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Chapter 919 - Righteous Rabbit

"This is the mountain range?" The little rabbit stood on a Golden Cypress Tree while gazing into the vast mountains.

"This is the place, there's no mistaking this trail. Yi, there are battle traces in the mountain range. We've arrived!" The Divine Striking Stone was surprised. 

The mountains were majestic, standing tall one after another. Even though it was bitterly cold, there were still signs of life. There were purple Divine Cherry-Apple Trees, silver Snow Peaches, Golden Cypress Trees. This place shone with incomparable brilliance. 

One girl, one stone quickly moved forward, closing in on that ancient cave. 

"Aiya, who is that? Yue Chan or Qing Yi? She… is actually in such a difficult position, running out. What happened?!" The little rabbit cried out strangely.

"Prepare to ambush her." The Divine Striking Stone said quietly.

Yue Chan quickly put on a white dress, covering her white jadelike sparkling perfect body, her wonderful body faintly discernible under the dress, her curves astonishing. 

She couldn't be bothered to worry about her appearance right now. She didn't dare believe what had just happened. 

"En, this is… hateful!"

Suddenly, she staggered, almost falling onto the ground, her skin color immediately flushing pink. While gritting her teeth in anger, she suddenly turned around, looking behind her. 

The relationship between herself and Qing Yi was that of a main and second body. Under a set amount of distance, all of these two individuals' perception was shared. That meant that anything that happened to one person's body felt like it happened to the other's as well. 

Only after becoming deities were they able to seal off themselves, isolating themselves from the other party, no longer feeling like they had one body. However, today's heavy injuries made their soul force unsteady, so the separation lost effectiveness. Right now, she could clearly sense everything Qing Yi felt. 

"Ah…" Yue Chan screamed. For her, it was just too frightening. 

She almost couldn't stand still, but she forcefully clenched her teeth and endured it. Her lotus arms shone, snow white and sparkling. They quickly moved about, producing a powerful magical imprint, about to attack that mountain region. 

Even though she knew that it would be difficult for it to hurt the other party, she still couldn't endure it!


The sound of space shattering sounded. The Divine Striking Stone turned into a streak of light, attacking first. It was known to be able to strike down deities, so it was naturally astonishing. 


Even though she suffered an unimaginable serious injury, Yue Chan was still extremely sharp, hurriedly defending herself. Symbols shone resplendently between them, creating kengqiang sounds. 

"Freeze over!"

The little rabbit shouted, already taking action. All of the great yin energy surged, turning into a black tide as it swept forward. 

Following a light sound, Yue Chan appeared in a block of black ice, as if frozen still. 

Serious injuries were still serious injuries. Regardless of her body or spirit, Yue Chan received serious damage, suffering greatly from this ambush. 

With a kacha sound, the black divine ice split apart. She broke free. Even in this type of state, she could still break out, worthy of her title of fairy. 

Yue Chan turned around and left, not zealously fighting here. 

She produced a Space Shattering Symbol. The void became indistinct, and then she threw herself inside.

Before leaving, her body staggered again. It was as if she felt it herself, her body one with Qing Yi. She was feeling everything the other party felt. It was too terrible!

Yue Chan's entire face flushed red, biting her bright red lips. She was going to explode from anger, feelings as if she really was going to go crazy.

With a shua sound, she disappeared from Cold Realm. 

"You…" In the cave, Qing Yi's body was covered with red multicolored light, her ivorylike perfect body displaying a change, as if she was carved from a pink diamond, sparkling and glistening. 

As soon as she wanted to get up, a strand of immortal energy winded about her, bringing her back. 

"Who do you two treat me as? Touching and pinching, and then directly leaving, what is this?!" Shi Hao still couldn't move much, in a rather passive state. Only the strand of immortal energy wasn't restricted, able to move around his body. 

Qing Yi suffered serious injuries, both physically and spiritually. In the end, with a single mistake, she naturally moved down again, a painful heat immediately spreading through her entire body. 

"Let me go!" The life and death dangers had finally passed. She could finally sense Yue Chan's frame of mind. It was truly unimaginable!

"Help me undo a few restrictions first. Otherwise, if you run, what am I supposed to do? It's so freaking cold here, I'll be frozen to death!" Shi Hao said. 

Qing Yi wanted to struggle free from that strand of immortal energy. After all, the other party was sealed, so even though the immortal energy was astonishing, it still couldn't truly restrict her. There were ways for her to leave. 

"Not good, Yue Chan returned. She sealed up her soul fluctuations, but my instinctive divine senses won't deceive me. She wants to attack us!" Shi Hao's expression became serious.

Qing Yi's face changed. Many things happened not long ago, things that would affect her for the rest of her life, so her mind had long been thrown into disorder. When she heard this, she quickly took action, helping him undo the seals. 

Then, sure enough, Shi Hao could move again. 

"What direction?" Qing Yi asked, preparing to fight.

"She seems to have left again." Shi Hao said. 

"You…" Qing Yi was shocked. 

"Neither of you two placed this future Heavenly Emperor in your eyes, acting randomly as you wish, you really aren't treating me like anything important, right?" It was clear that Shi Hao was going to take action. 

The little rabbit and Divine Striking Stone carefully closed in, arriving not too far from the cave.

"There's a battle!" The little rabbit's eyes widened, becoming incomparably vigilant, staring at that mountain region. 

The Divine Striking Stone was astonished, saying, "Be careful!" 

"Something's not right, it's a bit strange!" The little rabbit said, revealing a look of doubt.

"I'll go look around. Wait here." The Divine Striking Stone disappeared with a sou sound. 

Soon after, it returned, saying, "Withdraw!"

"What's wrong, what about Shi Hao and older sis Qing Yi?" The little rabbit asked.

"They are fighting." The Divine Striking Stone said seriously. 

"What? They already started fighting? Hurry and stop them!" The little rabbit's rubylike eyes were completely round, about to rush over. 

"Relax, it's just a small argument, they won't engage in life or death struggles. Outsiders can't join in. We just have to back up and watch out for Yue Chan." The Divine Striking Stone said seriously.

When the little rabbit saw how resolute its expression was, she felt a bit of hesitation. However, she still nodded, following it in retreat. 

However, she still clenched her small fists, saying, "Huang, you're going too far! Even if there is a disagreement, you can't fight like this with older sis Qing Yi! You have to be a bit more forgiving." 

"Makes sense. When they calm down again, you should properly give them a scolding!" The Divine Striking Stone nodded with a deadly earnest expression. 

"But Shi Hao has divine medicines and holy medicines, letting me hold onto them. If I help older sis Qing Yi scold him, what if he confiscates all of the precious medicines…"

"Don't worry!" The Divine Striking Stone was quite confident. It added, "If they listen to your criticism, they will definitely feel ashamed. Don't worry!" 

"Really?" The little rabbit blinked her large eyes, revealing an expression of shock. "Then that's good. I will help them mediate in a bit!"

This wait immediately took up an hour. In the end, the two of them still didn't appear. 

"They're taking too long… don't tell me that something happened?" The little rabbit was suspicious, fearing that the two of them really might be angry and do something dangerous. 

"It's nothing, they know what is appropriate!" The Divine Striking Stone said confidently.

Time continued to pass. In the blink of an eye, a few hours passed. The little rabbit became nervous. Could it be that the two of them really got angry, fighting furiously? She felt like she couldn't wait any longer. She had to take action!

"This.. isn't good, right?" The Divine Striking Stone stopped her.

"What do you mean not good? You stinky stone, you still aren't going to mediate things? If something unexpected happens to them, you have to take responsibility, to watch them die without saving them, not stopping them!" The little rabbit was furious.

"Alright. However, I still believe that there's really no need!" The Divine Striking Stone said seriously. 

One girl and one stone closed in. It was clear that after they reached a certain distance, they definitely couldn't hide from those two's powerful instinctive divine senses. 


The mountain cracked apart, rubble rushing into the skies. The cave was collapsing, the mountain crumbling. 

"Not good, they really are angry, about to fight a decisive battle! This ancient cave clearly still has ancient formations, but it still can't stop their attacks. You can see how angry those two are!" The little rabbit said, quickly rushing forward. 

Cough! The Divine Striking Stone coughed, stopping her and saying, "There's no need. They should peacefully settle the problem. They won't fight to the death."

Sure enough, Qing Yi wore snow white clothes, moving aside an enormous stone, walking out from the collapsed ancient cave. 

"Older sis Qing Yi, are you okay? That scoundrel Shi Hao actually dares to take action against you, fighting such a great battle against you, I'm going to look for him to settle things!" The little rabbit voiced her anger. 

When Qing Yi heard this, she staggered, almost collapsing on this mountain region. 

"Hateful! Huang, you really don't hold back!" When the little rabbit heard this, she became even more angry, rushing over to hold Qing Yi. 

"Aiya, older sis Qing Yi, you were seriously injured after all! Look, your body is so hot, your face red, let me see take a look at you." The little rabbit cried out strangely. "Something's wrong, why is your skin getting more red the more I talk?" 

Qing Yi truly couldn't handle this rabbit anymore. She struggled free, turning around to run. No matter how one looked at it, she was clearly trying to run. 

"Yi, older sis Qing Yi, why is there bits of immortal energy on your body? So powerful, did you succeed in that short period of time just now?" The little rabbit was shocked, feeling a bit stupefied. She then shouted from behind. "I understand, Shi Hao must have helped you train just now, helping your cultivation, right? It seems like I blamed him unfairly. He was helping you cultivate a strand of immortal energy." 

"Nonsense!" Qing Yi said through clenched teeth. 

"I want to kill him!" After saying this, Qing Yi turned around to leave. She cut open the void, disappearing from this place.

"It really is strange. I don't understand!" The little rabbit shook her head. 

The Divine Striking Stone coughed, saying, "You should chase after her and properly ask her about the details, use the concrete circumstances to help mediate the two of them." 

"Why do I feel like you don't have good intentions? Stinky stone, are you playing tricks?!" The little rabbit glared at it, and then she quickly turned around, rushing towards the collapsed mountain and shouting, "Shi Hao, get out here right now! Why did you anger older sis Qing Yi into leaving?"


Rubble tumbled about. Shi Hao walked out from the ancient cave, on him faint blue battle clothes. However, there were injuries on his body, and his complexion looked a bit pale as well.

"What exactly happened?" The little rabbit rushed over to interrogate and scold Shi Hao, telling him that he shouldn't have argued with Qing Yi. 


Shi Hao directly struck her forehead, saying, "What does a little kid like you understand?"

Then, his face became dark. He didn't say a single word and walked forward.

"Aya…" The little rabbit screamed. 

"Yi, you shouldn't have this kind of attitude, you really know how to hide things!" The Divine Striking Stone cried out strangely. 

"What do you understand?" Shi Hao turned around, immediately berating it, "For a future Heavenly Emperor like me, to actually be so passive today, how can this be endured?!"

The Divine Striking Stone curled its lips and muttered, "You can be passive?" 

"En, right now, my mood is extremely terrible. I'm going to nurse my injuries first, and then I'm going out to kill!" Shi Hao said with a darkened face.

In reality, Jun Dao was also plotting, extremely unwilling to accept things as they are. He definitely couldn't endure the great defeat on the three thousand bluestone paths.

In addition, Underworld Earth, Heavenly Country, and Divine Temple's people were full of killing intent, mobilizing all power they could use to find Huang. They were going to suppress and kill him!

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