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Chapter 963 - Mysterious Guest

"It's that thing again!" Shi Hao said softly. He already guessed that it was the ancient cauldron he had encountered in the Black Abyss within Burial Realm. He knew that what he saw was merely an engraving. 

That large blood dyed cauldron had three feet and two ears, surrounded by source energy. The entrance of the cauldron was filled with endless primal chaos. What kind of background did it have exactly?

Whenever Shi Hao thought of it, he would always be shaken up inwardly, feeling great waves stir within him. What kind of history did that thing have? There were too many things unknown.

However, the thing that made Shi Hao the most moved was being able to see Willow Deity. Even though he knew that this wasn't its true body, it was still difficult for him to calm down.

He thought of too many things, wishing to understand the great era of immortals. 

"You came too late, I am only a short branch that is about to no longer exist. There already isn't much I can help you with," said the faint golden willow tree.

Right now, this branch linked up with Shi Hao's arms, allowing him to see another Willow Deity. This was what Shi Hao was interested in, wishing to tell it everything that happened in the outside world.

"Why?" Shi Hao was confused. 

"I am but a branch, my memory damaged to begin with, not a true body. In addition, I used up power exceeding the limit, so it is time to scatter into the wind." The willow tree shook its head.

It wasn't the true body, just a branch. The fact that it was able to exist for such a long time in front of the ancient temples was already quite a miracle.

"Used up power exceeding the limit?" Shi Hao was confused. 

"It was also because of that one from last time," said the willow tree.

"What kind of background does that person have? Who exactly was that person, what kind of mysteries are there?" Shi Hao also wished to know about this. He hurriedly asked again. 

"Surnamed Ye, already left Immortal Ancient ruins," Willow Deity said. It also told him that it only remembered the surname, and that Shi Hao definitely had to remember it. 

"What happened? Willow Deity, why don't you remember anything else, but still warn me so seriously?" Shi Hao became more and more curious. 

"That person doesn't belong to the past or the present. Helping this individual exceeded my limit, the interference and influence too great," said Willow Deity. 

This was also the reason why it exceeded the limit of this tree branch, making both everything in front and behind become indistinct, unable to retain any clear memories. 

Shi Hao was shocked. All because it took action once, there was such great after effects. This was simply… unimaginable!

"Why did that person come? Is it impossible to remember?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Already forgotten, no impression left," said the willow tree. 

This was simply unimaginable. Was this the rebound of heaven and earth?

Shi Hao released a sigh. If the Willow Deity truly was here, how great would that be? Things would definitely not have ended up like this.

Behind him, the Eight Armed Soul Race, Centaur Race, Ancient Fiend Race and other heavenly deities were all stupefied, all of them incredibly shocked. The reason why the ancient ancestor guardian spirit was in a dormant state this entire time was actually because of a single person. 

"The blood soaked great cauldron carried a single person, surnamed Ye!" Shi Hao's eyes flickered with radiance, remembering this in his heart. 

"You are already a True Deity Realm cultivator, how are you going to proceed in the future? Has the path already been set?" The willow tree asked. The green leaves carried bits of gold, branches stretching into the heavens, majestic and holy. 

True deity, even at the True Self Realm, this path still had to have a clear objective, a single path, a single dao. 

"The most powerful. Transcend!" Shi Hao said clearly and directly.

"Too big." The willow tree said. 

The True Self Realm was where one made a crucial decision, which was to set the grand target for one's future. Proceeding down the path with hard work was also a type of sincerity, a type of self reflection, single-minded devotion. 

"I agree, it is a bit big. If I want to become the most powerful, transcend, I must achieve long life, starting from this stage." Shi Hao said. 

"It is still big." The willow tree said.

However, Shi Hao knew that even if he truly obtained long life, there would still be enemies! Otherwise, why did the immortals of the last great era die, ultimately falling?

That is why he wanted to become the most powerful, transcend above. Only by establishing his foundation here would it be enough.

"I am merely demonstrating my sincerity, the result of my self-reflection." Shi Hao said. He wasn't truly going to accomplish those things in the True Self Realm. 

The so-called most powerful, transcend, even if one truly achieved long life, it would still be difficult to achieve, let alone right now. 

"Transcending won't do. The most powerful cannot do it, and long life is also too far. Only understanding life and death is." Shi Hao spoke again.

"How will you accomplish it then?" The willow tree asked. 

"Comprehend life itself." Shi Hao said. He made his goals smaller step by step, only when he reached the next step in what he was going to do, it still exceeded the True Self Realm. 

"You've already made plans." The willow tree nodded.

"Yes, in the True Self Realm, I am going to comprehend the Willow Deity's method." Shi Hao noded.

The Willow Deity had passed down its technique to him a long time ago, remembered in his heart when he was still in the lower realm. Back then, his cultivation wasn't enough, not able to comprehend it yet. 

The Willow Deity had previously told him that he had to reach the Divine Flame Realm at the very least, or else there is no way to cultivate it, as there will be danger to his life. It was because it was a willow tree, its magic related to natural life. 

Only, ever since he entered Immortal Ancient until he reached the Divine Flame Realm, what Shi Hao needed to do most urgently was cultivate immortal energy, not having the time to devote to anything else.

Only now could he be considered to have time. 

If one wanted to comprehend the path of life, they one had to travel on the brink between life and death. Only with life would there be death, only with death would there be life. One had to exhaust an extremely great amount of life potential. 

That was why Shi Hao went from the most powerful, transcendence, down to long life, and then down to comprehending life, ultimately choosing to study the Willow Deity's method in the True Self Realm. He had long made plans. 

"This ancient technique, compare the method with the other 'me', see if there are any changes," said the willow tree. A branch reached out, touching Shi Hao in the space between his brows. 

This was, without a doubt, the precious technique of the Willow Deity from the Immortal Ancient Great Era. It was passed onto Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao trembled, a golden willow tree appearing in his heart. All types of symbols appeared, the brilliance overflooding into the heavens. He closed his eyes, compared the two, his benefits tremendous. 

A type of method was changing, evolving. This was a process of itself. 

For any type of precious technique, the most important thing was to completely comprehend it. The process of evolution from the past to present was actually extremely important. 

The True Self Realm, he was going to cultivate the Willow Deity's precious technique now. In addition, he believed that he wouldn't stay for too long in this cultivation realm, because his preparations had been made too well! 


Outside world, three thousand provinces. 

All sects were shaken up, finding it difficult to calm down.

Right now, there were much less people at the borders of the uninhabited region. Those who left no longer stared at the Immortal Dao Flower petals' scenes, instead hurrying towards the higher realms' central region.

Central Province, the edge of the ancient altar. 

Right now, light connected to the heavens, silver electrical arcs incomparably thick as they connected the sky above and earth below, submerging this place in endless radiance. It was as if a divine country was descending. 

In reality, this was just the power that was stirring up this ancient altar, making the immortal dao formation remains revive. 

Forget about heavenly deities, even sect masters were shaken. Many important figures from different sects hurried here, carefully watching what was happening. Great waves stirred within them. 

This was a grand immortal formation left behind from the last great era, its ruins surviving to this day. It was watched and protected by many sects, but it had remained peaceful for endless years. However, today, it actually produced such a great disturbance. 

All of the great sects were alarmed. They couldn't help but pay close attention to it. 

"That creature is going to come!" Heaven Mending Sect's sect master spoke, his expression stern and serious. 

This was a bit inconceivable. After remaining silent for all this time, there was still someone who could use this formation, about to come here?

The electrical arcs were clearly transmitted from the void, forcefully starting up this ruined formation, making it operate. It was a bit strange and terrifying. That creature was definitely not ordinary. 


A final violent sound rang out. The silver-colored electrical arcs receded, forming a gate that shone with silver brilliance. Rich spiritual essence rushed out from the pure and holy scene, as if a divine realm was taking form.

"It's coming!" Everyone was shaken. 

Someone walked forward, heading outside. A powerful aura was released, making many people here feel like they were suffocating. The heavenly deities even more so trembled, finding it difficult to endure. 


Three figures walked out first from the silver-colored passage, all of them middle-aged. However, the great changes their eyes displayed revealed that they had already lived for an endless amount of time.

A tremendous wave of pressure was released as soon as the three of them appeared. 

Soon after, the pressure was withdrawn. Their eyes swept over everyone here. 

Then, five or six individuals walked out from behind them, all of them youngsters, including both male and female, all of them possessing astonishing auras and surging with exuberant vitality.

Who were these people?

Outside the ruined formation, the higher realms' cultivators were all stupefied. Those three middle-aged individuals were one thing, deep and immeasurable, temporarily difficult to evaluate. 

Meanwhile, the ones that appeared afterwards were too young. That type of vitality was unmistakable, their ages definitely extremely young. However, they were all unexpectedly already heavenly deities!

A middle-aged man spoke out, the voice ancient and difficult to understand, difficult to comprehend. It left everyone feeling stupefied. 

"Finally came." 

After carefully listening, an ancient sect master finally understood the meaning.

"This is an ancient language, a bit inconsistent with the language of the present. Only by carefully thinking about it will one understand. Their language came from a common origin as our own." A sect master from the higher realms said with a serious expression. 

This left others feeling even more shocked. Where did these people come from. 

Three middle-aged individuals, all of them mysterious and immeasurable. They were extremely calm. 

Those youngers could still be considered to be surging with energy, not lifeless. Someone spoke up and even walked forward, still the ancient language that was difficult to understand. 

"Why do I feel like I alone is enough to sweep through all of the young experts in this world? None of them are all that special? Too lacking."

The higher realms' cultivators, after carefully thinking over his meaning, there wasn't a single one whose expression didn't change. This youth was too arrogant, speaking this sentence as soon as he walked out, not friendly at all. 

However, soon after, everyone closed their mouths. There was actually immortal energy that appeared on his body. It was too shocking!

Heavenly deity with immortal energy? What kind of monster was this?!

At the very least, the higher realms didn't have anyone like this, and not even the most powerful geniuses in Immortal Ancient reached this cultivation realm. 

When this youngster appeared, all of the heavenly deities from various sects felt a bit stupefied. 

Upon closer inspection, they discovered that those young men and women all possessed extraordinary bearing, all of them giants among men, their auras rarely seen. 

The four young men and women, even though they didn't reveal immortal energy, they were definitely world shocking, not below the youth that spoke. Their attitude proved everything. 

"Truly disappointing, too weak. Was the younger generation all ruined?" The youngster who spoke up before shook his head, looking at everyone present.

The higher realms indeed had a few younger cultivators that came, but compared to those people on the altar, the difference was too great, simply impossible to even weigh. 

Their faces and ears flushed red with anger. One of them was unresigned, saying, "We are indeed slow-witted, not geniuses, but there are people who might not be weaker than you all, only, they temporarily entered Immortal Ancient's remains."

"I've heard of that place. Rumor has it that only geniuses who aren't deities yet can enter, so they should all be some little cultivators. They want to compare to heavenly deities? Too far off." That youngster shook his head. 

He was a heavenly deity, and he had immortal energy as well. With his arms behind his back, he overlooked everyone. This naturally made everyone quiet.

"Truly weak!" He shook his head again, and then he looked at a few heavenly deities from the higher realms. "Since your youth are too weak, then I wish to exchange pointers with you all."

"You!" Some people's expressions became unhappy.

"Still too weak… how about this? All of the heavenly deities can come at me together. I'll exchange pointers will all of you." He said calmly. 

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