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Chapter 927 - Immortal Medicine Garden

"Immortal, the white turtle is carrying an immortal! This is an auspicious omen! There's actually a living immortal in this world, truly unbelievable!" 

Someone spoke while trembling with excitement and rushing forward. There were even more people who already knelt down in worship, shouting loudly towards the unmatched immortal to take them as disciples." 

What they saw made many people feel stupefied. Even the most powerful exceptional talents who previously wished to plunder from the ancient medicine garden recklessly were now a bit scared. 

It was because that white clad immortal fairy released specks of light accompanied by immortal mists. Even from far away, they could still feel the immortal dao aura. 

"Heavens! It's not an illusion but real?" Those people were shocked. 

In the darkness, even Jun Dao shivered inwardly, staring blankly. He couldn't help but stop moving, not daring to act rashly. 

That tortoise was snow white-like jade, sparkling and translucent, releasing holy radiance. On its back, a snow clothed woman stood tall, her white clothes fluttering about. Her appearance was exceptional, beautiful and perfect. A head of silver hair hung down, her eyes carrying watering mist. A rain of light scattered down around her, making her look extremely hazy, divine and otherworldly. 

"We pay our respects to love life immortal!" A few people cried out. Even though they rushed into the great void crack, able to see that medicinal garden, they still didn't dare approach it. All of them were bowing down to it.

A singing voice sounded, mellow and pleasant to listen to like the sounds of nature. It sounded from within that medicinal field. 

The old turtle crawled about, more snow white and translucent than fine white jade, carrying the snow-clothed fairy as she moved. It was incredibly mysterious and unfathomable. 

The singing voice made one's heart feel at peace. All of the killing intent withdrew, everyone's hearts wavering. Many people's weapons fell onto the ground.

The voice was melodious. That woman was peaceful, her silver hair scattering about, eyes deep with spiritual essence, her entire being indescribably elegant and refined as immortal mists curled around her. It was as if she would never fall into the world of mortals.

Shi Hao couldn't help but sigh. Long life medicines truly were astonishing. He had previously seen this type of scene, but the one produced by the Void Sky Divine Vine was far inferior to this!

This truly was like a true immortal, because long life medicine was accompanied by immortal energy, and that was why it was so lifelike, making it hard for others to differentiate.

After a short moment of being greatly moved, Shi Hao calmed down. This wasn't the first time he saw this type of medicine; he had seen one before in the lower realm. It was known as the First Spiritual Root. 

That stalk of long life medicine had three flowers, one of the flowers able to turn into a little person, sitting under the medicine body to comprehend the dao, another turn into a weapon that suspended above the little person's head, releasing dao sounds. The last flower was mysterious, its effects unknown even now. 

"This is the second stalk of long life medicine I've encountered. I wonder if I can get close to it." Shi Hao's eyes flickered with brilliance. 

He knew that even if he discovered it, he still might not be able to obtain it. This type of thing was intelligent, living since the ancient times. Even though it didn't have terrifying battle strength, its escaping methods were exceptional. 

It could fly through the sky or escape through the earth, difficult to catch. 


Ancient Holy Child moved. He didn't stop here, only watching for a moment. He then rushed into the ancient medicine garden that was left behind from a great era, wishing to break in. 

It was clear that the ancient kings weren't that affected. Their figures swayed, and then they disappeared.

"How could they be like this, not even treating an immortal with respect?" There were some who became shocked, revealing looks of confusion. 

The most powerful group of exceptional talents' eyes contracted, their minds realizing something. There were some who carefully thought and observed it, and then quite a few people moved, losing their heart of reverence. 

"I know what it is! This is a legendary long life medicine, a supreme spiritual root only the most powerful immortal can possess!" Suddenly, someone spoke up, revealing the truth.

In that instant, many people were stunned, feeling a bit stupefied. 

Soon after, some who were knowledgeable about ancient history, understanding medicinal herbs were shaken up. They woke up, saying, "It really is a long life medicine! There was a stone tablet unearthed from the last great era that had damaged recordings regarding its existence!"

"Tortoise carrying immortal, heavens, it really is that medicine, is this world going mad? Even something out of a legend appeared?!" 

"White tortoise carrying immortal, known to not fall under ten thousand disasters, eternally undecaying, possessing long life, it actually really appeared before man again!"

When this sentence sounded, the crowd who were quiet erupted into noise, swarming into the great void crack like a flood, heading towards that ancient medicinal garden.

Everyone's eyes became red. There were no immortals in the world, nothing could be undecaying. Now that an unmatched wondrous medicine that could grant one long life appeared, who wouldn't be moved?

If they truly ate this medicine, they could shine with the sun and moon, exist with heaven and earth, impervious to ten thousand disasters, from this become undying. 

Forget about then, even if the giants of the higher realms obtained news about this, they would fight to the death, struggle bloodily to the end. One could imagine that if this stalk of medicine appeared, it would be enough to throw all three thousand provinces into chaos. Blood would flow like rivers, corpses piled high like mountains. 

Fortunately, it was inside immortal Ancient, only those present able to fight over it. 


Suddenly, more than ten cultivators silently split apart, blood scattering outwards, the areas where their bones separated incomparably smooth, as if a blade had chopped through tofu. 

"What is going on?"

This triggered huge panic. They didn't even see any enemies, yet more than ten experts died. 

"Heavenly Country, is it Heavenly Country's king that is taking action?" Someone trembled, suspecting this to be a possibility. 

"Heng, if you don't understand, then don't speak randomly. My family's great one has long entered inside, not even here." Someone spoke, taking form in the void, appearing behind a person's back. With a pu sound, his head tumbled down.

"If you have something to say, then just say it. Why does dao friend have to act so viciously?" There were quite a few people on the side who couldn't continue watching this. Heavenly Country was just too domineering. 

"An idiot like this, even if he entered, would still die. Instead of waiting, I might as well send him on his way." That figure became indistinct, his voice indistinct. Then, he vanished from his original location.

"It is caused by the void's chaotic streams, forming chaotic blades. Everyone, be careful." The one who voiced unfairness reminded the other cultivators, but in reality, many people already became aware of this.


Sword radiance appeared from the void, incredibly sharp as it attacked at the one who was speaking.

It was clear that the bleeding divine blade belonged to Heavenly Country, feeling quite unsatisfied towards that person's objection, wishing to kill him here. 


Bloody light flashed. That person evaded, only his arm injured. He shifted out several dozen zhang and angrily shouted, "Does your Heavenly Country really believe yourselves to be the rulers of the world?"

"At the very least, we can determine your life and death here. People like you don't have the qualifications of entering and causing inconvenience." Cold words sounded again.

Many people became angry, staring into the void, but they didn't dare voice their anger. Otherwise, it would be them who was next. 

"Noisy! Even a jumping clown dares to act domineeringly, committing outrages. Get lost!"

In the void, a cold voice sounded. A youth walked over, in his hands the Everlasting Immortal Sword. He lightly swept over. 

All souls trembled, because the one who appeared before them was Huang. Just now, he fought against several ancient freaks alone. Even though he was wounded, that kind of divine bravery left many people terrified. 

Since he came, would he be scared of a trifling assassin? Not even their terrifying boss could kill him. 

Heavenly Country's assassins weren't that many left in number. A large half of them had been killed by Shi Hao. when this person saw Shi Hao, his expression naturally changed.

He wanted to evade, but he discovered that his body couldn't even move. That sword brandished over, affecting the void, turning this area into a domain that locked everything down!


His head flew, primordial spirit erased, his headless corpse carrying large amounts of blood as it fell. 

Everyone stood there in a stupefied manner. A powerful assassin like this unexpectedly couldn't move, killed by Huang just like that. Just how terrifying and extraordinary was he?

The battle between kings earlier was something that everyone still couldn't deeply understand, but now they understood. They weren't even on the same order of magnitude as Huang, the difference too great. 

After cultivating a strand of immortal energy, it meant that one would transcend above. For others, this was not a power that could be matched!

"The void here is unstable with many hidden cracks, releasing great void gaps from time to time. Even true deities would be hacked apart alive if they entered. As for whether or not to give up, it is up to you all to decide." Shi Hao reminded. Then, with a flash, he disappeared from this place. 

Everyone looked at each other in dismay, feeling hesitation.


Miserable cries sounded up ahead. 

There were more than fifty people who were chopped apart at the waist. Then, another streak of great void cracks hacked down, dicing them up into pieces, not a single person able to survive.

They felt a chill run down their bodies from head to toe. Even though the Immortal Medicine Garden was right in front of them, even though their eyes were burning with greed, it was still too dangerous. Every step they took would be made in fear, hard to make it through. 

"We… should still leave. Nothing is more important than our own lives!" 

There were many people who backed off, rushing out without even turning around. It was because they were scared that if they hesitated, they might not be able to resist the temptation. 

Of course, there were some that clenched their teeth, choosing to continue forward. It was because Immortal Medicine Garden was just too alluring. Even though they knew that they might die, they still wanted to take a gamble. 

What if they managed to succeed? That would be tremendous natural luck!

The divine herbs and other things were shining brightly, just too resplendent and dazzling. In addition, there might be more than one long life medicine. 

This was an island that was suspended in the middle, drifting along with the void's chaotic streams. It was unknown just how long it had existed for. 

However, not even the void's great cracks could injure it, all types of symbols protecting it, not allowed inside. 

The surface was verdant and lush with beautiful purples and brilliant reds, all of the unordinary plants incomparably brilliant and flowing with bright colors. They released auspicious multicolored light, exceptionally divine and dazzling. 


A silver line appeared, brushing past Shi Hao's body, hacking off a strand of his hair. This place was just too dangerous, even someone as powerful as him only narrowly avoided dangers. 

He was already approaching the island, but it became more and more dangerous. The void was unstable, some of the rushing chaotic streams comparable to an attack from heavenly deities. This made his expression change!

The Divine Striking Stone said, "This is power that gushed out from different dimensions, what kind of blasted place is this? It is connected to endless dimensional spaces!" 

"Definitely something arranged by a powerful individual from the last great era. How can others be allowed to easily approach a place like this? That individual must be borrowing the power released by dimensional space to obstruct others." Shi Hao said. 

The Divine Striking Stone nodded, and then became overjoyed. "Yi, nothing can resist the corrosion of time. The arrangements here are all over the place, an absolute mess." 

"Something's wrong. There was a battle that happened, the blastwaves entering this place, consequently destroying the arrangements here." Soon after, it came to this conclusion. 

Shi Hao frowned. After arriving here and getting close to the Immortal Medicine Garden, he saw corpses float in the void one after another, drifting along with the garden.

These creatures were of all different forms, because there was nothing else in the void, only icy coldness and darkness. It could freeze these corpses, and that was why many of them were preserved until now. 

"Heavenly deity?!" 

Shi Hao was shocked. He saw the corpses of natives here, these bodies definitely reached the Heavenly Deity Realm. 

"There are even more formidable ones!" The Divine Striking Stone said, its expression becoming grave. However, it then said, "Not much to worry about though, they've been left behind from countless years ago. The formations here have all pretty much been ruined." 

Shi Hao produced a magical artifact. A bone blade flew out, but as soon as it approached, the true deity level bone blade was crushed apart, nothing left behind after experiencing the chaotic stream's attack. 

"This is a dangerous place as expected…" Shi Hao's expression changed. 

"There are many weak places where we can break in from. Look, there's corpses on that island as well, meaning that there were those that previously entered." The Divine Striking Stone said. 

Shi Hao nodded. He began to search for a place to land together with the Divine Striking Stone. 

They moved around this island. Shi Hao also opened his Martial Dao Heavenly Eye, seeing through all things fabricated, but there were still dangers several times, experiencing brief encounters with the grim reaper. 

"There are several places where we can go ashore. This route is comparatively safer." The Divine Striking Stone said, hinting ahead. 

It advanced carefully with Shi Hao, and in the end, they broke through the blockade of spatial chaotic streams, successfully landing on the island!

"There are so many medicinal herbs! There are so many divine ancient trees!" As soon as they arrived, even Shi Hao's eyes were about to stand up straight. 

"Ten Thousand Poison Tree?" The Divine Striking Stone was shocked, staring at an ancient tree. 

"No, that's an ancient Heavenly Deity Tree, rumored that its fruits would immediately allow one to become a heavenly deity!" Shi Hao was shocked. 

Holy medicines covered this island. Spiritual essence wafted into the air, auspicious multicolored light surged. It was extremely brilliant. 

He saw an ancient tree between the trees. There was unexpectedly heavenly deity aura here! However, it disappeared with a flash, soon after concealing itself again. 

"These medicinal fields can move?" The Divine Striking Stone was stunned. 

"It seems like that ancient tree can run!" Shi Hao said. 

That tree was like a dragon, its ancient roots upright and strong, tree bark cracked like dragon scales. The entire tree was a greenish jade color, radiance rushing into the heavens. Only, it immediately ran. 

"Be careful, dangers lurk with every step." Divine Stirling Stone warned. 

As for the long life medicine, it had even more so long disappeared. That type of thing was exceptionally sharp, extraordinary and refined, difficult to capture. 

"Heavens, Heavenly Phoenix, the legendary Undying Phoenix!" Suddenly, the Divine Striking Stone cried out. It was the one warning Shi Hao just now, yet in the end, it was the first one to lose its cool.

"Phoenix nest?!" Shi Hao was also shocked. 

An ancient nest rested right in front of them, standing tall on the stone cliffs. There were phoenix void images swirling about, phoenix blood energy rising in spirals. That place was mysterious and unfathomable. 

The Divine Striking Stone immediately became excited, crying out, "There might be Phoenix Bloodstone, supreme treasure! Wait, don't tell me that there is a phoenix egg inside… otherwise, why is there this type of auspicious phenomenon? We're rich!" 

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