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Chapter 930 - White Tortoise Carrying Immortal

"What exactly are you trying to say?" Shi Hao asked. He was momentarily stunned, but he didn't truly lose himself.

"This world will soon no longer exist just like the last great era, everything reaching its end like a reincarnation. Even if a new great era is opened, when the time comes, it will still reach this step, eternally sinking into darkness." A sigh sounded from within the mists. 

"Why did you seek me out?" Shi Hao asked. Even though there were great waves stirring within him, he still looked calm on the surface. 

"You, me, and many others wish to continue living. The reason I seeked you out is nothing more than this." The long life medicine said. 

"And by finding me, the problem will be solved?" Shi Hao didn't believe it. 

"I merely wished to establish some good karma, as well as ask you to be magnanimous, letting a few wondrous medicines on this island go. There are some that have the opportunity to become divine medicines. It truly isn't easy to do so."

Divine medicines were too rare, their existences countable. There were extremely rare treasures. 

A light breeze blew over. The chaotic mists up ahead scattered, revealing the true scene. Brilliant light surged. Shi Hao's eyes immediately stood up straight. What was that? It was a place of All Life Earth!

He had previously obtained a bit of this precious earth from within a pot inside Jun Dao's cavern, stored within was this type of unmatched precious earth. Just that little pot alone was enough to make the little rabbit roll all over the ground in excitement, saying that she was going to use that to achieve the dao. 

However, it now looked like an entire area of a zhang was covered in this type of earth. They were like sand, each granule sparkling. There was chaotic energy all around, and heaven and earth foundation essence gathered over as well. 

"I never never completely destroy them, always saving the seeds after picking holy medicines, the roots left unharmed as well." Shi Hao replied, his eyes not blinking as he stared at the earth.

This was definitely heaven shocking great natural luck. This All Life Earth could be used to do many heaven defying things!

It was rumored that All Life Earth could nurture everything. If an immortal lord died in battle and was buried in this earth, it would be preserved eternally, not decaying. After endless years had passed, the immortal might revive. 

How heaven defying was this?

This area of a zhang in size was enough to bury several creatures. Shi Hao's heart was beating heavily as he stared at the All Life Earth. He opened his Heavenly Eyes to see things to the end. 

It was because there might be creatures sleeping below!

However, he unexpectedly couldn't see through it. The chaotic mists drifted over, immortal energy swirled, making this place appear more and more holy. 

"It is good that dao friend has such thoughts." That voice sounded once again. 


The sound of the earth breaking through the ground sounded. Within that earth grew a plant that was entirely snow white and accompanied by immortal mists. It scattered down a rain of light, appearing extraordinary and free from vulgarity.

White tortoise carrying immortal!

It appeared. Just now, it was beneath the earth.  

What was there exactly in this All Life Earth? Was there really only a stalk of medicine with nothing else buried underneath? Shi Hao's eyes were deep, he really wanted to take a look. 

However, he didn't act rashly. Since the white tortoise dared to appear so close to him, it definitely didn't fear anything.

"You only wished for me to do this much after seeking me out?" Shi Hao asked. 

Multicolored light flashed, silver splendor scattering outwards. A beautiful person also broke out from the earth, stepping onto the white tortoise. White clothes fluttered about as if she was dancing. She looked at Shi Hao curiously.

Regardless of whether it was the tortoise or the beauty, they were both snow-white like jade. If not for the fact that their bodies were extremely small, others would definitely mistaken that for a true immortal on the back of a tortoise. However… it was only a stalk of medicine!

"I still wish to rescue my dao brother. This island has been imprisoned for an extremely long time, a bit over a great era, so perhaps it should see the light again. I wish for your assistance." That white tortoise spoke. 

This was the first time Shi Hao saw a stalk of long life medicine under such close distance. Surprisingly, other than the wave of sweet fragrance he first smelled, all of the specks of radiance and fragrance were withdrawn into the snow-white medicine's body, not wasting the slightest bit. 

"You already said that all things withered, this entire world about to be destroyed. What would leaving this place do? Wouldn't the results be the same?" Shi Hao asked in response.

"It is different. If we escape, there will at least be a chance at life." The white tortoise released a sigh. The large eyes of the beauty on its back moved about. From start to now, she never uttered a word. 

"Are you really a long life medicine, or are you an immortal that had been buried here from the last great era?" Shi Hao was suspicious, asking like this. 

This white tortoise immediately called him dao brother, making it seem a bit like a cultivator. He truly began to suspect if this was the result of an immortal corpse developing intelligence, turning into an undying medicine. 

It was because there was this type of rumors before!

"I am just a stalk of medicine, my lifespan quite ancient," said the white tortoise.

"Tell me a bit about the last great era, what exactly happened?" Shi Hao's eyes shone. There were too many things he didn't understand inside and urgently wished to learn about. 

"I am just a stalk of medicine that was trapped on the island. Dao brother, do you feel that I will know anything?" The white tortoise's eyes sparkled. 

Shi Hao's gaze became indistinct, staring at it in disbelief. "You are asking me for help, yet you can't even satisfy this small wish of mine. It won't even cost you anything to talk about it."

"I really don't know anything…" The white tortoise sighed, his eyes revealing a bit of helplessness. "I've lived for quite some time, but I feel like there was disaster halfway, my body damaged, losing many memories."

"You… you really aren't a fallen immortal that later became a stalk of long life medicine?!" Shi Hao was shocked. 

"Shouldn't be." The white tortoise refused. It then looked towards the beautiful fairy on its back, her white clothes purer than snow, appearance perfect. At this moment, she also shook her head.

"Dao brother, if you undo the seal on this island, I can gift you exceptional treasures," said the white tortoise. 

"For example?" Shi Hao asked. He was deeply perplexed by this medicine. There were many things he didn't understand about it, too mysterious. 

"I can gift you Immortal Gold." The white tortoise calmly said. 

"Which type?" Shi Hao didn't change his attitude, but the Divine Striking Stone jumped out first. These were the rarest treasures of the world, yet they were going to just gift it out. Its eyes immediately shone, asking, "Can you gift me World Stone, Origin Stone?"

"We do not have. However, I have half a piece of Heavenfault Stone, something known to be able to repair the heavens, I wonder if you can chew threw it?" The white tortoise raised a claw, moving away some of the All Life Earth, producing a green-colored rock. 

It was less than a foot in size, incomparably simple and unadorned. It was a faint green color.

"Gift it to you!" The white tortoise said, pushing it over.

Ao… The Divine Striking Stone screamed. It looked at the immortal treasure that flew through the air, devouring it in one bite. 

Shi Hao's eyes blinked. That really was Heavenfault Stone! He had previously seen it before in Origin Sky Secret Realm, because Origin Sky Supreme being's battle clothes were precisely refined from this stone. 

Only, no one could bring away that stone armor.

Shi Hao looked at the Divine Striking Stone. He suddenly felt like this fella might really be able to produce immortal energy. It ate Origin Stone, All Magic Stone, Heaven's Mandate Stone… there were just too many good things. 

"Dao brother, what do you think?" The white tortoise asked Shi Hao.

"I don't lack Immortal Gold, had some for a while." Shi Hao said. 

"Then how about I gift you a long life medicine?" The white tortoise said. 

When this sentence was spoken, Shi Hao's expression changed. The Divine Striking Stone was also shocked, staring at it. What kind of sacred object was this? Who could resist this type of temptation? 

It was rumored that after eating long life medicine, one could become immune to all calamities!

"You… are sure?!" Shi Hao's voice became a bit unnatural.

"Actually, to achieve eternal life, depending on a medicine alone isn't enough. One needs to have the corresponding cultivation. Dao brother, do not be misled." The white tortoise shivered when it saw him stare at it, immediately shrinking its neck and speaking like this. 

"Are you going to gift yourself to me?" Shi Hao asked.

"How could that be? The growth of a long life medicine is too slow. If I wish to cut my own body, only leaving the roots, how will I make it through the disaster, escape the impending word destruction?" The white tortoise shook its head. 

"Then how will you gift it?" 

"Dao friend, I can hand over two jade jars. I can gift you two drops of long life liquid," said the white tortoise.

"That's too little!" The Divine Striking Stone was the first to stomp its feet, feeling that this white tortoise was too stingy. 

"It's not that little, this is long life medicinal liquid. Forget about this era, even when Immortals were still alive, it would still be rarely seen!" The white tortoise shook its head. 

Shi Hao didn't say another word. He brought out two jumbo sized jars and placed them at his feet.

This left the old tortoise speechless. 

"Dao brother, even if you put me inside of those, it wouldn't be able to fill the jars up…" The white tortoise said.

Shi Hao didn't say anything, exchanging it for two little containers. Multicolored light flashed. The white tortoise used special methods to seize them. The All Life Earth flickered with symbols. 

The Divine Striking Stone shivered inwardly. There were immortal dao symbols and formations. As expected, one couldn't act randomly here!

The white tortoise stuck out its head and looked around. For some reason, it made one feel as if it was a bit lowly. Then, while facing the jar, he spat out a drop of saliva that dripped inside.

Shi Hao's forehead immediately became filled with dark lines. This white tortoise seemed like it needed its ass kicked!

Couldn't it just produce a drop of liquid from any random place? Why did it have to spit inside?!

Even though they knew that this was a stalk of medicine, only having fragrance, not filthy, Shi Hao still wanted to smack it. 

"If you spit out saliva for the second drop, then I don't' want it!" Shi Hao glared at it.

"So picky." The white tortoise shook its head. It slowly turned its body around, aiming its bottom towards the other container. 

"Get your ass over here, I promise I'll beat you within an inch of your life!" Shi Hao said.

This white tortoise really wasn't kind and honest. Earlier, it was still bemoaning the state of the universe, yet in the end, it behaved like this, making one go crazy, feeling like they weren't facing the same tortoise and medicine.

"You're thinking too much. Why would I do senseless things?" The white tortoise remained calm, but it still raised its butt. 


With a ba da sound, it laid an egg that was extremely small. It was only the size of a pigeon egg, entering the jade container.

"This is… medicinal pill, can also be considered a Tortoise Pill, something that is comparable to two drops of long life liquid," said the white tortoise. 

Shi Hao's expression was still unpleasant. This damn tortoise truly needed a spanking!

"Sigh, I'm being misunderstood. Since that is the case, I'll compensate dao friend with a bit of Immortal Gold," the white tortoise said with a sigh. 

A shocking scene appeared behind All Life Earth. Chaotic energy scattered, unexpectedly revealing a pond. It wasn't that large, barely able to fit a few people.

"That's… Unaging[1] Spring!" Shi Hao was shocked. 

He had previously seen this type of spring. Back then, he obtained five drops from the lower realm's Hundred Shattered Mountains. The Divine Striking Stone also appeared back then. 

Every drop of Unaging Spring could save one life, its value unimaginable. 

"I cannot gift this spring to dao friend, I still need it. In addition, I need this medicine garden as well," said the white tortoise. It pointed towards the bottom of the spring. There was a chain there. 

"This is an Immortal Gold Chain. If dao friend can sever it, then it is yours," said the white tortoise. 

"What kind of trick are you playing? That's Immortal Gold, who can cut it?" The Divine Striking Stone cried out.

"This dao friend's sword core should be able to do it," said the white tortoise. 

Shi Hao revealed a strange expression. It seems like when the void split apart during his battle against Divine Dark Child and the others, this old tortoise saw the sword in his hands. 

"Asking me to sever this Immortal Gold Chain, don't tell me that you are scheming something, right?" Shi Hao said. 

"Sigh, I was seen through by dao friend. Indeed, this is the main reason as to why I asked you to come over to have a chat." The old tortoise admitted calmly, no longer beating around the bush. 

Shi Hao didn't say anything. If he did this, will there be any dangers?

"Dao friend, I always have this feeling that your sword is a bit strange, but I cannot think of why that is the case. Sigh, losing some old memories truly is quite the pitiful thing," the old tortoise said. 

Shi Hao's mind was shaken. Could it be that this stalk of medicine had previously seen the Everlasting Immortal Sword?

This sword core… wasn't it excavated from a stone material? It was something from this great era. 

"The divine chain in the Undying Spring contains Radiant Platinum. It might be useful for that sword of yours," said the old tortoise. 

Shi Hao's mind was moved. He didn't try to cut it, instead placing the lightless sword on top of the precious chain. Something strange happened. 

The sword core shone on its own, becoming incomparably resplendent. A humanoid creature appeared on the sword. White immortal mists pervaded the air, accompanied by seven-colored specks of light.


The precious chain in the Unaging Spring revealed streak after streak of white light as it entered the sword core, and then it condensed into the white immortal mists coiling around that humanoid creature, making it appear more real. Hazy mists wafted out, creating a white expanse. 

Shi Hao wasn't the only one that gasped, even the Divine Striking Stone was stupefied. 

This sword was too strange. Last time, it absorbed the essence of Fallen Divine Child's Seven-colored Immortal Gold, making the ascension light on the sword body develop a multicolored tint. 

Now, it absorbed the essence of Radiant Platinum, turning into white-colored immortal energy. 

"This sword core…" The white tortoise's expression changed as well.

Meanwhile, the snow clothed woman on its back spoke for the first time. "It is a bit strange, but… why is there no impression?" Her voice was pleasant to listen to like sounds of nature. 

"Let's not worry about so much. Dao brother helped me cut the Radiant Immortal Chain, so I will gift you a great natural luck!" The white tortoise said. 

"What natural luck?"

"I saw that you previously activated ten thousand remnant flames, burned an ancient corpse…"

When he heard about all of this, Shi Hao's mind trembled. This fella had arrived a long time ago and witnessed his battle against Divine Dark Child. 

"If my suspicions aren't wrong, you wish to use the heaven's ten thousand dao to burn the body and cultivate a second strand of immortal energy. This path is too difficult! There was someone who tried to do this in Immortal Ancient Great Era, that person shocking the world under the heavens, known as Little Immortal King. However, in the end, he was still burned to death," said the white tortoise. It told him that this path was too tyrannical and was impossible to succeed on. 

However, it said that there might be a way to remedy the situation. 

"What kind of remedy?" Shi Hao asked. 

"I can send you into the Human Immortal Palace. If you enter, your natural luck will be great!" said the white tortoise. 

1. I used to call everything immortal because that is what the chinese character means, but since the author likes to use different forms of the word and treat them as different names, I will start using different terms as well. A few examples include unaging, undecaying, undying

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