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Chapter 892 - Start of a Storm  

A cat raised by an ancient freak?

Many cultivators didn't dare believe that this powerful vicious beast wasn't the overlord of an area nor a young supreme being, just a pet. 

This was incomparably absurd, difficult for one to accept. It was just too inconceivable. Even though many of them felt stupefied, they also felt a type of fear, their faces becoming ugly. 

Even the cat that an ancient freak raised was so powerful, incomparable, giving them a sense of complete defeat, grief, and dismay. It dealt a huge blow to their confidence.

"Aowu, didn't hear what I said?" The silver cat turned around, staring at the group of stupefied creatures. It narrowed its eyes, and then began to slowly move about. 

A huala sounded. A large group of the people in the natural crater moved, retreating. If even a cat was like this, when the true master came, what would it be like then? 

No one dared to imagine what would happen. Perhaps, if that ancient freak appeared, just a finger alone would be able to massacre the group of experts. The difference in strength was just too great!It was as different as sky and earth! 

"You all are too slow." The silver cat stood on a large bluestone, raising its head. Even its eyes were silver, shining like two small suns, glistening and dazzling. 

When the group that left the latest heard this, they all trembled in fear, hurriedly rushing into the sky, frantically escaping. 


The silver cat released a low cry. One could clearly see that silver-colored symbols were being released from its mouth, spreading out into the air like ripples.

A group of people cried out miserably in midair. Pupu sounds rang out continuously. The bodies of more than ten creatures who weren't that weak cracked apart, blood covering them as they fell from the sky.


There were still several dozen individuals who were coughing out blood. They quickly rushed to the sky, not even daring to turn around, leaving behind quite a bit of blood in the air. 

The cultivators on the scene were all terrified. Those people were only a step late, yet they encountered such a bloody disaster, it was truly quite wrong. This silver cat was powerful and terrifying to a ridiculous level. 

It was completely fearless, taking action as it pleased. Not one could stop it!

"It seems like I haven't killed enough. The things I said were similar, but there were some who wanted to retaliate, and quite a few people who didn't move."

On the other side, Xue Ji spoke. His long hair scattered out behind him, his body carrying a murderous aura. In his hands was a dark red great halberd. He aimed it at everyone here. 


He vanished into thin air, disappearing from his original location. This was precisely an assassin from Heavenly Country, invisible and without shadows, able to assassinate all powerful creatures under the sky.

Immediately afterwards, the sounds of bones splitting rang through the air, blood splashed up high into the air. A dark red great halberd, while carrying scarlet multicolored light, brandished about. Six or seven people were cut down on the spot. 

Then, that halberd swept out again. Dark red radiance erupted. Some more cultivators lost their lives, their corpses falling onto the ground. 

This stirred up great panic. Everyone hurriedly retreated, fleeing from that region, rushing towards the edge of the natural crater. 

Many people were furious. Heavenly Country's second assassin was too domineering. Everyone else had already backed up a long time ago, yet he was still taking action. 

It was all because he felt that he didn't display as much power as that silver cat, that's why he carried out this type of slaughter, cruel and heartless, truly overbearing. 

Only, not a single person dared to step forward and try to fight against him. Even though these people felt hatred, this assassin from Heavenly Country was indeed powerful. Once the halberd swept out, few people were his match.

Of course, there were definitely people who could keep him in check. Only, once they fought against him, provoking his older brother, that would then be extremely troublesome. 

The one known as the number one assassin was someone that anyone would feel restraining fear against!

Many people speculated that he was nearby, already here, or else why would Xue Ji dare to act so unrestrained, taking action so unbridledly. 

"Let's go. There's no hope. He is so merciless, all for the sake of intimidation, already expressing his resoluteness. Heavenly Country is going to occupy this place, not allowing anyone else to step foot inside." Someone released a sigh.

"Let's wait a bit longer." Someone said softly. There was still one person who hadn't come up after being threatened, so perhaps a few things might happen. 

In the distance, the little rabbit was extremely angry, carefully watching the situation with Qing Yi and Cao Yusheng. They were searching for the hiding number one expert's energy, wishing to know if he really did come.

"He most likely has." Cao Yusheng said, sensing something inwardly. 

"I really hope the owner of that silver cat doesn't appear." Qing Yi said. An immortal body had just appeared. If several exceptional great experts appeared right off the bat, then the consequences would be terrifying. 

"Still not coming up, are you waiting for me to come and ask you nicely?" Xue Ji stood in the natural crater, staring downwards with an extremely cold expression. The dark red halberd aimed downwards. 

"Meow, since that is the case, don't bother coming up." The silver cat said. 

"Let me." Xue Ji said. He wanted to be the first to move. The halberd in his hand stabbed towards the depths of the earth, releasing a dazzling cutting edge. 

He revealed a slight cruel smile. He didn't have to expend a great deal of effort. As long as he provoked that Immortal Corpse, causing it to release divine force, the person below would immediately die. Who cares if he is powerful or not.

Shi Hao sat there, currently absorbing the immortal dao energy. His entire body was incomparably comfortable. The strand of immortal energy he cultivated shone with sparkling light, clearly becoming thicker.

A streak of bloody light shot over, rushing at the immortal corpse, as well as at him!

Shi Hao suddenly opened his eyes. He raised his hand, facing that bloody light. He himself also immediately rushed upwards.

The bloody radiance was destroyed, brilliant like fireworks between his palms and fingers, but still unable to tear into his flesh. It quickly disappeared without a trace.

At the same time, Shi Hao left the bottom of the earth, arriving at the surface, now only a few zhang away from Xue Ji. 


Xue Ji's expression changed, immediately disappearing from his original location. Then, he appeared behind Shi Hao, bringing his great halberd down, the divine radiance several hundred zhang in length.

This kind of strike would be enough to make even an army of a thousand nurse a grievance. 

However, the figure in the void disappeared with a flash, only an afterimage being cut. The true body appeared close in front of the blood halberd, two fingers clamping down on his halberd's blade. 

"Actually this fast, just too formidable!" Everyone cried out in alarm. 

There were many people in the surroundings. When they saw this scene, they were all stupefied. That person's movement technique was even more shocking than Heavenly Country's assassin, and he stopped the dark red halberd with his bare hands.

The moment Xue Ji was shocked, he also stirred up crazy divine force, making that halberd blade shine, wishing to break Shi Hao's fingers. 


The blade of this great halberd made of divine materials snapped between those two fingers. 

Xue Ji's expression changed. This kind of person far exceeded his expectations! He knew that he had encountered a huge trouble. When he saw the mists scatter from this person's body, he was even more shocked.

"It's… you!" 

He recognized Shi Hao, because this person was Heavenly Country's target. They had always wanted to kill him, yet in the end, they lost several outstanding deities, all of them defeated.

"Huang!" He released a low roar, decisively backing up, disappearing from this place.

However, immediately afterwards, that figure flickered, breaking the void, pressing forward with his palm. Xue Ji was greatly alarmed, blasted out. He hurriedly used the great halberd to defend himself. 


The great halberd had another part of it broken, once again destroyed by Shi Hao's hand. This scene left many people shocked. The insufferably arrogant Heavenly Country number two assassin was completely no match.

"Going to risk it all!" 

Xue Ji disappeared into thin air. The damaged halberd continuously released radiance, and a strange type of symbols accompanied it, as if it could refine the void. 

Shi Hao stood in his original place, his two legs not moving. Only his arms and hands continuously slapped out. However, in the end, each time they collided with that halberd, there would always be a piece of metal that came off.

Everyone was shocked. This was just too powerful! That person stood there without moving like a demonic volcano, powerful to the extreme. His divine might was inviolable. 

"Have you had enough?" Shi Hao asked.

With a dong sound, his palm slapped out. All types of symbols collapsed. The final part of the halberd turned into metal pieces, falling from the sky. 


Shi Hao's arm reached out, dragging a person from the void. It was precisely Xue Ji, his neck in Shi Hao's grip. 

Everyone widened their eyes, their fine hairs standing on end. How powerful was Xue Ji? He was an incomparably tyrannical individual, yet right now, he was being carried like a chick, his arms and legs struggling about.

"Will you be able to leave?" Shi Hao swept his eyes over to that silver cat on the side. It was currently trying to sneakily leave. 

In reality, it had already turned around, wishing to escape the moment Shi Hao broke free. However, a powerful divine will still locked it in place. If it moved, it would definitely suffer a thunderous attack.

It couldn't take this pressure anymore, deciding to risk its life to escape.


It brandished its claws, wishing to forcefully tear apart the void to escape. 

A large hand descended, cutting off the path. It hurriedly backed up.

Everyone became stupefied. There were two vicious individuals who considered themselves unequalled here, yet now, both of them were completely frightened and depressed. It left the crowd trembling continuously. 

"Huang! He is Huang!" 

"Immortal Palace's inheritor was killed by him! This time, Heavenly Country has kicked a metal board!" 

Everyone was shaken up. They never expected that Huang would come here. 

"I was the one who dug up the stone hall, discovering the immortal body, yet you all wish to chase me out and kill me?" Shi Hao asked. 

Xue Ji became silent. This was a bitterness that was difficult to describe, as well as a type of humiliation. If he knew that it was Huang, how could he possibly dare act so ostentatiously?

"It is our wrong this time. We are willing to make amends. Please let us leave." The silver cat said. 

"Not a shred of sincerity, not even lowering your heads. Could it be that you believe that just because you have followed by the side of an ancient freak I wouldn't dare kill you?" Shi Hao said. 

The silver cat's pupils contracted. It took a few steps back.

At the same time, Shi Hao saw a hint of ruthlessness and coldness. He silently sensed about, realizing something. The terrifying individual known as the number one assassin should have arrived as well. 

"Come then. I heard that your strength alone isn't weaker than Immortal Palace Inheritor's. Let me take a look at your methods." Shi Hao said, speaking into the void. 

When Xue Ji heard this, his mind was thrown into disorder. He was waiting for his older brother's sky shocking strike that would cut down Huang, but when he saw how calm Huang was, he immediately felt uncertain. 

"Not going to come out?" Shi Hao's expression was cold. He flung Xue Ji into the air, and then he pointed out with a finger. Following a peng sound, a small half of his body was blasted apart, turning into a bloody mist. 

Xue Ji released a groan through clenched teeth, his head covered in cold sweat. The intense pain made his face pale.

"Still not coming to fight? If you still don't come out, then your little brother will lose his life." Shi Hao's voice was calm.

He raised his hand again. However, there were no fluctuations in the void. That person didn't appear. 

His finger pointed out. Xue Ji's body broke apart inch by inch. A bloody mist pervaded the air. He roared outwards, eyes full of despair.


Xue Ji lost his life, body and spirit erased. 

This place was completely silent. Everyone shivered inwardly. Heavenly Country's number two assassin was killed just like that. 

Huang was just too powerful. Now that they were seeing him with their own eyes, they felt that he was even more heroic!

Everyone knew that Heavenly Country's number one assassin definitely wouldn't let things end like this. He was definitely going to release the most terrifying assault.

"If I didn't see incorrectly, you should be the rarest Gold Marked White Tiger, right? Stop trying to cover things up. Did your master come?" Shi Hao asked, looking towards that silver-colored creature. 

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