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Chapter 942 - The Most Powerful Appears

It was that easy?

Those watching from the distance all felt their scalps turn numb. Even Ancient Holy Child was going to fall? Three great kings were killed in one day, it was too shocking!


Shi Hao was shocked. The sword core was like a rainbow, brilliant light rushing out, covering the sun and moon, shining with incomparable magnificence! At that moment, it was as if it was cutting through rotten weeds, piercing straight through the space between Ancient Holy Child's brows. Blood splashed outwards, yet it didn't come out from the back of his head. 

What was going on? The others were also shocked.

Everyone watched carefully. All of them were stunned. 

Even though there was blood at the center of Ancient Holy Child's brows, there was actually a gate opened that was incomparably holy. Strand after strand of chaotic energy flowed outwards, shining with great brilliance like an ancient cavern, swallowing that sword core inside.

The spectators couldn't help but feel shocked. What kind of divine ability was this? To open up the space between the brows and form a gate, even able to swallow such a sharp sword core, it was inconceivable.

At this moment, everyone's evaluation of Ancient Holy Child immediately changed. This person was formidable!

Everyone finally realized that all ancient freaks were exceptional in their own way, or else how could they have reigned supreme over an era, ruling over a period of time?

"Nine Heavens Tenth Earth, god and devil fusion, obliterate!" Ancient Holy Child shouted loudly. Right now, his eyes also became blood red. 

Enormous figures swooped over from between heaven and earth, merging with his flesh. These were heroic spirits, the ruined souls left behind from the past after dying in battle.


This strike made heaven and earth collapse, sand fly and stones move, deities weep and devils howl. It was too strange.

A wave of sinister wind swept through this mountain range. Hundreds of thousands of jin of enormous rocks moved in the air like leaves, smashing the void until it rumbled. The clouds in the air were all scattered. 


Shi Hao exchanged a fist with him. His body experienced sharp pain, because there were too many injuries, long split into pieces. Forcefully exchanging blows like this was not favorable for him.

Ancient Holy Child's body shone. Wisps of chaotic energy seeped out from his pores. This was the result of soaking his flesh in the mysterious precious liquid, making it sturdy and undecaying. 

His greatest fear was the Everlasting Immortal Sword, and now, it had been temporarily absorbed and sealed up, allowing him to release a breath of relief. 

Between heaven and earth, lightning interweaved. Those were two people exchanging fists, fighting with their flesh. After heroic war spirits joined in, ghosts weeped and deities howled, sinister winds whistling about. Many mountain peaks were pulled up from the ground, blown high into the air before exploding. 

This type of scene was extremely terrifying!


It was another strike. Shi Hao's entire body was covered in blood, and there was also blood shooting out from his previous injuries. 

Could it be that Ancient Holy Child was going to make a comeback and kill Huang? The ones that were originally fleeing stopped. They watched from the distance, waiting for the result. 

Ancient Holy Child ignited his divine force, allowing himself to reach the greatest speed, forcing Shi Hao to fight against him with his flesh. He saw that the other party's flesh shell was covered in cracks, so this was the best opportunity. 

Shi Hao's entire body was covered in blood. He admitted that his current state was indeed terrible to the extreme, not favorable for an intense battle. However, these people joined forces to ambush and kill him, so if he didn't eradicate them and allowed them to leave, it was unknown when he'll get another chance to kill them.

This time, he cultivated two strands of immortal energy, so Immortal Ancient was definitely going to be shaken up. Many experts in these little worlds would know about it, and his enemies would most likely go into hiding.


Shi Hao released a shout. When he activated this precious technique, there were no divine force fluctuations, nor were there any symbols, only an ordinary fist!

At first, there was no destructive power, and even the fragments of time vanished. There was only a fist that pushed forward!

"En?!" Ancient Holy Child was shocked, waves of chilliness stirring within his heart. He quickly moved out of the way.


Suddenly, Shi Hao's fist shone, erupting outwards. It still wasn't divine force, but rather divine chains of order. They released hualala sounds, shooting out from his fist.

Ding cheng!

Several dozen divine chains landed on Ancient Holy Child's body while carrying the power of time. They didn't enter the body that was swirling with primal chaos, but rather wrapped around him.

"Break for me!" 

Ancient Holy Child shouted. He felt like the situation was becoming extremely unfavorable. 

However, these dozens of divine chains didn't break. They were extremely sturdy, sparkling and shining, and they were becoming more and more tight, about to enter his flesh. 

"Not good!" Ancient Holy Child released a large cry. This divine chain couldn't do anything to his physical body, but a mysterious natural law was used on his body, frantically attacking him.

The surface of his body was sturdy and undecaying, comparable to the Unbreakable Golden Body. 

However, his inner organs and other parts did not obtain the nourishment of the precious liquid, unable to block the natural law's power that seeped into his body.

"Why can't I defend against it?!" Ancient Holy Child was shocked. Those divine chains of order seemed to have entered his body, impossible to defend against.

Immortal Energy!

Soon after, he realized why. Those two strands of immortal energy merged into the divine chains of order. They carried profound mysteries, able to pass through the exterior and enter his body. 


Ancient Holy Child cried out loudly. He chanted the Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Scripture to quickly stop it, and then he activated his own strand of immortal energy to drive out the power within his body.


His body trembled, and then it quickly aged. The reincarnation power displayed its effects.

"It's useless. Earlier, you summoned my soul, guiding it back from the dark void, so for me, your flesh is like a lantern, and that is true even now. The immortal energy resonates with you, so you cannot stop it!" Shi Hao said. 

In that instant, Ancient Holy Child seemed to have aged several thousand, tens of thousands of years. He was restricted by the reincarnation divine chains, his body's mobility quickly declining. 

The most terrifying thing was that the gate between his brows became unstable, starting to shake. 


The Everlasting Immortal Sword rushed out, and then it circled around, hacking down viciously.

Bloody light surged, creating a scarlet red expanse. Large amounts of blood scattered down. A human head was removed. The primordial spirit was chopped through. 

In the void, all types of scripture sounds disappeared. This place immediately became quiet. 

Ancient Holy Child's fragmented primordial spirit wanted to run, but Shi Hao didn't give it the chance. With a raise of his hand, a divine chain of order shot out, sealing up the void. Under pu pu sounds, all of the specks of light were erased.

In the original place, only a strand of immortal energy remained. With a wave of his hand, it moved over. 

Shi Hao's second strand of immortal energy shone, starting to refine the other party's faint white energy, absorbing its essence to use it for itself. 

"What about Heavenly Country's strand of immortal energy?" Shi Hao frowned. Could it have been refined by the world furnace?

As a result, Ancient Holy Child, Jun Dao, and Heavenly Country's ancient king were completely destroyed, all of his powerful enemies falling in one go.

Shi Hao stood in his original place. He suddenly sensed something. He stared into the distant sky. 

In the distant mountains, a tall and slender figure appeared that was surrounded by faint mists, elegant and aloof like an immortal. 

That was a young man whose skin was like jade. There was a type of aura like that of an immortal in a mortal world, untainted by anything mundane, transcending this world.

He wore black clothes, in his hands a jade flute. His clothes fluttered about, his body carrying weak light. Even his hair was sparkling, calm and aloof as he quietly stood there. 

It was that male, but right now, he appeared extremely otherworldly, giving others and unforgettable memory. 

Shi Hao's pupils contracted. He recognized this person, because the impression this person left him was too deep. This was the mysterious individual who cultivated in seclusion within the vicious nest. He had previously trapped countless geniuses, among them including ancient freaks. 

Based on the clues Dragon Girl discovered at the vicious nest, this person should have entered Immortal Ancient at least six or seven times, each time cultivating in isolation within the vicious nest. 

From what they currently knew, this transcendent male should be the first or second most powerful in Immortal Ancient, one of the first experts to cultivate immortal energy. 

Back then, if not out of restraining fear towards Dragon Girl's pair of dragon horns and Chang Gongyan's mysterious ancient bow, it was possible that not a single one of them would be able to leave the vicious nest. All of them would have been forced to stay behind. 

Right now, he unexpectedly appeared!

This person had long cultivated his first strand of immortal energy, yet he never displayed any activity. Later on, he guided over geniuses on a large scale, arranging a trap that killed more than two hundred thousand creatures, all for the sake of cultivation. 

This made others seriously doubt if he did this for the sake of producing a second strand of immortal energy!

This person's dao was extremely special, using the blood of the crowd and symbol light of creatures of all clans to refine himself, using this to transcend. 

"This person…" 

Shi Hao trembled inwardly. He stared into the distance. There was a great distance between them, so he wasn't sure just how powerful this person was now. He was impossible to measure. 

Was this otherworldly immortal-like young man going to take action?


Suddenly, Shi Hao was shocked. In another direction, a figure appeared on a massive mountain, unknown as to when this individual appeared. 

This person was extremely indistinct and hazy as he stood there, wrapped within chaotic energy, as if he was going to transcend this world. 

Who was this person? Shi Hao wasn't the only one who was shocked. Everyone else, including the natives, trembled inwardly, a mysterious feeling sweeping over them. They could tell instinctively that this was definitely an extremely powerful person. 

Right at this moment, the male that came from the vicious nest held the jade flute horizontally against his lips, black clothes fluttering about as he played a slow and drawn out melody, as if immortal sound was echoing through the mountains, purifying the small worlds. 

Silver symbols jumped out one after another, drifting from the flute's openings into the distant mountains. It was as if it had life, making others feel intoxicated. 

The flute sounds were like water, forming silver-colored ripples as they moved towards the distant individual surrounded by chaotic energy. They formed a pleasant sounding immortal melody, the entire world starting to produce overflowing brilliant colors. 

At this moment, ten thousand flowers bloomed, plants produced buds, hundred birds danced about elegantly. The scene was extremely astonishing. 


The void trembled. On the mountain, at the side of the individual surrounded by chaotic energy appeared an indistinct little tree. With a gentle shake, all of the sound symbols that moved over were blocked.

Ten Crown King!

At this moment, Shi Hao wasn't the only one that was moved. Everyone else was shocked as well. They immediately guessed his identity!

It was because there were rumors everywhere that he obtained an immortal dao tree, planting it within his body.

"Heavens! Even these two people came. Did Huang's successful cultivation of two strands of immortal energy startle them?!" 

Everyone was shaken up. If they were talking about strength, these two might take the top, first and second spot, definitely ranked at the very forefront. They were all the most powerful individuals. 

The flute sounds stopped. The two of them restrained themselves after some slight contact.

Everyone became incredibly shocked. What kind of background did the male who held the jade flute have? Even Ten Crown King seemed to feel some restraining fear. 


In the distance, holy light flashed, dragon patterns covering everything. A sky diagram moved through the air. Another person arrived while standing on an ancient scroll, arriving as if he was walking over ten thousand li of mountains and rivers. This painting scroll had mountains, rivers and starry streams, an incomparably magnificent item.

His snow colored clothes were pure, silver hair scattering down to his waist. His appearance was more beautiful than that of women's, an exceptionally beautiful man, extremely holy and exceptionally perfect. 

Six Crown King -- Ning Chuan!

Shi Hao's eyelid jumped. This was an enemy, an extremely terrifying individual.

Ning Chuan's strength was unimaginable. 

There were irregular scenes from his birth. His forehead produced dragon patterns, on his back a heavenly diagram. The night sky had previously been illuminated, leaving that era greatly shaken. 

Even though one of his spiritual bodies had been killed, it didn't tarnish his reputation. This was especially true as Huang's name became greater and greater, as more and more people didn't regard that as humiliation.

After all, back then, he only moved one spiritual body, yet he left Stone Clan's three brothers shocked, only killed after all three joined hands. 

"En? There are still others?" Everyone was shocked. Apart from the three great experts, there were others that appeared in the distance. 

"They are ancient freaks. What is going on? They unexpectedly all hurried over." Someone recognized these people, feeling extremely shocked. 

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