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Chapter 941 - Vicious Dragon Unchained

Heavenly Country's terrifying ancient freak was known as one of the most dangerous individuals. He traveled in the darkness, and with the killing sword that dripped blood in hand, he could assassinate anyone under the sky. However now, he encountered a great disaster. 

He released a low roar, activating Heavenly Country's secret method. His entire body flourished with bloody light to stop the incoming force, trying to defend himself. 

However, Shi Hao's strike contained two strands of immortal energy, so the damage it produced was unimaginable, simply unstoppable as it swept over. 

His feet weren't the only things that were shattered, it now spread to his knees. With a bo sound, his kneecaps came off, cracks now extremely concentrated as they continued to rush upwards.

Inch by inch, everything was happening just too quickly with no time to react. Heavenly Country's king already lost both of his legs! This type of scene was incomparably terrifying.

A blast of bloody mist wafted outwards, carrying an ice-cold bloody scent. 


The supreme being who assassinated from the darkness roared, revealing his true appearance. An indistinct figure took form from the void. His long hair was blood red just like his killing sword. 

He used all of his power, activating his strand of immortal energy to defend himself, wishing to protect his flesh.

However, that strand of immortal energy collapsed, quickly scattering, once again returning to his upper body, simply unable to stop those two strands of immortal energy. There was a large disparity in power between them!


His thighs began to shatter inch by inch aswell, turning into bloody mist. Scarlet multicolored light shot out; this was blood essence which possessed powerful divine force, yet right now, it could only scatter. 

Heavenly Country's King was like a fiend, his eyes silver, from time to time releasing blood radiance. Within his eyes, bones were piled up like mountains and rivers of blood flowed everywhere. 

He didn't have a choice. When faced with Shi Hao's powerful attack, he couldn't defend against it. Right now, his gaze was ice-cold and ruthless. With a raise of his hand, a chi sound could be heard. His palm that was surrounded by his own strand of immortal energy hacked down. 

Bloody light splashed outwards, dying the void red. The events here were extremely terrifying.

Not only did he act viciously against his enemies, he was similarly fierce towards himself. The arm that was surrounded by immortal energy was like a killing sword, incomparably sharp. He removed his own legs, stopping his flesh from worsening. 

"You really are quite decisive!" Shi Hao calmly said. He took a step outwards. Within the mountains, thunderous sounds could be heard, winds and clouds stirring about. He attacked again. 

Heavenly Country's King quickly retreated. He only had half his body left, his head of dark red hair drifting about, pupils cold like ice and snow. He didn't say anything. 

Only now did everyone wake up from their shock. The intense battle just now happened too quickly, incomparably astonishing. They couldn't even react in time. 

"Heavens, a supreme being assassin actually fell to this state, having half of his body cut off, his flesh damaged!"

Everyone was stupefied. The Heavenly Country's King that was known to be able to assassinate all geniuses under the sky lost half his body. His situation didn't look good.

This assassin supreme being, even though he wasn't a match for his opponent, should still be able to hide in the darkness and launch hidden attacks. He never suffered a loss, yet today, he took on such serious injuries.

"Where will you be able to retreat to?" Shi Hao said. He looked like he was calmly walking, but in his surrounding, there was a stars moving, time freezing sensation. Natural laws surrounded this place. His body shone, mysterious and extraordinary as he quickly closed in on the assassin supreme being. 

Suddenly, he released a muffled groan. Blood flowed out from his heart area, and this was true for the space between his brows as well. 

He was already seriously injured while trying to break through, his body broken up into pieces. Meanwhile, when his primordial spirit left his body, he even more so suffered from Heavenly Country King and Jun Dao's attacks. 

The space between his brows was pierced through, his heart even more so shattered. If it was a normal person, their skull would have been pierced through, their souls erased, definitely dying an early death. 

Just now, Shi Hao's soul left his body, and now, it returned. There was no worry for his life, but the various hidden injuries in his body still flared out at this moment. 

His flesh was already broken apart before in his isolation cultivation, pieced together by two strands of immortal energy, and only then did it not collapse. Now, all different areas were dripping out blood, about to break apart.

Of course, the most serious was his heart. That place was empty, with no heart, only fragments. 

He had to use magical force to move his body. His powerful heart wasn't there, so he had to rely on natural laws to extract power from his blood. For his body, this was a tremendous burden.

Primordial spirit was hope, able to transcend, but the flesh was the base. No matter how powerful one became, it was still inseparable. 


From his heart area, an arrow of blood shot out, rushing several zhang into the distance, difficult to seal up.

"Now is the time! Take action!" Heavenly Country's King shouted. He was always cool headed. Even after losing his legs, he didn't feel despair, precisely waiting for an opportunity. 

Everyone became shocked. Even though Shi Hao was injured, that flesh covered in cracks like cracked chinaware, from time to time releasing sounds of fracturing, his fighting prowess still existed. 

Not far out, Ancient Holy Child responded. He had been chanting scriptures this entire time, and at this moment, the scripture sounds became even greater, forming streak after streak of light as they rushed at Shi Hao. 

The scripture sounds moved heaven and earth, the Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Scripture displaying its might. Everything shone brilliantly, golden words covering the void, sealing Shi Hao's area.

"Haha…" Shi Hao laughed coldly. Even though his body's state was terrible to the extreme, he still didn't feel fear. His fist blasted outwards, scattering the scriptures. He charged at Heavenly Country's terrifying ancient freak. 


An expanse of killing light surged. Heavenly Country's King roared, activating a secret treasure. That was a white bone fan that carried a baleful aura. There was also endless soul force that suppressed outwards. 

He only had half of his body left, currently forced into a dire state. Huang was too terrifying, tearing through everything before him like rotten weeds. Nothing could stop him. He used the most powerful methods. 

This white bone fan was an extremely powerful secret treasure. It had previously been immersed in the blood of countless creatures, and even more so had countless life souls refined into it. Right now, it moved, making heaven and earth split apart, ghosts weep and deities howl.


This mountain was blasted apart. Even though there were ruined formations inside the mountain belly, right now, they all exploded, the mountain body collapsing.

In that instant, rubble rushed into the clouds, enormous rocks tumbling about. There was smoke and dust everywhere. These mountain range depths were in great chaos. All types of divine birds and vicious beasts watched from afar.

The white bone fan carried Heavenly Country's most powerful imprint. Symbols flooded outwards, crushing downwards, aiming its power at Shi Hao. 

Behind him, corpses were like mountains, bloody rivers several thousand in streaks, vast and boundless, crushing down together with the white bone fan, locking down Shi Hao from all sides.

"You still aren't taking action? How much longer are you going to wait?!" Heavenly Country's King shouted. 

At this moment, those who followed woke up. All types of precious artifacts were activated, and then countless symbols covered the air densely, all of them sweeping over like a great storm, wreaking havoc in this ruined mountain range.


A tremendous explosion erupted. Those were the collision of symbols, the clash of precious techniques, resonating with each other.

Even though Shi Hao's physical body was cracking apart, dripping with blood, he was like an unchained vicious dragon, tearing through everything before it. He leapt into the air, and then a precious technique flew out. The symbols in all sides became dim. Heaven Calamity Light precious technique and the Lightning Emperor's secret technique merged together, forming resplendent radiance, sweeping through all enemies!


Bloody light surged. The corpses of experts fell one after another, expressions of horror frozen on their faces before death. It was too late for regrets. Even though Huang was seriously injured and close to death, he still wasn't someone they could shake. 

In the blink of an eye, fifty to sixty people lost their lives! 


With an immortal sword in hand, Shi Hao swept outwards, hacking apart the bloody light, suppressing the mountain of corpses the white bone fan brought over!


The Everlasting Immortal Sword left his hand, descending from the sky as it suppressed the mountain of corpses and rivers of blood, making that area completely collapse. 

At the same time, Shi Hao's true body arrived, his hands forming an imprint. Two strands of immortal energy wrapped around his ten fingers, slapping outwards, all of them landing on the white bone fan.

In that instant, all of the souls cried out in anguish, heaven overflowing blood energy collapsing and disappearing. 


Cracks appeared on the white bone fan. This was a super powerful divine magical artifact. The fact that one could even bring it into Immortal Ancient from the three thousand provinces could be said to be the limit of what was allowed.

However, it was still destroyed, not destroyed by the Everlasting Immortal Sword, but rather Shi Hao's two coiling strands of immortal energy magical imprint. 

"Where are you trying to run to now?" Shi Hao said coldly, staring at the assassin leader. 

At the same time, he slowly released a fist. Silently, vaguely, one could see time fragments. That was the reincarnation fist. After experiencing the ten zhang private room and black prison not long ago, it completed a transformation. 

Reincarnation not only contained the process of aging, but also had fragments of time dancing about. It was exceptionally dazzling and resplendent.

The assassin boss did everything he could to ignite himself, resisting Shi Hao's surpassing precious technique!

Unfortunately, it was still not enough. He was struck by the fist, his own precious technique scattering, completely exploding. Meanwhile, the upper half of his body that remained began to crack apart, breaking into pieces. 


Shi Hao was surprised. He saw a blurry gate appear. The assassin leader's flesh fragments and primordial spirit all wished to rush inside.

"Mirror lens space, divine gate open!" That primordial spirit chanted incantations. 

One could vaguely see that he was going to take form on the other side, wishing to take form inside the mirror surface, thus disappear from his original spot. 

"Targeting me again and again, yet you still want to run, today, you will forever stay behind!" Shi Hao said. He still released a fist. The fragments of time flew about, and with a hong sound, that mirror surface was smashed part.

At the same time, the assassin leader's body and primordial spirit shattered, wishing to escape as ten thousand streaks of flowing light.


Shi Hao's hands formed an imprint, producing a heaven and earth furnace. This was a method he used while cultivating in seclusion. It was originally used to refine himself, but now, it sealed up the enemy leader.



In that instant, he used powerful magic force to turn the cold-blooded supreme being into ashes!

The world furnace disappeared. Large amounts of blood sprayed out from Shi Hao's mouth. The injuries on his body became greater and greater, with some parts about to leave his body, for example, his arms and other locations.

The two strands of immortal energy shone, forcefully wrapping around him. In addition, it plugged up his heart and the space between his brows, not allowing his blood energy to deteriorate, as well as piecing his body together. 

"There's still you!" 

Even though he had such serious injuries, he still didn't back off. He pressed forward to face Ancient Holy Child.

Ancient Holy Child didn't leave either, because he knew that now that he had been targeted by Shi Hao, there was no way they could still be on friendly terms. 

Scriptures sounds shook the skies, divine flames burned. This tattered mountain region immediately erupted. Ancient Holy Child shone, scriptures sounding from his mouth, summoning the war spirits from between the nine heavens and ten earths.


An enormous sound erupted. Indistinct figures took form one after another, merging into his own body, becoming one with him. His aura immediately flourished to the peak. 

Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Scripture was deep and profound. This was a type of practical form of enlightenment, as well as the one that Ancient Holy Child was most proficient in!


Shi Hao faced off against him, from time to time fighting against the heroic soul remnants of the world. 

There were specks of light everywhere. Heroic souls roared, the heavens rolling and earth moving, the world illuminated. It was all killing light, all battle energy. 

Shi Hao had injuries, so he couldn't use all of his power, or else his flesh would quickly break apart. With a flick of his fingers, the 'stalk of grass' sword intent appeared. Flowing light appeared everywhere, all of it sword radiance, unstoppable as they shot towards Ancient Holy Child. 


The sound was astonishing. Ancient Holy Child smashed his fist against the sword radiance, unexpectedly producing a metallic sound.

Shi Hao's eyes flashed. He suddenly remembered that this person had previously soaked in a mysterious precious liquid. There was chaotic energy inside of that pond that was deep and immeasurable, able to make the body sturdy and undecaying. 

Previously, even that battle pet of Ancient Holy Child, the Gold Marked White Tiger's claws were ridiculously powerful. 

Meanwhile, this Ancient Holdy Child's entire body had soaked in that precious liquid before, so it was naturally extremely unusual!

"I don't have time to waste." Shi Hao said softly. His body's condition was terrible, more and more cracks appearing.' 


He produced the Everlasting Immortal Sword. Two strands of immortal energy curled around it, the radiance it released exceptional like sky shocking rainbows as they shot forward. 


Even though he had soaked in the mysterious precious liquid, making Ancient Holy Child's body powerful to no end, it was still too difficult for him to defend himself. A terrifying injury was still torn open, blood flowing everywhere.


Shi Hao shouted. In this intense confrontation, he operated all types of precious techniques. The sword core shone, breaking through all of the opponent's defenses, piercing through the space between his brows!

Blood blossomed, incredibly cold and glaring. 

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