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Chapter 962 - In High Demand


The sound of space shattering rang out. The heavenly deities that wished to kill Shi Hao immediately fled into the distance. 

If all these heavenly deities looked over, who wouldn't grow apprehensive? Even if all those who were hostile joined hands, they still didn't dare offend this many powerful clans. 

Moreover, the current Huang definitely couldn't be killed! It was because he was their antidote, their life saving talisman. 

Just like that, heavenly deities fled!

In reality, those people were all feeling like it was too late for regret. Why did they have to tear apart all face like this? What were they supposed to do in the future? They definitely had to beg that youngster, or else how were they going to obtain Lightning Tribulation Liquid?

In the distance, the group of cultivators were stupefied. The situation changed unbelievably fast!

Just now, the experts of all clans wanted to kill Shi Hao, yet in the blink of an eye, the high and mighty heavenly deities surrounded him, enthusiastic to the point of making others feel stupefied. 

Someone who could neutralize the curse, how could they not attach importance to him? It affected the fate of the clan. 

Heavenly deities were trying to rope Shi Hao in. That type of friendliness was just too rare. How many people saw heavenly deities smile apologetically like this, lowering themselves like that and inviting another?

This was especially the case when those great heavenly deities frantically introduced how great their own clans were, totally devoted, wishing they could immediately seize him over to their side!

"Of all the races of this world, if my Beauty Race dares to claim itself to be second, then no one else can say they are first. My clan's pearls are magnificent and exceptional, with beauty above all others under the sky!"

There was someone on the side that opposed this. The Holy Spirit Race claimed that the Beauty Race's people had a 'morbid' type of beauty, that if they were talking about exceptional style, then that should belong to their Holy Spirit Race's princess, the one known as the number one beauty. 

Soon after, Shell Race's people cried out, saying that powdered human beauties were meaningless, that after a thousand years pass, ten thousand years, they would become full of wrinkles, ultimately just a piece of yellow earth. Meanwhile, their clan was a cultivation holy land with Immortal Ancient traces, that this was what was truly meaningful. 

"It is still my Ancient Fiend Race that is most suitable. Not only is there places good for cultivation, there are also exceptional beauties, as well as endless heavenly treasures," the Ancient Fiend Race heavenly deity spoke. He also waved over, loudly laughing and saying, "My clan's gorgeous beauty just happened to be here. Why don't you get along with little brother Shi here."

"Fuck!" Before Shi Hao even said anything, the Divine Striking Stone couldn't help but cry out first. 

On the side, Cao Yusheng and Chang Gongyan were stupefied as well, a bit speechless. 

The Ancient Fiend Race's beauty came, the corners of her clothes fluttering about, black mists surging, long hair falling to her waist, dancing in the wind. Then, she reached out a… palm-like large hand, calling out to Shi Hao!

Shi Hao felt dizzy. He was originally looking forward to this, his eyes even shining, wondering how stunning the Ancient Fiend Race's beauty would be. In the end, as soon as they met, he immediate wilted, that pearl was actually… the same as their heavenly deity.

She was ten zhang tall, her face full of black demonic patterns. Several long fiendish teeth protruded from her open mouth, snow white and shining, extremely sharp. 

That waist was as thick as a small mountain, the large bronze eyes making Shi Hao's hair stand on end. 

"I… am a bit unworthy…" Shi Hao said quietly. 

The little rabbit rolled back and forth in laughter, and Xue Lin also covered her mouth in laughter, joining in on the fun. 

"I feel like she's not bad! Shi Hao, you can consider her!" The little fatty Cao Yusheng said. 

"Heavenly beauty, Shi Hao, you have to work hard to match the Ancient Fiend Race's princess. You still aren't going to go over to give your greetings?" Dragon Girl was also stirring bad waters. 

The veins on Shi Hao's forehead jumped. The ten zhang tall Ancient Fiend Race princess was so tall and big, completely different from what he had imagined. 

"Cough, it's fine. Since little friend likes her, there is no need to feel inferior. If you nourish your body a bit more in the future, you won't be this weak, able to become as healthy and beautiful as my Ancient Fiend Race." The Ancient Fiend Race's heavenly deity teased. 

"We'll talk about this later!" Shi Hao hurriedly shook his head. When faced with the princess of a race, he wanted to flee for his life. 

"Little friend, it is still better if you go to my Centaur Race." The Centaur Race's heavenly deity said. 

"Does the Centaur Race have a princess?" Shi Hao asked him. 

"We do, moreover five of them!" The Centaur Race heavenly deity laughed loudly, revealing five fingers. 

Shi Hao stared at the human body upper half, the horse lower half, and then felt a bit stupefied. In the end, he shook his head, not going there even if he was beaten to death!


As heavenly deities, their eyelashes were all empty, experienced in the ways of the world, gone through too many things. They naturally saw how distressed he was.

"I believe little friend's temperament is intermediary. In that case, just go to the Beauty Race or the Holy Spirit Race! They indeed have exceptional beauties!" Someone laughed and said. 

However, Shi Hao was scared badly. The ten zhang tall Ancient Fiend Race princess was currently glaring at him, her enormous pearl like eyes flickering with dark light, making him shiver coldly. If those clans all had these 'special' beauties, then he felt like it was best to immediately run!

"Haven't you seen the ancient ancestor before? Then just come to our holy land. Its branch is still there," said the Eight Armed Soul Race's heavenly deity.

"Okay!" Shi Hao joyously replied.

This was a perilous situation!

Seven great heavenly deities died, Huang successfully crossed the tribulation, shattering the legends!

The effects of this were great, triggering huge waves.

Of course, the most shocking thing was still that Shi Hao could neutralize the curse power, causing Immortal Ancient to undergo a huge earthquake. Everyone was discussing this matter, because there wasn't anything more important than this. 

This made all clans erupt into commotion. After they obtained news, experts immediately sent out men towards the holy land where the guardian spirit had previously resided to see Huang!


Outside world, three thousand provinces.

They couldn't see Shi Hao's situation, because immortal energy covered his body recently, hiding him from sight, but they learned about the situation from others. 

This triggered great waves. It was as if a volcano erupted!

"Faced tribulation… and succeeded?"

"Moreover the most powerful heavenly tribulation, the lightning tribulation only the most powerful geniuses would face in the last great era?!"

The cultivators of all sects were shaken up. This was just too astonishing. 

The crowd was shocked, all of them stupefied. 

There were still people who could cross tribulation in this era, and moreover succeed. This was a bit unreal!

"Perhaps in the ancient times, the era we didn't know about, there were also some who also attempted at the tribulation, only that no one knew about it." Only after a long time had passed did someone say this.

It was clear that this was for the sake of consoling oneself. 

"After all these years, how many geniuses emerged? Too many to count. It is possible that someone became an immortal beneath our notice." Someone said softly. 

However, these people didn't really believe these words. If there really was someone who became an immortal, the entire world would know about it. There was no way they wouldn't sense anything. 


Suddenly, a resplendent streak of electricity tore through the sky, directly hacking from outside onto the ground!

At this moment, forget about others, just the sect masters and the most powerful ancient ancestors were shaken, staring blankly towards the sky. 

Even the existences that had cultivated in seclusion, laid dormant in various ancient lands widened their eyes, feeling incredibly shock. They stared towards the sky into the world beyond. 

That aura was too powerful, as if there was immortal dao energy!

That was an enormous streak of silver lightning, connecting the heavens above and earth below, thicker than hundreds to over a thousand mountain cliffs connected, simply about to destroy the world.

"The center of the three thousand provinces, that most ancient altar!" A sect master said with a trembling voice. 

"Heavens, that altar revived. It actually could still move, displaying its use. The immortal dao ruined formation started up, mysterious creatures are about to descend!"

At this moment, the ones that were crying out in alarm weren't heavenly deities, but rather sect masters. All of them widened their eyes.

The three thousand provinces had an altar inside of an ancient land at the very center. It contained endless mysteries, a place that all sects watched over together. After all these years, there were too many who tried to activated it, but they had never succeeded. 

Yet today, mysterious lightning radiance descended from outer space, making it revive. 

It didn't belong to this world, something left behind from the last great era. It was an immortal dao formation!

Right now, even powerful sect masters' voices began to tremble. There was nothing more shocking than this. 

"Creatures that… don't belong to this era are going to appear?!" 

The three thousand realms were greatly shaken. 


Immortal Ancient ruins, Guardian Spirit Realm. 

This was an expanse of auspicious earth. As soon as one approached it, they would sense a strong spiritual essence. Every single stalk of grass and tree was shining, even ordinary grass, after receiving nourishment for a long time, developed spirituality. 

The further one entered, the more divine it was. Powerful tribes also appeared one after another. 

The mountain range was vast, a total of ten races living here, all of them rich and powerful. They guarded this sacred place. 

Normally, forget about outsiders, not even the other races in Immortal Ancient could approach this place. This was a forbidden restricted area!

Now, Shi Hao was guided here, and even Cao Yusheng, the Divine Striking Stone, little rabbit, and the others basked in his light, following along, approaching that legendary guardian spirit pure land. 

The ten great tribes were all vast, incredibly large, the population great. 

Meanwhile, at the center of the place they surrounded and protected, the ambience was even more extraordinary.

Mountain ground rose and fell, beautiful dwellings appearing one after another, some floating in midair, others located on mountain peaks. All of them were releasing auspicious multicolored light. 

Along the way, a divine spring trickled, white mists filled the air, multicolored brilliance moving about. There were divine mountains that didn't rise steeply from the ground, but rather floated in the air. Their surfaces were fresh and green, immortal energy rising in spirals. There were even gold waterfalls that fell. 

In summary, this place was mysterious and sacred!

Shi Hao was in high demand. The creatures from all clans accompanied him, but right now, he shook off everyone, including heavenly deities, running frantically towards the heart of this place alone.

"You cannot approach that place!" Someone cried out loudly, wishing to stop him. 

However, the heavenly deities of those great races gestured outwards, stopping them, not letting them walk forward, allowing Shi Hao to enthusiastically rush forward.

In the pure land, spiritual essence was rich, all colors shining brilliantly, turning into a liquid and landing on the ground. They gathered into small streams, all of them spiritual force rivers!

This was a bit shocking. Spiritual essence roiled, brilliant colors shone gorgeously. 

In the mountain region, the small lakes gathered together, forming a lake in that area hazy with primal chaos mist. It looked more and more sacred, and there was a type of solemn and dignified aura as well. 

When one arrived in this place, it made one feel reverence, not daring to make noise or act rudely.

At the lakeside were a few ancient temples, but they already collapsed, long falling. One could vaguely see all types of diagrams engraved on them. Endless creatures were worshipping a willow tree. 

"Willow Deity's three thousand divine countries! This is one of them!" Shi Hao's chest was rising and falling violently.

A light wind blew over. When the multicolored mist slightly scattered, he saw a tree at the other side of the large lake shrouded in brilliant colored mist, taking root there. 

It was overflowing with green intent, carrying a faint golden color. It was as if gold was embedded within its green jadelike body, releasing a gentle radiance, making one's mind immediately feel at peace from a single look. 

"Willow Deity!" Shi Hao cried out loudly in shock. 

What branch? This was clearly an ancient tree that reached into the heavens, the branches spreading out, reaching into the clouds. Through the mist, he could see that it was even taller than a lofty mountain!

Behind him, the Eight Armed Soul Race, Ancient Fiend Race and Centaur Race's heavenly deities trembled, feeling shocked and started. After all these years, the guardian spirit's branch actually revived, displaying this magical projection!

One had to understand that normally, none of them could see it. Even if they used secret methods to have an audience, they could only see a withered branch that rested before the ruined ancient temples. 

"You are the second one that was able to awaken me." The willow tree released a warm light, conversing with Shi Hao. 

"Willow Deity, who else was there?" Shi Hao's emotions were rising and falling greatly as he looked at this willow tree. 

"A cauldron that was sticky with blood, coiling with heaven and earth source energy. It brought someone with it, previously coming here to awaken me."

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