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Chapter 894 - Remains

This was a piece of frontal bone that was green like jade, still sparkling even after so many years had passed. 

A golden leaf, one that wasn't too big, but translucent and resplendent, pierced through that frontal bone, nailing right between the brows. The scene was strangely beautiful. 

The frontal bone had a few other holes that were extremely fine, also left behind by a leaf, previously pierced through. There were a few leaves in the ashes, gloden and swiring with luster. 

This type of scene made everyone's minds jump crazily, because it was extremely mystical!

As for Shi Hao, he was already frozen in place. The Divine Striking Stone cried out with ao ao sounds, finding this hard to believe. They sensed the Willow Deity's aura here, and the golden leaves belonged to a willow tree. 

"How formidable, what kind of immortal tree is this? The leaves nailed an unmatched creature to death!" Cao Yusheng cried out with shock.

The black-colored blood was left behind by that sealed creature. It had already been dissolved, leaving behind only a piece of frontal bone, exposing a few secrets of the past.

Shi Hao found it hard to calm down. He stared rigidly in that direction. 

This was something left behind by the last great era. There were actually golden willow leaves! This caused great emotions to stir within his mind!

"Willow Deity, what kind of identity do you really have?" There was no mistaking this aura. It was exactly the same, definitely originating from the Willow Deity. 

He thought back to some of the things Kong Qiuji told him, as well as some legends he heard after discussing with others.

The Willow Deity's origins were strange, incomparably mysterious. It seemed to have undergone rebirth, reborn again from a seed, however, later on, it was believed to have been half destroyed  later on, taking root in an unknown location to recover. 

The Willow Deity had never spoken about its past, as if it had long forgotten everything. 

Shi Hao was completely lost in his own thoughts. What exactly happened in Immortal Ancient Great Era? Did Willow Deity exist even back then? Just what kind of miserable battle did it experience for that great era to ultimately reach its end?

A cool breeze dispersed the ashes, leaving behind a few leaves. There was another piece of green frontal bone that also swirled with radiance. 

There wasn't a single individual who wasn't shaken. From this scene, they could guess at a few things that happened in the past. A willow tree had previously defeated an unmatched creature, sealing it inside of a pot. 

"That creature is definitely extremely powerful, not dying even after having its frontal bone pierced through, needing to be sealed up. Could it be that its primordial spirit was unharmed?" Qing Yi said with a sigh. 

They remembered that there used to be a true immortal sitting in the stone room. Did he just happen to be cultivating in isolation here or was he in charge of defending this jar? It was difficult to say!

"There is a piece of a willow branch as well, but it is scorched black and ruined." Cao Yusheng said. 

In the ashes, there was a willow branch that previously pierced through that frontal bone as well, penetrating it along with a few leaves. Only, this branch already ignited all of its natural laws and immortal dao force, leaving behind only a ruined trace. 

"How frightening and formidable. Divine might truly matchless." The Divine Striking Stone said with a sigh.

To think that there was a willow tree that was this powerful back in Immortal Ancient Great Era, a golden branch piercing through all obstructions, impaling the head of an unmatched creature and sealing it away.

"What kind of backgrounds do those enemies have exactly? Who was it fighting against?" Shi Hao said softly. He wanted to know the truth quite badly. Only, too much time had passed, and his own strength wasn't enough. It was too difficult to research this to its end. 

He wanted to become stronger. A powerful willpower surged within his heart. He was going to reach the peak of the divine dao!

Shi Hao knew that the last great era passed, but the battle might not have ended yet, likely continuing to this great era. 

There will be a day sooner or later when an incomparably great battle would erupt. The only thing he could do right now was hurry and become stronger!

Should that day truly arrive, there would be no place to hide. Flames would engulf the heavens above and earth below, no pure land left within the nine heavens and tenth earth. It would become the most terrifying world. 


Suddenly, that green-colored frontal bone trembled, distorting the void. Everything continuously trembled. 

This made these people shocked. Time flowed on, endless years passing, it… could still move, still leaving a mark, could it be that it was still alive?!

This was unimaginable! It was simply incomprehensible!

This green-colored frontal bone's owner was too powerful! No wonder it was sealed up, still like this even without a primordial spirit. Was it truly impervious to all destruction and tribulations, undying and immortal? 

Shi Hao immediately produced the sword core, preparing to hack down!

The Willow Deity's enemy would definitely be his enemy. He could not allow this frontal bone to produce any strange changes, had to cut it apart, not giving it the chance to display any evil. 

"Use the Immortal Corpse!" Qing Yi said. 

Other types of power might be completely ineffective, because even though this unmatched existence had fallen, the ruined bone it left behind was unimaginable. 


In the ashes, several golden leaves shone as well. That scorched black willow branch also became resplendent, trembling in response. 

In addition, what was shocking was that a streak of bizarre patterns flew out from within Shi Hao's body, merging with the golden leaves, making them even more resplendent. 

That wasn't any natural law or fluctuations, only, because Shi Hao and the Willow Deity had lived together for many years, its aura mixed with his. At this moment, these golden leaves sensed it. 

This seemed to have stirred up some type of imprint within the golden leaves. They released weng weng sounds, natural law forces now displayed!


The scorched black branch and the golden leaves moved around that frontal bone, splitting it apart together and then turning into a clump of sinister yet beautiful radiance, exploding here. 

Shi Hao, Cao Yusheng and the others all backed up, quickly distancing themselves from the natural crater. 

When everything calmed down, the golden leaves and green frontal bone disappeared, thus turning into fine powder, no longer existing. 

"No wonder it had to be sealed up… even after all these years, there was still this type of strange change." The little rabbit sighed with admiration.

This was like a dream. Even a great era ago, the Willow Deity still existed, moreover being so powerful. Shi Hao couldn't say anything for a long time. 

"Let's go. We should leave. It wouldn't be good if we stay for too long. It's better if we don't draw the attention of the natives." The little fatty said. After all, the disturbance they had created was not small. 

Several individuals departed into the distance, turning into streaks of divine rainbow before disappearing into the horizon. 

Nearby, the surrounding creatures all got up, leaving this place. 

"Really is great natural luck!" 

In a place with no one else around them, the Divine Striking Stone cried out with ao ao sounds. It said that it could eat the immortal bones like stones, but it was immediately slapped to the side. 

"You might want to die, but we don't."

The small half of the immortal body was shining with bright mists, releasing immortal dao energy. Cultivating around it would undoubtedly result in twice the effect with half the work, its value priceless. 

Unfortunately, even if they cultivated with it, one still couldn't condense their own immortal energy. That step was harder than climbing to heaven; one could only rely on themselves. 

Otherwise, why did so many exceptional heavenly talents fall from the past to present, unable to succeed?

Broken roads can only be crossed by by relying on oneself, leaping out from the sea like a fish!

Success was success, if one couldn't do it, then they couldn't.

"Too regretful, the immortal dao symbols that it possessed have all been scattered, completely erased. Otherwise, that would be an unmatched inheritance!" The little fatty sighed. 

However, they should still be content with what they had. After all, this was a small half of an immortal body. 

"The immortal body has many great uses, the natural luck endless. We should just be satisfied." Shi Hao said. 

Then, he produced the crystal he obtained from Immortal Palace's inheritor that had a clump of immortal blood sealed within. There were a few symbols inside of it that he hadn't researched yet. 

It was because this path wasn't quite the same as his own. He didn't want to plant blood, bones, or other 'immortal seeds' within himself, combining with them. He wanted to cultivate immortal energy alone so that everything originated from himself!

This was true for even the second strand of immortal energy he was contemplating. He wanted it to be incomparably pure, relying on himself to nurture it. Only then would it be his unmatched dao!

"Are we going to look around anymore?" The little rabbit blinked her large eyes as she asked. After all, they already obtained a plentiful harvest, so there wasn't much regrets left even if they left now. 

"Let's keep looking!" Shi Hao replied. It was because he felt that Willow Deity had fought before in Burial Realm, the traces he left behind shouldn't just be this amount. He wanted to try looking around some more. 

After all, the first time he entered Burial Realm, there was a powerful reaction, as if Willow Deity was still here. That type of fluctuations and divine patterns were incomparably great. 

Cao Yusheng nodded and said, "That's good as well. Actually, blindly going into isolation cultivation now isn't the best choice. As far as I know, a few ancient freaks would walk around after cultivating in isolation for a bit, exploring the mountains, rivers, creatures, and all types of different styles within the various small worlds, to the extent where they might even take the risk to visit native tribes. Everything is for the sake of broadening their insights."

Burial Realm had four well known ancient lands, all of them previously producing precious items. The earth layer had been dyed in the blood of ancient creatures, sturdy and unordinary. 

"The stone forest doesn't have much left. Let's go to an ancient place, Burial City." The little fatty said. 

"I really hope we can find something. If we can dig out some immortal dao scriptures, that would really be great!" The Divine Striking Stone drooled.

"Stop daydreaming." Shi Hao said. 

"It might not be a complete fantasy, it's actually quite possible." Cao Yusheng said. It was because in the past, there really was someone who dug up half of a book of scriptures, obtaining heaven defying natural luck. 

"I want to eat an immortal medicine! Even a single stalk would be great…" The little rabbit wiped away the drool coming from its mouth, looking like quite the glutton.

"That kind of thing really does exist." Qing Yi said. She mentioned how Divine Temple's Ancient Holy Child had previously discovered a chaotic pool that had mysterious liquid. 

Someone had previously said that it might be a miraculous liquid produced by heaven and earth, and others said that the pool most likely merged with a dead immortal medicine. 

Only, it was difficult to say if the chaotic pond was discovered in Burial Realm. 

Burial City, an ancient city, one of the four great ancient lands. 

The trip went quite smoothly without any unexpected events. They directly hurried over to the ancient place.

Even though it was called a city, there were no city walls here, just a large open market. It was extremely bustling. 

There weren't only streets and massive structures. There were also rocky mountains and mountain areas flourishing with plant life in between the lively areas. 

Generally speaking, this place was disorderly and messy. 

It was as if there were many open markets pieced together, and just like that, an enormous ancient city was constructed. 

"Did you all hear? Heavenly Country's number two assassin was killed. Truly shocking news!" 

"What's so special about that? News of this already went about a while ago. Forget about him, the number one assassin was even chased away by Huang, not daring to take action. Divine Temple Ancient Holy Child's holy beast was also captured and killed." 

As soon as he arrived in this place, Shi Hao's group heard all types of discussions. Those people were all shocked. 

"That's the Centaur Race… and Ancient Fiend Race?" The little rabbit felt as if her two eyes weren't enough to take everything in. It was because the races she saw were the creatures of Immortal Ancient Great Era that had only been recorded in bone books. 

In this region, apart from many outsiders, there was a large number of natives who set up booths in the open market as well to exchange various divine treasures and other things. 

"Be careful, this is one of the few cities with large numbers of natives." Cao Yusheng explained. 

The natives were quite strange. Normally, few walked out from their tribes, and only in a few enormous cities in certain small worlds would a large amount of them roam about. 

What kind of secrets were there exactly? Even now, those from the outside world didn't know. 

"Divine Temple's people have appeared!" Suddenly, Qing Yi said softly. She saw a few people stand in the distance, and then quickly leave.

"It can't be that fast, right? Can it be that Ancient Holy Child already took that step and came out from isolation?" Cao Yusheng's mind was shaken .

They had just arrived in Burial City. Could it be that another great storm was already stirring?

Shi Hao closed his eyes, silently sensing his surroundings. "I can feel that there is an extremely terrifying expert in this city." 

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