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Chapter 950 - Chaos Mosquito Lake

A chilliness filled Di Kun's mind. The rumors were true, this Chaos Mosquito Lake was a taboo place that shouldn't be provoked.

He felt great pain from his heart area. There was a bloody hole there, blood shooting out and absorbed by a palm sized mosquito, sucked out without his notice.

He quickly withdrew. There were two mosquitoes that were like that, the size of a palm and swirling with chaotic energy. They were just too terrifying. With a light shake of their wings, a thousand li of the void would crack. 

Di Kun's expression changed, not even turning his head back around as he ran. However, during this process, his four limbs squirted out blood, producing several bloody holes. At the same time, his back was in intense pain as well, pierced through, the hole connecting front and back. Right at this moment, his entire body released blood, ninety percent of his heavenly deity blood lost!


Di Kun ran. He was seriously injured, half his body rotten, impaled until his entire body was full of bloody holes. His essence blood had pretty much been completely drained.

If not for the pair of Chaos Ancient Mosquitoes long losing their sense of self, now only having blurry instincts, it would definitely be difficult for Di Kun to escape death. 

Chaotic energy surged, two mosquitoes circled around the surface of the lake, and then with a pu tong sound, they entered the large black lake again, thus disappearing. 

Meanwhile, in the sky, a golden mosquito flapped its wings, releasing heavenly deity aura, its speed fast to the extreme. It threw itself into the distant sky. When a divine bird,  Purple Gold Swan passed, it was instantly killed, its blood sucked dry.

In the mountains, there was a golden mosquito that chased after a group of wild beasts. All of the giant beasts' bodies dried up immediately, becoming skin wrapped around bones. 

These golden mosquitoes were all a zhang in length, several tens of times more ferocious than divine birds, slaughtering all creatures, frantically absorbing their blood.

Apart from this, even more miserable events were just waiting to happen. Behind them, the silver mosquitoes numbered in the tens of thousands, the blood-colored mosquitoes even more so filling the world, blotting out the sky, engulfing the great earth!

Regardless of whether it was the flying birds or walking beasts, as long as these mosquitoes covered them, they would be turned into skeletons, all essence flesh vanishing!

Only after a long time had passed did the mosquitoes enter the black-colored lake again, returning peace to this place.

Di Kun left, and then he returned. His face fell. His body was full of bloody holes, his heavenly deity self almost dying here. He lost ninety percent of his essence blood for nothing. It was too miserable. 

Apart from this, he even lost a primordial spirit, completely losing connection with it. This was especially the case when he recalled how an 'insect' gave it a vicious beating, his large mouth releasing pi pa sounds, almost making him vomit blood. The veins of his forehead jumped, truly wishing to destroy this lake with a single slap!

"Insect, Huang!" As a heavenly deity, how many years had it been since his emotions fluctuated like this? Right now, his face was malicious, actually wanting to do everything he could to save that youngster's life, not wishing for him to die, all so he could properly torture him by his side.

"I really hope a miracle happens and you are still alive. That way, I can properly 'entertain' you!" Di Kun didn't believe Shi Hao could survive. 

However, he was a careful person. He stared at the large black lake for a long time, not willing to leave. In the end, he even had several disciples from his clan stand here and watch everything carefully. 

Only then did he truly leave.

As for the Chaos Mosquito lake, there were too many rumors. 

Some said that back then, one of the vicious ten tribes died here, buried at the bottom of the lake. A few mosquitoes absorbed their blood essence, evolving over endless time, obtaining the great dao. 

There were also rumors that an immortal from the last great era had an opponent who was destroyed here, turning into blood, forming this black lake, thus nurturing a group of sinister mosquitoes.

There were others that said that this black lake was originally a filthy place of great yin since the start of the world, a place bottled up with the inauspicious.

The lake was ice-cold, and even with the mysterious armor, his flesh still felt as if it was being pared by blades. This was a formless baleful energy that hacked at his muscles and bones, oppressing his inner organs. 

What made one's scalp go numb was that the mosquitoes were everywhere, moving through the black and sticky liquid, attaching themselves to his body and crazily 'going at it'. 

This type of thing, the smaller ones one foot, the larger ones more than a meter. Shi Hao had never seen such large and nasty mosquitoes. 

The tattered armor released keng qiang sounds, sharp stingers running into it one after another. Many mosquitoes swarmed over densely, crawling all over his body.


Di Kun's primordial spirit didn't have that tattered armor's protection. It cried out miserably, pierced through by sharp mouthparts one after another, its entire body in pain, finding it unbearable.

These mosquitoes were quite special, not only could they absorb blood, they could even devour primordial spirits. Now that hundreds to over a thousand of them swarmed over, it left one with a great sense of fear. It squirmed and struggled about. 

Di Kun opened his mouth, roaring loudly. That black-colored lake water entered his mouth, hacking at his divine senses like blades. It was harder and harder for him to endure. 

However, it was close to the Heavenly Deity Realm. His primordial spirit was still extremely powerful, doing everything it could to resist, blasting an expanse of bugs to death, only, when a streak of golden light pierced over, he immediately became motionless.

That was a golden mosquito with heavenly deity aura. Its needle-shaped mouthpart unstoppable.

Soon after, Di Kun died, his primordial spirit surrounded by bugs, quickly sucked clean. 

Shi Hao witnessed this scene clearly, feeling his scalp turn numb. Such a powerful primordial spirit was dealt with so quickly!

As expected, the flesh was the root. Once it lost its protection, no matter how powerful his primordial spirit was, it would still wither away, the day coming when it would fail.

Now wasn't the time to sympathize with Di Kun. He himself was in a dangerous situation as well. Countless mosquitoes were chewing at him, the armor releasing keng qiang noises, sparks flying everywhere. 

Even though this armor was extraordinary, it was already tattered with many holes. The many sharp mouthparts brought him life-threatening danger. 

Shi Hao resisted it. His armor shone, shining and sparkling. Those holes had divine force vortices, shattering quite a few of those mouthparts, but there were still some sharp ones that pierced into his flesh.

There really was no way to defend against this. His injuries were too severe, powerless to do anything.

"Am I going to die here?" Shi Hao's mind went cold. He didn't dare touch the Divine Protection Symbol out of startling those gold heavenly deity level bugs, and even more fearful of provoking the Chaos Ancient Mosquitoes. 

The Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram was still and without sound, not showing the slightest reaction. He put it away with a sigh.

He produced the pill furnace, pouring out heavenly river water. Lightning hacked about, crushing an expanse of mosquitoes. There was even more curse power that extended outwards, sweeping everywhere. 

This produced a huge uproar!

Not only did the golden heavenly deity level bugs look over, even the two Chaos Ancient Mosquitoes moved, raising their heads. 

"Not good!" Shi Hao's expression immediately changed. 

Di Kun's true body was outside, while the lake had this type of densely packed bugs, it really was trouble both inside and outside with no road of life. 


Suddenly, a Chaos Ancient Mosquito moved, rushing over here.

Shi Hao sighed. He set his resolution, holding the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram in one hand and the ancient talisman in the other. This was the talisman that he discovered next to the nine dragons pulling coffin ruins, but he never knew what it did.


However, the chaotic mosquito's speed was fast, almost arriving in an instant, its mouthpart already piercing out several times. 

The only fortunate thing was that it lost its intelligence, in a state of muddle-headedness. It didn't hit Shi Hao's flesh, the first time striking down on the tattered armor related to the Lightning Emperor, sending sparks flying, blasting apart the lake water.

The second time, it landed on the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, releasing a kengqiang sound, making this place once again erupt. 

The Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram shone, releasing an expanse of chaotic energy. All types of creatures appeared, making this ancient bug retreat in shock, feeling incredibly startled. 

Silently, a flame appeared from within Shi Hao's body, burning the nearby black lake water away. The scene was extremely strange. 

The other Chaos Ancient Mosquito arrived, but when it saw this scene, it couldn't help but tremble, retreating as well, not daring to approach. 

In the end, they all backed off, even the golden heavenly deity level mosquitoes frightened in retreat. There was a type of natural instinctive fear towards the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram. 

Shi Hao released a breath of air. It was just too dangerous. If not for these bugs' spiritual awareness being blurry, losing their former divine senses, only having their instincts left, it would be a lot more troublesome. 

If it was any normal heavenly deity, they would continue attacking, not retreating because of their natural instincts. 

Then, several top level bugs retreated. The other mosquitoes also moved about noisily, leaving into the distance, no longer surrounding him.

Shi Hao was shocked. A dangerous crisis came to a temporary end. He didn't leave, remaining here quietly without moving to recover his injured body. This was a rare peaceful place where he wouldn't be chased by the heavenly deities of the outside world. 

However, this place wasn't a good cultivation ground, the baleful energy thick. Apart from these mosquitoes that liked nasty yin energy, all other creatures would feel uncomfortable here. 

After a long time had passed, not even the true deities could take it any longer, their bodies feeling like they would crack apart. Meanwhile, these mosquitoes were birthed by the black-colored lake water, so they didn't fear the baleful energy.

Despite this being the case, Shi Hao still didn't leave. He silently endured it, moving his body's essence blood slowly to recover.

"En, those two Chaos Ancient Mosquitoes and the golden heavenly deities, where did they go?" Shi Hao was a bit stunned. In the blink of an eye, he could no longer sense their auras. 

It was clear that at the depths of the lake was something beyond his imagination. Those powerful mosquitoes sank into the lake bottom. 

Shi Hao didn't pay it any attention, instead feeling more at ease, starting to treat his injuries. Just like that, several days passed, his injuries closing a bit, but then some were torn apart by the baleful energy, putting him in a state of equilibrium.

"This lake is too terrible!"

In a flash, half a month passed, Shi Hao finally managed to recover a small bit, but he was still in this process. He discovered with shock that there was something at the bottom of the lake that was releasing a bit of essence energy. It was unexpectedly extremely beneficial to his injured body!

After enduring for several days, Shi Hao felt that his state improved a bit. He clenched his teeth, heading deeper into the depths of the lake.

The outside world was in an uproar. 

More than twenty days had passed. Huang had been pursued by heavenly deities, entering Dark Realm, thus disappearing.

 This became the focal point of everyone's conversations. 

"What a pity, Huang died just like that, a young talent dying prematurely. He even cultivated two strands of immortal energy in this great era, truly heaven warping talent!"

"Did he really die? Perhaps he might still be alive."

"What a joke. After entering the Chaos Mosquito Lake, who can come out alive? Since the ancient times, so many great figures entered the lake but never came back, the two Chaos Ancient Mosquitoes possibly produced by an immortal corpse, so how could he stop them?"

Right now, in Immortal Ancient, many people shook their heads, believing that Huang died, no way he lived. 

"Di Kun came from Immortal Palace, and after he took action, he definitely won't leave him with a chance to live. This is revenge." The three thousand province's geniuses believed that Shi Hao died. 

Everyone knew that Huang and Immortal Palace's inheritor stood in opposition, in the end Di Chong even being killed. Now, heavenly deity Di Kun taking action was nothing unexpected. 

"Heh, before power, not even geniuses can do anything. Even if he cultivated two strands of immortal energy, so what? If he dies, everything amounts to nothing." Some people were taking joy in his disaster. 

"He died in the end, hahaha…" 

The outside world was in an uproar.

When Qing Yi obtained news of this, she became silent. She stood on a cliff, not speaking for a long time. 

The little rabbit's large eyes were even more red, saying, "That disaster died… I thought disasters were supposed to remain for a thousand years!" 

"Brat, just calmly head on your way. I will get revenge for you." The Divine Striking Stone was furious!


Huang died, falling in the Chaos Mosquito Lake. These news triggered a huge uproar. The outside world was full of discussion, everyone's reactions different. 

At the bottom of the lake, glimmers of light shone. Shi Hao widened his eyes with shock.

He headed down a whole forty thousand zhang, only then did he approach the bottom of the lake. This was simply inconceivable. A lake was actually this deep!

"Thats... heavens! Vicious ten? Dragon, and that woman…" Shi Hao was shocked. When he arrived at the bottom of the lake, he saw a scene that made his pupils rapidly contract. 

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