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Chapter 893 - Immortal Ancient Seal 

This wasn't a cat, but a legendary Gold Marked White Tiger?

"It can't be, right? The legendary White Tiger Lord's killing methods are the most terrifying, each generation more powerful than the last. Meanwhile, the one with golden patterns on its back is even a king race!" 

Many people were shocked. How powerful was the White Tiger? It was one of the world's most vicious races. This clan's ancestor dared to challenge the True Dragon, its vicious name world shaking. 

The 'silver cat' backed up, its fur shining, as if a layer of stellar splendor covered its body, the light able to reflect its surroundings. Every single hair was sparkling and releasing brilliant light.

An expanse of symbols formed, about to appear from its body. A terrifying aura pervaded the air. It was going to risk it all.

"En?!" Suddenly, Shi Hao's expression changed. He left behind a spiritual body, and his true body disappeared from this place. In his hands was the exceptional immortal sword. It hacked through the void, divine light shining in tens of thousands of streaks. Lightning erupted endlessly as he moved quickly. 


After who knew how many li, a black-colored peak exploded, turned into broken pieces with a single strike. Countless great cracks appeared on the great earth, extending in all directions. 

"You really are quite good at restraining yourself." Shi Hao released a light sigh.

Someone used a Realm Shattering Symbol to leave this place. Even though he sensed something, it was too late to chase after that person. He hacked open the void with the sword core, but that person still left. 

That was, without a doubt, Heavenly Country's number one assassin!

Immediately afterwards, he disappeared from this place, quickly returning to the natural crater. That Gold Marked White Tiger displayed its viciousness, wishing to escape, but it was stopped by his spiritual body. 

With a shua sound, Shi Hao merged with his true body, the two combining. 

The Gold Marked White Tiger's eyes were deep. It continuously took steps backwards, feeling that the situation wasn't good.

Now, not only this White Tiger, but everyone knew that Huang had just left to pursue Heavenly Country's number one assassin. He was powerful to a shocking degree!

"Truly quite the character, indifferent even towards his own younger brother's death, leaving like this." Shi Hao said with a sigh. 

When this sentence was spoken, everyone shivered inwardly. 

Heavenly Country's number one assassin actually gave up on Shi Hao, directly leaving, clearly not feeling any certainty. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn't have acted like this. 

"This person is extremely terrifying!" Qing Yi frowned. He didn't even care that his own blood brother died before his eyes, coldy and decisively backing off. This person was worthy of his reputation of being from Heavenly Country, a king who walked in darkness. 

"There's trouble. This person is ruthless and vicious, and so patient. Once he takes action, it will definitely be a thunderous and fatal strike." Cao Yusheng's expression became grave. 

Heavenly Country's number one assassin, known as one of the higher realms' most terrifying young supreme beings, his true strength comparable to Immortal Palace Inheritor, yet he didn't attack from the front, always using hidden attacks. Who could stop him?!

He was one of the three thousand realms' most terrifying youngsters. No one dared to provoke him, because being targeted by him meant death. There was no chance for life. 

Ancient freaks all felt restraining fear towards him, because there was no way they would always be vigilant. Everyone had times when they would display carelessness, and once he grasped that opportunity, cold blade radiance would illuminate ten provinces, blood splashing over heaven and earth!

"I come from the Divine Temple." The Gold Marked White Tiger said, its silver pupils flickering, still backing up.

Divine Temple? Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. Its background was indeed terrifying. That was an ancient temple, an ancient inheritance comparable to Immortal Palace and Supreme Hall. 

"And?" Shi Hao wasn't worried in the slightest, walking forward step by step. 

"I do not wish to become enemies with you, hoping that we can just part like this." The Gold Marked White Tiger said, its voice overcast. 

"I've cultivated the Martial Dao Heavenly Eye. The hatred and resentfulness within the depths of your eyes cannot hide from me. If I let you go, that is just a disaster waiting to happen. It's better to just kill you to simplify things." Shi Hao calmly said. 

If he left this Gold Marked White Tiger alive, it would definitely ask its master to take action. There will be a battle sooner or later.

Moreover, when Shi Hao had been surrounded by eight exceptional talents, he had killed a lion from Divine Temple, so he didn't mind killing a rare White Tiger as well. 

"Ancient Holy Child is about to take that step. There is an eighty percent chance of success." The Gold Marked White Tiger said, staring into Shi Hao's pupils. It raised its head. 

While speaking this, it was full of confidence, feeling pride for Ancient Holy Child, as well as a sense of intimidating all enemies in the world. 

In the surroundings, all of the creatures here sucked in cold breaths of air. Taking the final step? How many heavenly talents from past to present have strived to accomplish this, but ultimately nursed regrets, dying along the way? 

Divine Temple was an incomparably shocking inheritance!

This inheritance coexisted with the world, grasping -- Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Scriptures. It was known as a supreme inheritance, an unmatched heavenly art!

Ancient Holy Child was precisely this sect's ancient freak, his cultivation making him unmatched among cultivators of the same level, shocking past and present. No one could face him.

"Since he is about to succeed, who else could even match him?" A few people trembled, finding this inconceivable. 

So far, everyone only knew that Ten Crown King succeeded, and Ning Chuan seemed to have produced immortal dao energy, only, it hasn't been confirmed yet. 

Now, another, the Ancient Holy Child was added. Everyone was feeling great fear, indescribably shaken.

Many people looked towards Huang. Even though he was powerful, if he didn't take that step, he would undoubtedly be in danger. The death of someone as stunning as him would truly be too much of a pity.

This wasn't the first time Shi Hao heard about Ancient Holy Child. He had previously heard about him from the lion in Silver Polish Mountain, knowing a bit.

He was incomparably calm. "I'll wait for him to take that step then. If he doesn't know right from wrong, then let him come look for me." 

"You…" The Gold Marked White Tiger took steps backwards, feeling shock, as well as a wave of fear. This person was clearly about to take action. Ancient Holy Child's name couldn't stop him. 

As for the others, they were all greatly moved. Huang was truly too tyrannical. Only, once he took action here, there was likely no way for those two parties to have any kind relations. If Ancient Holy Child came here, how was he supposed to withstand his power?

"Ancient Holy Child is about to come out of isolation! You have to properly think things through!" The Gold Marked White Tiger said with a heavy voice, its eyes deep. It already had no way out. It didn't plan on lowering its head. 

"I already said that if he wants to come, then he should just do it!" Shi Hao reached out a hand, grabbing forward. 

"Aohou…" The Gold Marked White Tiger released a long roar. Its body became large like a small mountain. Silver light burned like flames. There were also streaks of golden patterns that interweaved over its body. 


It brandished its claws. Chaotic energy immediately pervaded the air. This was incomparably shocking, incredibly powerful. It was actually like this, displaying primal chaos. 


Shi Hao slapped out, colliding with that White Tiger claw. Ear splitting kengqiang sounds rang through the air. This White Tiger's claws were just too tough and sharp, unexpectedly being unharmed. 

If it was anyone else that clashed head on with the current Shi Hao, their flesh would definitely explode. There was no way they would still be alive.

After all, he cultivated a strand of immortal energy!

"It seems like the rumors were true. That Ancient Holy Child had previously discovered a primal chaos pool, inside of which was some mysterious liquid. He smeared it over his body, allowing his flesh to become powerful to the extreme." Cao Yusheng said. 

Based on what he said, this Gold Marked White Tiger's claws definitely had that liquid applied on them as well.

"There's this kind of heaven defying thing?" The little rabbit's large eyes blinked as she cried out noisily with ao ao sounds. Why wasn't she the one that encountered this type of opportunity?

"This Immortal Ancient has many natural luck waiting to be discovered. Who knows, we might also be able to encounter something formidable and mysterious." Cao Yusheng said. 

Dang dang dang...

Sparks flew in all directions. The Gold Marked White Tiger was shocked. Its incomparably sharp claws were in intense pain, as if they were going to break, yet the other party's face remained unchanged. 

"Aohou…" The White Tiger roared, shaking heaven and earth, the sky about to collapse from the sound. The golden patterns on its back became resplendent, all of them lightning up. They formed a web, surrounding Shi Hao. 

Unfortunately, when the golden patterns appeared in the void, it was blasted apart by a slap from Shi Hao, unable to harm him in the slightest. 


The Gold Marked White Tiger's expression changed. One of its claws that had been soaked in the chaotic pond's mysterious liquid broke, directly blasted apart by the other party. He was powerful to a terrifying degree, making it feel incredible fear. 

"Could it be that he took that step, even before Ancient Holy Child?!" When it thought of this possibility, the Gold Marked White Tiger trembled, all of its confidence vanishing. 

After a final roar, an expanse of blood erupted. It ignited its own body with a secret method, turning around to leave. It wanted to escape. 

"Stop wasting your essence blood, it'll ruin the quality of the meat." Shi Hao spoke. A large hand dropped down, covering it, completely capturing it. 

Everyone was stunned. The Gold Marked White Tiger was even more furious. What kind of words were these? It… was going to be turned into food?

The Gold Marked White Tiger was captured and killed without any suspense. This Divine Temple holy beast who had previously terrified and killed many exceptional talents was captured by Shi Hao and turned into food. 

Even after a long time had passed, this place was still extremely quiet. Everyone was intimidated by his might.

"Huang's reputation is not in vain as expected, scaring away Heavenly Country's number one assassin, killing Ancient Holy Child's holy beast, is he going to pierce the heavens?!"

"A storm is brewing, there will definitely be an exceptionally great battle!"

After who knew how much time had passed, everyone began to discuss among themselves again. The natural crater was full of noise. 

Right now, Shi Hao was studying this place with Cao Yusheng and Qing Yi, trying to figure out a way to collect this Immortal Corpse. It was extremely troublesome. This thing was too exceptional, with a single mistake harming themselves. 

"We definitely cannot directly bring it away. This thing cannot be touched. We'll just dig out this entire stone room, leaving it untouched." The Divine Striking Stone said. 

"This is the only thing we can do." Qing Yi also nodded. 

"I feel like there's something wrong. While cultivating there, I would occasionally feel some strangeness. Also, there were others who discovered this immortal body, but ultimately decided not to touch it." Shi Hao said. 

"Let me take a look through your Heavenly Eyes." The Divine Striking Stone said. 

Shi Hao grabbed it, transmitting everything he saw to it. Within that stone room, only the space the Immortal Corpse rested on couldn't be seen through. Everything else was visible with the Martial Dao Heavenly Eye. 

"There really is some strangeness. There is a strange ancient formation set up around that Immortal Corpse, but it doesn't seem to be a harmful one." The Divine Striking Stone was shocked. 

It looked like simple stone, but from what the Divine Striking Stone said, there should be an ancient formation. It was quite unordinary. Even though it was pretty much corroded, some of its efficacy still remained. 

In the end, the Divine Striking Stone took action, arranging a 'moving formation'. They used up a large amount of divine materials before finally completing it. 

This formation was quite unordinary, able to transport the Immortal Corpse, but moving quite gently. It wouldn't touch upon its original power, able to safety bring it away from the stone room. 

"This formation is the result of the sweat and blood of our predecessors. This kind of situation has likely been encountered before as well," said the Divine Striking Stone. 

Before starting, they had everyone back off, not allowing them to stay near the natural crater. It was because if they failed, it might be extremely dangerous. 

Even they themselves stood by the nearby transport formation. If anything unexpected happened, they would immediately escape. 


A strange sound rang out from within the stone room. The Immortal Corpse did move in the end, but it didn't seem right. It seemed like something bad was about to happen there. 

The Immortal Corpse moved. A black pot suddenly appeared, unexpectedly cracked. Black-colored blood began to pour out from it, and then waves of black mists surged.


They borrowed the transport formation to immediately leave this place. 

"Heavens! There was actually a pot there. What exactly is sealed inside of it?" The little rabbit was reluctant to part, feeling great regret.

However, they could only flee into the distance. That wave of energy was incredibly terrifying. 


The jar smashed open, dark light overflowing into the heavens. The black blood underground surged; it was incomparably horrifying. 

"Run!" The others also screamed loudly, all of them running.

While standing several tens of thousands of li away, Shi Hao and the others turned around. They could still see the black light rushing into the heavens. At the same time, there was also immortal dao energy that erupted, interweaving. 

After who knew how much time had passed, that place finally became peaceful again. 

Shi Hao and the others immediately returned. There were some others who hurried over as well, wishing to enter that stone room. However, when they saw Huang, their expressions changed, not daring to act recklessly.

"That is…" 

The pot was shattered, turning into broken pieces. Meanwhile, the black-colored blood also dried up, as if it was burnt. 

A small half of the immortal body remained. Auspicious light overflowed outwards, immortal mists pervading the air. Divine power fluctuated intensely. 

"What a pity, a large half of the Immortal Corpse was destroyed. What else is sealed inside the pot?" Cao Yusheng felt incomparable pain. 

"We should be content with what we have. There is still a small half left." The Divine Striking Stone spoke, surprisingly optimistic. 

It was clear that what was sealed was definitely formidable, making one's heart tremble. 

"An unimaginable creature, but still ultimately sealed to death, turning into black blood. Now, it has been dissolved by the Immortal Corpse." Shi Hao frowned. 

This time, things went quite smoothly, carefully storing away the Immortal Corpse. 

"There is… something else!" Suddenly, the little rabbit said with a trembling voice, pointing towards the fine powder the black pot turned into. 

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. His Martial Dao Heavenly Eye unexpectedly didn't even see through it. When a wind blew past and the ashes scattered, only then did he discover a piece of green-colored frontal bone. 

"It's the sealed creature. There are still bones left over." Qing Yi said. Soon after, her expression changed. She couldn't help but take steps backwards, because that frontal bone was shaking. 

"Willow Deity!" Suddenly, Shi Hao cried out involuntarily, his body shaking. He saw the traces left behind by the Willow Deity on that green frontal bone. There was that kind of aura!

"Leaves! Golden willow leaves!" The Divine Striking Stone also cried out strangely.

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