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Chapter 869 - Opening Heavenly Eye

No one responded from within the cave. 

There were golden scales all over the ground, and there were two broken dragon horns as well. These were the parts that were still relatively intact. All other areas had collapsed into blood and bone. 

This Dragon Blooded Ancestral Crocodile was extremely strong, far more powerful than that Golden Winged Peng, one of the most powerful experts Shi Hao had killed in Immortal Ancient. 

Shi Hao believed that he already found the important place. This child of the vicious crocodiles protecting Immortal Palace was naturally loyal and devoted to Immortal Palace's inheritor. There was definitely a reason for him standing guard here. 

The isolated island was split apart, the plant life half destroyed. Only the mountain was undamaged. Multicolored light emerged from the ancient cave, accompanied by wisps of primal chaos. 

This was a divine cave with formations protecting this place, and that was why this place was still intact after the battle. 

Shi Hao carefully sensed his surroundings, but in the end, he couldn't help but sigh. He was left disappointed, because his enemy wasn't here. 

"An altar." Qing Yi said. She found a faint golden altar in the ancient cave that was simple and ancient. It led to an unknown place. 

"His natural disposition is to be suspicious, not even trusting the ancestral crocodile and heading for another place himself. All types of information are reported through the Dragon Blooded Ancestral Crocodile." Shi Hao said. 

The golden altar was just like the one in the swamp, still a 'part of a network', not leading to Immortal Palace inheritor's place of isolation. However, it was a bit closer.

If nothing unexpected happened, they would find him in the next secret realm. 

"We're rich, great natural luck!" The Divine Striking Stone cried out strangely. It deciphered the formation, and then it opened a treasury. All types of radiance immediately rushed out like a tide. 

In that place, the divine materials were piled up like a small mountain, all of them shining. These were all heavenly treasures. 

"The ancestral crocodile helped him collect all types of treasures, and they are all piled up here. It truly is a place of natural luck." Even Qing Yi's beautiful eyes were blinking, releasing extraordinary splendor. 

The treasures here were extremely shocking, all of them rare divine materials of different types. They could be used to lay formations, create weapons, and other things. Everything that should be here was here. 

Apart from this, there was a pile of holy medicine sealed within jade containers, the amount shockingly great. Apart from this, there were more than ten stalks of half divine medicines, resplendent and rich with fragrance. 

Shi Hao laughed loudly. They received a great harvest this time after raiding Immortal Palace Inheritor's secret nest. All of the treasures accumulated from various inhabited areas were here. 

"He didn't have time to bring them away." Qing Yi said. 

When the Divine Striking Stone saw rare ore materials, it directly opened its mouth and devoured them with gabeng gabeng sounds. There were quite a bit of wondrous stones here, all of them top level materials. 

Shi Hao and Qing Yi took inventory of everything, and then they were both shocked. There were just too many good things. If they were brought out from Immortal Ancient, they could definitely be sold for a tremendous amount of wealth. 

"What kind of stone material is this?" When the they checked all of the divine materials, they saw a pile of ore that didn't seem all that special.

"Mine, mine!" The Divine Striking Stone immediately rushed over, chewing on a piece with kengchi kengchi sounds. In the end, as soon as it swallowed it, it spat it out, cursing continuously. 

"What kind of damn stone is this? It's taste is terrible!" It complained. It couldn't sense anything special about it. It didn't contain any divine characteristics.

"Yi, this stone has a marking, called Stone Core material." Qing Yi cried out in surprise. She seemed to have thought of something, and then her mind trembled greatly. She then became incomparably excited.

"Stone Core material, never heard of it before." Shi Hao didn't recall any divine materials with this name. 

"It is a divine ancient material!" Qing Yi was stirred up, emotions welling up on her pure and holy face, unable to remain calm.

"What is so special about it?" Shi Hao didn't understand.

"This stone might contain a Stone Core, which is also known as an immortal core. It can cleanse the eyes and open up a Heavenly Eye!" Qing Yi said, her voice trembling. 

"What?" Shi Hao was greatly shocked. There was this type of wondrous stone? It was definitely a heaven defying item.

Rumors had it that this was a wondrous stone that came from the Immortal Ancient Great Era. There were some who said that the so called Stone Core came from the gall bladders of immortals. The essence from those immortals' gallbladders were sealed in earth, accumulated within. 

There were others who said that this was a rare treasure of heaven and earth produced by mountains and rivers, a natural product of the world. 

"Good stuff. If there is an immortal core inside, why can't I see it?" Shi Hao found some in the stone materials ,yet he couldn't tell which piece of stone had Stone Cores. 

"This type of stone materials cannot be seen through by normal divine eyes." Qing Yi said. 

Shi Hao produced the dual-pupil, reflecting the pile of materials. Qing Yi also moved over, her wonderful body like a refined and straight divine lotus that bloomed, releasing a fragrance that was incomparably gentle and beautiful. 

"There really is a Stone Core inside!" Shi Hao was extremely happy. 

Inside this large pile of stone materials, there was one piece that released golden light. The dual-pupil could see that there was a golden core inside. 

"This is too great!" Qing Yi was so happy she almost cried out, appearing quite different from her ordinarily pure and holy temperament. 

The two of them moved, carefully cutting apart this stone material, producing a golden-colored 'immortal core' from within.

"How do you use it?" Shi Hao frowned.

Qing Yi said, "Directly drop it into the eye and it would suffice. This is a divine object that can make the blind's eyes become like lightning, recovering its vitality, able to speed up the formation of the Heavenly Eye."

The Divine Striking Stone was eager to give it a try. It claimed that even though it was a stone, it could also use it as a baptism. In the end, it was slapped to the side by the two of them, telling it to stop causing trouble.

"Let's all give it a try." Shi Hao said. His Heavenly Eye had long begun taking form, forming mysterious symbols within the depths of his pupils, on the verge of being produced. 

Now that there was this Stone Core, it should be able to open without a doubt. 

"You should try it first. I'll stand guard for you. Your Heavenly Eye has already showed the initial stages of forming, so the effects should be better." Qing Yi said. 

Shi Hao didn't act too politely. He sat down, and while holding the golden Stone Core, carefully tore apart the golden skin. Golden liquid immediately flowed out.

The ancient cave became full of a strong fragrance. This golden liquid's fragrance was too tempting, making one want to give it a bite. 

Shi Hao carefully dropped it into his eyes. He felt a refreshing feeling, and then his eyes immediately felt a stinging pain. Symbols covered them densely, suffused with life force. His eyes released two beams of electricity. 

He could clearly see symbols condensing in an incomparably complex manner. That was the opening of the Heavenly Eye. 

"It does have divine effects after all, speeding up the formation of the Heavenly Eye!" Qing Yi sighed with astonishment. 

This process was quite slow. Shi Hao wasn't impatient for results, waiting for the discomfort in his eyes to disappear. Then, he extracted a bit of golden liquid from the Stone Core again, smearing it over his eyes.

An hour later, the Stone Core was no longer effective for him, his eyes no longer showing any changes. He thus stopped.

Shi Hao closed his eyes and silently comprehended for a long time. He then suddenly opened his eyes. In that instant, two streaks of symbol-formed beams of light shot out, rushing out from the cave with incomparable brilliance. 

In that instant, Shi Hao felt that the world before his eyes seemed to have come alive. The entire world seemed to have brightened by many times, becoming incomparably clear.

In addition, he could see through stone walls, able to see past them.

Every single blade of grass, every tree, all living things in the mountains and rivers seemed different. They were lively and full of spirituality, as if he could see their souls. 

His eyes gazed into the distance, able to see extremely far, able to see through the source, past the fabricated, his heavenly eye able to see all creatures. Their movements seemed to have become slower as well. 

This was the Heavenly Eye; this was just the start, yet there were already such wonderful effects. 

The speed of others slowing before his eyes, this type of ability would display unimaginable use in battle. It would be difficult for all types of profound and secret changes the opponent made to escape the Heavenly Eye.

In reality, this was still the start of its opening. The true Martial Dao Heavenly Eye had many other shocking areas that would be revealed as his cultivation increased. All types of divine abilities would manifest themselves one after another. 

"How are the effects?" Qing Yi asked. 

"Excellent!" Shi Hao nodded, handing the Stone Core to her. He only used a small half, because he already developed the initial form, able to produce the Heavenly Eye's symbols at any time. 

Qing Yi accepted it, but didn't use it immediately. She felt that she had to wait until her mind and body were clear, or when she cultivated a few eye techniques before using it, as the effects would be more prominent then. She sealed it inside of a jade bottle.

"Yi, what is happening to you?" Qing Yi looked towards Shi Hao, noticing that his eyes became symbols, a faint golden light scattering on her body without dissipating. 

"Uh… nothing, just seeing how your charm is heaven made, feeling that your future accomplishments are great." Shi Hao said half-heartedly to get by, his eyes flickering with light. 

"You…" Qing Yi immediately became furious, reacting quickly. This fella's Heavenly Eye had now initially formed, able to see through things. He was looking at her body! She immediately display great techniques to protect her body, blocking out the Heavenly Eye's symbols. 

Shi Hao could see a pure white, wonderful body that sparkled with snow white radiance. Curves rose and fell, elegant and exquisite, perfect without any flaws. 

"You better close your eyes and stop using the Heavenly Eye!" Qing Yi berated and began to hit him. 

Shi Hao pulled a straight face, boasting shamelessly, "My Heavenly Eye has already formed, so I am exhausting divine force to help you examine your soul, to see if you have any hidden dangers in your process of cultivation!" 

Qing YI naturally wouldn't believe his nonsense. He had just opened up the Heavenly Eye, inspecting the soul my ass! He could only see the flesh body. With a raise of her hand, a streak of symbols few out, blasting forward. 

Immediately afterwards, the green moon released radiance, surrounding her body, isolating it from the world.

"Yi, how come I can't see through anymore?" Shi Hao was confused. He suddenly realized that he blurted this out without thinking, immediately adding, "I was saying how come I couldn't see a soul anymore!" 

"Go look at ghosts instead!" A streak of green divine flames flew over from Qing Yi, almost landing on his body. He hurriedly moved out of the way. 

The symbols in Shi Hao's eyes receded, his eyes recovering their normal state. Even though his eyes were clear, he didn't show any repentance, muttering, "It's not like I didn't see it before…" 

"What did you say?!" Qing Yi's large eyes widened, her perfect jade face flushing with redness, her voice increasing an octave. She was originally a pure and refined lady with an otherworldly temperament, but every time she was with Shi Hao, her emotions would always be incited greatly.

"Nothing." Shi Hao turned around and began to check the other rare materials. 

Then, the two of them moved, collecting everything in the ancient cave, not leaving a single item behind.

One could imagine how angry Immortal Palace's inheritor would be once he found out. These were all his, yet now, everything was looted in such an unbridled manner, already changing owners. 

"Using his Stone Core to cleanse our eyes, increasing the opening of our Heavenly Eyes, if he found out, I wonder what kind of expression he would have. Maybe he'll go mad?" Shi Hao said. 

"He is cultivating in isolation, so if we go over and tell him what happened, he won't go crazy, right?" The Divine Striking Stone said with clearly unkind intentions.

It began to research the golden altar, wishing to reach that place through here.

Shi Hao sat down to silently adjust his breath, raising his body's condition to the peak. The Martial Dao Heavenly Eye was now in its initial stages of forming, and his divine senses became even sharper. 

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