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Chapter 939 - Summon Soul

At the center of the mountain belly, Shi Hao sat there without moving, his body cracked, those wounds terrifying. It could be said that his entire being was breaking apart. 

The only reason his body didn't collapse yet was because of the two strands of immortal energy coiling around his body, forcefully piecing together his broken flesh shell. Otherwise, it would have long crumbled apart. 

Heavenly Country's ancient king was too fast, a sword piercing out, making heaven and earth lose color. The void split apart. 

This was a bleeding killing sword that exploded like lightning. It was like a rainbow piercing through the sun, brilliant to the extreme. His entire body was sticking to the ground, moving parallel to the ground as he rushed forward!

This sword pierced Shi Hao between the brows. His frontal bone shone, and then a keng qiang sounded. Sparks flew about; one could imagine just how powerful his physical body was. 

This result made many people's expression change!


Heavenly Country's ancient king succeeded! The sword entered Shi Hao's forehead, blood splashing outwards, incredibly striking. There wasn't the slightest bit of suspense.

Even if Shi Hao's body was outstanding, his flesh near unbreakable, right now, there was no primordial spirit to guide it, powerless to retaliate. Even the body's instinctive defense could only cause an effect similar to clashing with metal, releasing vibrating sounds.

Was he going to die just like that? No one dared believe this. 

Behind their bodies was a group of cultivators, all of them experts that were invited over. Right now, all of their minds were greatly shaken!

The powerful, unstoppable Huang who had suppressed ancient freaks and killed Fallen Divine Child, was killed just like this. It made their minds tremble and bodies shudder, their eyes widened to the extreme.


Jun Dao rose, carrying a crazy gust of wind, erupting with great expanses of light. A single step crossed a thousand zhang. He held the silver spear in hand, and with a pu sound, it shot towards Shi Hao's chest, piercing through his heart. 

Dark red blood poured out, trickling out along with the silver-colored spear. 

"Hahaha… Huang, so there is a day when you would be like this after all!" Jun Dao roared with laughter, the expression on his face cruel, even more carrying a type of coldness. His single arm held a silver spear, hair flying everywhere. Blood covered the ground, making him look like a demonic god. 

This type of scene left everyone deeply shaken!

Huang... was dead!

The space between his brows was pierced through, which meant that his primordial spirit was eliminated. How was he supposed to escape this disaster?

Then, Jun Dao's spear crushed his heart, the terrifying spear tip destroying blood and bones, further proving that Huang completely died. Otherwise, why didn't he retaliate, not display the slightest activity?

What a pity. Was he going to die just like this? There were some who sighed softly. 

The ones at the very front were full of shock. Even though Huang died, his flesh was still incredibly powerful. If it was anyone else, they would have definitely exploded after the first sword strike. 

This was especially true with Jun Dao's spear, which would have definitely made a deity's body break apart into pieces. However, Huang's body released kengqiang sounds, as if it was divine gold that had a hole pierced through it, sparks flying everywhere. 

"Cultivated two strands of immortal energy? How shocking is this? It's simply unimaginable!"

The one known to be the super formation master walked over, releasing a soft sigh. He was a native that came from a certain large scale tribe in Immortal Ancient. He looked at Shi Hao's body with shock. 

Even though he came with hostility, when he saw this scene, he still felt regret. A stunning genius was killed by them, falling early.

"Even in Immortal Ancient Great Era, this type of people were extremely rare, truly an untimely death. However, he cannot blame others. Who told you to enter the ancient medicine garden?" He said softly. Then, his eyes began to burn brilliantly.

In this place, the others found it difficult to calm down, their hearts rising and falling violently. 

Shi Hao's body was cracked apart. While breaking through, there were endless terrifying wounds created. However, there were still brilliant and splendid strands of immortal energy that were incomparably divine.

One of them was sparkling like snow-white jade, while the other one should have just taken form, a bit blurry, but clearly succeeded in forming. 

The two strands of immortal energy protected the body, winding about it, slowly recovering the destroyed flesh shell, unexpectedly showing signs of recombining. 

How shocking of a scene was this?

Many people felt a great rumbling within their hearts, their tongue and mouth dry, unable to say anything. They swallowed a gulp of saliva with difficulty.

A single strand of immortal energy was already too hard for countless geniuses, yet he unexpectedly cultivated two strands. This was inconceivable, incomprehensible!

"Huang truly dazzles both past and present!"

Even as enemies, they still sighed like this. 

"No matter how outstanding he is, so what? Isn't he still dead?" Jun Dao raised his head high, his hair thick, eyes releasing bladelike radiance. He released a large shout, his spear held in his hand fishing Shi Hao up. 

This scene made others break out into a cold shiver.

A life had ended. Such a powerful Huang even died, making many people feel a chilliness inside.

Jun Dao's figure was tall. He stood there, silver spear raising Shi Hao up, suspending him in midair. Blood flowed down the spear. It was truly a ghastly sight!

"Hehe…" Heavenly Country's ancient freak also laughed, his figure blurry, as if he would scatter at any time. This person was like a wild wolf, and also like a fiend. The aura he released was terrifying, his laughter making others' scalps go numb.

No one forgot that he was the one who displayed the first attack, piercing through Shi Hao's brows, successfully killing him!

This was, without a doubt, the most glorious chapter of their lives. Killing Huang, an exceptional genius who cultivated two strands of immortal energy. How terrifying of a battle accomplishment was this?

"Break for me!"

Jun Dao shouted, activating the silver-colored spear. Brilliant radiance was released, shining like a sun, wishing to blast apart Shi Hao's flesh.

"Stay your hand!" That super formation master shouted incredibly urgently, his eyes flourishing with radiance.


A sword cry sounded. Heavenly Country's King took action, striking that silver-colored war spear with the killing sword, neutralizing those terrifying symbols. 

"Why?" Jun Dao's eyes flickered with light as he asked.

"This body is invaluable. It has cultivated two strands of immortal energy, so it is more rare than even divine medicine!" Heavenly Country's King said, stopping him. 

"Correct, we want this body. We will exchange with you all!" The super formation master said. He had a fervent expression on his face as he stared at that body, feeling incomparable desire.

When they spoke like this, everyone's expressions changed. A body that had two strands of immortal energy was definitely priceless, only, they didn't know if the immortal energy won't scatter in the future.

Ancient Holy Child frowned. "His primordial spirit isn't inside of his body, so he wasn't killed. It's strange!"

"Yi, that is indeed the case. Shouldn't his primordial spirit be inside of his head? Why isn't it there?" There was someone among the natives who was shocked, asking this question. 

Inside the black cage, Shi Hao's primordial spirit trembled. He felt a wave of pain, but he didn't know what was going on. His heart began to beat quickly.

"What happened? My primordial spirit wasn't harmed, so why is it like this?" Shi Hao's soul pounded, as if the most terrifying things were currently happening to his body. 

"Could it be that my body, after not returning for so many years, already decayed?" Shi Hao's mind was shaken. In his perception, it was as if a thousand, ten thousand years passed. 

The darkness' corrosion gave him this misconception!

"Break!" Shi Hao struck the black cage. He could already see the light. This place distorted, the void splitting apart. He was about to break free. 

The only troublesome thing was that he didn't know how he was going to return. He couldn't find the way back.

The darkness was endless. Where was the road back?

The river of time surged, black prisons drifting along one after another. He wanted to find a way back, but who knew how much longer this would take. 

The outside world, within the mountain belly. 

"It truly is strange. Where did his primordial spirit go? Why is it not here?" After many people learned of the situation, they all felt incredibly shocked. All of them took precautions. 

"It should be just like the legends. His flesh obtained the dao, cultivating immortal energy, but his primordial spirit was lost at the final juncture!" Someone from among the natives said. 

"Correct, Immortal Ancient had these types of people, but they were all formidable heaven warping geniuses. These people wished to become even more powerful, cultivating in private roms, yet in the end, only their bodies were left behind, no primordial spirit to be seen. There were more than a single instance of this!" The formation master said. 

Everyone was greatly moved when they heard this. These events were extremely strange, a bit inconceivable. However, at the same time, they made them sigh in astonishment. Huang was too formidable, comparable to the last great era's geniuses that were blessed by the heavens. 

"I really am curious. Cultivating in the private room, where exactly did their primordial spirits go? Even if they died, there should be soul fragments left, right?" Someone said. 

"Everyone, please take a few steps back and let me try something. I wish to see if his primordial spirit fragments are still present." Ancient Holy Child said. 

Everyone trembled inwardly. Divine Temple coexisted with the world, grasping the Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Scriptures, known as one of the world's greatest inheritances. There were only a few heavenly arts that were comparable. It was an unimaginable method!

Ancient Holy Child sat down some space away from Shi Hao, and then began to chant true scriptures. Mysterious symbols appeared one after another, entering the void. 

This was like a soul summoning tune, but also like a soul suppressing song, rushing up to the ninth heavens, seeping down into the nine layers of the underworld. 

The true scriptures were ancient and mysterious, possessing shocking penetrative force. They entered the void, and regardless of whether it was the heavens above or the earth below, regardless of whether it was the heavens or underworld, it seemed like it could travel to them all. 

Ancient Holy Child released mysterious symbols from his mouth one after another. They shone with incomparable brilliance, like characters cast out of gold, engraving themselves in the void.

"What kind of sound is this? Strange characters are gathering together, as if they are summoning a soul." Shi Hao was shocked. 

In the darkness, he stood there alone, currently looking for a way back. His primordial spirit was now shockingly powerful, blasting through the cage and already free. Right now, he suddenly heard weird sounds, saw indistinct symbols. He was deeply shocked.

Shi Hao took steps outwards, walking towards the source of the mysterious symbols, wishing to see what exactly was going on.

In the outside world, within the mountain belly, everyone became calm. They watched Ancient Holy Child chant scriptures, his figure dignified. Symbols covered the void densely, resplendent symbols falling like stellar rivers. 

"Haha…" Jun Dao laughed, only, it was a bit cold, carrying coldness and indifference as he looked at Shi Hao's corpse. 

Right now, he continued to hold the war spear. Even though he didn't destroy Shi Hao's body, it was still impaling his body, waiting for the final result.

At this moment, everyone knew that Shi Hao's body was more precious than divine medicines. Once one obtained it, it would be a world shocking natural luck, possessing two strands of immortal energy!

"Can the ruined soul really be summoned? Is there even a need?" Some people said quietly.

"There is. What is the use of killing a flesh shell like this? There's no sense of accomplishment at all. I want to see what kind of expression his ruined divine consciousness fragments would have after seeing this result." Jun Dao laughed ostentatiously, only, there was a wave of coldness. 

In the nothingness, Shi Hao walked forward step by step, unexpectedly finding the way back!

Originally, based on his suspicions, returning would take an extremely long amount of time. 

He never expected to see the light so quickly, radiance seeping through the indistinct void. He was about to leave this dark place.

"En?" In that instant, Shi Hao felt that the distance from his body was extremely close. He could sense everything, immediately understanding what was happening. He was furious!


Without even intentionally doing anything, the instant he left the darkness, Shi Hao's primordial spirit returned to his skull, returning to his body. He couldn't help but release a long roar from the pain.

He suddenly opened his eyes, and then his hands fiercely grabbed the silver spear that penetrated his chest. His gaze was as brilliant as the heavenly sun, and it carried boundless rage and killing intent. 

"You…" Jun Dao was shocked, his body trembling. This wasn't a soul remnant!

"Kill!" Shi Hao's head of long hair flew about chaotically, the radiance his pupils released terrifying, immediately taking action against Jun Dao. 

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