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Chapter 928 - Phoenix Nest

There was unexpectedly a phoenix nest in the ancient medicine garden!

Forget about them, even the most powerful individuals of the three thousand realms would be stupefied if they came here. 

"Not easy to deal with. It looks close, less than a few li, but if we really try to enter, it might be nine deaths one life." The Divine Striking Stone quickly calmed down, no longer being so agitated. 

They understood clearly that this medicinal garden was extremely dangerous. Even though the formations from back then have pretty much been ruined, it still wasn't a place ordinary people could carelessly enter.

Shi Hao didn't say anything, only staring forward.

Several li out, medicinal herbs gathered densely, radiance pervading the air like watery mist. There were small mountains that weren't tall, less than several hundred zhang. The stone mountains were a dark brown in color. 

The ancient nest on the cliff was created from Phoenix Feather Wood. This was not some weeds birds often used to make a nest, but rather a rare spiritual wood, something that had already gone extinct. 

This wood produced five colored brilliance, flickering about just like phoenix feathers. However, the passage of time erased everything. This wood became dim, but it still didn't decay.

This in itself was enough to explain how extraordinary it was!

There were many spiritual herbs around the ancient nest, and even more holy medicines were directly rooted in the immortal nest. Radiance overflowed, pouring out like water. 

Shi Hao couldn't help but sigh. Immortal Ancient was unordinary after all, the spiritual essence too rich, especially this Immortal Medicine Garden, with everything that should be here being here. 

Compared to this place, the lower realm was just too barren. He had previously visited the Kun Peng's nest, a place also full of medicinal herbs, but they were all spiritual medicines. Back then, he felt incredibly shaken. However, compared to the higher realms, the spiritual essence down there was just too sparse. If it had even half of this heaven and earth's essence, all of the spiritual medicines there would probably have evolved into holy medicines. 

The rumors that experts were like clouds in the higher realms was not without reason. A large portion of it was due to the environment. 

"Yi, there's a stalk of divine medicine!" Shi Hao was shocked. He saw a stream of flowing light flash past; it was just within the cliff crack next to the nest. 

Long life medicine, Heavenly Deity Tree, divine medicines, this medicine garden had too many good things, to the extent where Shi Hao even began to doubt if there was more than a single stalk of long life medicines. There might even be a few!

"Fight for it… catch one stalk!" He turned around to look at the Divine Striking Stone, but he discovered that it was covered in sweat. 

He rubbed his eyes, making sure that he didn't see incorrectly. Beads of sweat poured down from the Divine Striking Stone's body. He reached out his hand to touch it, discovering that it was all sweet smelling stone milk, a rare precious liquid.

"Yi, you can even produce milk, in the future, fill ten gourds for me!" Shi Hao wanted to exploit it. 

"Don't provoke me!" The Divine Striking Stone was furious. It was staring at the road ahead, currently trying to think of a way through, already on the verge of collapse. Even as a stone, it began to 'sweat'!

Even though the formations here were incredibly tattered, they were still terrifying. The Divine Striking Stone already felt a bit crazy after figuring out just a small bit, the mental drain severe. 

"Already completely ruined, generally speaking all destroyed, quite thorough," said the Divine Striking Stone. 

"Isn't that great then? We can just directly enter then." Shi Hao said. 

"Even though these ruined formations are pretty much completely destroyed, don't forget what kind of place this is, who it is that arranged the formations. These are all ancient formations that exceed everything the two of us have seen…." The Divine Striking Stone said with a sigh. 

It was because what previously rested here was an unmatched taboo formation, a true immortal dao ancient formation that transcended above all else. Once one entered inside, a single mistake would result in eternal damnation, even though it was already pretty much destroyed. 

Shi Hao frowned. This was quite troublesome. The formations might not necessarily contain great destructive force, but trapping and erasing the two of them still shouldn't be too difficult. 

"Not a formation from this great era at all! Even I feel completely helpless." This was the first time the Divine Striking Stone felt so helpless. 

It was trying to analyze this place, but the best way it found was as dangerous as dangerous could be, while the worst one was death after just a few dozen steps. 

"Let's try to think of another way." Shi Hao said. 

"Wu, there's an ancient method called the Formation Scout Technique." The Divine Striking Stone said after thinking for a long time.

"And this is?" 

"It is for us to leave first, and then use wondrous formation banners to trigger this ancient formation, probing around to see if the path really is safe," it said. 

Formation Scout Technique was something that only worked on damaged formations. It was completely useless before true, perfectly intact formations. 

However, this wasn't without dangers. If the one who laid this formation had a ruthless heart, it would similarly prove fatal. 

When Shi Hao heard this, he directly shook his head. 

"How arrogant and proud are immortals? I don't think they would do that. As long as someone breaks through their formations, that means that one should be able to calmly enter," said the Divine Striking Stone. 

The formations here were already damaged and could be considered broken through. Even though it wasn't the two of them who took action, the Divine Striking Stone still suspected that there shouldn't be any nasty arrangements. 

"Formation techniques rely on the heart," said the Divine Striking Stone. 

"Then that's good, let's be careful," said Shi Hao. He had a serious expression on his face, bringing out the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, acting extremely carefully. 

Ever since he entered Immortal Ancient, he had encountered quite a few dangers as well, but he rarely used this item. Only when he was dealing with the mysterious flute playing male did he use it back at the vicious nest. 

"Formation Scout Technique is something I discovered from pieces of rotten stone. I never used it before, so I don't know if it will be effective or not," said the Divine Striking Stone. 

When Shi Hao heard this, dark lines covered his forehead. This fella didn't seem all that reliable…

The Divine Striking Stone refined formation banners. Shi Hao and itself had just too many divine materials on them, not worrying about materials at all. An hour later, several hundred small banners were refined. 

Shi Hao and the Divine Striking Stone escaped, leaving the island, standing between the void chaotic stream. 

These several hundred little banners seemed as if they grew legs, all of them moving. They followed a small path into the True Phoenix's nest. Of course, the paths they walked were all routes the Divine Striking Stone had already analyzed. 


After entering just a small distance, the little banner at the very front broke. A strand of sword energy rushed into the heavens, triggering the symbols in the void. They interweaved into a web. 

"As expected, even the sky is covered. This is a space restricted domain, cannot be crossed." The Divine Striking Stone's expression became serious. 

As time went on, streak after streak of divine radiance rushed up, shining incomparably brilliantly. Even though the sound wasn't that loud, it could definitely kill heavenly deities. Those fluctuations made others' heart rate speed up. 

Shi Hao's expression changed. In this short amount of time, they already lost nine little banners. If it were people that went in, it would mean that there were nine deaths.

The remaining little banners changed directions, continuing forward, the distance between each of them great. From the distance, they looked like a dragon. 

In the end, this place could not remain peaceful. Even chaotic mist was drawn out, lightning rumbled, as if heavenly judgment was descending. All types of symbols flickered. 

The Divine Striking Stone was green in the face. They called these ruined formations, that not a single one was intact, yet it was still so terrifying. 

Of the several hundred little banners, more than half had already been lost!

If it wasn't because they had the Formation Scout Technique and entered as it had previously planned, even if it was given several hundred lives, it still wouldn't be enough. 

"Even if we had several hundred opportunities, we would still be dead…" Shi Hao sighed. 

In the end, when they only had the final few formation banners, they reached the end, producing a safe path. 

"Go! The opportunity has come!" The Divine Striking Stone said excitedly. 

When they arrived on the island again, they suddenly discovered that there was someone waving towards them. It was precisely Xue Lin. The silver-haired young lady's body was tall and slender, incredibly beautiful. 

"This place is extremely dangerous!" Shi Hao transmitted sound.

"I know, but I feel like there is something inside that resonates with me. It makes my phoenix blood stir," Xue Lin said. 

"Let her come, she might be essential to entering the phoenix nest," said the Divine Striking Stone.

Xue Lin had phoenix blood flowing through her, her background extraordinary. This type of species was ancient and mysterious. 

Shi Hao frowned. He feared that Xue Lin might bring more dangers, but when he saw her continuously wave her hands, in the end, he agreed, bringing her with the Divine Striking Stone. 

They gathered together, entering one behind the other along the path they had previously deduced. Every single one of them picked a whole basket of holy medicines, radiance surrounding them, making them all brilliant. Medicinal fragrance wafted through the air. 

Soon afterwards, they arrived below the short mountain. 

This mountain didn't have formations, but they didn't dare rashly ascend it. It was because the phoenix nest was too extraordinary, surging with multicolored clouds, producing phoenix void images that circled about. 

"Silver, use a bit of blood. I am going to arrange a Blood Guidance Formation to give it a try," said the Divine Striking Stone.


Xue Lin's temperament was noble, normally extremely graceful, but right now, it slapped outwards, sending it smashing into the ground.

"I was wrong! Phoenix lady Xue Lin, please provide us with your assistance! This is the nest of a True Phoenix, I need to use your blood to scout around!" The Divine Striking Stone grimaced in pain.

In the end, Xue Lin offered a bit of blood. It was smeared over a few formation banners and then sent towards that ancient nest. 


This nest lit up. All types of symbols rushed out, leaving them stupefied. They simply didn't have time to react! They swept over along the formation symbols created from Xue Lin's blood.

"We're finished, kicked a metal board! I don't want to die! I still have a great secret, actually, I am…" The Divine Striking Stone cried out miserably.

Suddenly, they were wrapped around by the symbols, not dying, but instead quickly brought into that ancient nest. 

This nest wasn't all that enormous, only a thousand zhang or so in length, and it wasn't like how Shi Hao had expected it to be with pavilions and buildings, but just purely a bird nest. 

However, there were good things inside. There was a five-colored dao stage less than three foot tall that directly moved Xue Lin over, having her sit on top. She couldn't move at all.

"I feel the blood calling out to me! I am going to enter a state of dao comprehension." Xue Lin was incredibly shaken. This didn't make any sense. Right now, her heart wasn't calm, yet she seemed to have developed new insights into the Phoenix Clan's precious technique. 

She immediately closed her eyes, her entire body now shining. The inheritance in her blood, the imprint fragments that her ancestors left behind flickered about one after another like stars, making her snow-white body shine brilliantly. Then, phoenix flames surged, fiery light surrounding her. 

"Phoenix Bloodstone, there really was this type of thing! Aowu…" The Divine Striking Stone cried out with joy. It saw several pieces of stone that were dark red like blood. Mists rose in spirals from them. 

It was rumored that the places where phoenixes resided had this type of wondrous stone. They were originally used by young phoenixes to sharpen their beak, but over time, they became dyed with their aura. In addition, when phoenixes evolve, it would oftentimes be quite intense, the rebirth process shedding feathers and blood. When they landed on these rocks, this type of thing was formed. 

There were four pieces in total, all of them scarlet red like jade. 

These were, without a doubt, great treasures, things that could be refined into precious artifacts. They had immeasurable bizarre power.

The Divine Striking Stone was scared that Shi Hao would fight it over them, loudly crying out, "I want to cultivate immortal energy and take that step, don't fight with me over them!"

Then, it devoured them in one gulp, choking until its eyes began to roll back.

"You good for nothing!" Shi Hao wanted to kick his ass, feeling great disappointment in it. Who had ever heard of a stone weapon taking that step?!

With a chi liu sound, the Divine Striking Stone dodged. 

Shi Hao felt helpless, in the end gathering all of the holy medicines in the phoenix nest. Then, he discovered a metallic glint shining within the nest. He quickly walked over.

Within this nest formed from Phoenix Feather Wood, between the cracks of this spiritual wood, Shi Hao discovered a feather!

This left him greatly moved. He picked this up, but he couldn't see anything special about it. Even though it was five-colored, there weren't any symbols flickering about. 

However, when Shi Hao moved it, it blasted apart the void, the scene terrifying!

He gasped. Truly worthy of being from a phoenix, a single feather that came from its body like this. It truly was a bit inconceivable!

"If this was refined into a Five Bird Fan, then the power might be truly terrifying…" Shi Hao said to himself. 

Xue Lin was comprehending the dao, her body motionless. One could vaguely see the phoenix void images formed from the nest's multicolored mists unexpectedly circle around her, in the end even entering her body.

Shi Hao didn't disturb her. He arrived at the entrance of the nest, standing at the top of the short mountain to survey the Immortal Ancient Garden. 

"Yi?" He saw the Heavenly Deity Tree. It wasn't that far away!

Apart from this, between the cracks of this short mountain, a streak of divine light flashed. There was a stalk of divine medicine there, the one that he had caught a hurried glance at before.

Before Shi Hao had time to think about his next plan of action, it unexpectedly transmitted sound, saying, "My family's great one wishes to have a chat with you."

Shi Hao was stunned. This medicine was talking to him? There was a master behind it? Who was it that made it recognize a master?

"Who is your family's great one?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Tortoise Immortal great one asked me to pass this message." This stalk of divine medicine transmitted. 

"White tortoise carrying immortal?!" Shi Hao's face immediately looked like that of a ghost's. It was unexpectedly a stalk of long life medicine! It was like people, wishing to have a chat with him?!

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