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Chapter 909 - Intolerable

The silver-haired young lady's body was slender. Even though there were flames released from her eyes, her bearing was still graceful, her demenour elegant and wonderful. This was an innate type of noble temperament.

"We've… met?" Shi Hao called out. 

The silver-haired young lady's black eyebrows were curved, her intelligent large eyes releasing sharp radiance. When her delicate, ruby-lipped mouth opened and closed, snow white teeth could be seen. She was inwardly grinding her teeth. 

Shi Hao's head was tilted to the side, his vision blurred, mouth even a bit crooked. While looking at this silver-haired young lady whose beauty could topple cities, he said with a rather stupid expression, "Eh? I think it is her, only, there's a bit of golden symbols between the brows. Everything else looks the same." 

The silver hair of this exceptional beauty drifted about. A phoenix cry was released, and then snow-white multicolored light blossomed. A streak of white-colored flames flew out from her mouth, sweeping outwards, immediately surrounding Shi Hao. 


Shi Hao released a cry of alarm. These were phoenix flames that originated from the Snow Phoenix bloodline. Normal people wouldn't be able to endure it. However, symbols automatically appeared around his body, his single heavenly passage protecting him.

"Silver, you really are the Silver I raised?" Shi Hao immediately sobered up a bit from his drunken state. 

When the silver-haired young lady heard the name Silver, she was immediately provoked. She gnashed her teeth in anger, dark lines appearing on her sparkling white forehead. She was truly angered badly. 

When she thought of the bitter experience she went through two years ago, she wanted to vomit blood. The proud heavenly lady of a glorious sect with the chance of evolving into the Snow Phoenix, someone who was known as a legendary genius girl, in the end unexpectedly landed in that monster's hands. She had to go through the disastrous experience of having her feathers cut. She was carried by her phoenix wings, her plume feathers grabbed, touched and pinched about. It was a truly unimaginable experience. 

Now that she thought back to that experience, she felt like she was going to explode from anger. That was a truly unbearably dark period of time, a time of blood and tears. That type of experience was… too terrifying!

For the most powerful pearl of the Snow Phoenix bloodline to think these thoughts, feeling incomparably miserable and terrified, this alone was enough to put Shi Hao in a class of his own. 

The silver-haired beauty never mentioned these experiences to anyone, to the extent where she didn't even tell her clansmen. After all, this was something too embarrassing to talk about. However, she never expected that when they met accidentally, this fella unexpectedly spoke about the past in front of her face, bragging to these people. It was more intolerable than intolerable, absolutely, utterly unendurable!


Her eyes shot out two streaks of silver light. It was as if a divine moon fell, the radiance brilliant and boundless, unexpectedly making the void collapse.

A strand of immortal energy appeared around Shi Hao's body, divine and auspicious, quickly stopping the sacred symbols. He was completely unharmed. His only heavenly passage was even more gentle and soft as it surrounded his body.

"You… cultivated a strand of immortal energy?!" While feeling incredibly angry, the silver-haired young lady immediately became shocked. 

It was clear that she had been quite far from Burial Realm, so the results of that battle hadn't reached her ears yet. 

"Silver, it really is you! This is really great, truly a small world." The drunk Shi Hao was just too daring, completely oblivious to how much this exceptional beauty hated the name Silver[1]. 

The silver-haired young lady immediately snapped out of her astonishment, her sparkling teeth creating gazhi gazhi sounds as she said, "I hate you to death!" 

With a shua sound, she immediately flew over, her hands forming imprints. Her entire body shone, and then she spun in the air. White beautiful legs swept out from her long dress, striking towards Shi Hao. 

"Careful, you shouldn't open your legs." Shi Hao was still quite tipsy, using his arms to defend himself. A soft peng sounded.

The silver-haired young lady's expression changed. That leg contained her world shocking magical force, yet in the end, it was lightly brushed off, moreover bringing her great pain. 

Under phoenix cries, all types of symbols erupted, all of the precious techniques blasting at Shi Hao. This was a great divine ability of the Snow Phoenix bloodline.

However, that single heavenly passage and the immortal energy merged together. With a peng sound, the astonishing symbols were all scattered, successfully blocked.

"You've forced me to use my restricted divine ability!" The silver-haired young lady grinded her teeth, the golden imprint between her brows starting to shine. 

She was truly angered badly. She was caught earlier, her shining white feathers cut into an absolute mess, and now she was being ridiculed. It was just too much to bear. 

"Hey, Silver, I am your life-saving benefactor, so why are you attacking me?" Shi Hao spat out a breath of alcohol, his face revealing confusion and innocence. 

The silver-haired young lady stared blankly for a moment. She hated Shi Hao badly, but she had to admit that she was only able to escape from that because Shi Hao brought her out. 

As such, she didn't seek out revenge during these past two years, and when they met again, she was just incited badly by his words, only taking action because she was too angry. 

"One thing at a time. You humiliated me first, so I… demand an explanation!" The silver-haired young lady landed on the ground. Even though she was angry, her bearing was still extremely graceful. 

"This is where you are wrong. No matter what, I still saved your life. If you want to bite the hand that feeds you, then just come at me." The effects of alcohol began to wear off. He became more and more clear-headed. 

When he spoke like this, the silver-haired young lady felt some hesitation. Earlier, even though she was truly aggrieved, a flame raging within her, if she truly made a big fuss with Shi Hao, it would still be a bit much.

She immediately froze there. She raised her hand several times, wanting to give Shi Hao a beating, but she then lowered her hand again.

"Turns out to be one of us. Sit down and drink a few cups of wine to quell your anger!" Cao Yusheng walked up and said. 

"Older sis, you and me are the same. We both have beautiful silver-hair, so we're definitely kindred spirits!" The little rabbit also welcomed her while giggling, grabbing her arm.

Qing Yi also revealed a faint smile, trying to resolve the dispute here and mediate the grudges. 

Only now did the loyalty-lacking Divine Striking Stone appear again. 

Back then, when it waited for Shi Hao with the Emperor Butterfly in Five Elements Province, the silver phoenix revived, turning into a silver-haired young lady, beating it until it cried for its mom and dad, running several hundreds of thousands of li away. There was still a shadow over its heart. 

"Older sis is a Snow Phoenix, this is too shocking!" The little rabbit sighed in amazement. When she understood some secrets, she widened her little mouth with shock.

"Not yet, only, there is hope of evolving to that step." The silver-haired Xue Lin said. After calming down, her temperament became extremely fine, her beauty truly outstanding. 

She really was powerful. Back then, when Immortal Palace's inheritor and a group of exceptional talents chased after her, she was only injured and not captured. 

Now, Shi Hao discovered that there was an additional golden imprint between her brows, clearly the result of another step of evolution. She was now much more powerful than before. 

With Qing Yi and the little rabbit asking indirectly, together with the Divine Striking Stone's big mouth, their group finally knew what happened back then. 

"Older sis, can this kind of thing be tolerated?" The little rabbit's large eyes moved all around, stirring things up as she said, "He cut off your beautiful phoenix feathers! That is the same as destroying your battle clothes, the same as tearing off all the clothes on your body, the same as…" 

The silver-haired young lady immediately grabbed her small mouth. It really sounded worse the more the little rabbit spoke.

"We will not allow this type of thing to pass!" The little rabbit struggled free. While brandishing her little fists, she spoke fiercely, adding fuel to the flame here.


Shi Hao sobered up, quickly rushing over, fiercely hitting her snow-white forehead. There was so much pain her eyes welled up with tears, crying out with ow ow sounds. 

"The one surnamed Shi, I'm going to fight you to the death!" The little rabbit bared her fangs and brandished her claws.

"Younger sis, I support you. How can this type of thing be endured?" The silver-haired young lady smiled, even benevolently rubbing her forehead for her. However, she was using too much strength, making the little rabbit scream out in pain. 

"You all… are ganging up on me!" The little rabbit was panting with rage, immediately turning her body around.

Qing Yi smiled with her lips closed, and then she called out for everyone to eat and drink together.

The atmosphere quickly became better. However, from time to time, the silver-haired young lady still couldn't help but want to give Shi Hao a beating. 

For the sake of easing the tension, he cut off a piece of the golden shining divine wings while drinking, absentmindedly saying, "Here, eat up." 

Everyone became speechless, all of them staring at him.

The silver-haired young lady's stare could kill, glaring at him. Was this on purpose?

"Eh? Why aren't you displaying those snow-white phoenix wings? I feel like if you have the human body, and then together with the divine feathered wings, you will definitely look stunning, your looks exceptional. Back then, when I touched it, I felt…" Shi Hao was extremely thick-skinned, and while drunk, he spoke without thinking. However, soon after, he woke up, his voice coming to a grunting stop. 

It was on purpose, on purpose! The silver-haired young lady thought with anger, and with a dong sound, the wine cup… was thrown onto his forehead. 

"Ay… what is up with you? This is divine wine! Don't waste it." Shi Hao said. 

"Gold Marked White Tiger?" The silver-haired young lady Xue Lin looked at the gold marked tiger meat, her face revealing a look of shock. She already recognized that this was Divine Temple's holy beast. It was actually cooked by someone?"

"What's so special about that?" The little rabbit looked immensely proud of itself. She pointed at the shiny golden divine wing in her hand and said, "This is Fallen Divine Child's wing." 


The tender meat was spewed out as soon as it entered Xue Lin's delicate mouth. For the Snow Phoenix Race that had always watched their bearing and attitude, it really was lacking in manners. 

It was because she was just too shocked.

Fallen Divine Child, how tyrannical was that? Yet he was cooked in a cauldron and roasted over a flame, eaten by others. This was just too shocking. 

Even if Xue Lin's bloodline was powerful, possibly becoming a true Immortal Phoenix, she still felt speechless, truly dumbstruck by this result.

This was just too ridiculous! An ancient freak turned into food! Just this thought alone felt crazy, something that was hard to believe.

"You… really cultivated a strand of immortal energy?" After a long time had passed, Xue Lin's eyes became brilliant, carrying a strange look as she stared at Shi Hao. 

"About to cultivate a second strand already." Shi Hao had a completely calm expression, as if he was someone extremely great.

"So formidable, since the ancient times, so many geniuses have failed, and I've only begun to walk on this path, yet you already succeeded?" Xue Lin was truly shocked.

She was called a world shocking genius, one of the present world's most powerful exceptional talents. However, she discovered that on this path, someone already stood at the very peak, looking down on her. The shock this brought her was definitely not light. 

"Wu, I can give you a few pointers. Promise you'll be able to take that step." Shi Hao put on an extremely indifferent appearance. 

"You want older sis Xue Lin to follow you at your side, to take her as…" The little rabbit chirped noisily, wishing to expose his noble appearance.

Xue Lin took the initiative to cover her mouth. She now realized that this little rabbit looked pure, but wished for the whole world to be in chaos, that she was a little monster. 

Of course, she still stared hatefully at Shi Hao. 

"Cough, younger sis Xue Lin, I heard that you previously discovered a few clues regarding Supreme Hall?" Shi Hao was at his wits end, directly revealing his true intentions.

Back then, Xue Lin was chased precisely because it was rumored that she had personally seen Supreme Hall return to the higher realms, knowing its whereabouts. 

Xue Lin immediately became vigilant, looking at him with an unkind expression.

"How about this, if you tell me where Supreme Hall, I will directly give you a great opportunity. I promise you that in the future, you can evolve into a true Undying Immortal Phoenix." Shi Hao said. 

Xue Lin curled her lips, not believing him at all. 

"Is that enough?" Shi Hao carefully produced a jade cauldron, cautiously opening it. This place was immediately drowned out by divine aura. 

"What… is this?" Xue Lin was shocked.

"Half of an Immortal Body." Shi Hao said. He also added that a part of it could be gifted to her. 

1. The chinese characters for silver here are actually referring to silver used in money, not just silver in general

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