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Chapter 951 - Refinement

At the bottom of the lake was a woman who looked like she was carved out of white jade. Her body was pure white and perfect, releasing a sparkling luster. Her figure was wonderful, curves rising and falling. She had blue hair that fell down to her waist.

This was without a doubt a beautiful woman, an outstanding beauty, her appearance enough to topple countries!

The clothes on her body had long become ruined, but there was still armor covering the crucial areas, unexpectedly forged from Black Immortal Gold. Her large chest and other areas were all covered. 

The immortal armor flickered with dark light. Even after endless year, it still didn't decay.

However, one could see that there were traces left on its surface, not corroded over time, but left behind after a heavy blow. It protected her chest, but the Black Immortal Gold was damaged. 

One could imagine what kind of power that was!

Shi Hao felt that this woman had existed for a long time. Even though her skin was snow-white like jade, the Black Immortal Gold flowed with an ancient aura. 

"Could it be a female immortal?!"

Great waves stirred within Shi Hao's mind. The impression this woman left him with was too strange. Even though she was incomparably beautiful, she gave him a heart alarming feeling. 

This was especially the case when he saw a skeleton a thousand zhang from the woman, snow-white like jade. They were dragon bones!

The skeleton was ten zhang long, the aura terrifying and astonishing, flesh already no longer existing. Two Chaos Ancient Mosquitoes were resting on its surface, not moving at all!

"It really is a True Dragon!"

Shi Hao was shocked. That type of aura was extremely similar to what he sensed when he previously entered the Kun Peng nest and Immortal Ancient's vicious nest. It was extremely powerful, making one tremble with reverence. 

The True Dragon's remains were left behind here. What exactly happened?

A devastatingly beautiful woman rested at the bottom of the lake, spotlessly white and beautiful. A dragon skeleton full of ancient meaning released terrifying energy, making one shiver inwardly with fear. When the two of these were combined, it truly was a strange scene. 

What kind of place is this? Why was there this type of scene?

Shi Hao watched from the distance, not approaching this place. Emotions were stirring greatly within him, making it hard for him to calm down. This was too astonishing.

Upon closer inspection, he had new discoveries. There was a dark red spot between that woman's brows that had previously been pierced through. Was this the reason for her fall?

However, why was that body still releasing exuberant life energy, as if it was still alive? Could it be that she could still be revived?

An exceptional beauty and a small half of dragon skeleton were resting at the bottom of the lake. What kind of event happened to create this result? It really made one develop fanciful thoughts. 

"Were the two enemies, fighting a bloody battle to the death, ultimately leading to this result, or were they allies, the two killed by a common enemy?"

Shi Hao said quietly. It was difficult for him to deduce past events.

He could only sigh with regret. Immortal Ancient was too terrifying. Even True Dragons and immortals had enemies, times when there was danger to their life. What kind of era was that? It really made the blood of powerful individuals stir, longing greatly for it!

He stared at those two Chaos Ancient Mosquitoes, his eyes flickering with radiance. He gradually understood why they were so powerful. They were extraordinary when they were born in this pond, and then they most likely ate the flesh that came off the True Dragon!

The two mosquitoes ate the True Dragon's flesh, just the thought alone made him feel like this was crazy!

Otherwise, why would they be laying on the True Dragon bones, turning it into their place of rest?

One has to understand that even if a True Dragon died, its flesh definitely wouldn't decay, able to maintain itself for a long time. Now, it disappeared, so it was easy for one to associate it with the ancient mosquitoes eating it. 

Shi Hao stared blankly, everything before his eyes exceeding his expectations. Was this the reason for the Chaos Mosquito Lake being so terrifying?

It was clear that the two palm-sized ancient mosquitoes noticed him, but they didn't come over, instead flapping their wings in warning, releasing terrifying fluctuations. 

They only had their instincts left over. If they still had their intelligence, the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate. 

The Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram and mysterious flame within Shi Hao's body left them with a deep impression, and that was why they didn't attack Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao withdrew, staying far away from the dragon skeleton and approaching the exceptional beauty. It was because the spiritual essence that made his body take a turn for the better originated from this place. Wisps of the energy scattered outwards. 

Shi Hao approached it. At first, it was still fine, but when he got within ten zhang, a mysterious power directly blasted him flying, making him bleed from all seven apertures, his flesh splitting apart again!

This type of power was too sudden, swirling about the woman, forming a domain, protecting her at the center.

Her body carried a strange power. Even after endless time had passed, it still remained, and it was full of exuberant life spiritual essence, as if she was still sleeping. 

Shi Hao wiped away the blood from the corners of his mouth, revealing a look of shock. No wonder the two ancient mosquitoes didn't eat her, there was actually this type of power. 

He sat down ten zhang away, starting to operate his internal energy to treat his injuries. Strand  after strand of ripple-like fluctuations immediately moved from that woman's body, turning into multicolored light.

Shi Hao was like a desert that received sweet dew, his entire body obtaining nourishment. This type of power was extremely strange, carrying life vitality, extremely beneficial for him.

It wasn't as powerful as divine medicines and other things, but he was still heading in a better direction, flesh replenished by mysterious spiritual essence. He moved his blood energy around to recover his injured body. 

Just like that, many days passed. It had already been a month since he entered this great black lake. 

As time went on, his injuries slowly healed, recovering his vitality. Sparkling luster flowed all over his body like seven-colored divine glass. 

However, even though his flesh recovered, his great dao injuries still remained, not immediately recovering. This was extremely difficult to recover from. Even if a heavenly deity suffered this type of damage, being greatly injured by the dao, they might still die, not necessarily recover. 

Shi Hao had two strands of immortal energy. Even though he felt that he could recover, he needed a lot of time!

Just like that, he didn't move, his mind becoming clear. He used all of his vital energy to adjust his injured body, erasing the dao injuries, wishing to recover as quickly as possible. 

Another month passed. The great dao injuries finally displayed clear improvement, now seventy to eighty percent recovered. 

"If it wasn't for this fairy's body releasing mysterious energy, it truly would have been troublesome!" Shi Hao said to himself. Even though in the end, he would still be able to recover, he would have to use up a lot more time.

After the third month passed, Shi Hao completely recovered, his vital energy restored to its peak. Two strands of immortal energy moved around him. He felt more powerful than he had ever been before!

The current him was standing at the very peak of his entire life!

"Finally recovered. I wonder what the outside world is like." Shi Hao said quietly. He estimated that most people would mistaken him for being dead.

He didn't leave, instead continuing to solidify his cultivation. This was a rarely obtained peace of safety, the ideal place of seclusion.

Another month passed. Shi Hao's second strand of immortal energy obtained the snow white, jadelike woman's nourishment, unexpectedly becoming just like the first strand, reaching its peak. 

"The immortal energy is already perfect, unable to be strengthened further unless a third strand of immortal energy is cultivated." When he thought of this, Shi Hao shook his head. He did everything he could to obtain these two strands of immortal energy. There were no other paths he could find.

He resolutely tempered his body, raising his body and mind to their optimal levels, and then he prepared to incite heavenly tribulations!

"Perhaps a third strand of immortal energy might appear in the heavenly tribulation?" He felt like trying to make it through a heavenly tribulation in an era without tribulations would definitely be incredibly terrifying. Perhaps a third strand of immortal energy might be produced." 

It was because he had previously absent-mindedly heard the white tortoise talk about it before!

Only, this great era didn't have heavenly tribulation. If one forcefully tried to incur it, it would definitely be terrifying to the extreme, a single mistake resulting in the destruction of body and spirit, doomed to eternal damnation!

Therefore, Shi Hao didn't dare rashly go about it. He had to seriously prepare, making his body's state transcend his limit. 

"Heavenly tribulation varies from person to person. I already cultivated two strands of immortal energy, so the tribulation that descends will definitely be extremely terrifying. Who knows, it might be the most powerful lightning tribulation!"

Shi Hao trembled inwardly. He had previously heard that in the last great era, many heaven warping geniuses died under the heavenly tribulation, unable to continue living.

This was not a game, not something anyone could pass just because they wanted to. 

One had to carefully prepare oneself. Not only did he have to adjust his body, he also had to temper himself. In the following month, Shi Hao carried a self oppressive cultivation.

He removed the tattered armor related to the Lightning Emperor, and then sat at the bottom of the lake completely naked, resisting the black lake water that contained endless killing energy. 

"This thing, don't tell me that it is the blood of a powerful creature from the last great era?"

Shi Hao felt like this black lake water should be an unmatched creature's blood. Its essence scattered, only leaving behind the rest, making one's flesh feel extremely uncomfortable, placing them in great pain.

The mosquitoes could endure it because they were born from this liquid.

In this month, Shi Hao continuously resisted the corrosion of this black liquid, being injured many times. In the end, he returned to the bottom of the lake, borrowing the spiritual essence released by the woman to recover from his injuries. 

In the blink of an eye, he had already spent six months in the great black lake. Now, both his flesh and primordial spirit had adapted to the great black lake, not fearing the corrosion any longer.

One could see just how astonishing his improvements were!

However, he still didn't try to face the tribulation, still continuing to prepare himself. He started to take the initiative to provoke those mosquitoes, of course, he didn't touch those golden heavenly deities or the Chaos Ancient Mosquitoes. 

The true deity level silver-colored mosquitoes were a meter in length. All of them threw themselves over, their mouthparts sharp, releasing sparks as they landed on his naked body.

There were endless bugs, all of them attacking together. Shi Hao received their attacks to temper his body.

This was extremely miserable. Even though he was quite powerful, able to initially withstand it, in the end when he became weary, his flesh would be pierced through. 

"Am I committing suicide by doing this?!" Shi Hao clenched his teeth, enduring it.

Each time he was seriously injured, he would always sink to the bottom of the lake, staying ten zhang from the exceptionally beautiful fairy to cultivate, silently sitting there, borrowing the spiritual essence she released to heal his injuries. 

"I have to be a bit more tough on myself. Ten Crown King has that immortal dao little tree, vicious nest's male even occupied an immortal land. They all have great natural luck and accumulated for many eras, so I have to strengthen my foundation!"

The mosquitoes carried poison, and their mouthparts were sharp, inflicting great injuries on Shi Hao's body. He was continuously injured, and then continuously recovered.


The needle shaped mouthparts shone, piercing Shi Hao's body. Divine light flickered, releasing zheng zheng cries, as if it struck down on steel.

In the recent month of cultivation, he continuously used True Deity Realm mosquitoes to refine his body, tempering himself again and again. At first, his entire body was covered in injuries and his body broken into a terrible state, often having his essence blood flowing away.

Later on, he gradually adapted to it, his body becoming more and more powerful and sturdy, his vital energy becoming incomparably abundant!


Later on, when the True Deity Level mosquitoes' mouthparts landed on his body, a sheet of multicolored light would appear on his body, as if lightning was interweaving, making his precious body difficult to damage.

"It's enough, I should attempt the tribulation. I wonder what the outside world is like, if everyone forgot about me already." 

Shi Hao came out from seclusion, preparing to leave the great black lake!

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