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Chapter 968 - Willow Deity's Technique

"This… could it be that Immortal Ancient is about to break apart, and we can enter as well?!" 

In the outside world, everyone's minds were shaken, some already trembling uncontrollably, all of them wishing to roar into the sky. 

This was too shocking! Immortal Ancient contained the greatest natural luck of this world, anyone who obtained it able to stand at the top for tens of thousands of eras, displaying the ultimate transcendence. 

Unfortunately, cultivators who exceeded the Supreme Expert Realm couldn't enter. This was everyone's greatest regret. All sect masters and heavenly deities could only watch, unable to enter. 

However now, a faint crack opened, extending across the vast uninhabited region. Perhaps an opportunity was about to come!


Someone took action, a Moon Gilded Bell, releasing jingling sounds. It was covered in a thin layer of Radiant Immortal Gold, making it shine incredibly brilliantly, pure white and perfect. 

When this little bell appeared, the heavens split open, the power so great it made heavenly deities tremble, all of them shivering in fear. It was powerful enough to crush a group of heaven ranked experts. 

Without a doubt, it was a sect master level expert that immediately took action, wishing to open that crack and enter Immortal Ancient.


However, something that left everyone shocked happened. A mysterious natural law seeped out, spreading through the faint crack, blasting the Moon Gilded Bell away.

One had to understand that even the sky collapsed under the bell sounds. How could this cracked area be this sturdy, actually blasting a sect master's weapon flying?

Terrifying things were still awaiting them. That crack shone, the natural laws terrifying, sweeping out an expanse of brilliant multicolored light that struck at the bell once again. 


The sound of something being smashed rang through the air. The Moon Gilded Bell was damaged!

A faint layer of Radiant Immortal Gold was applied over its surface, so even though there wasn't much, it was still a priceless immortal material, it still remained unharmed. However, a terrifying crack appeared on the inside, the inside breaking apart!

In the higher realms, weapons with Immortal Gold, even those with just a bit of gilding, were the most exceptional precious artifacts. Not many individuals even among sect masters could possess them. 

Yet the Moon Gilded Bell was destroyed before their eyes, making others feel pained, truly a pity.

However, it was precisely because of this that everyone realized Immortal Ancient wasn't that easy to enter. Even if a crack now appeared, it was still difficult to truly open up.


Another sect master took action, but he didn't dare activate precious artifacts out of fear of it being destroyed. He only displayed a great divine ability.

The crack remained unchanged. An expanse of multicolored mist rose, neutralizing his precious technique. In addition, a powerful wave of rebound force rushed out, directly attacking him.

He moved out of the way, but the mountains and rivers behind him were blasted into ashes. When the deities present saw the mountain peaks behind them turn into dust, all of them shivered with fear. 

"Everyone, let's join hands and charge our way in!" A sect master shouted.

These individuals controlled the rise and fall of the higher realms, the most powerful group of creatures. Now, such a great problem unexpectedly happened to Immortal Ancient, so they might be able to barge in. Since this was the case, how could they not be moved?

"We are the ones that enlighten and rule over the people, the ones who received the great destiny of heaven and earth, so it is only natural for us to be able to participate. Fellow dao brothers, let's take action together!" Someone shouted. 

Immediately afterwards, a group of sect masters produced precious techniques, concentrating the power towards the great void crack!

Within Immortal Ancient, everyone trembled inwardly. That crack was just too large, extending over several small worlds, triggering great alarm. What did this signify?

Could it be that these ruins were going to be destroyed, no longer existing?

What made everyone the most restless was that within one of the small worlds, the crack was moving slightly, as if it was enduring attacks. There were those from the outside world who wanted to enter!

However, from the look of things, the realm walls were too difficult to destroy. It was because the great crack had mysterious laws interweaving, and one could even vaguely see immortal dao energy spreading. 

It should be fine for the short term. However, if this continued for a month, two months… several months, it might lead to a great problem!

The natives were worried. They also heard about the outside world's matters. Should that small world split apart one day, the results would be unimaginable.

As of the geniuses who came from the higher realms, many of them were cheering, because this meant that their seniors might be able to enter. 

For some people, this was the best news, because they knew that it would definitely be impossible for them to rise to the top in Immortal Ancient's struggle. Those ancient freaks were too powerful. 

Many of the geniuses who were previously proud and arrogant, not believing in evil, were now full of bitterness. When they truly encountered ancient kings, they became filled with a feeling of defeat. 

"Haha… my sect's heavenly deity is going to enter! Huang, I want to see how you are going to escape this disaster!" There were some who couldn't help but laugh loudly. 

"Looking forward to it! I respectfully welcome the sect masters' descent. All enemies will be swept through, what exiled immortal, what Huang, they will all be suppressed! You all can shine brightly now, but in the end, there will only be vain bewailing!"

The ones who were like this were not a minority, for example, what was left of Underworld Clan, Heavenly Country, Divine Temple, Fire Cloud Cavern, Phantom Drake Dao Gate, and others, there were just too many.

They urgently wished for the sect masters to appear, for them to sweep through Immortal Ancient, allowing them to seize the greatest natural luck from past to present with them!

However, everyone suppressed their excitement, rushing towards Cloud Realm. The Immortal Dao Arena had already opened, beside it an enormous Golden Dao Palace. 

Right now, forget about geniuses from the outside world, even Immortal Ancient's natives swarmed over, filling this small world. It was extremely crowded. 

Guardian spirit ancestral land, Shi Hao sighed. He received the news. The arena opening was a good thing, but if Immortal Ancient broke apart too early, then things would be troublesome. 

"Have to seize time, must rise up before those of the outside world enter! I have to stand on that arena, sweep through all enemies!" Shi Hao said. 

Otherwise, things would be too troublesome. The true natural luck would likely have nothing to do with him. If sect masters entered one after another, that would definitely be an extremely terrifying thing. Anything could happen!

That kind of result, just the thought alone was enough to make people's backs turn cold. This was especially the case for Shi Hao, who might very well be heading straight down a road of death.


Shi Hao coughed out blood, his face like paper. His body trembled.

"Willow Deity's method was not ordinary after all." He sighed softly. This was a life technique to begin with, one that involved long life. Once one cultivated it, aside from obtaining terrifying offensive power, if he was even injured, he could recover in the shortest amount of time.

Only, this type of precious technique was extremely difficult to cultivate. If one wanted to comprehend life natural laws, then one had to understand life itself, walk between life and death. 

Once this technique was cultivated, his own life spiritual essence would be unending, roiling and surging, blood energy surging into the heavens, becoming like a revived vicious ten. He would become one of the most powerful creatures in this cultivation realm. 

This was a complete transformation!

However, if one wanted to have such flourishing blood energy, life foundational essence that surged like a volcano, before that, they needed to ignite the self, exhaust this type of essence blood. 

If one wanted to obtain it, then it had to be lost first. It was this type of law of equilibrium. 

He was currently in this type of situation. His precious body that was originally brilliant like divine gold now lost its luster, appearing a bit dried out. 

"Truly dangerous, right at the brink of a breakthrough, yet that arena was already opened!" Shi Hao's eyes flickered. He definitely couldn't miss out on the arena's struggle for supremacy. 

However, he needed to break through right now, burn his own blood energy, currently attacking at the limit.

"I have to go and defeat everyone a step sooner, defeat everyone else on the arena, allowing me to be a bit safer from danger, avoid being disturbed by the outside world!" Shi Hao said. 

At this moment, his skin became more and more dark and gloomy, his body shriveled and lacking vitality. 

The next moment, golden blood energy erupted around his body, turning into raging flames. 

If one watched him from the distance, he would look incomparably brilliant like a golden furnace. However, when they walked closer, everyone would be alarmed to find that he wasn't breaking through, but rather exhausting his exuberant life force. 

He was like fireworks currently being set off, paying the cost of life. 

"This is bad, I've reached the critical juncture. What should I do?" Shi Hao frowned.

The Eight Armed Soul Race's people were alarmed, all of them stupefied, and then they shivered inwardly. The old heavenly deity personally ran over, saying, "Little friend, what is happening to you? Do you need this old one's assistance?!" 

They were even more scared than Shi Hao. If anything happened to Huang, then their clan would feel truly 'pained'. They were all still waiting for him to neutralize their curses. 

"Little friend, I have a Evil Rejecting Pill here, hurry and take it!" Another heavenly deity was alarmed, quickly rushing over, producing a precious pill, mistaking him for having gone mad.

Shi Hao revealed a bitter smile. His current situation had nothing to do with going mad. He was just exhausting his own blood energy.

"What? Igniting one's own exuberant vitality, how can this be okay?" When the old heavenly deity heard Shi Hao, he immediately ordered people to pick divine medicine leaves. 

"Don't!" Shi Hao stopped. He definitely should not take any medicine, or else the burning would become even more vicious, the same as pouring oil over a flame. 

"What should I do? Under this kind of situation, I cannot go into seclusion." Shi Hao frowned.

It truly wasn't suitable for him to move out like this, his situation extremely bad. His own essence blood was quickly being exhausted, his body becoming more and more withered up. 

He finally understood why the Willow Deity warned him in such a way, having his cultivation realm be a bit higher, only cultivating this technique when he was powerful enough. This was extremely important, as it wished for his blood energy to be great as to prevent him from experiencing destruction. 

"Should I directly head there, or should I wait until I finish?!" Shi Hao found it difficult to make a decision. 

Cloud Realm, the Golden Dao Palace was imposing. This was the Guidance Ancient Palace, no one knew what it was truly guiding. 

At its side, that arena was dull and lightless, simple and ancient, the surface covered in black bloodstains, recounting the bitter and desperate battles that had previously happened here. 

It was suspended in midair, incredibly massive.

The ground and sky were both packed with people, this place long becoming noisy. Everyone was paying close attention, discussing passionately. 

"Who wishes to ascend the stage first?" 

Many people were waiting, not wishing to be the first one out of fear of being surpassed when one's own strength was exhausted.

"Don't worry, the arena is fair, no one able to seize every opportunity and use trickery to win. Regardless of who it is that goes up, they have to win a hundred battles before they can rest. 

"What?" Many people were stupefied, and then they became fearful. 

Continuously win a hundred rounds? This was too cruel! One has to understand that those who entered were all the outstanding talents of different clans, all geniuses, not a single one easy to defeat!

Between them, how just much of a difference could there be? They were all talented figures, so who can be sure that they could win a hundred rounds in a row?

Many people's hearts went cold. This was too difficult, almost impossible to complete!

"You can't do it, but there'll naturally be some who can. The most powerful exceptional talents and ancient kings, which one of them can't win a hundred battles? Of course, this is on the premise that they don't face any life or death great enemies."

"Fine, I will go up first!"

A three-headed underworld hound roared, the first to ascend onto the stage. It leapt onto that boundless arena, looking as insignificant as tree leaves.

It was because the arena was too large!

Suddenly, the distance rumbled. Everyone moved aside. 

"Huang… he immediately came!" Someone cried out with alarm.

At this moment, everyone turned their heads, feeling nervous, watching him.

"Why did he immediately come? Does he not even want to give others a chance?"

Many people were guessing that Huang likely wished to fight to the end, forcing the crowd to not dare enter the arena!

The exiled immortal, Ning Chuan and Ten Crown King were all suspected to be dead, killed by lightning, so who could keep him in check?

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