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Chapter 943 - Guidance

The mountain range was vast, the great heavenly mountains stretching across the earth one after another. However, this battlefield region was in complete tatters.

Everyone backed up, not knowing why all of these ancient freaks showed up. Did they all hurry here for Huang?

Shi Hao carried the Everlasting Immortal Sword and took a few steps back, occupying a favorable position. Only, his current state was extremely bad, not in a good state to engage in battle at all. 

Moreover, his heart rate sped up a bit. He always felt like it was extremely dangerous, as if he had been targeted by some creature. He didn't dare rashly move about. 

"One, two, three…" 

Someone counted the number of people here, and then he couldn't help but suck in a cold breath of air. There were at least eight or nine ancient freaks, and right now, they all appeared in this mountain range. 

This was definitely a huge matter!

"There are still people hurrying over, what happened?" Everyone was incredibly shocked. 

Could it be that because Huang cultivated two strands of immortal energy, his accomplishments shook up all of Immortal Ancient, drawing everyone's attention? 

However, news still haven't gotten out, so did these people really find out ahead of time, and then travel here in this short amount of time?

"There is definitely something we don't understand that happened." Someone said with a soft voice, not believing that all of these experts came to deal with Huang.

The immortal-like flute playing male from the vicious nest, Ten Crown King who was surrounded by chaotic energy, Ning Chuan who stepped on a diagram of mountains and rivers, these individuals were the focal point of everyone's attention. 

Three great experts, the appearance of any one of them would trigger a huge commotion! 

Ning Chuan's silver hair fell like starry streams, scattering over his chest and back. On his perfect face, his eyes were extremely clear. He was currently staring at Shi Hao in this direction. 

A battle would inevitably erupt between these two!

This was the first time their true bodies faced each other. They encountered each other here.

Only, Shi Hao's state was extremely terrible, not a good time to fight with all he had. The situation was definitely not good.


Suddenly, Shi Hao felt as if the void trembled. Strange fluctuations spread. When he had fought against Ancient Holy Child earlier, he felt something similar, but he never paid too much attention to it. Now, he revealed a look of surprise. 

"It is in that direction!" Someone said with shock, pointing to the west.

In reality, as soon as someone spoke, Ten Crown King and the others already disappeared, quickly leaving.


The void was split apart, and then an enormous palace smashed out. The surroundings were covered densely in black cracks that extended outwards. 

This was a mysterious ancient palace that released a holy aura. There were wisps of immortal mists accompanying it, making it look solemn and dignified, its tiles golden colored. 

Only, it looked a bit indistinct, not completely taking form, as if it was buried in the void. The enormous pillars, enormous palace halls, golden tiles, and all the other parts of it formed an extremely magnificent structure. 

This seemed to be an immortal palace that carried immortal dao energy. 

The otherworldly male who carried the jade flute in his hand, Ten Crown King, and the others rushed at it, following behind into this small world. 

"The Golden Dao Palace appeared! Could this mean that the Immortal Dao Arena is going to appear soon?" Someone said with shock, finally understanding what was happening. 

Golden Dao Palace, normally speaking, would always appear around the time that unmatched arena appeared. As long as it truly appeared, that meant that Immortal Ancient's greatest battle was about to start. 

The Golden Dao Palace would accompany that arena, the two seemingly connected. One appeared after the other, so the arena was likely not too far away. 

In the past, there were people who entered this enormous palace before, obtaining mysterious natural luck, and then used it to create an undying great sect in the outside world!

"It still hasn't truly formed, but it is coming soon, the soonest half a year, latest around ten. It's likely that once it truly leaves the void belt, Immortal Ancient's struggle for supremacy will then commence." Someone said with a sigh. 

Everyone knew that the great decisive battle will happen on a mysterious arena, and only the ultimate victor will be brought out to acquire the final great luck. 

Shi Hao revealed a look of surprise. He never expected the disturbance to arise because of this Golden Dao Palace. 

"This palace is extremely mysterious, from time to time releasing auspicious multicolored light and releasing ancient treasures, its power unimaginably great."

Even though it didn't truly appear, there would still be ancient treasures that would fall out from time to time. It was strange and mysterious. The ancient freaks clearly came because of this palace. 

Suddenly, a long and drawn out flute melody played. The aloof male from the vicious nest played his pure white bone flute, the melody cheerful and lighthearted, resonating with that Golden Dao Palace. He was going to break in. 


Next to Ten Crown King, a small tree appeared hazily within chaotic energy. With a light sway, an expanse of multicolored light scattered out, flying towards the golden ancient palace. 

There were others who took action. They weren't attacking, but rather testing things out, trying to feel this palace out.

"They already took action, starting to seize the treasures." 

At this moment, there were others that hurried over. When they saw this scene, they were extremely shocked. 

They chased after this golden ancient palace, along the way successively passing through six or seven little worlds. Each time, it would stop for a period of time, drawing the attention of more people.

"Chang Gongyan, you came as well. What exactly is going on?" Shi Hao saw someone familiar and sent a message over. 

"This is a dao palace from the last great era, within it inheritances, but even more so Immortal Ancient Great Era's weapons. Everyone is working hard to seize them," Chang Gongyan said. When he saw Shi Hao's injuries and his body covered in blood, he was shocked.


Suddenly, a resplendent sphere of light appeared, unexpectedly directly rushing towards the golden ancient palace like a streak of a rainbow.

At this moment, regardless of whether it was Ten Crown King or the male from the vicious nest, they all opened their Martial Dao Heavenly Eyes, revealing strange expressions. This was the first time their faces changed.

Then, they decisively took action, rushing forward together. 

"Heavens! Who is that, rushing towards the Golden Dao Palace like this? That person will be blasted to death! Normally speaking, rushing in the forward direction is useless!"

"No, that is a baby. It is so small, so how could it be so bold? No, it is a primordial spirit, heavens, could it be that it is… an immortal fetus?" 

The others reacted as well, immediately taking action, their faces full of shock. 

It had always been rumored that Immortal Ancient had all types of heavenly treasures like Saint Wood, Heavenly Deity Fruit, and other things. There were even immortal fetuses, only it was just too rare to see one.

Now, the most powerful ancient kings opened their Heavenly Eyes, seeing the true scene, suspecting that this was an immortal fetus. 

It was because that was a primordial spirit, only a foot long and curling with primal chaos mist. It was too mysterious, turning into a stream of flowing light, directly rushing towards the Golden Dao Palace. 

The most powerful individuals took action, but it was too late, only catching an afterimage, sealing the chaotic energy it left behind, unable to capture its true self.


Heaven fell and the earth split apart, deities weeped and devils cried; the scene was horrifying to the extreme. 

When the 'immortal fetus' smashed into the Golden Dao Palace, it began to burn like a moth flying into a flame, turning into a ball of flame, but it refused to stop, rushing forward persistently.

Half of it was burned away, and then it successfully entered!

"This…" Everyone became shocked. Forget about those present, even if heavenly deities and sect masters came, they still couldn't forcefully charge inside like this.

It was because there were instances of others attempting to forcefully rush inside in the past. However, all of them were burned into ashes, completely destroyed. 

This 'immortal fetus' succeeded. Even though it lost ninety percent of its body and only had a ball of light left over, it still ultimately entered.

"There is a horizontal inscribed board!" 

Someone with sharp eyes borrowed the immortal fetus' final bit of fiery light to see a golden horizontal inscribed board. There was an ancient word that shone brightly. 

"I don't understand, what does it mean?" Many people were confused, not understanding the words from the last great era.

However, there were natives here. They were descendents, and even though they already changed, there were still fragments of inheritances that remained. While staring in that direction, one of them said quietly, "Guidance!"

This ancient palace, this Golden Dao Palace, was unexpectedly called 'Guidance'. What did this mean? 

Shi Hao revealed a look of surprise, his mind greatly shaken. It was because the moment he saw the immortal fetus, he felt it was a bit familiar. Great waves stirred within his mind!

He didn't recognize that immortal fetus, but the energy swirling around it was something he felt a reaction to. It actually carried the aura of the black prison! It very likely went to a similar place as himself. 

"What is going on?" Shi Hao said to himself. Soon after, he widened his eyes with shock. 

Could it be that when he broke through the cage, using the Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Scripture's summon soul to return, he wasn't the only one that returned, that there was someone else who returned because of this? 

When he thought of this result, he felt a wave of horror!

How old of a 'monster' was this, just how many endless years did it live? It was simply beyond belief. People… would go crazy!

One has to understand that Shi Hao was only sealed there for a bit of time, yet he felt as if tens of thousands of years had passed, already close to losing his mind.

This creature might very well be a cultivator from the last great era. He was trapped for a thousand years, so how did he make it through? Even if he could survive, his mind should have collapsed, right?

"Truly… an ancient monster!" Even Shi Hao could only sigh with great amazement.

This golden ancient palace was known as Guidance. Could it be that it was related to this?

In that instant, Shi Hao felt a wave of fear. He thought of too, too many things!

In that place of darkness, fragments of time flew about. There were many black cages, within some light that still didn't fade. He even saw two or three that were terrifying to the extreme, those cages shining with unimaginable radiance. 

What did this mean?

There was a golden ancient palace here named Guidance, and as a result, the primordial spirit that broke free fled inside recklessly. This really made one think many things!

"Yi, the ancient arena also appeared?" Right at this moment, someone cried out in shock. Next to the golden palace was a blurry arena that was vaguely visible. 

That was the final battlefield, the place where all geniuses past and present carried out the final power struggle!

Shi Hao was no exception, emotions stirring greatly within him. He looked in that direction. That was the place where the most powerful forged their legends with blood. 


In the end, light flourished greatly. The 'Guidance' palace and arena seemed to have vanished into thin air, disappearing with a flash!

This time, it didn't cross realms, but instead directly vanished!

Even the aloof male who carried the pure white flute and Ten Crown King didn't see where it went, unable to pursue it further. 

"Could it be that it only came for the immortal fetus, appearing because of it?" Someone suspected, full of confusion. 

Then, this place became quiet. No one made a sound. The ancient freaks all felt quite regretful. 

Shi Hao didn't stay behind, turning around to leave. 

Suddenly, the void distorted. Someone released a domain, imprisoning all sides to deal with him, stopping him from leaving.

At the same time, those ancient freaks all looked over, their expressions all different. Some of them carried coldness, some indifference, some were without any expressions.

There were people within them that released killing intent, for example, Ning Chuan, completely undisguised. 

Even though he was extraordinary, appearance perfect, when facing his enemy, he acted similarly coldly, the expression in his eyes deep.

"Haha… little friend, please stay behind." A voice full of confidence sounded.

Shi Hao sighed, left with no choice but to stay behind. What he was most worried about happened. There were heavenly deities that arrived. In reality, he had already sensed them a while ago, always wishing to suddenly tear through the void. However, his intuition told him that there were others that long sealed down this place, ready to attack him and shoot him down. That was why he didn't act rashly this entire time. 

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