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Chapter 868 - Dragon Blooded Ancestral Crocodile

Shi Hao soared into the air, and Yue Chan followed behind him, her clothes fluttering about. The two were like divine companions as they disappeared into the limits of the horizon.

Peach Blossom Forest, everyone here became stupefied. Only after a long time had passed did they erupt with commotion.

"Heavens! He is going to kill Immortal Palace's inheritor! This is a major event that will shock all of Immortal Ancient, the effects great and long lasting!" 

"Huang is taking action himself, taking the initiative to attack! This is definitely going to be an earth-shattering event!" 

Fallen flowers were scattering and flying about like snowflakes within the peach tree forest, the pink flower petals filling the skies, sparkling and resplendent, sweet fragrance wafting into the distance. However, it wasn't enough to conceal the commotion here. 

Huang was going to do something big, about to create a great disturbance! 

After a long time had passed, this place couldn't remain peaceful any longer. The creatures here spread the news, everyone wanting to witness this battle. Unfortunately, they didn't know where Immortal Palace's inheritor was. 

"Selling information about himself, acquiring holy medicines, Huang truly is…" Everyone didn't know how to describe him. When they thought back to what had just happened, all of them laughed. 

"Immortal Palace is definitely going to vomit blood. To use this kind of capital on an enemy, I truly wonder how they will feel after finding out." 

All of Immortal Palace's experts in Peach Blossom Forest were killed, but there were still a few small figures Shi Hao didn't pay attention to. These people's faces were green and pale, truly feeling sullen.

Similarly, those from Underworld Clan who survived felt incredibly sullen as well, truly wishing to roar into the sky. 

This devil king was... too lowly. He had such great divine abilities, yet he was still swindling others, extorting a pile of holy medicines. It truly angered one to death. 

These individuals without too much strength were one thing, but if news got out, how would those exceptional talents in those strongholds feel? Their lungs would definitely explode from anger. 

Within a swamp in Green Spirit Realm, there was a strong rotting aura. Not many creatures were willing to reside here. The yin energy was extremely strong, surrounding this place. No sunlight reached this area all year round. 

The Divine Striking Stone led the way, bringing Shi Hao and Qing Yi here. It indicated for them to keep silent, because they were already close to the destination. A strong fluctuation of life wafted out from within the depths of the swamp, protecting this place.

"A formation disk!" 

There was a small altar in the swamp formed from dark red colored divine materials. An expert sat there, protecting it, eyes closed while absorbing and releasing energy. 

White-colored energy was released from his mouth and nose, coiling around his body like a dragon. One could tell with just a glance that this was a formidable expert!

However, for Shi Hao, this wasn't a problem. In his eyes, only Immortal Palace Inheritor could be considered an enemy. Those who were guarding the way weren't significant at all. 

Shi Hao retracted his vital energy and silently adjusted his aura. Then, he suddenly acted, the Kun Peng technique and Earth to Inches techniques merging together, rushing over like a strand of smoke. 

At the same time, he supported his only heavenly passage, quickly arriving and surrounding that person.

This person opened his eyes. He struggled intensely, wishing to send a message through the altar, but it was already too late. This single heavenly passage restricted everything. 

No matter how he used precious techniques, summoned weapons, it was all useless. He became weaker and weaker, and then in the end, he couldn't move any longer. 

"Who are you?" He opened his mouth with difficulty, finding this hard to believe. As the most powerful young expert of a province, Immortal Palace Inheritor's number three general, he was actually captured like this. 

This type of result, this type of utter defeat, was hard for him to accept. Even if an ancient freak arrived, it still shouldn't be like this, right? 

"Hehehe…" Shi Hao laughed. 

"Huang, you came!" This person's expression changed, feeling shock, anger, and fear. There was nothing worse than this. Huang came knocking on their doors.

One has to understand that Immortal Palace's inheritor was in closed door training. Now that someone came like this, the results were unimaginable. It immediately made his face incredibly pale. 

"You aren't even someone from Immortal Palace. There's no need for you to be worried for his sake." Shi Hao said indifferently. 

Qing Yi walked over, as graceful as an immortal. The hazy radiance surrounded her slender body, making this swamp look more and more pure and holy.

The Divine Striking Stone flew forward and said, "Ask him for the coordinates. If I have to deduce it, then it'll take quite a bit of work." 

"Did you hear? Where does this altar lead to? Please speak about the void coordinates." Shi Hao said. 

"I do not know, this is a mysterious formation. I am only in charge of protecting this place. Each time there is something, I only need to place a bone book here and it will be transmitted through." The third general said.

The divine striking stone felt a headache. "This is most likely some type of wondrous formation. It is a bit troublesome, only able to send special objects, for example, bone books and other  things. Creatures most likely can't step on it."

Shi Hao questioned this individual, but the third general didn't know much, his knowledge limited.

"You dare?!" When Shi Hao slightly restrained the heavenly passage, this person quickly counterattacked to destroy the altar. 

Lightning Emperor's technique! 

Shi Hao took action, lightning pouring into his body, blasting him until he was charred lack. It was because the two were just too close, so this person couldn't avoid it at all. He flew outwards, landing in the swamp.

"You aren't even a disciple of Immortal Palace. Why are you so devoted to him?" Shi Hao asked. 

"I was infected by the green copper rust curse, so I have no choice. If it is activated by Immortal Palace's inheritor, I'll undoubtedly die." He said with grief. His body released a scorched smell after being hacked by lightning, many of his bones broken. 

Shi Hao recalled how he suffered from this type of curse in the lower realm, using up an entire year to make it through, crawling out from the grave with great difficulty.

"This is good as well, a type of freedom." The third general coughed out black-green blood, and then he collapsed onto the ground, losing his life. The space between his brows had long been split apart by lightning.

"I am going to kill him!" Shi Hao said with a low voice. He was going to kill Immortal Palace's inheritor no matter what. 

The Divine Striking Stone thought bitterly to himself, trying to decipher the coordinates of the other end of this strange altar. It wanted to find where exactly Immortal Palace's inheritor was. 

"It's not too bad. I've previously seen this type of transport formation on a bone book, so I can deduce its whereabouts." The Divine Striking Stone was able to acquire a breakthrough far faster than what they had anticipated, deducing a set of coordinates. He then borrowed this altar to put everything in order.

The preparations were ready. The altar illuminated, opening up a silver path to an unknown territory. 

"Go!" Shi Hao rushed in.

"You all aren't scared that he cultivated a strand of immortal energy? The consequences of barging in like this are far from reassuring!" The Divine Striking Stone said. 

Qing Yi revealed a faint smile. "Forget about how difficult it is to take that step, if he really did succeed, with his nature, he would have emerged from isolation a long time ago to challenge all sides." 

"Indeed!" Shi Hao nodded.

The silver passageway was blurry, continuously flickering about with radiance. Soon after, they reached its end.

Shi Hao held a great halberd in hand, his entire body covered densely by symbols, preparing to release the most powerful attack. He was going to rush out and immediately hack down. 

However, soon after, he was left stunned. This was a great yellow desert. There wasn't anyone here, with not a single blade of grass growing here. 

"Where did you end up sending us?" 

It was clear that this wasn't Green Spirit Realm, lacking vitality, nor was there any Immortal Palace Inheritor. How could this type of environment be suited to isolation cultivation? 

They arrived in a brand new world, unknown which small world they ended up in. 

"Strange…" The Divine Striking Stone thought to itself. After carefully analyzing the process, he said, "We might have deviated from out target a bit, but it shouldn't be that much. His place of isolation should be within a hundred li."

"A hundred li isn't too bad, not several hundreds of thousands of li." Qing Yi teased. 

For them, a hundred li was extremely short, not far at all. Shi Hao rose up, sweeping the surroundings with his divine senses. Soon after, he sensed something.

"In that direction!

There was a sphere of green light in the desert. When they drew near, they discovered an island situated in the desert. It wasn't large, but the plant life here was lush and full of life, everything here shining. 

This was a strange scenery. The plants were sparkling like jade, and there were waves of white mists pervading the air like immortal energy. There were wisps of chaotic mist as well. 

"This place is just too extraordinary…" The Divine Striking Stone said. 

"I'm preparing to take action. All of you, be careful." Shi Hao's expression became grave, retracting his aura. He walked over step by step. There wasn't much to be said about this enemy. He was going to directly cut him down! 

The island was small, less than a thousand zhang in size. There was a mountain at the center, and inside the mountain was an ancient cave that surged with auspicious multicolored radiance. Chaotic energy pervaded the air. 

There was a single person seated there, drowned under hazy mists that unexpectedly couldn't be seen through. This was an ancient divine cave.

The Divine Striking Stone set up formation banners to neutralize the surrounding formation. It also transmitted mentally, "Ten steps left, fifteen steps forward…" It was pointing out the way forward. 

Shi Hao was like a streak of transient light, immediately slaughtering his way into the ancient cave. Not only did he release lightning, Kun Peng wings appeared on his back as well. In addition, the great halberd in his hands also hacked out.


A pair of eyes opened in the chaotic energy, shining like blood-colored lamps. It was extremely frightening. This creature's reaction speed was extremely fast, resisting with all of its power.


The cave erupted, divine force surging. Deafening sounds of metal clashing rang through the air. 

"Something's not right. It isn't Immortal Palace inheritor!" Qing Yi was shocked. She stood guard outside the cave, ready to take action at any time.

"How did you all find this place?" The voice that sounded from within the ancient cave was extremely muffled, yet it shook the void until it trembled. If it was a normal person, their souls would have left their flesh shell and been crushed. 

"Who are you, actually knowing the Human Immortal Imprint?!" Shi Hao was shocked. This wasn't Immortal Palace's inheritor, yet it knew the sect's restricted divine ability. 

"What is this thing? It's so large!" The Divine Striking Stone was shocked. Inside that ancient cave, chaotic energy curled around an enormous beast. It was incomparably terrifying, magical force overflowing into the heavens. 

This creature exchanged several dozen blows with Shi Hao head on, yet it unexpectedly didn't explode and die. 

Soon after, the two slaughtered their way out. Qing Yi saw this creature's true appearance. It had a dragon head and a crocodile body, its entire body a dark red color. Gold scales shone about it. It stood on two legs, its height more than ten zhang tall. Its eyes were like blood-colored lamps, enormous and scarlet. 

"Dragon Blooded Ancestral Crocodile!" 

Qing Yi cried out with alarm, reminding Shi Hao that this was a rare species that was incomparably powerful. From what she knew, only Immortal Palace had two of them. They protected the mountain gate, living from the Archaic Era to the present age. 

This was clearly not one of those two, not that powerful. It was quite likely that this was their child. 

Dragon Blooded Ancestral Crocodiles had dragon blood, and had the vicious crocodile as its ancestor. When cultivated to its ultimate realm, it could turn into a True Dragon and shatter the nine heavens, its divine power unmatched. 

This one was more powerful than many exceptional talents Shi Hao had encountered, able to fight him head on. Its enormous claws' casual attack could destroy a mountain and make the void cave in. 

In addition, it even understood Immortal Palace's secret methods, and its blood essence was overflowing into the heavens. It was terrifying beyond compare. 

If a normal true deity came, they wouldn't even be its opponent. They would be crushed into meat paste by a single claw. This creature was just too powerful.

"You are just a slave of Immortal Palace Inheritor. Where is he?" 

"I am the first battle general. I have never been a servant!" The Dragon Blooded Ancestral Crocodile roared, its red eyes releasing killing radiance, shooting out like two beams of blood-colored lightning. 

It loathed being called Immortal Palace's servant. Killing intent surged, incomparably berserk. It was simply about to destroy this desert.


In the end, it still wasn't Shi Hao's match. 


When the battle reached over a hundred moves, Shi Hao sent out a palm that contained Kun Peng power. This Dragon Blooded Ancestral Crocodile cried out. It couldn't hold on any longer, its body splitting apart inch by inch. In the end, with a pu sound, it fell onto the ground, blasted apart when it landed on the ground. 

"All those sent out by Immortal Palace were killed under my hands, don't tell me you have already gone mad?!" Shi Hao shouted while rushing into the ancient cave. 

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