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Chapter 972 - Challenge

Five hundred rounds. A dying person unexpectedly won five hundred rounds in a row. This was difficult for the geniuses here to accept. 

This type of situation had to be stopped. The crowd couldn't sit still. If this continued, the mysterious ancient arena would likely regard Huang as the ultimate victor!

However, what left everyone confused was that Gu Jianyun didn't move, still never entering the arena. 

There were others who consulted him, but he still spoke the same sentence, that he wouldn't fight with a dead person, not placing much attention on Huang. 

However, others couldn't sit still. Some people said quietly that Gu Jianyun was likely scared of Huang, not daring to rashly get on the stage.

"We have to take action and exhaust Huang's essence blood. Only by killing him earlier can we be more at ease!" There were some who began to conspire. 

"Wu, make Gu Jianyun get on the arena. Huang's condition is extremely bad, so he is definitely going to fall, but the reason he hasn't yet is because Gu Jianyun is waiting until the final moment. We should have him fight a bloody battle against Huang!" 

"This ought to be the way!"

A few people were scheming, having their subordinates go up, paying large amounts of resources to have experts go up and waste Shi Hao's blood energy. 

Included in this were the geniuses of three thousand provinces and even Immortal Ancient's natives, putting out heavenly treasures to recruit people in challenging Shi Hao on the arena. For example, Yin Kun from the Silver Blood Devil Tree Race who was given a beating in the Eight Armed Soul Race and then thrown off Soul Island, he felt incredible hatred, staring at Shi Hao with bitter resentment, inviting people to deal with him. 

From the five hundred first battle, the battles became intense. 

Shi Hao's body staggered about. His cultivation reached the critical moment. The Willow Deity's technique was completely comprehended by him, currently experiencing an intense transformation, burning his self, waiting for the results.

Without a doubt, this process was extremely dangerous, with a single mistake resulting in eternal damnation. This was especially the case when he was still fighting against others. This made it even more difficult. 

Battles were carried out one after another. Once it reached the five hundred sixty-seventh round, Shi Hao displayed a bit of carelessness. His shoulder was in pain, pierced by a feathered arrow an expert shot out.

Even though that feathered arrow exploded after only entering half an inch into the flesh, this was an extremely dangerous sign. His condition had already reached a critical level!


Shi Hao took a deep breath. A feathered sword appeared behind him. It was incomparably large, reaching into the sky. Dazzling golden light erupted; this was the embodiment of the Kun Peng technique. 

Sole True Feather Sword!

He hacked down on that expert. Blood splashed everywhere, that expert cleaved in half. 

Ever since he started the five hundredth battle, even though he defeated many enemies, he rarely killed. All of them were able to run, because his body was extremely frail, not wishing to waste any extra energy in killing his enemies. 

But now, he forcefully operated his spiritual essence, cutting this person down. There was no reason other than because this person injured his shoulder.

Even though this possessed quite the intimidating effects, it still couldn't conceal his current weakness. 

Many people's eyes released brilliance. Essence light erupted; a chance truly arrived. This was the first time Huang was injured by someone, so it might be possible to kill him here.

"Go, seriously injure him. Beat him down!" Yin Kun said through clenched teeth, still paying a high price to invite geniuses from the outside world to take action.

There were other enemies that did the same, their eyes revealing looks of excitement, wishing to eliminate Shi Hao. 

There were quite a few true experts that were eager to give it a try as well. They didn't wish to come first, but just wished to eliminate Huang quicker, seize his immortal seed, and then run.

One had to understand that Huang's immortal seed even incurred the jealousy of seven heavenly deities. For them, this possessed deadly temptation!

It was to the extent where many believed that the reason Huang was so powerful, able to reach this step, was connected greatly to that immortal seed. Once they obtained it, they themselves might also become like a fish leaping out from water, turning into a dragon that rose into the sky!

"What a pity, Gu Jianyun still didn't take action. I reckon the opportunity still hasn't arrived yet. It is best if Huang could bring him down too before dying!" Some people sighed with regret.

At this time, there were other ancient freaks that glared like a tiger watching its prey, hoping for the two to fight it out.


Five hundred eighty-seventh round. Shi Hao was injured again. An archaic ash-gray wolf roared. A large claw shone, grabbing his arm, his flesh damaged somewhat. 

Only, Shi Hao's arm didn't flow with blood, because it was pretty much completely exhausted, the essence blood completely burned.

"He is almost finished, not even having blood anymore, spiritual essence dried up. A person already near death. Otherwise, why would he be injured by the wolf claw?" Many people were excited, receiving a morale boost. 


Shi Hao's arm moved. That gray wolf's body flew out, exploding in midair, turning into a bloody mist.

Only, Shi Hao himself also staggered about, feeling weak to the extreme. This situation was extremely bad!

"Everyone, who will go up? Great Rebirth Pill, half sect master level weapon, and other things, once we leave Immortal Ancient, it will immediately be given over. If you don't believe it, we will make a curse blood pledge!"

Those left from Demonic Sunflower Garden, Underworld Earth and Heavenly Country hurried over. Just like the others who opposed Shi Hao, they offered a great price to kill Shi Hao. 

As for Divine Temple, Fire Cloud Cavern, and Phantom Drake Dao Gate, they had moved even earlier, inviting people to exhaust Shi Hao. 

"Kill him. Do not worry about there not being a reward. You all are looking at precious pills that contain divine medicine, and extremely great reward!" Yin Kun also displayed viciousness. 

Apart from this, the Golden Elephant, Ancient Ape, Ma Yuan, Di Kun, Horned Dragon, and others, the seven great heavenly deities' clansmen had also arrived a while ago, all of their faces fell, inviting people to go up and kill Shi Hao. 

"If you want to die on the arena, die with dignity? No way!"

"Get people to go up there and overwhelm him with numbers, beat him until he is like a dead dog, and then kick him down for me!"

"Let him die in the most humiliating way on the arena!"

In the second group of great clans, there were some who were already on the verge of going mad, not sparing any cost to invite others, all of them wishing to eliminate Shi Hao and humiliate him. 

In the last dozen or so battles, Shi Hao was extremely weak, only killing less than ten. Even though the rest were defeated, they all escaped, Shi Hao powerless to kill them.

This was precisely the reason why more and more people gathered the courage to go up, moved by the great reward, jumping onto the arena to fight against him. 


The six hundredth expert was defeated, killed by a finger from Shi Hao, falling on his back. 

"Continue!" Shi Hao gritted his teeth. He had previously heard that in a certain world, an ancient freak displayed great power, continuously winning more than seven hundred rounds, and then was declared the victor before even finishing the process. 

That was why he wanted to continue, wishing to finish this battle as soon as possible to avoid any unforeseen events from happening. If those sect masters from the outside world entered, then it would definitely be extremely dangerous for him. 

Something extremely shocking happened. There were several times that Shi Hao couldn't even sit down, his body swaying back and forth, almost collapsing on the arena. However, he still won!

Six hundred ninety-eight battle, six hundred ninety-ninth battle…

"Heavens, is he an immortal king reincarnated? How can he still continue?!" Everyone became fearful. 

Seven hundredth battle!

Shi Hao made it through another round, leaving everyone so shocked their expressions all changed. 

Many people felt fear. Could it be that Huang's injuries were just to deceive everyone into going onto the arena?

When they thought of this, many people looked towards Gu Jianyun, feeling deep shock at his foresight, feeling like he likely noticed something.

"You don't need to look at me. He has another hundred battles at most. Being able to hold on for this long isn't bad. If there are others that attack ferociously, he likely won't last to the eight hundredth battle!" Gu Jianyun calmly said. 

"Kill him for me!" Someone said softly, face sinister. He displayed power to kill Shi Hao. 

Seven hundred first battle, seven hundred second battle…

Sure enough, Shi Hao became weaker and weaker as time went on, several times even entering a dangerous situation, something unexpected almost happening. This stirred up the crowd greatly. 

When Shi Hao reached the seven hundred ninety-fifth round, he sighed inwardly. He couldn't hold on much longer, sighing inwardly. It was because based on what he heard, when that person won seven hundred rounds in a row in the past, he was actually designated as the final victor. 

Now, he already passed that record, but the arena didn't decide him as the victor. 

Soon after, he understood. Back then, that person crushed everyone with his power, his strength too terrifying, making it so that no a single person dared to challenge him. Meanwhile, his current condition wasn't like that because he was injured. There were many people who wanted to challenge him!

"Can only go up to here. I'll get some rest first and try to cultivate the Willow Deity's technique as early as possible, undergo a perfect transformation!" Shi Hao set his resolution and made this choice. 

Eight hundred battles, making it through this terrifying situation without being hurt much, rushing through!

This place became dead silent. This was too strange, too heaven defying. If he wasn't injured, then what would the results be like?!

Finally, Shi Hao got up, his body staggering as he walked off the arena. 

"What? He's not going to defend his position any longer, walking out himself?!"

Everyone became stupefied, and then they woke up. Huang couldn't hold on much longer.

This triggered a fervent discussion, this place immediately becoming noisy. 

Huang finally couldn't hold on, his body and spiritual essence exhausted. This meant that he might die, his great dao foundation cracked, body heavily injured. This was all true.

Quite a few people looked towards Gu Jianyun, deeply experiencing the sinisterness in his eyes. He said that Huang would reach eight hundred rounds at most, this prediction unexpectedly accurate. 

"Huang won't be able to go on. His body's state is going to betray him, haha… really is good news!"

Many people roared with laughter, taking delight in his disaster, not feeling any sympathy for Shi Hao's current situation, instead feeling great excitement. 

In addition, many people's eyes flashed with killing intent. If not for the restraining fear they felt towards the natives' protection, they would have likely immediately taken action.

One had to understand that Huang was at his weakest state right now, easily killed. Otherwise, he wouldn't have gotten off the arena. 

"Huang, do you dare fight against my Immortal Ancient's natives? Just now, on the arena, we were restricted, unable to get on it. We now wish to compare with you to see who is higher and who is lower!"

"Exactly! If not for this arena rejecting us, you think we would rely on outsiders? Huang, do you dare fight against me?"

There were those who secretly challenged in the dark. 

Everyone became shocked. There was actually this type of situation that happened.

"Is this the right choice? Some might take offense." Some people said quietly in the distance. 

Yin Kun shook his head, a cold smile appearing on his face. "So what? It's not like we are taking action. There are those who openly declare a challenge, so we are just watching a play."

"This… was incited by you. If others find out, it will definitely appear inappropriate."

"What does that have to do with me? They made the challenge themselves. Moreover, the seven great heavenly deities' descendants and tribes are also inciting the crowd. As long as we don't take action, what does it count as?" Yin Kun was calm and unruffled amidst the chaos, saying this indifferently, his eyes cold and sinister. 

"Huang, do you dare fight, compete against Immortal Ancient's natives? What does your bit of accomplishment count as?!" Someone provoked. 

The descendants of the seven great heavenly deities all laughed coldly, inciting a few vicious individuals.

"Huang, don't weaken our three thousand province geniuses' dignity, don't lose honor for us! What are you scared of? Fight against them!"

Those from the outside world, the geniuses from the three thousand provinces also shouted noisily. They clearly didn't have good intentions, purposely rousing everyone up, not fearing that things would become more and more chaotic. 

Everyone saw that the current Huang was extremely weak. Challenging him was the same as killing him!

Those people didn't have any misgivings as they cried out noisily.

"Huang, could it be that you only dare wave your butcher's knife at the geniuses of the three thousand provinces? Outsiders are challenging you like this, are you going to hide your head in your shell like a turtle?!"

There were others who were more direct with their words, humiliating Shi Hao. 

Demonic Sunflower Garden, Divine Temple, Underworld Earth, Fire Cloud Cavern, Phantom Drake Dao Gate, Heavenly Country, and other people who were still alive secretly added fuel to the flames. 

"Huang, can you do it or not? You don't dare fight anymore? Truly losing face for our three thousand province's geniuses!"

The crowd secretly mocked, their thoughts vicious.

The Eight Armed Soul Race's people wanted to take action to stop these people, but they were stopped by Shi Hao.

He stood there, expression chilly. The descendants of the seven great deities were one thing, but even those from the three thousand provinces even joined in. It truly was hateful.

"Since you all are looking for death, I'll unleash a great massacre, kill all of you!" Shi Hao's gaze was ice-cold. 

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