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Chapter 891 - Immortal Body

“There are definitely ancient freaks in Burial Realm. If we truly get something good, a battle will be unavoidable.” Cao Yusheng said. 

“That thing is a bit strange, but I don’t think it has life. You all should move back a bit. I’m going to go take a look,” Shi Hao said. 

The others nodded. They all understood Shi Hao’s current strength. After cultivating a strand of immortal energy, it would be hard for him to encounter his match. He didn’t fear the people below him. 

The only ones he had to worry about were Ning Chuan, Ten Crown King, and other unmatched creatures like this. If people like them came, there would definitely be an extremely terrifying battle. 

“You have to be careful.” Qing Yi said. Then, the little rabbit, Cao Yusheng, and herself separately looked into a different direction, observing the activity of the surrounding area.

Shi Hao produced the Everlasting Immortal Sword, and then he leapt towards the bottom of the pit. There were many individuals there, all of them searching about. 

This hole was extremely large and deep, just the area at the very bottom covering over a thousand li. There were rocks piled everywhere, their surface a blood color. A wave of harsh energy pervaded the air. 


Shi Hao took action, hacking down with the powerful sword core. It immediately entered the ground.

The natural crater was extremely large. Even though there were many creatures, it still wasn’t crowded. No one paid much attention to Shi Hao, all of them respectively searching about. 

There were many dark caves underground as well, these caves almost completely excavated by everyone. After all, Six Crown King did obtain an immortal arm bone from this place, so everyone was hopeful, searching around to maybe obtain the other parts. 

Shi Hao took a deep breath. When he reached deep enough where no one else was around him, he began to pour divine force into the sword core. In an instant, it erupted with brilliant radiance, becoming incomparably dazzling.

Even though he was already deep underground, the people above this natural crater were still shocked. They saw brilliant light seeping out from the cracks on the ground. 

“Heavens, don’t tell me there is some immortal treasure that appeared, right?” 

“So brilliant! Is someone using a forbidden secret treasure, or has some type of immortal treasure appeared from underground?” 

The group of people were startled, all of them extremely shocked. 

If they saw the scene underground, they would definitely be shocked, because it was several dozen times more brilliant that what they were seeing. It was simply impossible to look directly at. 

Shi Hao’s head was below his feet, both hands holding the divine sword. He turned into an undying sun, the glorious sword radiance tearing through everything in its way, quickly heading towards the depths of the earth. 

His speed was just too fast, body and sword becoming one, turning into a shocking rainbow as he pierced through the earth. Nothing could stop him. All of the enormous rocks, metal pieces, and other things couldn’t hinder him at all. 

Along the way, he saw divine treasures, ancient broken weapons and other things that released brilliance, but he didn’t stop. He had a clear goal, heading straight downwards. 

During this process, those divine materials, ancient weapons, and other things were all crushed by the unmatched sword core in his hands. There was nothing it couldn’t cut through!

Hazy radiance scattered outwards. The humanoid creature on the sword core’s surface became more and more clear, bringing a large rain of light. It was as if it was sprouting wings and ascending to immortality, vivid and lifelike!

Shi Hao didn’t want to leave behind any traces of the sword core along the way, and as such, with a light shake of his sword, it trembled. Instead of piercing open a rocky tunnel, it directly produced a spacious road. 

An enormous pit appeared, taking form as he rushed downwards. His surroundings were splitting apart, the cracks extending outwards. 

The earth here was dyed with the blood of many ancient creatures, becoming incomparably tough. It was extremely difficult to split apart the boulders, earth, and other things here, or else this place would have long been searched through by others. 

However, now, Shi Hao’s sword light was like a rainbow, speeding downwards, hacking towards the underground depths!


Shi Hao’s mind was shaken. He slowed down his speed, moving the sword core the entire time to arrive at his destination.

The bluestone rocky layer was extremely thick, stopping the path down. Shi Hao knew that this was that stone treasury. Once he cut it open, he would see the resplendent creature below. 

“The life force here is exuberant, with powerful life source energy. However, it should be dead.” Shi Hao said to himself. 

He cleaned out all of the stone materials around him, crushing them to pieces. He swept through the other areas as well, revealing an ancient stone hall. 

It wasn’t that large, but it was full of a unique style. This ancient place carried a type of sacred aura, a building that belonged to the last great era. 

Shi Hao sucked in a breath of cold air, greatly shocked. He saw an indistinct hand imprint on this stone palace. It was quite blurry, but still extremely terrifying. 

It was because at this time, the flame within him appeared, shining here, reflecting the unmatched great dao contained within that hand imprint. 

In addition, right at this moment, Shi Hao vaguely saw a wondrous scene! 

A palm slapped down in the world beyond, accompanied by ascension light, slapping down on the earth surface. The ground didn’t move in the slightest. In the end, a hand imprint appeared on the stone palace. 

Then, the creature in the stone room roared angrily, fiercely resisting. An endless rain of light poured down on this place.

Shi Hao’s expression became heavy. This should be something that happened endless years ago. He carefully activated the Everlasting Immortal Sword, cutting apart the stone room, revealing the true scene within. 

“That is… an immortal body?!” Even though he had already seen it with his Heavenly Eye, he was still shocked. 

The stone hall was easily cut open. The materials used to set up the past restrictions had long decayed under the passage of time. Meanwhile, the dao patterns and other things had been crushed by the hand imprint. 

Inside the stone room, brilliant light shone. The aura of life here was too rich. 

There was a humanoid creature there laying on the ground. Resplendent light wrapped around him, his body not moving at all. 

Shi Hao’s mind was shaken. He didn’t dare stop here. He directly rushed upwards, retreating for now, fearing that the rain of light would bring about some kind of unfavorable changes. 

When he returned to the natural crater, he discovered that a commotion had long erupted here. Many people were staring downwards. Light continuously surged from underground, the radiance too magnificent. It really seemed as if this was the multicolored light of ascension. 

Everyone knew that there was something good underground, that there was definitely something formidable, something related to an immortal!

“Heavens, is that an immortal body?!” Many people were trembling with excitement. 

Shi Hao already came out. He didn’t discover any weapons, inheritances, or even any immortal dao symbols from that body that seemed like the corpse of a true immortal. 

He frowned, standing outside the crowd. He then soared to the highest point of the natural crater, meeting up with Qing Yi, the little rabbit, Cao Yusheng, and the others. 

“Good stuff! Can it be an entire set of immortal bones?” The little fatty was incomparably moved. 

One had to understand that Six Crown King Ning Chuan only obtained a living arm bone, and that was already heaven defying. If there was an entire set here, wouldn’t that scare one to death? 

“This body has some kind of problem. The supreme immortal dao symbols have been erased.” Shi Hao frowned. He had inspected it underground before.

At this moment, many people headed down into the natural crater, looking deep underground. There was finally someone who couldn’t hold themselves back any longer, rushing downwards to fight over the Immortal Corpse. 

“Even though there are problems, that is still an unmatched natural luck. You have to know  that this is an immortal’s body! We can’t let them take it away…” The little fatty felt anxious. 

“Let’s wait a bit first. I fear that there might be something strange.” Shi Hao said. After experiencing his journey through the black-colored ancient boat, he felt great apprehension towards this type of unmatched creature. 

Even if it was just a corpse, it shouldn’t be easily touched. 


Suddenly, a miserable cry sounded. A group of creatures in the stone room were blasted into bloody paste, their bodies and spirits wiped out.

There was another group of people who were still quite far away, yet they were still battered by the mysterious power. Their bodies split apart, miserable cries sounding as they fell. 

“What happened?” 

“Someone wanted to bring away the Immortal Corpse, but in the end triggered an unmatched power.” 

Great chaos erupted below, everyone panicking. 

Several hundred creatures rushed upwards, all of their expressions pale. They were comparatively more fortunate, not entering the stone room. Otherwise, they would have all turned into bloody pastes. 

That power was too great, not something an ordinary deity could withstand at all.

One has to understand that this was just the ripple produced by a corpse, the power that was produced when it was violated. If it was still alive, what kind of power would it display then? 

Right now, Qing Yi, the little rabbit, and the others all saw that immortal body. It was laying in the stone room, surrounded by a sphere of viscous liquid. Endless multicolored light was released. 

It didn’t have any flesh, only a set of snow-white bones. They were sparkling like jade, the viscous liquid like sweet dew, releasing a fragrance. 

“All of its flesh has dissolved, only leaving behind a skeleton. There really aren’t any symbols to be seen.” The little fatty said, frowning over there. 

“There is a faint hand imprint on its skeleton.” Shi Hao said, pointing towards its chest. There was a faint imprint flickering about. 

Suddenly, everyone trembled. They seemed to have heard shouts of slaughter and saw a strange scene. 

A hand slapped down from beyond, immortal light shining endlessly as it swirled about it. It struck onto the ground, but no smoke or dust was produced. However, an expert in an underground Stone Hall released an angry roar, doing everything it could to resist.


Inside the stone room, that creature fell on his back. 

Meanwhile in the sky, that hand was also cut apart by mysterious natural laws, falling down, smashing into the depths of the earth. 

Everyone vaguely saw immortal blood splash outwards, rushing into outer space, directly blasting through several dozen to over a hundred stars. The starry sky immediately became dim. 

All of the creatures here shivered coldly, feeling incomparably shaken. Was this what happened back then?

As a result, everyone understood why the hand bone Ning Chuan found was buried here, as well as knowing why the creature inside the stone room died. There was actually this type of relationship. 

“There are no strange black mists or gray energy, so there shouldn’t have been anything inauspicious that happened.” Shi Hao thus felt relieved, once again heading down. 

He silently arrived before the stone room, sitting down in a corner. Those above couldn’t see him. He sat down, trying to sense the rain of light.

“En?” Shi Hao trembled. The strand of immortal energy seemed to be nurtured, immediately becoming resplendent. While carrying a rain of light, it quickly absorbed the immortal dao energy here!

“So comfortable!” Shi Hao couldn’t help but release a light moan, stabilizing his immortal dao foundation here. 

Soon after, that strand of immortal energy became a bit thicker, now carrying more immortal characteristics. His own body was also being cleansed, the feeling extremely comfortable. 

“If I cultivate here, it will definitely be an unimaginably great natural luck!” Shi Hao was inwardly shaken.

“All of you can leave.” Someone spoke up in front of the natural crater, his voice cold without the slightest human emotion.

There were many creatures here, all of them exceptional talents from different clans. They were extremely powerful. They turned around at the same time.

A young man walked over, in his hands a dark red halberd. His blade carried beads of blood, releasing a world shocking wave of killing energy that made everyone here tremble. 

Who was this person? They were all horrified. 

At the bottom of the natural crater, there were over a thousand experts, and there were even more further out. However, they were all shocked by this cold killing intent. The dark red halberd seemed to have slaughtered tens of millions of creatures. 

“He is Heavenly Country’s most powerful inheritor’s younger brother, the sect’s number two assassin in the young generation, second only to his older brother!” 

When this sentence was spoken, everyone sucked in a cold breath of air, their bodies going cold. They all felt extremely afraid. 

Heavenly Country was the higher realms’ most terrifying organization. Once targeted by them, even if your magical force was heaven overflowing, there was still no way to stop their repeated assassinations. 

The most powerful inheritor of this generation in Heavenly Country, just based on his true strength, was comparable to Immortal Palace, Fallen Deity Ridge, and others’ most powerful disciples, powerful to a ridiculous extent, possessing an unmatched attitude.

Moreover, his forte was assassination, attacking in secret. He definitely wouldn’t follow the rules. 

As a result, Heavenly Country’s most powerful inheritor was actually what the present young generation considered to be the most dangerous individual. His own strength was great, and together with his proficiency in assassination, who would be willing to provoke him?

This person was his young brother Xue Ji, known as their number two assassin. He wouldn’t be much inferior, so how could everyone not be scared?

“Your Heavenly Country is indeed formidable, but this underground immortal body wasn’t discovered by you all, so why are you chasing everyone away? So you can have it to yourself?” 

There was someone who was discontent, secretly transmitting it to everyone to form an alliance and take action against him together.

“Are you treating my words as wind?” Xue Ji laughed coldly. He immediately vanished from his original location.


In the crowd, a single horned humanoid creature’s eyes widened, pupils carrying unwillingness, as well as a type of fear. His head flew out diagonally, carrying a large expanse of bloody rain. The headless corpse fell onto the ground.

With a shua sound, Xue Ji reappeared with his dark red halberd in his original position. His expression was calm, however, this only made him appear even more cruel. Blood dripped from that halberd. 

In front of the natural crater, many people were angry, but they didn’t dare speak. 

In the distance, the little rabbit was truly angered, muttering, “Too unbridled. It was Shi Hao who discovered and excavated it, yet he dares to force away others so domineeringly.” 

Of course, she wasn’t worried for Shi Hao, because that fella was extremely strong, and he already went down. 

“Truly bossy and domineering. Isn’t he an assassin? He actually dares to reveal himself. Too insolent.” Qing Yi also spoke out.

“Isn’t he just relying on his older brother, the one known as the number one assassin?” The little rabbit was furious as well. 

Cao Yusheng’s expression was grave. He carefully observed his surroundings and said, “Heavenly Country’s number one assassin, someone even the ancient freaks fear. That person is too dangerous.”

He felt like that person might come, that he was nearby. Heavenly Country was going to occupy this place.

“No harm. Shi Hao will cut them all down soon!” The Divine Striking Stone said, feeling great confidence in Shi Hao.

“That isn’t the most terrifying part. The most worrisome thing is that it was rumored that Heavenly Country also has an ancient freak, an individual terrifying to the extreme. If he wanted to kill someone, even Ning Chuan or Ten Crown King would have to be serious.” Cao Yusheng said. 

“If that person truly exists, then that really would be bad. It would be too terrifying!” Qing Yi’s expression changed. 

“Did you all not hear me?” Xue Ji was merciless. He then disappeared again. Pupu sounds rang out continuously, and then numerous miserable cries sounded inside the natural crater. They were mysteriously assassinated; heads tumbled onto the ground, the space between their brows splitting apart, leaving behind a ground of corpses. 

Many people backed up in retreat, their bodies shivering with coldness. 

“As allies, there is our share of natural luck here as well.” Suddenly, a voice sounded. A silver-colored cat that was less than half a meter in length walked over. 

Its fur was silvery white like silk fabric, moving through the void slowly. 

“You all still aren’t scattering apart? Do you all want to be completely massacred?” This silver cat looked at everyone. Then, it suddenly brandished its claws, its flesh unexpectedly releasing some chaotic mist, shocking everyone here. 


Right at this moment, a group of people suffered disaster, torn apart by a silver-colored enormous claw, turning into a bloody mist. 

“All of you, just get lost! Also, you by the stone room, get out here as well. If you don’t want to die, immediately leave this place.” The silver cat spoke in a somewhat lazy manner. 

This… could this be an ancient freak? It was too surly and unreasoning. 

“It is a cat raised by an ancient freak, its power extremely great. This isn’t the first time it entered Immortal Ancient.” Someone said softly.

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