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Chapter 925 - Immortal Sword's Direction

Sword energy was unstoppable, cold light illuminating all!

Shi Hao's sword removed Divine Dark Child's head. The headless upper half of his body flew outwards, black blood scattering outwards. 

How domineering was this? Even someone as powerful as Divine Dark Child had his head removed! How could this not make others shiver with fear? The spectators felt as if they were suffocating.

Chi chi chi...

Divine light poured down like a waterfall. The battle still hadn't ended. Divine Dark Child's flesh was incomparably strange, shining even though it had been chopped up, all types of symbols erupting. 

Dang, dang, dang…

Between heaven and earth, the sound of metal ringing was deafening. Large amounts of precious techniques flew everywhere, covering the sky in divine light. All of this was released by Divine Dark Child's body, and they landed on the Everlasting Immortal Sword. 

Shi Hao remained fearless. He found Divine Dark Child's weakness, so he moved forward with the sword in hand. After a few cuts, black-colored blood splashed out again. 

Everyone had to admit that Divine Dark Child had a world shocking flesh shell, some places even more terrifying than the Six Zhang Golden Body. Not only was it undecaying, there was strange power surging.

Deafening sounds rumbled!

A river of blood appeared, shooting out from Divine Dark Child's heart. It quickly turned a dark red, and then later, it returned to becoming black, covering heaven and earth, covering the area around Shi Hao.


Shi Hao raised his hand. The Lightning Emperor's precious technique erupted, blasting outwards. Electrical arcs flooded out like a sea, blasting apart all of the black-colored blood, turning it into bloody mist. 

In addition, he advanced with the sword in hand, hacking horizontally and cleaving vertically. Sword light fired out, shining brilliantly like starry streams.


Divine Dark Child's ruined body was broken into pieces again. Moreover, in that instant, Shi Hao quickly attacked with his sword, making Divine Dark Child's torso and other parts continuously break apart, cutting them into chunks.


A silver mountain crushed down, making the void cave in. 

This was unexpectedly formed from a symbol, arriving from the horizon. The mysterious Ancient Holy Child stood there, his body indistinct as he chanted scriptures. The bone texts originated from that direction. 


Shi Hao moved his sword, striking the silver mountain that was formed from symbols, sending it flying outwards. 

In addition, something even more terrifying happened. In the void, a row of large mountains flew over, among them including those that were golden, those that released purple energy, those with dark light that overflowed into the heavens… All of their energies surged, making it feel as if a stellar sea was crushing down!

These were a hundred and eight symbols, and when linked up together, they formed mountains. If one looked down from above, one would see what resembled a bracelet.

Ancient Holy Child chanted scriptures. He himself did not arrive, using scriptures to hinder Shi Hao, not allowing him to kill Divine Dark Child.

"That's… the Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Scripture, known as an unmatched divine text!" 

Everyone was shaken up. This ancient scripture was incomparable, obvious just from its name. Its reputation had shaken the past and present. 

This was only the opening part of the scriptures, Ancient Holy Child only reading a hundred or so characters, yet it was already like this, displaying the most powerful might, making one's soul throb and shake.

Shi Hao's eyes became cold. He held the Everlasting Immortal Sword in his hands, not feeling any fear. Exceptional sword energy shot out, one hack one streak, making all of the scriptures scatter and explode in the void. 

"Ancient Holy Child is so powerful. His true body didn't even come, yet there are already such heaven defying methods." Someone said with a sigh, not knowing if his true body will descend to fight a great battle against Huang. 

It was clear that after Gu Meng's death, someone sent a message to Ancient Holy Child, provoking his anger.

"Huang, incredibly domineering, facing so many enemies and even daring to take on more than a single ancient freak, how valiant and heroic is this?!" Someone said. 

Everyone nodded. Regardless of the results of this battle, Huang's name was going to shake up Immortal Ancient. This was just too tyrannical. 

He stood there alone with the sword in hand, waiting for several ancient freaks to show up, what kind of courage was this? How many people dared to act like this?


Sword radiance overflowed outwards. Shi Hao never stopped moving, scattering those scriptures and hacking Divine Dark Child's body into even smaller pieces, preventing him from recombining.

"Heavens, how many pieces was Divine Dark Child's body chopped up into? It's now practically minced!"

Everyone simply couldn't believe that Divine Dark Child, who was known for having unbreakable flesh, was actually being diced up by someone! Black blood splashed outwards, the scene so shocking everyone's faces turned pale. 

There was only a single head that continuously backed up, not being hacked apart, coldly watching the enemy.

"Great one!"

A group of Underworld Earth's experts appeared, shouting loudly. 

There were some who disregarded personal safety, rushing over to take action against Shi Hao, wishing to rescue Divine Dark Child.


Shi Hao didn't say anything. His sword swept out, accompanied by pure white immortal energy, cleaving the group of Underworld Clan experts that rushed over at the waists. They then broke apart inch by inch, turning into bloody mists.

This was too powerful, just a single strike wiping out a group of experts!

This was precisely why those who had taken that step were terrifying. Others simply couldn't match their power. With immortal energy, it was the same as transcending above, able to overlook the crowd. 

Zheng zheng...

Shi Hao shook his sword, continuously brandishing it tens of thousands of times in one go, chopping Divine Dark Child's flesh into an unrecognizable degree and in an absolute mess. Moreover, sword radiance shot straight into his head, continuously hacking about. 


A terrifying sound erupted. When Shi Hao's sword landed on his frontal bone, it unexpectedly produced this type of vibrating sound.

His skull was without a doubt the most terrifying and sturdy part!

Sparks flew everywhere, sword rainbows cascading down streak after streak. After a series of clashes, Divine Dark Child's skull finally cracked as well. 

"What, is Divine Dark Child going to have his body and dao erased?" Everyone was horrified. 

There were some who said that there was no way his body was unbreakable, but what they saw today had long topped everyone's understanding. 

"Kill!" Shi Hao shouted loudly. With the Everlasting Immortal Sword in hand, he released the most terrifying strike. With a chi sound, immortal energy curled about, sword radiance roiling. With a pu chi sound, that head was finally completely cut open!

Black blood gushed out, underworld mist pervading the air. It was incredibly strange.

"Not good!" 

Shi Hao's mind trembled, feeling all of his fine hairs standing on end. His instinctive divine senses were unimaginably sharp. There was danger coming.

"That is…" 

Everyone was shaken. At the limits of the horizon, the indistinct figure in the horizon was still chanting scriptures, but he also reached out a large hand, slapping it over in this direction.

It was too terrifying! The mountain range below, when compared to that enormous hand, felt too small, incomparably insignificant. 

This arm stretched across the sky, originating from the horizon, surrounding everything. Ancient Holy Child took action, displaying the precious techniques recorded in the Nine Heavens Tenth Earth scriptures to suppress Shi Hao. 

The sky collapsed, black cracks extending everywhere!

Shi Hao's eyes became cold. He didn't back off, continuing to press forward. A streak of sword energy rushed into the heavens, hacking towards the terrifying large hand that covered the nine heavens and tenth earth. Then, another sword hacked towards underworld mist, wishing to eliminate Divine Dark Child's primordial spirit. 


In the darkness, sparks flew about in a glaring manner. The radiance scattered all of the mist. 

Shi Hao's pupils quickly contracted. Within the splitting head, there wasn't a primordial spirit, but rather a black-colored small cauldron that was incomparably ancient. Shocking fluctuations were released from it.

Immortal Gold… it was a cauldron forged from Immortal Gold. 

This small cauldron wasn't large, and it had long become broken from the passage of time. It was covered in cracks and filled with an ancient aura. 

However, despite this being the case, it was still intimidating, as if he was facing the most terrifying prehistoric vicious beast.


The little cauldron flashed, sending out primordial spirit energy. In addition, this cauldron's dark light erupted, releasing heaven overflowing fluctuations, shaking the world. 

"What a terrifying cauldron, its quality unimaginable. How was it brought into Immortal Ancient?" 

"Something isn't quite right, it's broken, only possessing fluctuations, difficult to condense complete symbols, unable to display any power." 

In the distance, everyone was greatly shaken. 

This was without a doubt a cauldron from the Archaic Era, previously buried together, now reappearing in this world. It was unexpectedly cast from Dark Immortal Gold, its value inestimable. It would be hard for even immortals to find this type of unmatched 'heavenly material'. 


The large hand in the sky slapped down, smashing down towards Shi Hao again. That was divine power displayed by the Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Scripture. 

At the same time, the primordial spirit in that little black cauldron shone, stirring the magical artifact as it moved, making the little cauldron smash towards Shi Hao, its aura terrifying. 

Shi Hao moved his sword horizontally, first blasting aside the large hand in the void, and then hacking towards the Dark Immortal Gold little cauldron.


Blood blossomed, incomparably bright-colored.

Shi Hao moved sideways, but his body was still struck by a sword. His lower back had been pierced, the wound coming out from his chest. Blood flowed outwards. 

The one behind him shook the sword, wishing to blast him to pieces!

Killing energy entered his body. It was too terrifying, immediately eliminating quite a bit of Shi Hao's life force, originating from the sword and spreading in all directions. 


Shi Hao's body began to burn like a great furnace, releasing resplendent symbols, attacking behind him. At the same time, his entire body rushed forward like a streak of lightning, immediately disappearing. 

He freed himself from that divine sword dripping with blood, standing in the distance. Bone texts and divine flames raged around his body, the blood on his chest red and glistening. It was a horrifying sight.

Heavenly Country's ancient freak!

Shi Hao's face fell. Just now, he had been mislead. He had a feeling a long time ago, but he thought that the danger originated from Ancient Divine Child's large hand, and then he thought that it might be the black-colored little cauldron.

He never expected that it was Heavenly Country's king that was hiding in the darkness, delivering this fatal strike at the critical moment.

The killing energy was too terrifying. It wreaked havoc in his body, simply about to tear through all of his body's muscles and arteries, crushing all of his bones, sucking his flesh's spiritual essence dry. 

"Where do you think you are going?!" Shi Hao's eyebrows stood vertically, his Martial Dao Heavenly Eyes like two small suns, releasing symbols that lit up heaven and earth. 

He warped through the air, hacking towards the void, cutting off Heavenly Country king's path of retreat.

Then, that indistinct figure appeared, standing there with the bleeding divine sword. Only then did everyone understand that Heavenly Country's ancient freak took action again. 

"He violated his principles! It was rumored that if he failed once, he would retreat into the distance. I never expected that he would release a second attack!"

Heavenly Country, for the sake of killing Huang, attacked a second time today.

Moreover, what was shocking was that he stood in the void, his body indistinct, fighting a great battle against Huang. 

"Do you think my flesh is that easy to break? I won't die. I was just borrowing you to refine the soul!" Divine Dark Child said coldly. 

At the same time, his broken body gathered piece by piece, all of them rushing towards Shi Hao, turning into a flesh armor to cover his body. 

This was a sinister power. All of Divine Dark Child's flesh pieces flew over, about to wrap around Shi Hao and assemble around his body. 

"Dark Refinement!" Divine Dark Child shouted loudly. He was going to turn himself into a furnace to seal up the other party, refine him and absorb all of his vital energy. 

"Don't try to stick gold to your face. Your flesh is indeed sturdy, but as long as one finds out its weak points, it's easy to hack apart." Shi Hao said. 

While speaking, he fought against Heavenly Country's ancient freak. Sword light rose into the heaven, shining endlessly.

Everyone was shaken. The supreme assassin was terrifying as expected!


Shi Hao released a loud shout. A strand of immortal energy rushed out from his body, carrying the remaining flames of ten thousand daos, burning ferociously, roasting Divine Dark Child's flesh pieces that swarmed over. 

"En?!" Towards this, Divine Dark Child became fearful, quickly evading. These ten thousand remnant flames were extremely terrifying. 


Shi Hao fought against Heavenly Country's king while releasing sword energy to hack at Divine Dark Child. 

This left many people stupefied. When had Heavenly Country's ancient freak ever confronted someone like this before? However, right now, he was intercepted, now releasing the most powerful attacks. 

"How formidable, worthy of being a terrifying freak that could make even Ten Crown King and Ning Chuan vigilant." Quite a few people's minds were shaken.


The black little cauldron moved, releasing a streak of exceptional radiance, suppressing towards Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao's expression changed. He hacked apart the void, quickly escaping.


The little cauldron displayed might, crushing that place, its power unimaginable. 

Kuang dang!

The cauldron descended. Divine Dark Child's primordial spirit shook, falling out.

It was clear that this cauldron had problems, already damaged during the Archaic Era. After displaying this attack, it could no longer be controlled.

Otherwise, if this was an unmatched supreme being cauldron, it couldn't have been brought into Immortal Ancient. 

"Where do you think you are going?!" 

Shi Hao no longer worried about the Heavenly Country king at his side, abandoning him to chase after Divine Dark Child.


The pieces of flesh appeared, rushing towards Divine Dark Child, surrounding his primordial spirit to recombine.

Shi Hao brandished his sword, the radiance exceptional. 


His objective wasn't a person, but rather that cauldron. The Everlasting Immortal Sword hacked out, seizing it from Divine Dark Child's side, immediately seizing it over. 

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