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Chapter 936 - Impatient Disturbance

"He came out, Huang came out from the Immortal Medicine Garden!"

Shi Hao appeared, triggering a huge commotion. It was because not long ago, people had heard that he obtained great natural luck, already possessing a stalk of long life medicine. 

Towards this type of rumour, regardless of whether it was true or false, it would trigger a huge uproar. Meanwhile, Jun Dao and Divine Temple's people even more so directly stated that he obtained it, so there had to be a reason for them doing so.

In the void, black cracks covered everything densely, the time-space chaotic streams appearing. A single mishap and one's body would be torn and their bones crushed.

Nearby, there were many ruined corpses, all of them belonging to experts. They all died miserably because they tried to approach the ancient medicine garden. 

Everyone saw Huang's calm gait. He released a sphere of light, surrounding Xue Lin and the others, walking out as if he was walking on flat land, successfully leaving that terrifying place.

Many people's eyes burned passionately, staring at Shi Hao. 


Shi Hao pointed outwards. A sky shocking rainbow rushed over, and with a pu sound, a person was pierced through their forehead. That was an extremely powerful cultivator, yet he was killed on the spot. There was a finger sized hole between his brows that gushed with blood.

In that instant, everyone felt as if they were frozen. Huang was Huang! Just now, that person revealed hostility, displaying faint killing intent. As a result, he was killed by Huang first. 

"Huang, you are going too far! By relying on your powerful cultivation, you act completely unrestrained, massacring the innocent like this, are you really going to act regardless of law or natural morality?!" Someone shouted, hiding in the crowd. 

"Do you think you are unmatched under the sky, killing whoever you want? You should ask yourself, did the dao friends here agree to this?!" Another person also spoke up, not revealing his true self, inciting the crowd from a hidden location. 

"Huang, do not think that there is no one who can stop you! You've incited public anger, everyone under the sky against you. This is enough to burn you to ashes, leaving nothing behind!" A third person spoke in an impassioned manner.


A few people stirred about restlessly. This place could not remain calm. 

Regardless of who it was, once they obtained a long life medicine and the True Phoenix inheritance, they would become the focal point of attention. The eyes of others would become red with greed.

Let alone the fact that everyone personally saw him walk out from Immortal Medicine Garden, so he definitely had shocking gains. Many people's breathing became hurried. 

Shi Hao released a cold snort. With a qiang sound, he pulled out the Everlasting Immortal Sword. Right now, he didn't try to act low key at all. The brilliant sword radiance illuminated the heavens, suppressing all of the noise.


He raised his hand. The sword core released penetrating radiance, hacking a single person within the crowd apart. Blood traces appeared from between the brows, extending all the way to the legs.

That person immediately released a look of horror, never expecting that he had been found. 

With a pu sound, he split apart starting from his forehead, cleaved in half by the streak of sword light. Blood dyed that place, the corpse separating as it fell. 

He didn't even have the time to release a miserably cry, dying just like that!

In his surroundings, other people released a cry of alarm. This sword left many people's bodies feeling cold. 

Shi Hao didn't stop, still taking action. With a qiang sound, his right hand held the sword core. His left softly flicked the sword body, releasing a ripple. 

This ripple passed over everyone, only rushing at a beautiful woman.


She rushed into the sky, but in the end, she couldn't escape, still swept through by the ripple. With a pu sound, she was blasted apart, bloody mist spreading outwards, body and soul destroyed. 

Not far out, a creature's face was pale, turning around and leaving. It was because at this time, it saw Shi Hao glance over, knowing that it was also discovered.

"It has nothing to do with me!" It hurriedly ran.


This time, Shi Hao directly brandished the sword, sweeping out a terrifying beam of light. It pierced through the sky, immediately cutting the creature at its waist. Blood splashed outwards. 

The sword radiance was too brilliant, impossible to overcome. It invaded the broken body, causing the damaged body and primordial spirit to explode. 

"Keep making noise to sow dissension!" Shi Hao only had this sentence. Killing intent surged. He used action as his response. 

The crowd that was originally noisy immediately became quiet. Huang's reputation was forged through battle. Those people wished to stir things up in the darkness, but they all ended up being killed.

"Before trying to incite disharmony, it is best if you up your cultivation first so that I can't detect it. A strand of immortal energy has to be cultivated at the very least to hide the body first." Shi Hao calmly said. 

Many people broke out in cold sweat. What did this mean? His divine awareness was this sharp? Only by cultivating a strand of immortal energy would one be able to avoid it! This was a bit absurd!

"Heavenly Country, Divine Temple, Great[1] Sky Border, I'll remember this. From here on out, for those belonging to these sects, if I see one, I will kill one. If I see two, I will kill a pair!" These were Shi Hao's words, ice-cold and without a trace of emotion.

Great Sky Border was precisely Jun Dao's sect. 


He tore through the sky like a divine arrow, disappearing from this place. 

"Huang obtained the White Tortoise Carrying Immortal long life medicine. Did everyone here hear about it?" 

Many people were discussing this in Immortal Ancient's small worlds. This was naturally the result created by Jun Dao and Divine Temple's people. Many people didn't believe it, but some were still skeptical. 

The most terrifying thing was that all of the natives were startled, a few of them starting to pay attention to this matter. 

However, in the same day, with a sword in hand, Shi Hao unleashed a great slaughter alone, massacring all who belonged to Divine Temple, Heavenly Country and Great Sky Border without discrimination.

This triggered a huge commotion, stirring up a storm. 

It was because those powers had foundations established in the various small worlds' enormous cities. Even though they withdrew, there was no way they could completely disappear. 

Shi Hao deliberately searched for them, so he naturally found some.

In that day, heads tumbled, landing on the ground. Blood splattered out. All sides were shaken!

Shi Hao was originally going to enter seclusion cultivation after leaving the ancient medicine garden, never expecting that there were some who wished to harm him, wishing for him to become a public enemy. As a result, he unleashed a bloody massacre, not showing any mercy.

"Heavenly Country's executioner, Divine Temple's Ancient Holy Child, and Jun Dao, do you dare fight?!" 

Shi Hao released these words to each realm. 

He was using the sword to speak, using actions to express his stance. There was no other explanation needed. 

Three days later, only then did he stop, departing. 

This event shook up all of Immortal Ancient. Even a few ancient freaks were shocked. Dragon Girl, Chang Gongyan, Duan Hong, Li Fanming and others came out from seclusion specifically to learn about the situation. 

The natives were also moving.

"He really obtained long life medicine?" In a certain ancient land, an aged voice asked. This was an extremely large tribe. This creature was extremely terrifying. 


"You all don't have to worry about me! I need to comprehend calmly alone!" 

Shi Hao was going to enter isolation. There was a risk of life and death, but he didn't talk about it, instead sending those close to him away, telling them not to stay with him.

"You want us to head for the Centaur Race?" The little rabbit widened her large eyes. 

"En, I previously gifted the Willow Deity's branch to them, establishing some good karma with Immortal Ancient's races. You all should leave," Shi Hao said. 

Then, they left, each going on their own way. 

"Cold Realm is no longer suitable for cultivating in seclusion." Shi Hao said softly. Even though that place might have a great yin supreme treasure, Yue Chan knew about that place, so she would definitely leak information out. 

If he really did go into seclusion cultivation there, then there was a worry for his life.

The only ones remaining at his side were  the Divine Striking Stone and Emperor Butterfly. However, he also planned to have those two leave. 

He was going into isolation. It was going to be extremely dangerous this time, unknown what the results will be. He needed to quietly experience it himself, using all of his efforts to break through. 

"I am temporarily unable to figure this thing out, so I won't bring it with me." Shi Hao said. He produced a little cauldron that was pitch-black like ink and full of cracks. 

This was the little cauldron he obtained from Divine Dark Child. It was mysterious and profound, seemingly a divine object from the Archaic Era. It was forged from Black Immortal Gold, the material alone already world shocking. 

Shi Hao had previously observed and inspected it. This cauldron was extremely strange, and the opening was like a black hole, deep and immeasurable, difficult to see clearly. 

With his seclusion at hand, he didn't want to hold onto this thing. In the end, he buried it in the magma within a volcano and had the Divine Striking Stone set up a formation over it.

Then, he left to find a place to go into seclusion. He left behind many diversions to throw others off. 

"Alright, you two should leave. Don't stay here." Shi Hao said. He had the Divine Striking Stone and Emperor Butterfly leave.

This time, he was incomparably serious.

It was because Jun Dao and Divine Temple's people spread rumors. This might truly incite a few unimaginably powerful creatures among the natives. Even heavenly deities and sect master level figures might be included among them. 

Within an ancient mountain range, there were many structures, all of them bronze. There was a mysterious brilliance surrounding this place. 

This was a tribe that wasn't that large. There were clearly experts overseeing this place. 

If the geniuses of the outside world came, they would definitely be shocked, because the layout was just too strange. It was extremely similar to the outside world's Immortal Palace. 

At the center was an enormous bronze palace. A sound similar to that of a ravenous wolf could be heard.

"Di Kun, it has been several eras since we've met. Did you spend your time in slumber as well? How is your current state?" 

If someone was here, they would definitely be shocked. It was because the one who spoke was Heavenly Country's ancient freak. 

"What did you come here for?" Another person with a thunderous voice spoke, shaking up the entire bronze palace.

"Immortal Palace's inheritor has died." Heavenly Country's king said. 

"What does that have to do with me? I've already taken root in Immortal Ancient." The one named Di Kun said. 

"The one who died is named Di Chong." Heavenly Country's ancient freak's name was Lang Hao. Even though his voice wasn't loud, it was still uncomfortable to listen to. 

"Di Xing…" 


Shi Hao went into seclusion. No one knew where he was. Not even he himself knew the name of this little world. 

There were great formations around him. He sat at the center, comprehending the great dao, studying his own dao. 

Before his eyes, Little Immortal King's and his own path both appeared. Everything he saw in the ten zhang private room emerged before him. He studied the two to compare them. 

He sat there for many days. He was like a wooden sculpture, silent and without activity, as if he died in a seated posture. 

This continued until the day he held the immortal seed in his hands. A great flame erupted from his body, source energy swirling around him. Heaven and earth dao laws descended; the peace was disturbed!

Dao flames refined a golden body, burned the true self. Not only his body, but even his primordial spirit was engulfed in the fiery light!


During these days, Immortal Ancient was not peaceful. Many people were searching for Huang, wishing to find him.

"Who can offer any clues? I will gift them the Ten Divine Fruit Box!" 

"I can offer three world shocking precious techniques!"

There were some who offered a reward for information regarding Shi Hao. As long as they were given accurate information, there was shocking reward to  be obtained.

"Did Divine Temple, Heavenly Country and Great Sky Border's people go crazy? Why are they in such a rush, searching everywhere for Huang? Even if there are grudges, there is no need to be in such a hurry, right?" 

"I heard that Huang is attacking at a breakthrough point, unknown what he is cultivating. They won't allow him to take another step." 

The small worlds could not stay calm. People from all directions moved, all of them frantically searching for Shi Hao!

1. Reminder, this is the 'Jun' in Jun Dao

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