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Chapter 926 - Killing Ancient Freak

"Come back!" Divine Dark Child shouted, calling out to the little cauldron. His flesh had recombined, piecing itself together. This was a mysterious body that had remained since the Archaic Era, undecaying and unbreakable.

That cauldron was silent and still, not moving at all. 

"Hahaha…" Shi Hao laughed loudly, the little cauldron propped up by his hand. He revealed a look of mockery. The other party couldn't command this artifact even though he was the master. 

In reality, he didn't even try to suppress it, just holding it casually in his hand. 

This cauldron really was quite heavy. It looked like it was the size of a fist, but it was heavy in his hands. This wasn't due to the effects of bone texts, but rather that it truly weighed several hundreds of thousands of jin. 

"It has always been said that Black Immortal Gold is extremely heavy, seems like this really is the case." Shi Hao said to himself. This was a tremendous gain, this fist sized little cauldron containing unmatched Immortal Gold. 

Even if it was damaged right now, its material alone was enough to make the great sects of the higher realms' three thousand provinces turn red with greed, willing to fight wars over it. 

Divine Dark Child's pupils contracted. The other party was acting so calm and composed, evaluating this little cauldron as if he was completely being forgotten. This was also a type of humiliation. 

His body shone. All types of precious techniques erupted, swirling with auspicious multicolored light. These lights gathered, forming an extremely terrifying sight.

Suddenly, the little cauldron trembled with weng weng sounds, wishing to return to Divine Dark Child's side, as if it had a bit of connection with him.

Shi Hao laughed loudly again. "This cauldron only recognizes that flesh, completely showing disdain towards your primordial spirit. You still have the shame to try and control it?" 

This was undisguised mockery! It made Divine Dark Child look extremely bad. 

"Since this is the case, I'll just accept it in your place. You aren't suitable for using it." Shi Hao's words weren't polite in the slightest as he spoke. This could be considered a reply to the other party calling him an insect earlier. His face carried a brilliant smile. 

"The Archaic Era, such glorious years. Divine abilities, come!"

Divine Dark Child calmly said. He recovered his cool. The space between his brows shone, and then a strange imprint appeared, releasing dazzling radiance. 

"Just bring out whatever you have so you don't feel any regret later." Shi Hao didn't seem concerned at all.

Suddenly, he frowned. 

"Where do you think you are going?"

Shi Hao disappeared from his original location, rushing forward. His sword hacked out, cutting apart the void, and then he himself entered. 

Within the great void cracks, keng qiang sounds ran out in a deafening manner. Symbols rumbled, pouring out like rivers.

Shi Hao fought a great battle against Heavenly Country's king. With the two being so close, his divine senses were incomparably sharp, staring at this ancient freak the entire time.

"Going? You're wrong. I'm just not used to being exposed under the glaring sun. There'll be time to play with you." Heavenly Country's ancient king said. His voice was like a ravenous wolf, exceptionally ear-piercing and terrifying. 


A strange streak of light flew over. The space between Divine Dark Child's brows released light, forming an indistinct little world. 

Shi Hao's mind was shaken. In this little world, there were actually ancient graves everywhere, cold and lonely, a desolate place. 

"Bury sky, bury earth, bury man!" Divine Dark Child shouted. 

When these six words sounded, heaven and earth trembled greatly, as if a some heavenly law was touched. The void produced lightning, rumbling with noise. 

In the distance, everyone became stupefied, and then they shivered coldly, a layer of fine white hair appearing on their bodies. It was because this was a legendary secret art that was sinister and terrifying. 

"Three Burial Secret Technique!" Someone's face became white, saying this softly. 

This type of precious technique's power was bizarre, powerful and terrifying, rumored to have buried immortals before, only, for some reason, it was lost in inheritance, rarely seen by people of the later world.

No one expected Divine Dark Child to display it. How could this not leave others feeling shocked?

"Even this type of precious technique appeared. Is this world going to be thrown into chaos?" 


When facing this attack, Shi Hao didn't feel any fear, fighting against this enemy head on, stirring on his own supreme being techniques. A thunderous sound rang through the air, as if the drums of the heavens were rumbling. 


Fireworks immediately shone resplendently, enough to light up all of Gold Spirit Realm. 

"This is the Three Burial Secret Method? Nothing special." Shi Hao laughed loudly in ridicule. 

That small world broke apart. All of the ancient graves cracked apart. There were creatures inside, wishing to crawl over and join the battle, but in the end, they all became dim, completely disappearing. 

In reality, Shi Hao knew that this technique was terrifying, definitely domineering and tyrannical, only, the symbols weren't complete, so Divine Dark Child couldn't fully display it. 

That was why it couldn't display its true demonic might!

Qiang, qiang, qiang...

Suddenly, everything around them trembled. Banners appeared one after another in their surroundings, covering this place and encircling this entire battlefield, trapping Shi Hao within. 

Jun Dao appeared. The corners of his lips carried cold intent. "Enough, the preparations have been finished. We can now slowly kill him." 

It was clear that he arrived a long time ago, having Divine Dark Child and the others stall Shi Hao. He distributed the formation bases, magical banners he had prepared beforehand all over the surroundings, locking down everything. The great formations were now in place. 

"The world's number one stone is here, yet you all dare act so impudently?" The Divine Striking Stone appeared, opening its mouth and spewing out all types of multicolored light. It was as if a shooting star flew across, brilliant and beautiful. 

Formation banners fluttered about, opposing these great formations with equal harshness.

"Heng, even if some of the formation effects are counteracted, so what? Now that we are all here, you think we'll let you leave?" Jun Dao sneered. He then looked into the heavens, making amends towards Ancient Holy Child. "We'll capture Huang first. After the matter, I am willing to offer my sincere apology."

He also took action, joining this battle, however, he didn't approach, only attacking from the distance. 

It had to be said that Heavenly Country's king was too powerful. Even without relying on assassination, just his fighting prowess alone was already terrifying to the extreme. 

"Ninety-nine Dao divine ability, come forth!" 

Divine Dark Child shouted. He actually broke apart on his own, a bit of his flesh flew off, and after wrapping around his primordial spirit, there were still ninety-nine pieces. They shone brilliantly, all of them rushing over and surrounding Shi Hao. 

"Heavens! Several dozen divine abilities were sealed in the flesh, this… what a freak! How is one even supposed to stop this?" Everyone cried out in alarm. What they were seeing was truly too shocking. 

These were the sturdiest parts of Divine Dark Child that couldn't be hacked apart, the ninety-nine parts that sealed precious techniques!

Needless to say, his previous life had terrifying origins. 

A type of precious technique with each piece of flesh, all of them released in a concentrated manner. 

"Hm? Not too hard to deal with. They aren't overlayed on top of each other to increase their power, just using these unordinary flesh to attack the enemy. I'll let you see what true unmatched heavenly technique is like, how to combine different types of divine abilities." Shi Hao laughed coldly. 

Then, he activated the Eight Ninth Heaven Art, activating all of his divine abilities to attack those pieces of flesh. This place immediately erupted, completely exploding. 

The ninety-nine great divine abilities, even though great in number, they wasn't controlled by someone, but rather instinctively released by the flesh. That was why he could avoid them. 

Even Jun Dao and Heavenly Country's ancient freak withdrew, not wishing to be caught up in this. 

Ancient Divine Child didn't come over, sitting at the limits of the horizon, only continuing to chant scriptures, temporarily not taking action. 

As a result, his current greatest threat was Heavenly Country's king. He appeared and disappeared unpredictably, difficult to defend against. 

"Ancient Holy Child, you still aren't going to take action?" Divine Dark Child shouted. 


Following a rumbling sound, heaven and earth trembled. He still didn't come over, only chanting scriptures there. A mysterious aura surrounded this place. 

Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Scripture!

At this time, when this unmatched heavenly technique appeared, endless symbols burned in the void, making this entire world completely different. It was extremely terrifying. 

At this moment, there was a nine heavens tenth earth 'Only I am supreme' power spreading, formless and without substance as it surged towards Shi Hao. 

"Kill!" Jun Dao shouted, activating precious techniques from the distance. 

Silently, Heavenly Country's ancient freak attacked once again.

"Die!" Divine Dark Child shouted. Four great experts took action at the same time to suppress and kill Shi Hao, the situation incredibly dangerous. 

Shi Hao revealed a serious expression. The situation was extremely unfavorable. 

His pupils flickered, and soon after, he made his decision. He was going to attack the weakest one first! With a peng sound, the void shattered. He disappeared from his original location, direction rushing at Jun Dao.

The most powerful precious techniques erupted, berserk attacks erupting. The skies began to burn, the heavens distorting, caving in!


A snowflake blossomed. Shi Hao suffered a blow, a string of blood drawn by the Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Scripture's symbols. 

However, he suppressed Jun Dao until his expression changed. They continuously clashed, and with a pu sound, he was shaken up until his mouth coughed out blood.


Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao disappeared once again, instantly arriving by Divine Dark Child who had reassembled his body and was attacking him, frantically attacking. This was his true target. 

Blood splashed out from his shoulder, pierced by Heavenly Country ancient freak's strange sword energy.

However, he was already in a completely berserk state, displaying all of his methods. His third type of supreme being symbols became more and more clear, engraving themselves on the Everlasting Immortal Sword, its power running rampant. 

Everyone became stupefied. Shi Hao was too tyrannical! It was unknown just how many injuries he took on while fighting Divine Dark Child, completely fighting with his life. 

"Ah…" Divine Dark Child had many pieces of flesh that were stripped off, forever disappearing, no longer appearing.

They were all his weak points. This time, Shi Hao ignored his unbreakable undying flesh, directly attacking at the important areas.

It was because from the start of the battle until now, he already saw through Divine Dark Child, understanding which areas had already decayed, which areas were still sturdy and unbreakable. 

"Ancient Holy Child, Heavenly Country's king, you all still aren't going to kill him?" Jun Dao shouted. This was a rare opportunity, yet the two most powerful members weren't doing all that much.

Heavenly Country's king was always like this, waiting for others to fight first. He only wanted to deliver a fatal blow at the critical time. Meanwhile, the Ancient Holy Child that was chanting scriptures wasn't all that interested in a joint attack.

An intense and chaotic battle erupted!


Jun Dao lost an arm. After it was cut off, it directly exploded.


Another streak of bloody light could be seen. Divine Dark Child received a serious blow. Right now, there were some areas where bones could even be seen, a bit frightening. 

Shi Hao took a huge gamble, taking a serious blow from the Ninth Heavens Tenth Earth Scriptures. He released the final attack, his sword piercing through Divine Dark Child between the brows, and then fiercely shook the sword. 

"Ah…" A miserable cry sounded. The primordial spirit between Divine Dark Child's brows shattered. 

However, that physical body's instinctive reaction was too powerful, directly struggling free, falling onto the great earth. 

"Primordial spirit already pierced through, just the flesh left, can you even keep living?" Shi Hao said with a soft voice.

Chi! Heavenly Country's king launched a hidden attack. 

"Suppress!" At the limits of the horizon, Ancient Holy Child chanted scriptures. The Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Scripture erupted, suppressing from all sides.

"Kill!" Even the single armed Jun Dao's expression became grave and stern, frantically attacking.

Suddenly, with a hong sound, the void shattered. The surrounding formations were crushed, the endless void burning, and then splitting apart. The scene was horrifying. 

"What is that?" Many people cried out in alarm.

In the void, everything was blurry, but one could still see an ancient medicinal garden. Shocking fragrance wafted out from within.

"Heavens! Immortal Medicine Garden appeared!"

"The ancient medicine garden from the last great era has taken form!" 

Everyone sensed that a tremendous opportunity had arrived.

There had always been rumors that the most ancient and mysterious medicinal garden was drifting through the void, difficult to find, but would occasionally take form. 

What they were now seeing definitely matched this description. 

Shi Hao raised his head, appearing stupefied as well, deeply shaken. It was because he saw a strange scene.

There was no need to describe the medicines, all of them incomparably resplendent, shing incredibly brilliantly. They were densely packed, and the medicinal fragrance was rich. The most shocking thing was that he saw a snow-white tortoise carrying a white-clothed woman. 

"Immortal… there's an immortal!" The others cried out, staring at that ancient and indistinct medicine garden. 

Others didn't know, but Shi Hao knew of its existence for quite some time. He had heard the Void Sky Divine Vine talk about it, saying that this was a long life medicine that originated from the last great era, living all the way until now, hiding within the ancient medicine garden. 


Heavenly Country's king disappeared, entering the void's chaotic streams to enter that ancient medicine garden.

Ancient Holy Child couldn't stay calm either, also rushing over.

Shi Hao naturally wouldn't let this opportunity go. He also rushed into the void chaotic stream. 


This place rumbled. Experts of all races flocked over, rushing forward together, doing everything they could to enter that ancient Immortal Medicine Garden. 

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