crown King!

"Things are going to get crazy now, about to decide who is on top, who is the number one expert, everything is about to be revealed." Shi Hao said to himself. 

The top level figures had gathered. A heaven shaking clash was naturally going to erupt!

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