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Chapter 973 - Unleashing Massacre


A streak of sword radiance rushed into the sky. Shi Hao pulled out the Everlasting Immortal Sword, brandishing it forward. It was as if a rainbow pierced through the sun.

A light pu sounded. A golden divine ape was cut, cleaved in half. A corpse fell on the ground. 

This change shocked everyone. Huang took the initiative to attack!

That ape was clearly the descendant of the ancient ape from the seven heavenly deities, yet he was killed so quickly.

One had to understand that Huang was currently heavily injured, his current state terrible to the extreme, already unable to hold his position, yet now he acted so powerfully, killing an individual with a single move. 

The restlessness and noisy ones just now immediately became silent, everyone becoming stupefied. 

Many people sucked in a cold breath of air. One had to keep in mind that the golden divine ape was an expert that reached the great circle of the True Deity Realm, yet in the end, he was killed by a single move. 

How much power did this Huang have left? Taking action as soon as he said he was going to, not feeling any restraining fear, not having any misgivings. 

Immediately afterwards, this place became noisy again. Many people began to discuss among themselves, all of them staring at him.

"You dare act viciously? You didn't kill those who challenged you, but rather killed my Immortal Ancient heavenly deity's descendant?!" Someone shouted loudly, denouncing Shi Hao. 

"Secretly inciting disharmony, instigating and rewarding the experts who took action against me, do you think I didn't know?!" Shi Hao said coldly. 


Another streak of sword light shot out. The creature that berated and denounced Shi Hao just now cried out. Bloody light flashed, his head removed by Shi Hao.

Everyone shivered inwardly, a wave of clamoring erupting.

Huang was too domineering. This person merely berated him, yet was killed in the end. 

"Too much, Huang, what kind of place do you think this is?"

"You dare to casually kill my Immortal Ancient natives, dao friends, attack together and arrest him!"

"This person is behaving fiercely, kill him!"

The descendants of the seven great heavenly deities became furious one after another, roaring there. They asked those in the surroundings to take action, kill Huang.

At the same time, people even more so inwardly transmitted sound, making those vicious individuals who accepted rewards take action, immediately kill Huang. 

"Good, Huang should be like this! Who do these natives think they are? Just kill them in one move, no point in wasting words with them!"

"Correct, this is what someone from my higher realms' three thousand provinces should be like. What nonsense? Just kill them and simply end things!"

Quite a few people shouted in the dark, not revealing their true bodies.

These people were inciting public anger, raising a racket, hoping to stir things up even greater, adding fuel to the flame, making Shi Hao drown in a sea of natives. 

"Demons and monsters, things that are unfit to be seen under light, do you think I don't know where you all are?" Shi Hao immediately released a short shout.

He rose into the air, and then a sword hacked out. Sword radiance erupted, and then several streaks of multicolored light shot out. Under pu pu sounds, miserable cries rang through the air. 

Within the crowd, several dozen individuals were pierced through, half of them killed, the other half seriously injured, flying outwards, their bodies dripping with blood. 

"Huang, did you go mad? Taking action against Immortal Ancient's natives is one thing, but you even act viciously against those who also came from the three thousand provinces!" Someone shouted.

"Divine Temple's evildoer, you dare to call me one of you?" Shi Hao laughed coldly. He brandished his sword again, and with a pu sound, the person that questioned him had his head removed. 

Blood splashed outwards, dying the sky red. 

Everyone was shocked. Huang was too powerful! He didn't show any hesitation when killing, moving decisively and forcefully.

Shi Hao stopped, supporting himself with the sword, breathing in and out heavily. He was truly drained. If his blood energy was still at its peak, those attacks wouldn't only injure others, but instead directly kill them. 

When Fire Cloud Cavern, Phantom Drake Dao Gate, Demonic Sunflower Garden, Underworld Earth, and other cultivators that were still alive saw this scene, they all shouted from the distance. 

"Everyone, what are you hesitating over? Kill him! This person is close to death, not having any strength left. It is a good opportunity to eliminate him!"

A few people responded, encouraging the crowd, shouting loudly from the distance. 

At the same time, the descendants of the seven great heavenly deities also berated, criticizing Shi Hao, deeming him guilty, recruiting experts, offering them great rewards. They pressed forward. 

Apart from this, there were a few who took advantage of the crisis, quietly sneaking forward, wishing to attack when Shi Hao's strength was completely drained and then sneakily attack to seize his immortal seed. 

"A group of younger generation, you all still aren't going to back off?!" Eight Armed Soul Race's expert shouted.

"Soul Race's senior, aren't you siding too heavily? We are honorably issuing a challenge, and Huang even accepted it, even taking action. How can you interfere?" The descendants of the seven great heavenly deities shouted. 

"Eight Armed Soul Race, could it be that you all wish to shelter an outsider, trampling on the dignity of Immortal Ancient's natives?" The Silver Blood Devil Tree Race's Yin Kun said, pouring fuel over the flame.

It was because he knew that his relationship with Shi Hao was done for. Even if he did cross tribulation in the future, there wouldn't be any Lightning Tribulation Liquid for them. 

"Precisely! Why are you taking action for an outsider? We are challenging him honorably!" Someone shouted. 

Fire Cloud Cavern, Heavenly Country, Divine Temple and Demonic Sunflower Garden's remaining disciples blended together with the natives, shouting together, making this place extremely chaotic.

In addition, there were those who took action in secret, rushing at Shi Hao, killing energy surging.

"Dao friend, you should know what is right and wrong. Do not give in to personal selfish reasons!" There were olden generation natives that appeared as well, clearly invited from the seven great heavenly deities' descendents and the Silver Blood Devil Tree Race. 

"I accept the challenge. If you all don't fear death, then just come!" Shi Hao said. 

"Little friend!" The Eight Armed Soul Race's expert became anxious.

At this time, a few other powerful races couldn't continue watching. They feared that Shi Hao was going to be in danger, still hoping that he could neutralize the curse, wishing to protect him. 

"No harm, I'm fine. I'll use them to temper my body, this can still be considered making use of trash." Shi Hao said without holding back. This immediately made many people furious.

Weren't these words too much?

Huang was already heavily injured and dying, yet he still dared to look down on them like this. It truly was intolerable. 

"Seniors, I am going to unleash a great massacre. Will you all be able to take responsibility?" Shi Hao asked. He looked towards those people in the crowd, killing intent surging.

When the Eight Armed Soul Race's expert heard this, he was a bit shocked, saying, "The ones who are killed are killed, it's not a big deal, only, little friend, your body…"

Ever since the clan's ancient ancestor recovered his mind, the Eight Armed Soul Race no longer feared any powerful race, let alone the fact that those who were on their side were too great in number. Many races wanted to protect Huang, so they didn't care about offending anyone. 

As for the descendents of the seven great heavenly deities, there was no need to feel any restraining fear, because their heavenly deity already died, the remaining descendents nothing to be scared of. 

The only thing they had to worry about was Shi Hao's body, even though he had long said that this was cultivation, that there was nothing to worry about.

"Good, since that is the case, then I have no misgivings left!" After saying this, Shi Hao's body staggered about, carrying the Everlasting Immortal Sword as he walked forward. 

"Move out the death soldiers, kill him! I want to see how long he can behave so insolent for! Already about to die, yet still dare to act like this, beat him until he is like a dead dog and drag him over!" Yin Kun clenched his teeth, inwardly ordering. 


Right at this moment, Shi Hao moved. A sword rushed towards Yin Kun's direction. He passed many clamoring individuals, rushing at the Silver Blood Devil Race to kill.

A pu sounded, and an expanse of bloody light surged. In that instant, eight individuals were killed, all of them dying under this one sword.

Even Yin Kun almost encountered disaster, that sword light only brushing past his body, making his fine hairs stand on end. If not for immediately retreating at the critical moment, he would have died just now. 

"Huang, you dare take action against me, are you provoking my Silver Blood Devil Tree Race?!" He was shocked. They were far enough already, and just now, their voices weren't that loud, so how did Huang hear them?

"So what if I take action against you? It's not like I didn't beat you before on Soul Island!" Shi Hao said, raising the sword and hacking over.

Everyone erupted into an uproar. Many people didn't know about this matter, so when they heard it now, they all revealed shocked expressions. One had to know that the Silver Blood Devil Tree Race was known as a holy race, a holy land. Normally, who dared provoke them?

"You…" Yin Kun was humiliated, furious. To be spoken about in front of his face, it made him incredibly ashamed and resentful. 

"Chirping and squeaking, where are you hiding? Do you think I don't know? Urging others to take action against me, it seems like you didn't learn your lesson after I spared your life last time! This time, I will cut you down in one go!" Shi Hao said.

Everyone was shocked. Huang was too powerful. 

The Eight Armed Soul Race, Beauty Race, and others laughed bitterly. Huang really was good at provoking others. The reason he wanted their forgiveness was actually so that he could kill Yin Kun. 

"Kill him for me! Beat him into a dead dog!" Yin Kun was shocked and angered. Now that all face was lost, he didn't have any way out, calling over death soldiers to take action.


Suddenly, the long sword in Shi Hao swept out, taking action against those in his surroundings first. A group of people cried out miserably, all of them falling.

"You all are people from the three thousand provinces, making so much noise and even launching hidden attacks, even more hateful than than Yin Kun!" Shi Hao said. 

"Kill!" Many people shouted. 

"Come then, a group of trash, I'll use you all to refine and comprehend my body!" Shi Hao said. Originally, he was already staggering about, not having the strength to fight.

However now, his flesh suddenly shone, bits of bloody wisps within his flesh shell shining, erupting with resplendent light, making him flourish with power again.

That was the remaining supreme being blood essence!

This blood energy was extremely difficult to exhaust, not being erased this entire time. It was sealed within the depths of his body.

It was because he was worried, fearing that when everything was burned away, the supreme being blood drying up, that it wouldn't appear again for a long time. However, right now, he needed strength to deal with all types of dangers. 

He always felt hesitation, not knowing if he should use up everything. 

Now, he came to the resolution. All of his blood energy, including the remaining supreme being blood energy essence was ignited, making himself completely withered up, undergoing a transformation, experiencing a revival to comprehend the Willow Deity's technique. 

For the long-term, this was definitely the best decision!

The remaining essence of the supreme being blood appeared. Shi Hao immediately became full of life, like a True Dragon emerging from an abyss, tyrannical and unmatched. 

"Ah…" Many people cried out miserably. 

Shi Hao's body shone, burning like a great furnace. His supreme being bone erupted, the flames around his body surging, shining resplendently.

He bashed sideways and collided straight on, truly using these people like whetstones, using it to speed up the consumption of his supreme being blood, unleashing a massacre here. 

Shi Hao brandished his sword. The so-called death soldiers died in large amounts, several hundred corpses falling in the blink of an eye. One step covered a thousand zhang, three strands of immortal energy around his body. He immediately arrived before Yin Kun. 

"You… cannot kill me!" Yin Kun shouted loudly. His face was full of shock. His strength was great but the last battle shattered his courage, now no longer daring to face Shi Hao head-on, continuously retreating.

"Who do you think you are? Why wouldn't I be able to kill you?!" Shi Hao brandished his sword. 

Yin Kun roared angrily, activating all of his precious artifacts, but it was completely useless. That sword hacked open his frontal bone, his entire body exploding on the spot, completely dying.

"There is still you all. I even brought heavenly tribulation upon your old ancestors and killed them, so why would I be scared of you?!" 

Shi Hao rushed at the descendants of the seven great heavenly deities, and like a tiger in a wolf pack, swept through everyone before him. Reincarnation divine ability was displayed, fragments of time dancing about. Flesh and blood flew everywhere, everything withering away, turning them into white bones. 

This wasn't a confrontation, but slaughter!

"Hurry and run!" Everyone became frightened. The difference between them was too great.

"Where do you think you are going? Divine Temple, Demonic Sunflower Garden, Fire Cloud Cavern, you remnant evils, back then, I left you all with a road of life, not eradicating you all, yet you still dare to come disturb me. You can all die!"

Shi Hao, like a Peng bird, leapt up, attacking all directions. The faces of those individuals who cried out noisily and stirred up disharmony all went pale, all of them killed. 

No one expected the dying Huang would actually be so powerful.

In the end, many people were running. Shi Hao chased after them with a bleeding divine sword in hand. Soon after, over a thousand corpses appeared here. 

The ones who were howling before, most of them were now corpses under his feet.

Shi Hao didn't stop, still exhausting himself. His supreme being blood burned frantically. His divine force erupted, quickly draining as he unleashed a great massacre in all directions.

This battle, those of the later generations would all shiver in fear when recalling it. The so-called geniuses, experts, before Huang couldn't take a single blow, just like a chicken or insect, chased after and swept through!

There were heavenly deities who secretly came, but the Eight Armed Soul Race, Beauty Race, Centaur Race and others weren't to be trifled with. No matter how many came, they were all still stopped.

In the end, all sides became quiet, no one left to kill.

Those that were unrelated had long fled into the distance, all of them stupefied, their bodies cold. It was because this had become the home of an Asura. 

Right at this moment, the blood energy in Shi Hao's body was finally exhausted. When he sat down, it was as if he faded away, not moving an inch.

In his surroundings, blood trickled about. The skeletal remains of experts rested one after another, the scene shocking everyone!

This was like hell on earth. An expert sat here, silent and still amidst the bloodiness, comprehending the dao alone. 


He trembled again. In the end, the final trace of vitality also vanished, his entire body seemingly passing away.

The Eight Armed Soul Race was alarmed, incredibly nervous.

However, soon after, a strand of vitality appeared on Shi Hao's body. The first thing that changed was his arms, originally dried up and without luster, but now producing a golden radiance, the life force astonishing!

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