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Chapter 870 - Ten Thousand Poison Tree

This golden altar was clearly many times more complex than the swamp's altar. Even after spending a long time on researching this thing, the Divine Striking Stone still couldn't figure it out. It was left incomparably bitter. 

"This altar is quite unordinary. It is hard for me to figure it out even after studying all types of bone books…" The Divine Striking Stone felt a headache, unable to see through the mysteries even after an extremely long time. 

"Should be a formation brought out from Immortal Palace." Qing Yi came to this conclusion, speaking about a few formations she knew about. 

She didn't research altars intensively, but she knew a few wondrous formations' effectiveness and powers. This gave the Divine Striking Stone some inspiration, giving him a bit of insight.

"Made a bit of progress." The Divine Striking Stone said to itself. It then looked at Shi Hao and said, "What kind of divine abilities does Immortal Palace have? Explain them to me a bit." 

"The formation is wide-ranging and profound. No matter which inheritance it is, their scripture meanings are unchanged, their precious techniques and formations having similarities." The Divine Striking Stone revealed a rare bit of seriousness. 

Even though this wasn't enough for it to directly see through the formation, it would allow it to understand a bit more about this ancient sect's style, thus helping its analysis of the golden altar's various symbols. 

"This sect is formidable after all!" The Divine Striking Stone was greatly shaken. 

When it deciphered a corner of the golden symbols and undid the ancient altar's mysterious veil, it was left horrified.In the golden altar, it saw a few familiar traces. It had seen that type of thing before in Stone Village. The Willow Deity had previously laid a similar type of formation patterns. 

"It is rumored that Immortal Palace's origins are mysterious, coexisting with the world. No one knows how many years they had existed for. They might be an inheritance left behind by human immortals." Qing Yi said. 

Heaven Mending Sect and Immortal Palace moved quite closely together, so she knew a few secrets. 

"Related to human immortals, the Willow Deity's origins are terrifying!" The Divine Striking Stone shivered.

Stone Village had a great formation protecting it, something the Willow Deity personally laid in the lower realm before it left. The Divine Striking Stone had witnessed it, something that it had thought about for quite some time. 

And now, in the golden altar, it saw something similar, complex and profound, leaving it shocked.

This also made Shi Hao shiver inwardly. The things that came from Immortal Palace were terrifying after all. This made him become even more cautious, not daring to carry any contempt inside.

The Divine Striking Stone no longer said anything. After seeing through the outer golden symbols, undoing the outer fog, it inspected the core formation again and again, confirming the similarities between this one and the one the Willow Deity established. 

"This thing is quite ancient. It is difficult for those of the present world to lay it." It came to this conclusion. 

Those are the changes of the human immortal's symbols; there was no way the Divine Striking Stone could completely see through the core patterns. There was no way to arrange this type of formation, but it could be used.

"I've seen it before in Stone Village and know how to operate it. This should be enough!" 

Despite this being the case, it was still extremely careful out of fear of producing some type of mistake. It was because the slightest mishap could result in unimaginable consequences. 

"I understand and roughly perceived the coordinates. Even though it's not too precise, the rough area shouldn't be wrong." 

"Then let's go on our way!" Shi Hao said. He had long made his resolution to continue, adjusting his body to its optimal state. 

"We need to be careful." Qing Yi reminded. She stood by his side. 

"We cannot use this altar. If there is something I didn't understand too clearly, once we step in, there might be a danger of death." The Divine Striking Stone said.

There were many divine materials here. It set up a transport formation without any worry of lacking heavenly materials. 

Then, with saliva dripping about, it collected that golden altar, treating it like spoils of war. 

"When we have time, I'll research it completely. Who knows, it might be the same as obtaining a great killing method, immortal escape method, or a secret technique." It said smugly. 

The altar's construction was finished. It pierced through the void, opening up a hazy passage. They walked inside. 

Inside the passageway, brilliant lights flowed about, everything being indistinct up to the other end. 

"Arrived! Be careful!" Qing Yi warned, fearing that Shi Hao at the front might suffer from something unexpected. She already supported the Green Lunar FLame, ready to provide assistance at any moment. 

"The one that should be careful is him!" Shi Hao said. His body was tall and strong, his black hair hanging down to his waist. With the great halberd in hand, he directly rushed forward. 

Sure enough, it was as they expected. There was some deviation, not entering a divine ancient land.

This was a wild forest where apes and tigers roared. There wasn't any spiritual elegance to be seen. 

"There shouldn't be any mistake. It is definitely within a range of a thousand li." The Divine Striking Stone said. 

This wasn't too far, but it wasn't a short amount of distance either. They restrained their auras and started to search through the mountain forest for Immortal Palace Inheritor's place of isolation. 

"A dangerous place!" 

When they arrived in this mountain range, they were immediately given a fright. There were too many bugs around them, all of different species. Many of them already developed intelligence, devouring the sun and moon's essence. They hid within rocks and plants, poisonous mist coiling around them. 

The closer they went, the darker the skies became. That was a gathering of poisonous bugs, a fog produced by the poison they took in and sent out. 

Shi Hao gave it a try. The mists unexpectedly corroded divine force. There were many scorpions, as well as other unknown bugs. 

"So strange… don't tell me there are some bug emperors here, right? It's too vicious. Even deities would suffer a disaster after entering." The Divine Striking Stone said. Even someone as powerful as him feared the corrosive poison of these bugs. 

Shi Hao used the void halberd to cut apart the void, moving through the air to avoid these vicious bugs. There were some places that were truly dangerous with scorpions and poisonous creatures covering entire mountains and valleys. It was terrifying to the extreme. 

There were also ravines with centipedes wriggling about everywhere, some half meter in length, others several zhang in length. It made one's scalp feel numb from looking at them. 

There were even a few mountain peaks where enormous and sparkling spiderwebs hung between them. Those poisonous spiders varied from the size of a fist to the size of a person's calf. They were brightly colored, and there were even some that were pure golden. They were clearly terrifying creatures. 

"How could it be like this?" Even Shi Hao felt a wave of fear. There were too many bugs here, covering the mountains and and plains. Not even deities could enter.

It was because many of them were divine bugs, all of them able to take the lives of Divine Flame Realm experts. 

This was quite unreasonable. Why did they all gather here? Could it be that there really was a bug emperor? 

"Hurry and look over there." Qing Yi pointed in a direction.

Shi Hao turned around and looked to the east. Under the thick layer of poisonous mist, a sphere of light was flickering like a moon trying to break out from dark clouds. It descended. 

He opened his Heavenly Eye, immediately looking through everything in his way, seeing the true scenery. He was immediately shocked, sucking in a cold breath of air. 

There was a mountain there that wasn't extremely tall, but was wide and spacious, imposing and majestic. It was as if a dao platform was towering there. There was a boundless energy blowing over.

At the summit was an ancient tree that released tens of thousands of streaks of multicolored light and thousands of streaks of divine rainbows. Every leaf flickered like stars, coiling with divine splendor. 

This was without a doubt a divine tree that was incomparably ancient. That tree trunk was enormous and cracked, the pieces of bark like dragon scales. 

Its trunk was entirely red in color, winding into the skies like a scarlet dragon.

As for its leaves and branches, they were like pieces of jade, replete and sparkling, but their colors were all different, some spotlessly white like jade, some flickering with golden light, some black like underworld steel, some with deep purple multicolored light. 

When one looked at it as a whole, it was flowing with brilliant colors and tens of thousands of streaks of multicolored lights. It was exceptionally divine!

"An ancient divine tree." Shi Hao was startled awake. His heart was greatly shaken. He never expected to see a sacred divine medicine here. 

It was extremely large, several tens of zhang tall. If the tree was eaten like an ancient medicine, it would be simply unimaginable. 

Shi Hao cut open the void with the Void Halberd, bringing Qing Yi and the Divine Striking Stone over, arriving at an optimal location that avoided the various poisonous bugs. He carefully looked at it. 

Qing Yi could see it, and she was similarly shocked. The feeling this ancient tree gave off was too powerful. 

From a certain perspective, the divine tree was even more precious than flower and plant shaped divine medicines. After all, a tree was much larger, and the medicinal effects it carried would be much greater.

Even though it was still the concentration of essence that was important, once it reached a certain degree, it would still be extremely shocking. 

"Yi, something's not right. The aura of experts here is too great." Qing Yi was startled, feeling many true deity auras pervading the air, completely undisguised.

Shi Hao had long discovered this. He was also carefully observing. 

These experts were all poisonous bugs, but they were far more powerful than the poisonous creatures outside. There were dragon horned toads, golden centipedes with wings, and brightly-colored scorpions surrounded by a divine ring. They were all different colors, the auras they released astonishing. 

These were all true deities, a large group of them. All of them were in different locations, taking in and sending out poisonous energy towards this ancient tree, absorbing the radiance the divine tree released. 

"Ten thousand creatures are kneeling and bowing with worship. What are they doing? What kind of background does this ancient tree have?" All of their expressions changed. 

Upon closer inspection, they saw that there were a few divine bug corpses under the tree that were unexpectedly at the heavenly deity level!

"Heavens, what kind of background does this tree have?" Even the Divine Striking Stone couldn't help but cry out.

Shi Hao frowned. Those corpses died in rather strange ways. Some of them still displayed vitality, only, it seemed like they had entered a state of sleep, so they were not much different from being dead. 

"Immortal Ancient's natives generally wouldn't leave their respective tribal areas, or else unexpected things would happen. Could it be that these dead heavenly deities are related to this? Also, it is easier for descendents from outside Immortal Ancients to display problems, going mad once they reach heavenly deity level or directly die." Qing Yi said. 

Shi Hao noded. The heavenly deities under the ancient tree likely belonged to those types of situations. 

Suddenly, Qing Yi vaguely recalled something that had been recorded down. She cried out with shock, "I think I know what it is… it's the Ten Thousand Poison Tree."

Even though it was a divine tree, it contained all types of poisons, giving it the title 'Ten Thousand Poisons'. For normal deities, this was fatal, but for the poisonous bugs, it was the most precious tree. 

It had ten thousand poison divine fruits which, upon being ingested, if one could hold on and not die, one could immediately become a heavenly deity!

It was just like the fruit of a Heavenly Deity Tree. For normal cultivators, eating a single fruit would allow them to become a heavenly deity, the divine effects terrifying!

"How unfortunate, we can't eat it..." Shi Hao felt regretful.

"In the past, it wasn't that no one ate it before. In the end, they made it through and became a poisonous heavenly deity, all creatures in their way dying, none able to withstand their poison power." Qing Yi said. 

Shi Hao's mind was moved. He looked at the ancient tree. Under the branches, between the leaves, there were indeed a few fruits. However, they weren't mature yet, still underripe. 

"Wu, let's remember this place. In the future, we might truly need to come here to pick them." Shi Hao said. 

"Turns out that Immortal Palace Inheritor was hiding here, indeed a place not easy to find. Who would want to come to this type of dangerous place normally?" The Divine Striking Stone said, discovering a few clues. 

Under that Ten Thousand Poison Tree, there was a formation protecting that area. Next to its roots was a hazy gate that led to an ancient land. It was surrounded by formation patterns, isolated from the outside world. 

"Something's strange, the formation Immortal Palace laid really is too similar to the one Willow Deity set up in Stone Village, likely formations that came from the same era." The Divine Striking Stone was shocked.

"I had previously heard that Immortal Palace's inheritance is related to immortals, inseparably linked to the last great era." Qing Yi said. 

Shi Hao was speechless. He thought back to the battlefield he saw the first time he opened the Three World Coffin. There was a willow tree there that looked exactly the same as the Willow Deity, powerful and matchless, surrounded by immortal light as it unleashed a slaughter. 

"If it is this type of formation, then it is much easier. I can bring us in." The Divine Striking Stone said. 

"If we enter like this, do you think he'll be scared out of his mind?" The Divine Striking Stone laughed strangely. 

If the other person was cultivating in isolation, about to break through, about ninety percent there, but suddenly frightened while immersed in a deep state of dao comprehension, there would definitely be a great problem. 

At worst, he might directly die!

"Let's go. He offered a bounty to kill me, so I have to treat him like this. Let's first scare him until half his body is paralyzed!" Shi Hao said, his eyes forceful. 

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