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Chapter 940 - Power of Two Strands of Immortal Energy

"Alive, he's still alive!" Jun Dao shouted loudly, warning everyone, but also asking them for assistance. It was because right now, even though his spear was impaled in Shi Hao's body, he still felt fear. 

The current Shi Hao's aura was too terrifying, as if a human shaped vicious beast broke out from a cage. His gaze was chilly, the brilliance carrying fiery light that seemed to be able to burn down the heavens. 

Shi Hao released a loud roar, lightning firing from his tongue. His body was held in midair, so he used divine sound to attack.


Jun Dao seemed seemed to have been struck by thunder. His entire body was shaken, face pale.


It was like the sound of a great flood. Shi Hao's roar carried a stream of energy that turned into heaven overflowing ripples. The white expanse of energy roiled, smashing over like a great mountain. 

With a wa sound, Jun Dao coughed out large amounts of blood. It was hard to imagine how powerful this enemy was. When he opened his mouth and roared, lighting struck the skies, making his entire body tremble greatly.

Jun Dao's hands held the war spear, his eyes cold. He fiercely shook the weapon, now completely ignoring the great formation master's advice. No matter how good this body was, he still couldn't allow it to continue existing!


The silver war spear shone. His arms fiercely shook, hoping to blast Shi Hao apart alive. At this moment, he used all of his power.


At this moment, Shi Hao grabbed the spear pole with a single hand, stopping its symbols from erupting and destroying its body.

His other hand rose high into the air, and then it viciously descended. A streak of dazzling radiance erupted. His palm was like a heavenly blade, and with a qiang sound, the silver spear was broken.

With a peng sound, Shi Hao landed stably on the ground. His hand immediately grabbed outwards. 

All of this took place in the time it took sparks to fly off a piece of flint. It was just too fast, making it difficult for one to react in time. No one expected Huang to still be alive!

What was going on? Huang clearly died, the space between his brows pierced through, his heart also penetrated by the spear, yet he could still revive? Was the heavens being defied?!

Huang's revival triggered huge chaos. Everyone shivered inwardly. His display of power in that instant was too great! If he was allowed to revive, what were they supposed to do? Perhaps many of them were going to die! Everyone took action!

Jun Dao withdrew. He knew that he wasn't Shi Hao's opponent. Even though his body was ruptured and seriously injured, he still cultivated two strands of immortal energy. That was simply impossible to match!

Two strands of immortal energy, this was definitely an unmatched legend that was difficult to imagine. Once news got out, it would definitely leave all sides shaken. This was an inconceivable accomplishment, tremendous glory!

However, Shi Hao's speed was even faster, leaving behind an afterimage in his original location. With a flash, he quickly caught up. The others took action, but they couldn't match his speed at all, all of them only hitting nothing but thin air. 

"Why did you have to summon the remnant soul?" At this moment, Jun Dao's eyes carried great hatred, regret, and shock, venting his resentment towards Ancient Holy Child. 

They actually revived the disaster! This truly left others speechless. He really wanted to chop up those on his own side! 

"Where else are you trying to run?!" Shi Hao released a short shout, appearing at Jun Dao's side. He was like a streak of transient light, so fast that his body became indistinct. 


Jun Dao roared, doing everything he could, using all of his power. Symbols erupted from his entire body, covering him densely from head to toe as if he had been ignited. 

He used his greatest power, all for the sake of holding Shi Hao off until he obtained assistance, wishing to create a bit of space between this disaster and himself. If he could just make it through this, then he would live.


Endless symbols erupted, shining incomparably brilliantly. This was his divine ability -- Great[1] Sky Technique, known as something that could even weigh down the sky. Thunder poured down endlessly, divine might immeasurable!

A wave of energy was formed that turned into a sphere of terrifying light, engulfing all directions. There were many people that were immediately flung out, blasted by this wave of energy until they coughed out blood, their bodies in tatters. 

This was the highest level divine ability, a method with attack and defense in one, an unstoppable technique!

A sphere of light surrounded Jun Dao like a heavenly sun. He was at the center of this dazzling and brilliant sphere!


However, following a light sound, an arm directly reached into this barrier of light, tearing through everything like rotten weeds. The Great Sky Technique was ineffective, unable to stop Shi Hao's right arm. 

His expression carried cold intent as he directly tore through this exceptional divine ability.

"What?!" Jun Dao's face fell, the veins on his forehead jumping, cold sweat covering his back. 

"Break!" He shouted loudly, resisting with his broken spear, bringing it over. It smashed down like a small sun, symbol light erupting brilliantly. 


What left him horrified was that Shi Hao's arm had immortal energy swirling around it. It directly slapped that broken spear to pieces, grabbing him over, impossible to stop. 

Jun Dao was in great fear. He used his arm to block it, and he even more so released the most powerful fist.


Shi Hao's right hand reached out, grabbing this fist, and then with a sudden exertion of force, a ga beng sounded. This sound made one's teeth sore, their fine hairs standing on end. It was just too uncomfortable. 

Everyone widened their eyes, rigidly coming to a stop. This scene was too frightening!

Jun Dao released a loud shout, all color on his face lost. His fist completely deformed. After it was grabbed by Shi Hao, it was like a walnut, thoroughly crushed. 

What kind of terrifying power was this? The most vicious punch of an ancient freak, yet it was neutralized just like this, his hand bones crushed under the other party's grip! This made everyone's faces turn pale.

"Ah.." Jun Dao released a loud cry. That fist began to burn. He was doing everything he could to free himself from Shi Hao, not hesitating to sever his own wrist and explode his own fist to seriously injure the other party. 

Shi Hao abandoned this fist, immediately grabbing his arm. 

"No!" Jun Dao was horrified. He quickly shook his wrist, an incantation chanted from his mouth to support his body. In addition, he stirred on symbols, using that arm to strike Shi Hao.


This sound was extremely sharp and clear, and incredibly terrifying. It was clearly the sound of bones breaking.


Then, an even more frightening event happened. Shi Hao only slightly exerted force, yet Jun Dao's arm was torn off. Blood gushed out in a horrifying manner.

Then, with a casual toss, that arm was thrown onto the ground.

It was just too tyrannical! He was like a devil king grabbing a scarecrow, removing its arm with such ease. It didn't use up much energy at all.


Shi Hao grabbed his neck, completely raising him up. Only then did he stop and coldly look at everyone here. 

Jun Dao struggled, but he felt completely powerless, nothing he did displaying any effects. Two strands of immortal energy coiled about Shi Hao's body, preventing all methods from invading. 

At this moment, everyone trembled. Everyone stopped moving and looked forward. 

Too powerful! Was this the power of someone with two strands of immortal energy? Overlooking past and present, now dazzling to the extreme. Who could compete against this?!

"Shouldn't have summoned the soul, shouldn't have done that!" Someone said with a trembling voice. 

This was simply like opening a door into the underworld, immediately letting out a demonic god. Everyone was horrified, feeling a great sense of powerlessness. 

Many people's faces turned pale, feeling a wave of speechlessness. 

It could be said that this was brought onto themselves. Huang's body originally already stopped moving, losing its primordial spirit, but then Ancient Holy Child displayed the Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Scriptures, unexpectedly… bringing him back. 

"Why was it like this? Where was his primordial spirit just now?" Someone cried out, not understanding why this was, feeling great unwillingness. 

Ancient Holy Child felt bitter, truly not knowing what to say. As for the other important figures like Heavenly Country's ancient freak and others, they were in a similar state. 

Their original intent was to determine the location of Shi Hao's ruined soul and thus undo the mysteries of the ancient past. 

It was because based on what they heard from the natives, in the last great era, there were quite a few geniuses who experienced similar events, cultivating a second strand of immortal energy. However, their primordial spirits disappeared. 

Ancient Holy Child grasped the Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Scripture, something known as the highest inheritance, able to summon souls, yet in the end… what returned wasn't damaged divine awareness fragments, but rather a complete primordial spirit.

Shi Hao listened to their roars of anger and discussions, knowing what happened. He immediately revealed a smile and said, "Thanks!" 

At this moment, Ancient Holy Child almost spat out blood. His temperament wasn't explosive, but he almost roared out, because this truly left him vexed. He actually helped his enemy return. 

"If you have anything to say, then we can talk properly. Please let Jun Dao go!" Someone pleaded.

"It is all because… of the Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Scriptures!" Heavenly Country's ancient king said quietly. He felt rather sullen. This result was utterly terrible. 

"Wouldn't be in this situation if you all didn't do such stupid things!" Shi Hao said coldly. 

As soon as these words sounded, Ancient Holy Child and the others' bodies surged with blood. They roared like great rivers, yet nothing came out from their mouths.

"Huang!" Jun Dao's teeth were clenched. He landed in the enemy's hands, feeling incredibly humiliated. Regardless, he was still an ancient king, yet he ended up in this type of state. 

Shi Hao's chest was rising and falling greatly. His body was in intense pain, his heart pierced through by the spear, his injuries just too severe. Fortunately, he cultivated two strands of immortal energy, so he was different from everyone else. 

"Holding me up in the air with your spear, you'll be the first one. Go on your way!" He said softly, taking action against Jun Dao. 

Jun Dao released a loud shout. His entire body burned. He didn't want to die, and as a such struggled with everything he had. In the end, he even more so wished to destroy indiscriminately, exploding himself.

However, everything was futile. Shi Hao didn't use too much energy. He firmly grabbed Jun Dao's body, and with just a few moves, just like tearing apart a paper boat, his body was torn into pieces. 


Finally, Shi Hao pulled out the broken spear that was inserted into his own body, and then nailed it between Jun Dao's brows.

Jun Dao died, but it was different from Shi Hao. There was no way to bring him back, because his primordial spirit had been scattered. 

The change in situation was so fast it left others stupefied. Just now, Jun Dao's silver spear was still carrying Huang, yet now, Jun Dao was killed, and Huang had revived!

"En?" Shi Hao was startled. His primordial spirit was now powerful to an inconceivable degree. He sensed something, discovering that the formation master secretly moved, currently setting up formation banners.


A streak of light flickered. Shi Hao left behind an afterimage, rushing over.

"Stop him!"

Heavenly Country's king shouted loudly, ordering everyone to stop Shi Hao. 

Many creatures rushed forward, including natives. They had to buy the great formation master time, because then perhaps, they might be able to kill Shi Hao with formations.

Great banners fluttered about. The formation master's methods were astonishing. There were a row of formation banners to begin with. Killing light flooded outwards.

However, with a pu sound, all of his efforts were wasted. Shi Hao's speed was inconceivably fast. Two strands of immortal energy swirled about, wrapping around him, bringing him over in an instant. His palm sliced over, and then this generation's formation master's head flew outwards, separating from the neck. Bright red blood shone. 

Shi Hao didn't stop here. He then rushed towards Heavenly Country's king, using his finger as a replacement for a sword, piercing towards his forehead. 

Heavenly Country's ancient freak's fine hairs stood on end. In the past, it was always others who assassinated him, yet now, he felt like prey that had been locked on.

Scripture sounds shook the heavens. Ancient Holy Child sat there, chanting the Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Scriptures, taking action from the distance to suppress Shi Hao. Not long ago, it made the greatest mistake of calling back his primordial spirit, so he now wanted to make up for his mistake. 


Towards those scriptures, Shi Hao only released a heavy snort. He had powerful divine sense power that was more terrifying than scriptures. 

Ancient Holy Child's body trembled greatly, the space between his brows splitting apart. Bright red blood flowed out, his entire being incredibly shaken. How powerful of a primordial spirit strength was this? 

"Duo!" Shi Hao released a light shout, and then like lightning, the void was blasted apart. Many people in the surroundings were blasted into pieces. In addition, the most powerful wave of divine will swept over again, making another gash appear between Ancient Holy Child's brows. Blood flowed outwards.

This truly left others shocked. This primordial spirit power, just by moving around, was enough to kill great enemies. It was just too terrifying. 


At the center, Shi Hao's two hands clamped Heavenly Country king's bleeding divine sword, and with a fierce shake, this sword released a cry, about to break.

"Kill!" Heavenly Country's king roared loudly. He was an assassin that traveled in the darkness, yet right now, he was forced to this state, left with no choice but to face his opponent head on. 


Following a crisp sound, this bleeding divine sword that was definitely an exceptional divine object was broken by Shi Hao's hands. His right and left hand each had a strand of immortal energy swirling about them!

"This…" Everyone was shaken. How were they even supposed to fight against this? This fella cultivated a second strand of immortal energy, simply impossible to beat, no way to match!


Shi Hao continuously released heavy moves. Magical imprints appeared, symbol light overflowing the heavens.

Heavenly Country's king used all assassin great arts to resist. There was a strand of immortal energy coiling around him as well! 


However, he couldn't stop an exceptional figure with two strands of immortal energy, and was ultimately blasted flying. His entire body was covered in injuries, falling onto the ground like fine chinaware. Cracks covered his body.


Immediately afterwards, Heavenly Country's king suffered from a vicious blow. His body broke apart inch by inch, starting from his feet and extending towards his upper body. Blood splashed everywhere. 

1. The great here is Jun, another definition of this word a unit of measurement equivalent to 30 catties

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