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Chapter 921 - Sword Light Dazzling All Realms

Without a doubt, Divine Dark Child, Heavenly Country's ancient assassin, Jun Dao, and others had set up a terrifying death trap for Shi Hao, waiting for him to step inside and then kill him. 

A chill crept down Lu Yi's back. Before, he felt that those powers were crazy, so he didn't think about it too much, but now that he calmed down and thought about it, he immediately broke out into cold sweat. 

This was done on purpose!

"Even if one only has a bit of relationship to you, they will still crazily chase after and look for us. Surrounding and attacking the Snow Phoenix and others is for the sake of setting up a death trap!"

Lu Yi realized what was happening. By involving these people, Shi Hao will definitely look around to explore his surroundings. Once he arrived at those places, he would most likely meet his end. 

Those powers attacked Cao Yusheng, ambushed Qing Yi, and chased after Qin Hao, these were all people that had close relationships with Shi Hao. Once he learned of this, he definitely wouldn't be able to sit still.

Luo Dao, Lan Yichen, Lu Yi and the others felt a wave of chilliness. These ancient kings were ridiculously powerful, difficult to say who would win even if they were to fight decisively one on one, yet now, they had this type of vicious plan. Their conviction to kill Shi Hao was just too powerful!

"Cao Yusheng is okay, and Qing Yi has cultivated immortal energy. Even if they are ambushed, they should be able to protect themselves," said the Divine Striking Stone. 

Currently, the only one he was worried about was Shi Hao's little brother. Before there was any horrible news, he had to directly take action and reverse the situation.


Green Feather City. An enormous sound rang through the air. Powerful energy fluctuations rippled through this little world.

Shi Hao appeared, his fist smashing down, blowing apart the Divine Dark Palace here. Underworld Clan's people who didn't withdraw were all eliminated.

Green Spirit Realm, Great[1] Sky Palace, a place where a group of people under Jun Dao were stationed at. Smoke and dust rushed into the sky, the void caving in. Everyone was erased, this place turning into ruins. 


A streak of brilliant sword light erupted, illuminating Dustless Realm. With the Everlasting Immortal Sword in hand, Shi Hao split open a secret land that belonged to Divine Temple. Everyone was killed.

Immediately afterwards, he arrived in Scarlet Flame Realm. A race that wasn't weak, the Rock Demon Race that followed Heavenly Country were slaughtered until everything was broken and in disorder.

Shi Hao held the Everlasting Immortal Sword core in hand, sweeping through all different small worlds, unleashing a great purge. Group after group of powerful individuals fell, heads tumbling, blood splashing everywhere. 

This shocked all of Immortal Ancient!

Within each little world, all creatures were shaken. 

One sword dazzling all realms!

Huang appeared, moreover taking action so viciously, sweeping through Underworld Earth, Heavenly Country, Divine Temple, and all creatures related to them, not showing any mercy. Blood dyed every realm. 

"Too tyrannical, sweeping through several dozen small worlds, massacring until all sides are shaken. Huang has been angered!"

"Truly never expected that he would still dare appear after those ancient freaks threatened to kill him. Killing to stop killing, this is his reply!"

Everyone was discussing this.

Heavenly Country, Underworld Earth, Divine Temple, and other large powers all had strongholds in different small worlds. They had many people under them for the sake of gathering holy medicines, half divine fruits, and other things. Their influence was spread all over. 

Even after gathering their troops this time, there were still some small worlds that had people left behind. Shi Hao looked for people to take action on just like that, not showing any mercy. 

Apart from this, all powers that had relations with Heavenly Country and Underworld Earth suffered ruthless attacks!

Immediately, clouds moved in all directions. Shi Hao's killing intent swept through dozens of worlds, shaking all creatures. They all felt great alarm towards his berserk actions. 

"Dealing with me is one thing, but you even chase after those related to me? Even if we occasionally interact, it was still enough of an excuse to be killed by you all. In that case, come! Let's see who is scared of who!"

This was Shi Hao's voice, spreading in all directions.

Heavenly Country, Underworld Earth and others took action against those at his side, so Shi Hao also chose to take action ruthlessly, cruelly giving his reply. Let's see who it is that can't take it first.

After all, he hadn't established his own stronghold, nor did he try to rope in a large amount of followers. Comparatively speaking, the number of targets on his side were much fewer. 

Meanwhile, the other party was different, with strongholds in quite a few small worlds. Their enormous cities had palace halls, and even though most of them were hidden, they weren't as flexible as those by Shi Hao's side, able to quickly escape.

This was especially the case with a few races like the Rock Demon Race, Poltergeist Race and others. They all suffered Shi Hao's merciless pursuit. These followers gathered together, so they were easily exposed. 

That day, with a sword in hand, Shi Hao unleashed a great slaughter in all directions, sweeping through a total of fifty-nine small worlds, crazily taking action, his iron-blooded methods shocking everyone!

There were many small worlds in Immortal Ancient, difficult to count exactly how many. However, in just one day, a single person slaughtered in all directions, stirring up the greatest storm.

"Huang, you are too ruthless, unleashing an absolute bloodbath, massacring in all directions! We the masses are going to rise up in revolt!"

That day, Divine Temple's most powerful inheritor in the present world stood out, calling for all sides to stand out to destroy Huang, to kill this demon. 

"Correct, Huang is the public enemy, absolutely unrestrained, slaughtering heroes from all sides. He has to be eliminated!" Underworld Clan parroted these words, asking all experts to take action.

Heavenly Country didn't say anything, because their reputation was too terrible. They were  indiscriminate murderers to begin with, a terrifying organization. If they really did declare their position, it would instead display the opposite effects.

"Hahaha…" Shi Hao laughed, but it was a bit cold. "You all dare to say that I massacre indiscriminately? Who did I kill? Weren't they all people under you? When did Underworld Earth and Heavenly Country, these dark and cruel ancient sects represent the world? Only your people are allowed to chase those at my side murderously, I cannot retaliate?"

Shi Hao's words deemphasized the situation, but the killing intent he released seemed to be blasting them in the face, leaving all sides horrified, especially the powers that were close to Heavenly Country and Underworld Earth. 

"Huang, you willfully slaughter the innocent, killing dao friend Fallen Divine Child, murdering heroes of all sides, the heavens will not forgive you!" Jun Dao stood out. As an ancient king, he now moved to suppress Shi Hao. 

"Wasn't it Fallen Divine Child the one who came to kill me? Now that he was killed by me instead, why am I turning into the victim? I don't want to waste my breath. Today, I am standing here in Radiant Realm. If you have the guts, then just come at me!" This was Shi Hao's reply. 

He challenged several great powers, saying that he was waiting for them right in Radiant Realm. 

"Do you think that we don't know that you set up formations there, waiting for us to enter your trap? It's too obvious. Not honest at all." Jun Dao said coldly.

In reality, the conversation from long distances were all reported from the mouths of cultivators. 

Shi Hao laughed coldly, not replying.

It was because in the places he walked through, there were many people who had followed him, wishing to see him fight. They didn't see him set up any formations, so there was no need to say anything more. 

Soon after, the next piece of information made Shi Hao's expression change. The Snow Phoenix was found, suffering an ambush, trapped in Gold Spirit Realm. It was rumored that Qin Hao was also hiding there. 

"It should be fake information, right?" Lan Yichen said, feeling uncertain. 

They felt that this was likely information released by the other party to draw Shi Hao over. They had prepared a killing field for him. 

The Divine Striking Stone, little rabbit and others naturally advised Shi Hao against acting rashly. It was too dangerous. 

However, soon after, Luo Dao, through special channels, obtained a piece of information. The Snow Phoenix was truly trapped in Gold Spirit Realm, chased inside. As for whether or not Qin Hao was there, there was no way of confirming that. There was no evidence. 

Luo Dao was an exceptional talent who came from an extremely powerful family, so he naturally had all types of connections. The information he received was truthful. 

"Is there no choice but to jump into their trap?" Lu Yi's face turned pale, because he saw Shi Hao's face become cold. He might really head there. 

"It is rumored the Heavenly Country and Underworld Clan's people only just chased inside, so it's unlikely of them to have set up too much." Luo Dao said.

"Is the information trustworthy?" Lan Yichen said.

"Should be." Luo Dao wasn't a hundred percent certain, only knowing that the Snow Phoenix really did run inside. 

"You all wait for my information!" Shi Hao set his resolution. He was going to set out, but he was only bringing the Divine Striking Stone, not allowing others to follow him. It was because the ancient kings were tyrannical, the others not being able to help much.

Luo Dao and Lan Yichen didn't force themselves, happily staying behind. They understood deeply that they would only slow Shi Hao down. 

Gold Spirit Realm. There was metal everywhere, forming mountain peaks, the surface bare. It was extremely unique. 

This place lacked plant life. Shiny metals could be found everywhere. 

A snow white divine bird quickly moved through the sky. As it entered a distant mountain, its plume feathers were holy and pure, but they were sticky with blood. It had suffered a serious injury. This was precisely Xue Lin.

The information Luo Dao obtained was true. Xue Lin suffered an ambush. Even though she broke out from the encirclement, she was still being chased after, blocked off from all sides. 

She was extremely indignant. She never offended these people, yet in the end, she encountered this type of disaster. 

She had previously been struck by a terrifying beam of light fired from Divine Dark Child's freakish body from far away. It was difficult to heal, extremely serious. 

However, Xue Lin had phoenix blood, still an extraordinary creature in the end, unexpectedly escaping. Of course, she still used up several Realm Shattering Symbols, as well as a rare secret treasure. 

"You cannot escape!" People chased behind her, a purple-haired youth with lightning wings on his back fast to an inconceivable level, almost catching up to the injured Xue Lin. 

He was Divine Temple's most powerful inheritor, Gu Meng, someone comparable to Immortal Palace's inheritor Di Chong, known as one of the higher realms' most powerful experts in this generation. 

Xue Lin clenched her teeth. If she wasn't injured, why would she run like this? The main reason was because Divine Dark Child was too terrifying, his flesh containing great divine ability symbols from the previous world. That strike made her combat strength decrease sharply, her life blood energy's exhaustion too great. 

If not for the phoenix blood being heaven defying, allowing for rebirth, if it was any other exceptional talent, after suffering that unmatched divine ability, both body and spirit would be destroyed, difficult to resist. 

"Huang killed my Divine Temple's holy beast Gold Marked White Tiger, so you'll have to do as compensation!" Gu Meng's cold laughter sounded continuously.

"You… are courting death!" Xue Lin was furious. As a descendant with phoenix blood, how could she tolerate this type of humiliation? If she wasn't injured, she would definitely take revenge. 

"Hehehe…" Gu Meng's laughter was extremely cold, killing intent engulfing the heavens. "Don't you have friendly relations with Huang? He killed my sect's holy beast, so his friend will have to compensate for his actions, to become the temple protecting divine bird!"


While speaking, the lightning wings on his back erupted. A streak of golden light flew over, blasting towards Xue Lin.


Even though Xue Lin did her best to evade, after all, her condition was terrible, injuries severe. She was brushed by the attack, immediately causing blood to splash out, dying her snow-colored feathers. 

Rumbling sounds rang out from heaven and earth. 

Shi Hao arrived, entering Gold Spirit Realm. He opened his Kun Peng wings, weaving through this small world. He opened his Heavenly Eyes, peering through mountains and rivers, searching for Xue Lin and Qing Hao. 

Soon after, he frowned. He sensed Jun Dao's aura, and not long afterwards, he detected a wave of dark divine power that was exceptionally shocking. That was without a doubt Divine Dark Child. 

Shi Hao did everything he could to move his Kun Peng wings, weaving between heaven and earth to look for those two. He was fighting time!

Finally, his Heavenly Eyes displayed their use. Symbols shot out from his pupils, scouring the mountains and ravines, gazing into the distant mountain range's scenery.

Xue Lin!

She was there, flying close to the ground, her body sticky with blood. A figure that had lightning coiling about him chased behind her, pursuing her with extreme speed.


Shi Hao released a low shout. He stirred up a tempest, turning into an unmatched war god. Battle intent overflowed into the heavens as he dove over. 

1. the character used here is Jun from Jun Dao. The Dao in his name is the dao you all are familiar with

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