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Chapter 920 - Enemies At All Sides

Mountain Range Realm, a place that was rumored to have produced long life medicine. 

Within a pure land of fragrant flowers and bird cries, multicolored mists filled the air. This place was rich with heaven and earth spiritual essence, all types of divine birds and auspicious beasts here. 

Ah ah ah...

Sharp cries broke the silence. Yue Chan soaked herself in a hot spring, continuously washing her pure white body. However, her fingers were clenched, her beautiful hair scattered in chaos, sticking to her sparkling white face. Water vapors rose all around her. She was going crazy. 

This type of state was completely different from her ordinarily dignified and sacred appearance. Right now, she felt like she was going mad. When she thought back to what happened, she couldn’t help but wish to kill!

Pond Realm, there were lakes and water ponds everywhere. Water vapor pervaded the air, heaven and earth incomparably hazy. 

With a putong sound, Qing Yi jumped into a great azure lake, and then she rushed out of the water surface, similarly screaming. Her beautiful fair body shone, and then she rushed back into the depths of the lake. 

Cold Realm, on top of an ice-cold snowy mountain.

Shi Hao was also screaming loudly, making the snowy mountains shake. An avalanche was clearly going to crash down. 

“Young man, what are you screaming so weirdly for?!” The little rabbit berated. She was extremely unsatisfied. Not long ago, Shi Hao actually struck her on her forehead, calling her a child. 

“You are currently facing a man! Don’t disturb my comprehension of the dao!” Shi Hao said. He sat on the summit of the snowy peak, exposing his upper body. Mists rose, dissolving some of the ice and snow. 

“What comprehend the dao? Look at your expression, sometimes giggling, sometimes face darkening, and then a different emotion, you clearly don’t look like a good person!” The little rabbit spoke with contempt. 

“Go look for you Great Yin Immortal Treasure, I’m going into seclusion!” Shi Hao said, his face darkening. 

“En, it’s better if we leave and search for immortal treasures. You should understand that men always have those days every few months where their temperament become eccentric.” The Divine Striking Stone said.

“Go die!” The little rabbit was furious, immediately hitting the Divine Striking Stone. However, in the end, she only hurt herself, shaking her hand in pain, tears almost spilling out. 

“Alright, I was confused, remembered wrong. Your temper really is great these past few days.” The Divine Striking Stone said with an apology.

“I’m gonna kill you!” The little rabbit cried out with wa wa sounds, chasing after it and saying, “You and Shi Hao are the same, neither of you good people!”

This land of ice and snow finally became peaceful. 

Shi Hao began to enter meditation, all of the ‘charming and gentle’, all thoughts and distraction gradually fading. It was now time for him to nurse his injuries. He couldn’t absorb himself in the scene not too long ago where his blood vessels were swelling. 

This was Immortal Ancient, so cultivation was the most important. Otherwise, one might very well be eliminated by an enemy.

The three thousand provinces competition, geniuses strived for supremacy, this was the true and cruel reality. If they didn’t leave this place, there will always be dangers, with death waiting around every corner. 

Only by transcending, only by becoming the most powerful few could he have the qualification to look down on all. When that time came, forget about romance in the air, even establishing a powerful foundation in Immortal Ancient that would allow him to retaliate against the great sects of the three thousand provinces wouldn’t be a problem. 

However, to do that, the curse of the natives would have to be eliminated first. 

He stopped thinking about all of these things, focusing on treating his injuries first. 

“This Dragon Chain really is sturdy!” Shi Hao was shocked. This was Yue Chan’s secret treasure, something used to bind his flesh. In the end, it landed in his hands. 

This was something refined from many ancient beasts’ divine tendons, extremely terrifying, enough to bind powerful exceptional talents. It was difficult to struggle free from. 

Shi Hao treated this like a belt, keeping it on his body. 

“This Soul Locking Pagoda is so troublesome!” Shi Hao frowned. Not even Qing Yi could help him completely remove this pagoda, only neutralizing a portion of its imprint. 

He could only rely on himself now. His strand of immortal energy merged with his primordial spirit that was freed, the joined force collaboratively removing the imprisonment of this pagoda. 

Half a day later, with a peng sound, a brilliant little pagoda landed in his hands. 

“How powerful! It’s an extremely powerful magical artifact!” Shi Hao was quite satisfied. 

Then, he began to devour holy medicines and other things, continuing to treat his injured body. 

This time, his injuries were extremely severe. The thousand flames burned his body, almost burning him to death. If he hadn't taken that step, cultivating a strand of immortal energy, he would have definitely died right there and then.

Despite this being the case, he still barely made it out alive, almost having his body and dao erased. Together with Yue Chan’s hidden attack, and then the series of serious injuries, his current situation was extremely terrible. 

This period of recovery used up a whole half month of time. During this period of time, he didn’t move at all. 

One has to understand that after one became a deity, if he was injured, even if it was extremely serious, a single day or two would be enough to recover. This time, it truly exceeded his imagination!

The outside world, the border of the vast uninhabited region.

The sect masters all became suspicious, because they lost track of Shi Hao, unable to observe him. 

It was because once he used the immortal dao energy, it would conceal everything. The Immortal Dao Flower Petals wouldn’t be able to display him. 

“Yue Chan went to kill this person. I wonder what happened exactly…” Someone became suspicious.

When Yue Chan and Shi Hao were together, due to the latter cultivating a strand of immortal energy, continuously operating it, both him and Yue Chan disappeared from view. 

This continued until Yue Chan left later on. Everyone still didn’t understand the reason for this.

“Formidable. Yue Chan, Qing Yi, could it be that they cultivated the immortal energy only recorded in bone books, therefor preventing the Immortal Dao Flower Petals from displaying them?” Many people became doubtful. 

“Wu, you might not be wrong. Qing Yi’s green moon is a bit strange, most likely really able to help them cultivate a strand of immortal energy!” Someone came to this conclusion. 

“Hehe, something strange must’ve happened between the three of them during the time they disappeared… From a woman’s intuition, Heaven Mending Sect most likely now has a son-in-law.” A woman spoke, one with green hair, her appearance seductive and beautiful, her eyes carrying temptation. 

This place immediately became quiet. Everyone’s minds were shaken. Those that dared provoke Heaven Mending Sect were definitely terrifying, their numbers few and far between in the higher realms. 

Soon after, everyone recognized her. This was Sky Severing Sect’s demon queen. Quite a few heavenly deities quickly turned around, not daring to look again, deeply understanding how terrifying she was. 

However, many people’s minds were shaken. This demon empress’ intuition was frightening, previously helping Sky Severing Sect avoid disaster many times. Everything she said was generally extremely accurate. 

Could it be that something really happened between the three of them?

Heaven Mending Sect’s people released a cold snort, saying, “Should watch out for your sect’s little witch. Rumor has it that her relationship with Huang in the lower realm was mysterious. Now that they entered Immortal Ancient, you better hope she doesn’t get kidnaped.” 

“Haha…” The demon empress laughed and said, “Then it’ll definitely be quite the deal.”

Many people revealed strange looks.

She then continued and said, “Huang kidnaps Heaven Mending Sect’s fairy, while my little witch will kidnap Huang, bringing him back, isn’t this buy one get one free? What a deal! Oh, I was wrong, it’s buy one get two free, haha!”

Immortal Ancient, the various small worlds. 

In the past half month, it was definitely not peaceful. Underworld Earth, Heavenly Country, Divine Temple, and others all moved out, experts from all sides sweeping in all directions!

In addition, there also seemed to be an extremely terrifying power in the dark, suspected to be in liaison with Underworld Earth. Dark streams were moving about. 

Luo Dao, Lan Yichen, and Lu Yi were at large. They had previously fought together in Silver Polish Mountain, and they entered the vicious nest as well. After they separated, they were in charge of gathering news of different divine medicines for Shi Hao. 

There was someone unexpectedly searching for them.

If not for Shi Hao teaching them the Zhuyan Clan’s transformation techniques, they would undoubtedly be in danger. 

Despite this being the case, they were still almost discovered by others several times, barely avoiding disaster. 

“Underworld Earth and those other powers are truly domineering, this time moving for real, wishing to find Huang and kill him.” 

“I heard that Jun Dao moved, personally taking action, visiting Formation Realm. It was rumored that he discovered Cao Yusheng who Huang has close relations with!”

The ripples spread to many small worlds. Ancient kings were working together to kill Huang. This stirred up a huge storm. 

“Damn it!” The little fatty Cao Yusheng fled from Formation Realm, feeling great anger inside. His place of seclusion had been discovered. Someone came to surround him, the one in the lead precisely Jun Dao. If he was just a step late, he would have likely been blocked up. 

“Wait for me to come out of isolation, I’ll definitely find you all to settle accounts!” Cao Yusheng wiped away the blood at the corners of his lips, thus disappearing again. 

On the twentieth day, Shi Hao finally woke up. A strand of immortal energy curled around him, his body releasing brilliant radiance. All of his injuries disappeared, and the so-called dao injuries were completely recovered from. 

This made both the little rabbit and Divine Striking Stone greatly surprised inside. The injuries Yue Chan gave him were one thing, but the great dao injuries from being burned by ten thousand flames really was terrifying, making many people worry if he truly could recover. They never expected him to be perfectly unharmed.

“It didn’t injure my foundation, it really is something to rejoice about.” Shi Hao explained. 

Otherwise, true great dao injuries would make even sect masters’ expressions become bitter. Those injuries were the most difficult to heal from, and whenever they did appear, it would most likely lead to both body and dao being eliminated.

This made Shi Hao on guard. It was too dangerous this time. Even though he made it through, it was still worth reflecting over.

“Can it be that a second strand of immortal energy really can’t be cultivated?” He sighed softly. He then raised his head, looking at the Divine Striking Stone and the little rabbit, asking them if anything happened. 

“You finally came out of isolation! The outside world is about to overturn the heavens! Many people are looking for you, all of them wanting to kill you,” said the little rabbit. 

“Not knowing the difference between life and death!” Shi Hao said coldly. He wanted to kill those people a long time ago, not expecting that these people jumped out on their own. 

“You need to be careful! Those people are extremely terrifying. Several ancient kings joined hands!” The Divine Striking Stone said. 

Moreover, the little rabbit told him that Cao Yusheng had visited this place, warning them that he had already suffered an ambush, almost killed because of it. He was now hiding within a mysterious small world to cultivate. 

“Courting death!” Shi Hao’s murderous intent was stirred. These people were vicious after all, not even wishing to let those by his side go.

The little rabbit was also angry. Even though she always bickered with Cao Yusheng, when she heard that he was almost killed from an ambush, she immediately couldn’t endure it. 

“Let’s take a look around, see who it is that wants to deal with me!” Shi Hao said coldly. 

“Good, kill the enemies!” The Divine Striking Stone was always someone who wished to see the world in chaos. 

When Shi Hao emerged, he first paid the three thousand bluestone paths a visit. When he learned about what happened, he immediately roared with laughter. 

Then, he first visited Radiant Realm, Green Spirit Realm, Origin Realm, and other places with enormous cities to look for Luo Dao, Lan Yichen and Lu Yi. He wanted to see them. 

These were all places they had previously arranged to meet at, but in the end, he didn’t see any of them.

“So many days have passed, but Huang still hasn’t revealed himself. Could it really be like the rumors, that he is cowardly and doesn’t want to fight head on?”

“You don’t say! Several ancient freaks are working together, who dares fight against something like that? Of course he’s scared, after all, one’s life is most important!” 

“This is considered smart, not a type of shame. Otherwise, if he went on to face them head on, that would undoubtedly result in death.”

In the outside world, many people were discussing this. It was because the recent disturbances were too great. 

Everyone felt that Huang was scared. No matter how tyrannical he was, there was no way he could deal with several ancient kings, as a result choosing to withdraw. 

Of course, there were some who believed that Huang might be cultivating in seclusion, unaware of these things. 

“Hehe!” The Divine Striking Stone laughed coldly. 

The little rabbit rolled up her sleeves, saying, “Let’s go mount a sneak attack!” She also felt that they shouldn’t fight the ancient freaks heads on, but rather deal with them one by one.

“Those people are likely waiting for me to deliver myself to their front doors, jump into their traps.” Shi Hao sneered.

He then arrived in Kun Realm’s enormous city. This was the final place he had selected to regroup with Luo Dao, Lan Yichen, and Lu Yi. He opened his Heavenly Eyes, revealing a look of shock. He finally discovered the three of them. 

“You all didn’t encounter anything unexpected after all.” Shi Hao smiled. 

Lu Yi was immediately given a fright, unexpectedly seeing Shi Hao suddenly appear at his side like a ghost. He screamed out, “You… they are all looking for you, you shouldn’t reveal yourself!”

Pu! Even though Lan Yichen was a metal man, he still had blood that was unique to himself. He directly coughed out a large mouthful of blood. 

“You’re injured?” Shi Hao asked. 

Lan Yichen and Luo Dao were both powerful exceptional talents. With even these two injured, one could imagine what kind of miserable battle they experienced. 

“These people are crazy! For the sake of finding you, all those related to them want to capture and kill. We barely avoided disaster.” Lan Yichen said with a sigh. 

“Even those who aren’t really related have taken action. I heard that for the sake of capturing and killing a Snow Phoenix, Divine Temple’s people moved together with Jun Dao!” Luo Dao said.

“What?!” Shi Hao was shocked and furious.

The Snow Phoenix was Silver, her name Xue Lin. Even though the two only exchanged brief interaction, she was unexpectedly still chased after. This really was beyond intolerable!

For the sake of dealing with him, they didn’t hesitate to use any method. 

“Did any dangers happen to her?” Shi Hao asked.

“There was some news that Xue Lin should have escaped after suffering serious injuries. But…” When he spoke up to this point, Luo Dao felt a bit of hesitation. 

“But what?” Shi Hao asked closely.

“It is rumored that they are looking for your little brother Qin Hao, planning to kill him to force you out.” Lu Yi added. 

Shi Hao suddenly erupted with anger. He laughed coldly again and again. “Force me out to jump into their trap? This old one isn’t going to play around with you all! I’m going to directly knock over the chessboard!”

Cold intent filled him. He was going to unleash a great slaughter!

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