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Chapter 929 - Summon

A stalk of medicine was being referred to as 'great one', and it wished to have a chat with him. This left Shi Hao feeling completely shocked!

"Where is it? What does it wish to discuss with me?" Shi Hao asked. 

Specks of dark light shone below the mountain. This 'messenger' was quite extraordinary, enough to attract sighs of astonishment. This was a world shocking divine medicine that looked like it was made of black gold. Its nine leaves were extremely long, every single one like phoenix plume feathers. 

"My family's great one resides by the immortal spring, wishing to meet you face-to-face." The divine medicine transmitted sound. Of course, it was different from cultivators. It only released a strange ripple, but others could sense its meaning.

This thing was comparable to Goddess Academy's Tribulation Crossing Divine Lotus. They were both rare divine objects, enough to make all sects' eyes red, yet now, it was a 'little bro', just here to deliver a message.

Shi Hao's eyes were indistinct, thoughts running through his mind. If he could control this medicine garden, just how many good things would that be? Any stalk of medicine would be enough to trigger a commotion in the outside world!

"You… what are you thinking about?" The black golden divine medicine broke out into a cold shiver. As a heaven and earth spiritual root, it was the most sensitive type of existence. It suddenly felt a bit of chilliness. 

"Nothing. Your family's great one is too far, can you have it come over here?" Shi Hao asked. He felt that the 'White tortoise carrying immortal' taking the initiative to find him might not be a good thing. 

Long life medicine was extremely hard to capture, something that could move through the sun, moon and void, but its true fighting strength wasn't great, only able to escape. 

"Don't tell me that you want to guide me into some dangerous place, right?" Shi Hao muttered inwardly, not becoming careless because of news of a great natural luck. 

"My family's great one occasionally gets wind chills, so it cannot move or set out." The Black Prosperity divine medicine said. 

Shi Hao gave it a look of disdain. A stalk of medicine getting wind chills? Who are you trying to fool? 

Even the Black Prosperity divine medicine itself felt that it was a bit ridiculous. After an empty cough, it said, "Cough… it's like this, we are all medicinal herbs, so we naturally feel some fear towards outsiders, scared that we'll be picked. That is why we have to be on guard, not daring to leave the residence too far. 

"What is going on?" After devouring the four Phoenix Bloodstones, the Divine Striking Stone's stomach was all round, directly rolling its way over, appearing at the entrance of the phoenix nest.

"Can we head further inside?" Shi Hao asked. His heart was itching. A long life medicine was wobbling right in front of him, inviting him to meet with it, so he really didn't want to miss out on the opportunity. 

"It's a bit difficult. This island is too mysterious, with true immortal dao formations. With my skills, there's no way we can enter the innermost depths. Even these damaged formations can kill heavenly deities and others." The Divine Striking Stone said with a sigh, rarely displaying a bit of humbleness. 

When Shi Hao heard this, he entered a momentary silence. Living was the most important thing. Heavenly treasure, even though they were excellent, were only good if one was alive to use them.

"Forgive me, but I cannot go with you. This island has the formations of an immortal, so I do not wish to randomly throw my life away." Shi Hao said. 

"There will definitely not be anything that will happen to you. There are only benefits for you this time. My family's great one only wishes to have a chat with an outsider, the decision to choose you is a great opportunity." The Black Prosperity divine medicine said. 

"Many thanks for favoring me, but I must apologize. I cannot go!" Shi Hao was quite resolute, not wishing to risk dangers out of fear of losing his life.

The Black Prosperity divine medicine immediately felt urgent when it heard this. "Do you know what is in the depths of the island? There are immortal dao magical treasures, long life things, exceptional medicines scattered about. Any one of them will bring you great benefits for the rest of your life!"

When Shi Hao heard this, he revealed a look of shock, becoming even less anxious. He was the one that wasn't going, so why did this divine medicine become the one that became anxious instead?

"If you are worried, I am willing to become a hostage, staying by your side. There's no need to feel worried then, right?" The Black Prosperity divine medicine said seriously.

Shi Hao was a bit speechless. It was actually going to serve as a 'hostage'. 

"What exactly is it, for it to go this far?" He asked, feeling more and more curious. A stalk of divine medicine that could make the eyes of the great sects of all three thousand provinces red unexpectedly assumed this type of stance. If the outside world knew of this, they would definitely become extremely jealous, at the same time feeling shocked. When did a divine medicine ever act this aggressively?

Shi Hao didn't say anything. He continuously stared at it. 

When the Black Prosperity divine medicine saw this, it became more and more pressed, saying, "There aren't many opportunities! This island won't stay here for a long time, it will return into the void's chaotic streams!"

In addition, it added, "How about this? If you still feel misgivings, then the Heavenly Deity Tree can also be used as a hostage. There's nothing to worry about then, right?" 

This time, Shi Hao was a bit moved, and even the Divine Striking Stone was stupefied. Meanwhile, Xue Lin had just woken up from the five-colored dao platform in the phoenix nest. She was also incredibly shocked. 

The fruits it produced could immediately create a heavenly deity. If a great sect watched over this tree and collected its fruits, it would definitely become extremely prosperous!

However, as soon as the Black Prosperity divine medicine's words sounded, the distant tree swayed, an old tree scampering off frantically, shouting noisily, "It has nothing to do with me!"

The tree was a bluish green jade in color, as if it was sculpted from divine jade. Green multicolored light rushed into the sky. It was upright and strong, its roots moving about on the ground like tentacles. It was running away like a traitor. 

"You… actually betraying great one, not listening to her summoning!" The Black Prosperity divine medicine was angered to the extreme. 

"Little Black, don't dirty me with your words! I am not betraying great one, I just don't see that youngster as some good person. I fear that after we are captured, we'll immediately be stolen. They'll run faster than rabbits, not willing to meet great one at all!" That old tree spoke with a muffled voice. 

Shi Hao was speechless. He opened his mouth, wishing to say something, but in the end, he still didn't. He really did have those kind of thoughts inside, always feeling like there was a trap up ahead, that it wasn't too reasonable. If he could capture a heavenly deity tree and a stalk of Black Prosperity divine medicine and then immediately run, then there was no reason to risk things here. 

"Yi, it's injured?" The Divine Striking Stone saw that despite being upright and strong, that ancient tree's trunk had a part that had a hole bore into it, almost causing it to split apart. There were natural laws flickering. 

"Correct. It had been injured before. Otherwise, the Heavenly Deity Tree will be different from other divine medicines, possessing powerful strength!" The Black Prosperity divine medicine was extremely straightforward as it spoke.

"Forgive me for leaving first." The old tree didn't stay here, feeling that Shi Hao was dangerous. It disappeared, stirring up multicolored lights along the way, all of them released by holy medicines. 

This was almost a bit dreamlike. Stalks after stalk of divine medicines appeared, and they were able to talk to people. This didn't seem real. 

This didn't seem like a medicine garden, but more like a sect.

This white tortoise carrying immortal was extremely unordinary. What exactly did it wish to do? 

"How can it come and go from the medicine garden, walking free and unhindered?" Shi Hao wondered. 

"This is due to the methods of the immortal, only dealing with outsiders. It won't bring the spiritual plants inside any harm. It really is unimaginable." The Divine Striking Stone said with a sigh. 

Shi Hao was truly confused. He thought things over again and again, in the end deciding to agree, following the Black Prosperity divine medicine into the island. 

The Black Prosperity divine medicine had intelligence. As a stalk of divine medicine, he believed that it definitely wouldn't treat its own life as a joke. In addition, these types of divine spiritual roots normally weren't of the malevolent sort.

"Are you really going to take the risk?" The Divine Striking Stone was confused, staring at him. It felt that Shi Hao was normally extremely slippery and lowly, someone similar to itself. Why did he suddenly act on an impulse?"

"It's fine, wait for me to come back." Shi Hao said. 

"Whatever, I want to take a look too, see how the white tortoise carrying immortal really thinks," said the Divine Striking Stone. It wasn't that it didn't fear death, but after thinking for a bit, decided that they could proceed as well. After all, Shi Hao still had some things on him, for example, the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram and other things. If there really was danger, they might be able to display some strange effectiveness." 

Shi Hao turned around to Xue Lin and said, "Don't come with us and wait for us here." 

She nodded and said, "Alright, if you all are in danger, I'll ignite the phoenix nest and raze this place to the ground!"

This nest was extraordinary and exceptionally shocking. There were symbols within it. Only those with the Phoenix Race bloodline could feel at ease here. Otherwise, normal people couldn't even go inside.

"Focus on comprehending the dao, we are leaving!" Shi Hao said. 

This was definitely a wonderful place, containing immeasurable meaning for Xue Lin. To be able to appear here would affect her for the rest of her life! 

"En, I'm going to go into seclusion." Xue Lin nodded.

In the end, Shi Hao didn't have the Black Prosperity divine medicine call over another stalk of divine medicine, instead following right behind it. 

"You understand the formations here?" The Divine Striking Stone asked with amazement. The spiritual herb being able to come and go through this place was one thing, yet it could bring them around too. 

"My family's great one understands. This is something that it had previously taught us." The Black Prosperity divine medicine said. 

Along the way, aside from the great medicinal fragrance, there were all types of mists, as well as collapsed palace halls. There were even waves of immortal energy wafting about, leaving others greatly shocked!

"What a great place! This might be the only immortal historical trace left!" The Divine Striking Stone sighed with amazement. 

Only, those regions were too dangerous. It actually saw some formations that were relatively intact, and that was why there was immortal dao energy pervading the air. 

This trip felt like something out of a dream. From time to time, they actually had to go through gates of light, other times through void passages. This island was clearly extremely shocking.

Only after a long time had passed did they approach an ancient land. 

Beast roars could vaguely be heard from the distance, shaking up that entire region until the sky cracked!

"This… what kind of strange place is this?" The Divine Striking Stone was shocked. That ancient beast really was too powerful! However, why didn't they hear its voice in the island outside?

Zheng zheng zheng...

Then, sword energy rushed into the heavens, every strand of immortal energy accompanied by another strand of immortal energy. It was incredibly terrifying, making one shiver with fear. That type of power was too great.

They vaguely saw small worlds being destroyed by the sword energy rising upwards!

"This can't be real, right?" The smile on Shi Hao's face was a bit rigid. 

"Don't treat it as real, but don't treat it as fake either. Who knows what else there is inside those remains? However, back then, the sword energy was much stronger than it is now. When a streak landed, it really could hack apart a large world!" The Black Prosperity divine medicine said. 

They finally arrived. Everything ahead was hazy, chaotic mists drifting over from above the flowers and plants, making this place appear incredibly mysterious. In addition, there were a few broken bluestone paths and damaged buildings, giving one a feeling of passed time. 

"We've arrived. My family's great one is over there." The Black Prosperity divine medicine spoke, hinting forward. 

White mists surged, as if they arrived in an immortal's home. 

"If I may, why did you ask to meet?" Shi Hao asked.

"All things will wither away, the world soon to fade away. Everything will come to an end, entering eternal darkness, all the way until the reincarnation of a new great era is established." These words sounded from within the white mists, carrying an ancient aura, as well as a sorrowful sigh. 

Shi Hao was stupefied. Why did the other party bemoan the state of the universe when he just came, speaking these types of words?

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