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Chapter 935 - Return

"You have to think it through carefully. Even the one with the title Little Immortal King failed! Taking this path might result in ten deaths no life." The white tortoise warned.

On his body, that half foot tall snow clothed woman also blinked her large eyes. Spiritual energy moved about, immortal energy swirling around her as she nodded seriously.

Shi Hao nodded his head seriously. He had no other choice. 

In this world, one couldn't take whatever path they wanted. Until now, this was the only path he came up with after pondering and thinking bitterly.

Immortal Ancient Great Era had true immortals alive, a place where everyone had free expression. All dao resonated, a period that flourished with greatness. 

In that type of great era, Immortals weren't something out of a fantasy, but rather existing with the word. They naturally left behind all types of paths for descendents to use as references for their journey ahead. 

What about this world? The descendents could only rely on themselves to think of something. For Shi Hao to be able to tread on this path and cultivate a strand of immortal energy was already heaven defying, quite impressive.

What else could he ask for? Was he supposed to give this up and seek a different path? That wasn't realistic at all. 

The white tortoise understood what he was thinking. After a soft sigh, it said, "Little Immortal King had that type of opportunity, able to give up this path and take a different one, yet he didn't do so." 

It was because Little Immortal King was shouldering too much. Only by displaying the greatest potential, becoming the most powerful individual, could he enter that boundless battlefield. Only then would he have the qualifications to turn the world around.

Otherwise, in the end, he would just be shedding blood for no reason, dying tragically on the battlefield. 

When Shi Hao heard this, he linked these words with the scenes he saw on the rough stone walls. His heart was moved. "That individual called Little Immortal King truly wasn't simple." 

"Naturally. He wouldn't be much weaker compared to those from the homeland of immortals!" The white tortoise nodded.

"En, are there any other places like this?" Shi Hao's gaze was sharp as he asked. 

"I do not know. I wish to escape this place and flee from the three thousand provinces, enter a different long life place. However, I don't know how I am going to do this." The white tortoise was distressed. 

Shi Hao's mind was greatly shaken, his emotions rising and falling. However, no matter how he inquired into it, there was still no valuable information. 

The Divine Striking Stone rubbed its fists and wiped its palms, eager to kick the old tortoise's ass. However, it was quite slippery, fleeing into an immortal dao ruined formation left behind from Immortal Ancient, sticking its head out and looking around, but not coming out. 

"There are no more immortals in the later world, no living long life individuals. Could it really be as Little Immortal King said, that the world changed, the world's natural laws becoming different, the effects great, not even immortals able to continue existing?" Shi Hao said softly. 

He felt that Little Immortal King was quite bold and valiant, understanding various later world astonishing changes, and that was why he was so harsh on himself. However, in the end, he still ultimately failed.

"For many creatures, the effects are tremendous, harming even immortals, but it wasn't enough to completely erase them from existence. The main reason is because there were enemies they couldn't prevail over." The white tortoise interrupted. 

Shi Hao began to pick medicines for the sake of his seclusion cultivation!

He had no choice. He didn't obtain any other inheritances from immortal dao traces, so he could only search about himself, forge ahead on this path. There was no way of temporarily deviating from this road. 

It was because this path, forget about in the outside world, even in Immortal Ancient, he already comprehended for two years, a deep imprint was already left within him that was difficult to change. 

"I wish to know, are there any other paths that are comparable to burning the body with ten thousand dao and making the true self transcend?" Shi Hao asked while picking medicines. 

It was because he thought of the scenes he saw while inside the ten zhang private room. Little Immortal King had said that only by walking on this path could he match the others.

"There are! The path of immortals, true immortal dao methods, outsiders… cannot understand them." The white tortoise said. 

Shi Hao frowned, having it explain further. 

"You know that I was heavily injured, the damage reaching the foundation, losing many old memories. I've already forgotten about many things." The white tortoise said helplessly with a sigh. 

This made Shi Hao skeptical, wondering if it was an immortal king that died in battle, buried under All Life Earth, and then after endless years, developed intelligence and turned into a long life medicine. 

It was because there really were these records that after an immortal fell, it ultimately turned into an exceptional immortal medicine. 

"I know a bit." The woman on the white tortoise's back was quiet and exquisite, only half a foot tall, but she was devastatingly beautiful, as if a true immortal shrunk in size and turned into her current form.

Shi Hao urgently asked for guidance. He really wished to know.

"For example, using the World Tree as an immortal seed, allowing it to take root in the body, grow, and give rise to endless dao laws." 

When he heard this, not only was Shi Hao shocked, even the Divine Striking Stone sucked in a cold breath of air. A tree that was a world of its own, it was impossible to measure how extraordinary that was.

"There were others that obtain a seed of the initial stages of the cosmos, merging that with the body. The natural luck of all living things were derived into an unmatched dao path." The snow clothed woman's voice carried a type of attraction, extremely pleasant to listen to. 

However, in Shi Hao's ears, these struck down like thunder. Such great opportunities were unimaginable! Immortal Ancient Great Era's people were blessed by the heavens after all, the environment just too great!

"Apart from this, the methods of immortals are unimaginable…" 

After a long time had passed, Shi Hao had a stupefied expression on his face, because he was truly shocked.

"Freaks, Immortal Ancient Great Era is so splendid and dazzling, but it was still destroyed in the end. Truly unimaginable!" The Divine Striking Stone grimaced. 

"Can these types of immortal seeds and inheritances still be found in this great era?" Shi Hao said softly. 

"Perhaps, after all, Immortal Ancient Great Era was destroyed, all life falling, drying up and withering way, but those things are inextinguishable, able to continue as an inheritance." The white tortoise spoke, giving voice to this speculation. 

Based on its suspicions, the greatest natural luck of this ancient place might have those things. 

Shi Hao's eyes became clear, not saying anything. He prepared to enter isolation. 

However, a sentence from the white tortoise made him stop his steps. He couldn't enter that stone palace again; that place was sealed up.

Even though he knew that even if he could enter, the ten zhang private room couldn't be used again, the opportunity only available that one time, he still felt like that place was peaceful and safe. However now, it seemed like that thought proved fruitless. 

"This island cannot remain here for too long. It will enter the void chaotic streams soon and move again," said the white tortoise. Not even it knew where it was headed. 

It was clear that Shi Hao couldn't stop here. 

"You aren't going to consider traveling with me?" He asked. 

The white tortoise shrunk its neck, and then fiercely shook its head, saying, "I don't want to be eaten by you!" It hid inside the immortal dao damaged formation, not coming out even if it was beaten to death.

Based on what it said, this was going to be this ancient land's final time of opening. Once it closed again, no one knew what was going to happen. Perhaps a realm wall would be torn open, falling into the home of immortals. 

It was waiting for an opportunity!

Of course, the worst result it predicted was that it wouldn't enter a long life place, but instead perhaps join together with the outer world's vast uninhabited region. 

"We're about to leave already. You don't have any gifts for me?" Shi Hao asked. 

"You brat, you already extorted and blackmailed so many things from me, like the Radiant Immortal Gold, two drops of Long Life Liquid, the opportunity to enter the stone palace, what else do you want?" The white tortoise glared. 

Shi Hao shot it a look of disdain. "As a turtle, you should be honest. The Immortal Gold was to save you, the two drops of Long Life Liquid, you even dare speak about it. With how big you are, producing an entire bowl of soup is even enough, yet you only gave me two drops, ridiculously stingy! Also, this stone palace, I was clearly the one who fought my way inside on my own." 

"You… still want to create a pot of soup?!" The white tortoise disappeared with a sou sound, truly terrified. 

"Hey, regardless, you have to gift me a bit of divine medicine, right? For example, that Black Prosperity Medicine and Heavenly Deity Tree." Shi Hao shouted behind it. 

"That rabbit and butterfly already brought huge disasters onto them, yet you still have the nerve to ask for them?" The old tortoise spoke.

"You have to gift me a few leaves of the Black Prosperity Medicine!" Shi Hao said.

"Only one leaf!" The old tortoise said. 

The Black Prosperity Medicine wanted to cry, but no tears came out. Not long ago, the Lunar Jade Hare already took a bite out of it, chewing away a phoenix feather shaped leaf. That Emperor Butterfly also flew over and took a bite. Now, the young man also wanted some. It only had nine leaves on it!

Shi Hao obtained the Black Prosperity Divine Medicine's essence, sealing it within a jade bottle, and then he looked for the Heavenly Deity Tree. 

"You can forget about that ancient tree. It suffered a serious injury, now only producing a few flowers. There are no fruits yet," said the white tortoise. 

In the distance, a butterfly danced about elegantly on the Heavenly Deity Tree. The Emperor Butterfly fluttered about, absorbing the pollen essence, obtaining great benefits. In the end… the old tree ran.

"Right, there seems to be other divine medicines on this island, right?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Hey, brat, you really are too much. Even though you helped me greatly, however…" The white tortoise's voice came to a grunting stop. 

It was because a miserable cry sounded from the distance. A rabbit carried a stalk of divine medicine, currently chewing on it. 

"Ah…" Another stalk of divine medicine was panicking.

The Emperor Butterfly also flew over quickly! 

Shi Hao was stupefied. Could it be that this rabbit really was suitable for picking medicine? One has to understand that divine medicine were all intelligent, able to flee extremely quickly. 

"Let go, let go!" The white tortoise shouted.

Eventually, he hurriedly chased them out like a priest chasing out demons. 

"I'm so full! I want to live in this island for a long time!" The Lunar Jade Hair shouted, its large rubylike eyes swirling about, not wishing to leave.

"Go, hurry and get out of here! You already picked ten baskets of medicine!" The white tortoise drove them out.

"I only picked a leaf from each one, a flower petal, not that much at all!" The little rabbit was furious, mumbling noisily about how it was the one most suitable to be the gardner to protect the medicine garden. 

"I hate rabbits!" The white tortoise roared. 


The void trembled. That phoenix nest in the distance shone, five streaks of light reaching into the sky. Ten colors appeared hazily while accompanied by chaotic mists. The True Phoenix nest at the top of the cliff shrunk, ultimately turning into the size of a fist. With a sou sound, it landed in Xue Lin's hands. 

The white tortoise stared blankly, shouting, "You group of robbers, don't let me ever meet you again!"

This left even Shi Hao shocked. That phoenix nest might have an inheritance. Formidable!

"This was the Phoenix Race's thing to begin with. Now that it was brought away by a descendant, it's only proper and to be expected," said the Divine Striking Stone. 

"That's… Divine Temple's Ancient Holy Child. He left!" Xue Lin said, staring into the distance, almost throwing the phoenix nest out. When she considered that this was the void chaotic stream zone, a dangerous and unstable place, she ultimately didn't act out.

"I also saw them. They were picking medicines at the outermost region. That assassin boss even tried to act viciously against me!" The little rabbit said. 

There were ancient formations on the island, not just anyone being able to enter. The other experts, even if they could get closer, they could only pick medicines at the outermost region. They couldn't truly enter. 

Shi Hao looked around for Heavenly Country's ancient freak and the others. He wanted to run into them and end things!

Unfortunately, he was disappointed, not meeting them. 

However, as soon as he came out, he heard rumors. Jun Dao announced to the world that Huang obtained great natural luck, obtaining long life medicine from the ancient medicine garden!

This triggered a huge commotion!

At the same time, there were those from Divine Temple who echoed this, saying that they bore witness. Huang not only obtained the White Tortoise Carrying Immortal, he even found the True Phoenix nest, moreover bringing it out.

"Courting death!" Shi Hao's eyes immediately became cold. This was making him a public enemy, wishing to have the world against him. 

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