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Chapter 961 - Heavenly Deity Esteemed Guest

Just like the last heavenly tribulation, he wasn't about to bring away all of the Lightning Tribulation Liquid. Shi Hao only brought away a bit, and then that golden ancient immortal pond began to become indistinct, disappearing with the lightning radiance.

Heaven and earth became quiet, the lightning tribulation no longer existing. 

And now, Shi Hao felt more powerful than he had ever felt before. Three strands of immortal energy circled around around him, making him look aloof and transcendent, as if an exiled immortal descended into this world.

Many eyes were watching him. The little cauldron in his hands was too attractive, containing some Lightning Tribulation Liquid, making quite a few people's eyes burn with passion. 

Shi Hao inspected himself silently. His own life level had been greatly increased, turning into a true deity. After crossing the lightning tribulation, he underwent a great evolution. 

The current him was more powerful than ever before. He felt like he could easily kill a Divine Flame Realm cultivator just by reaching out a finger, far above them.

"Yi!" At this moment, he was shocked. Those curse and overcast powers all disappeared, no longer existing. 

Was it because of the lightning tribulation or the Lightning Tribulation Liquid? Shi Hao was greatly shaken. The sea of curse power that arrived, crashing down like a tide. Even though it was the first time he was infected, the effects not too serious, not immediately killing him, there was also a sinister gloominess that shrouded his mind. 

But the current Shi Hao was sure that the strange force he was infected with had been completely purged, his body now clear and perfect without the slightest bit unwell or abnormal. 

His blood energy was flourishing, his state couldn't be better!

Shi Hao smiled, shining incomparably brilliantly.

One had to understand that even the heavenly deities Ma Yuan, Golden Ancient Elephant, Pi Xiu, Horned Dragon, Ancient Ape, and others died because of the curse. He now seemed to have discovered a new dawn!

At this moment, there were heavenly deities that came, moreover more than just one or two. A few of them had terrifying eyes, releasing powerful auras. They observed him secretly, possibly going to take action.

However, there were those who carried good intentions.

An exceptional heavenly deity among them moved. The Eight Armed Soul Race's elder, with his white hair but youthful complexion, immortal aura dao bones, walked over, behind him Cao Yusheng, little rabbit, and others. 

"Haha… a hero among youth! Little friend is truly stunning, rarely seen since ancient times, truly possessing heaven warping talent!" The elder laughed loudly, praising him. 

"Senior is too kind with his praise!" Shi Hao acted humbly. He wore battle clothes, body shining, clothes fluttering about. Within his calm voice was an indescribable heroicness. 

Without a doubt, this was a young hero!

Everyone here, regardless of whether it was friend or foe, they all had to admit that Huang established a magnificent feat, breaking a legend in an era without heavenly tribulation!

Not only did he trigger a heavenly tribulation, he even successfully crossed it, this was a world shaking event, one that would definitely be recorded in history! No one could erase this glorious event. 

It could be said that today's events would have long-lasting effects. He had shattered the taboo and forbidden!

"Shi brat, you really are dull. Didn't you hear my message? That golden immortal pond is clearly not an ordinary object, so why didn't you help me fetch a few stones?!" The Divine Striking Stone cried out.

"Hehe, you were alright after all! Everyone knows that a disaster lasts a thousand years, that saying definitely isn't for nothing!" The little rabbit giggled. 

"You were missing for half a year, everyone already burned paper offerings for you. Now, it seems like a bit of a waste." The graceful and noble Xue Lin said indifferently. 

"It's good that you resurrected. Otherwise, if I tried to get revenge for you, it would have been a bit troublesome, might even throw my life away in the process," Cao Yusheng said. 


Luo Dao, Lan Yichen, Lu Yi, and the others all walked over as well, this place quite lively.

Qing Yi was the only one who disappeared with a flash, leaving this place.

In the distance, the ancient freaks Chang Gongyan and Dragon Girl also nodded, sending their greetings and congratulating him. 

The effects of this event were truly too great. Shi Hao had crossed the tribulation, killing seven great heavenly deities in one go, yet he himself miraculously survived. It really was nothing short of a legend!

"Hehe…" There were creatures that laughed coldly inwardly, clearly a heavenly deity that came from one of Immortal Ancient's powerful races, an extremely powerful individual.

"An outsider caused the deaths of my Immortal Ancient natives' seven great heavenly deities, Eight Armed Soul Race dao brother, do you plan to shelter him?" Someone said coldly. 

Regardless of whether he was right or wrong, Shi Hao crossed the tribulation, guiding over endless curse power, bringing destruction to seven great heavenly deities, causing them to die miserably. This triggered huge waves. 

Within the eyes of some of the natives, he was a fiend. 

It could be said that those seven great races hated him bitterly, that they couldn't live under the same sky. 

Shi Hao didn't feel fear. Even when he was in the Divine Flame Realm, he made it through alive. Now, he was already in the mid-stage of the True Deity Realm with three strands of immortal energy around him, allowing him to feel much more confident and at ease. 

"Senior, I invite you to have a drink!"

Shi Hao produced a jade cup, and then he poured out a golden viscous liquid from the white jade little cauldron. Fragrance wafted outwards, making people feel intoxicated just by smelling it from the distance. 

Many true deities' eyes went straight, their breathing hurried. That was but the liquid from the ancient immortal pond, its value too great.

There were heavenly deities whose eyes were deep, watching coldly, not showing that much concern. 

The Eight Armed Soul Race's peak level heavenly deity drang this cup, and then he closed his eyes to enjoy the aftertaste. "Good, good, good, more fragrant than wine that has been brewed for ten thousand years. I never expected to even be able to enjoy a cup of Lightning Tribulation Liquid. 

"En, not right!" Suddenly, the Eight Armed Soul Race expert's face changed, his expression became dark. He quickly sat down, white mists rising from his head.

What happened? Everyone became shocked!

Especially those from the Eight Armed Soul Race. Those experts were even more nervous. With a hu la sound, a large group of people rushed over, surrounding this place out of fear that something bad would happen to the elder. 

"Old ancestor… what did you do to him?" Someone questioned.

Heavenly deities, for a race, were too important. 

"You cannot treat him with disrespect, I am fine!" The Eight Armed Soul Race elder shouted. He continued to sit there. Even more mists rose from within his body. 

Shi Hao was greatly shaken up. As expected, it was like what he expected. This Lightning Tribulation Liquid likely could… neutralize the curse!

"Little friend, may I ask for another cup?" The Eight Armed Soul Race's peak level heavenly deity spoke, revealing a hopeful look, one that was filled with desire. 

"Okay!" Shi Hao poured out another cup for him. 

The elder was extremely impatient, downing it in one go, and then he began to sit in meditation. 

"I also want to drink it!" The Divine Striking shouted noisily, its eyes extremely red. 

The others revealed fervant expressions, staring at the white jade little cauldron in Shi Hao's hands. This was priceless divine liquid that would only appear during heavenly tribulation. 

It was just too difficult for ordinary people to obtain!

Shi Hao smiled, producing many cups, filling them all up and  handing it towards them. He also gestured towards Chang Gongyan and Dragon Girl in the distance, inviting them to have a cup.

This made outsiders' eyes even more red. This rare precious liquid was gifted out so casually, treated like nothing major at all. 

"Hehe…" Someone laughed coldly. That was a heavenly deity, not believing that this alone could buy the will of the people. When he obtained assistance, he was still going to take action when the time came to. 

"Today, it is not enough even if you Eight Armed Soul Race is willing to protect him. Huang must die. He has to give our Immortal Ancient natives an explanation!" A heavenly deity even more so spoke bluntly.

"Even though an outsider successfully crossed the tribulation today, establishing an unmatched glory that will be recorded in the annals of history, he still can't be let off alive. He will be executed!"

In their opinion, this outsider provoked public anger.

Killing seven great heavenly deities, regardless of whether he was in the right or wrong, this event couldn't be forgiven. How could an outsider act so unbridled? He had to be killed!

A biting cold chilliness spread through the air. A world shaking battle was perhaps going to break out today!

There were heavenly deities that came with killing intent, not wishing to let Shi Hao free. 

"How powerful, I feel like I am going to undergo a transformation!" Cao Yusheng, Xue Lin, and the others were all shocked. This type of golden Lightning Tribulation Liquid exceeded their imagination, the medicinal effects too astonishing. 

At this time, the Eight Armed Soul Race's heavenly deity trembled greatly, the mists around his body thick, turning from white to black, and then becoming black light, burning on the surface of his body. 

"What?" At this time, there were heavenly deities that finally cried out with alarm, becoming incomparably shocked.

"How could this be? That is curse power! It is burning and disappearing!" In the dark, the heavenly deities that carried powerful hostility cried out with alarm, no longer able to remain calm.

At this moment, all of the natives were shocked. There was no way they saw incorrectly. That was curse power that was being neutralized.

The Eight Armed Soul Race's elder suddenly opened his eyes, and then it got up, roaring towards the heavens. It was like the cry of a dragon, the roar of a tiger, shaking the world. It was full of power, no longer carrying the slightest bit of abnormality.

He was incomparably excited, staring at Shi Hao and saying, "Little friend, this great gratitude cannot be expressed with words, please… save my clansmen!"

"Heavens, he truly dissolved the curse?"

This triggered a huge commotion. None of the natives could calm down!

The curse that had tangled about them for their entire lives, making them live in the shadows, was now actually neutralized by someone! This was earth shattering, the meaning for them too great. 

This was even more shocking than the fact that Shi Hao crossed the tribulation, even more shocking than the fact that they watched seven great heavenly deities die before their eyes!

Who wouldn't be moved?

Huang could neutralize the curse power. This mean that they might be able to free themselves from this suffering!

Everyone stared at the snow-white little cauldron in Shi Hao's hands. That was hope, a way of life. All of their eyes showed incomparable desire. 

A figure flashed. The Centaur Race and Ancient Fiend Race's two elders also rushed over, their bodies almost trembling,voices shaking. They seeked confirmation from the Eight Armed Soul Race, and then they looked towards Shi Hao together.

"I heard that last time, two seniors also came out to rescue me. I ask you two to drink with me!" Shi Hao said, pouring out Lightning Tribulation Liquid for them. 

Those two individuals' arms were trembling. If they only treated this like Lightning Tribulation Liquid, then they definitely wouldn't have acted like this. Now that they understood this could neutralize the curse, this liquid felt even heavier than a mountain. 

The two of them drank it in one gulp!

At the same time, all of the heavenly deities in the darkness felt their mouths and tongues go dry. These heavenly deities that had earlier acted cold and bore powerful hostility were now stupefied. A few individuals' faces distorted, clenching their fists, really wanting to immediately rush over.

However, they just issued a threat, and they also released such heavy killing intent to kill Huang, so how could the situation immediately be changed, getting off their high horse and plead for the liquid?

"I feel my body becoming warm, something burning, the curse power becoming weaker. This is too great!" The Centaur Race's elder cried out loudly, its hair and beard trembling, face full of shock.

The Ancient Fiend Race's elder was also like this, directly becoming like an old urchin, rolling in the void a few times, crying out with ao ao sounds. 

In the distance, the other heavenly deities were jealous and envious. Right now, even their eyes were becoming red. 

The heavenly deities that were hostile towards Shi Hao became silent, their faces gloomy. What were they supposed to do? Should they bow their heads and beg him?

A few people felt blood rush to their heads, becoming extremely stirred up, but also regretful. They truly shouldn't have offended this youth. He could actually neutralize the curse power!

"It was rumored that this type of golden Lightning Tribulation Liquid only existed in an ancient immortal pond after crossing the most powerful lightning tribulation!" A heavenly deity sighed inwardly. 

The most powerful lightning tribulation, what did that signify? Death, destruction!

Not even many of those from the last great era could make it through! It was extremely difficult.

"Little friend, do you have any more?" The Centaur Race and Ancient Fiend Race elders raised their cups, faces red. They desired it greatly, asking Shi Hao for more. 

Shi Hao held the white jade little cauldron, about to speak.

However, powerful energy fluctuations rang out in the void. There were heavenly deities that took action, wishing to steal it, moreover not just one. Powerful killing intent erupted, rushing at Shi Hao. 

At this moment, the Eight Armed Soul Race, Centaur Race, and Ancient Fiend Race's three great heavenly deities took action to stop them. 

At the same time, Shi Hao spoke, and he also turned the white jade little cauldron over, saying, "Everyone, you all came too late, the lightning tribulation liquid has been completely used up." 

He turned the white jade little cauldron towards everyone. There was only a small amount left, not even enough to fill half a cup!

One has to understand that to neutralize a heavenly deity's curse, they needed two cups of the liquid. This bit was definitely not enough! Forget about other heavenly deities, even the Centaur Race and Ancient Fiend Race heavenly deities were stupefied. 

In that instant, all of the attacks stopped, the heavenly deities retreating.

It was because any further fighting was meaningless!

"How could it be like this?!" There were heavenly deities that cried out inwardly. 

At this moment, many of them looked towards Cao Yusheng, the little rabbit, Xue Lin, Luo Dao, Chang Gongyan and the others. This group of outsiders didn't have curse power, yet all of them drank a cup. This was too… extravagant!

This was a sin, a waste!

There were heavenly deities that were furious, truly wishing to roar into the heavens. 

What were they to do? The medicinal effects had been refined by those people!

"Little friend… is there truly nothing left?" The Centaur Race, Ancient Fiend Race's two elders' voices were trembling.

"No more!" Shi Hao shook his head. He had drank up most of it, and he only brought out a bit from the sea of lightning. 

At the same time, he looked at those two elders, saying, "Seniors, half a year ago, I had previously visited the Ancient Fiend Race, Centaur Race to seek shelter, but along the way, I encountered your race's heavenly deities' interception."

"What?!" The two elders were furious. They looked at their clansmen, realizing that the reason Shi Hao only gave them a cup was likely because he was… upset!

At this moment, the two elders truly wished to personally take action, interrogate to see who it was that did this. This was too… shameful!

"Ah ah…" In the distance, the other heavenly deities also roared, filled with unwillingness and despair. There was originally hope, yet in the end, they were kicked back into hell.

"Younger generation, did you do this to make us feel fake joy? I am going to kill you!" A heavenly deity roared with anger, killing intent surging, about to take action again.

"Wu, even though there's no more lightning tribulation liquid, I'm still here." Shi Hao said indifferently. 

Everyone became stupefied, and then they revealed looks of shock.

"If I don't die and peacefully grow, I'll definitely cross another tribulation down the line," Shi Hao said casually.

"Little friend, you are my clan's esteemed guest. Follow me back, I want to see who dares touch you!" The Eight Armed Soul Race's elder said. He was the only heavenly deity that had his curse dissolved. 

"Correct, little friend, you are our esteemed guest. No one is allowed to touch you!" The Centaur Race, Ancient Fiend Race's two great heavenly deities also shouted loudly.

"Little brother, please come to my Grievance Race as a guest!"

"Dao brother, please move to my Holy Spirit Race, my clan's princess will take you as a husband!"

"Little friend, please visit my Beauty Race as a guest, my clan has exceptional pearls waiting to be married off!"


In that instant, many well known heavenly deities rushed over, surrounding Shi Hao, so enthusiastic it made others feel numb.

"I recall that there were some old bastards that wanted to kill me. What do we do about them?" Shi Hao said.

"Who dares? I'll wipe them all out!" A heavenly deity roared. 

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