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Chapter 867 - Huang Attacks

The atmosphere was a bit strange. Shi Hao firmly refused to speak about Huang's whereabouts, waiting until Immortal Palace's inheritor personally arrived.

On the other side, the group of people's faces were dark. If this wasn't so important for them, the would have already captured and killed him. However, they saw that he could still be considered to be cooperating, not leaving, so they didn't take action.

After a long wait, the Octadic Treasure House's waiter finally delivered the Octadic Treasure Carp, and Octadic Treasure Phoenix in two bone cauldrons. He carefully placed them on the table.

"Too slow…" Shi Hao complained.

"This is divine food, needing to be slowly cooked by dao flames, so it naturally takes some time." The waiter explained. 

The two bone cauldrons looked simple and unadorned, but they were both magical artifacts. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to cook these two rare precious ingredients. 

When the lid of the cauldron was opened, a fragrant smell immediately pervaded the air, and strand after strand of divine splendor wafted outwards, leaving the surrounding people startled, revealing strange expressions. This was the fragrance of a top grade treasure after all. 

Even deities would salivate when smelling this fragrance, wishing to stuff their mouths. That fragrance was too tempting, making one drool with desire. 

"It is somewhat worth it!" Shi Hao sighed with amazement, revealing a sincere smile. 

He had eaten the Octadic Treasure Carp in the lower realm before, so he went for the Octadic Treasure Phoenix first. This was a type of ancient bird that wasn't that large, but its meat quality was wonderful. Even if it wasn't the best type of bird meat, it was close. 

In addition, it possessed shocking medicinal characteristics, comparable to being half a stalk of holy medicine. 

"Dao friend, I must first ask you to pay the bill." The waiter said with a smile.

"Here." Shi Hao handed over a jade case with holy medicines sealed inside. 

On the other side, Underworld Clan and Immortal Palace's people's eyelids were jumping. These were their precious medicines! This fella's way of spending was too straightforward!

Even the blonde male and underworld clan's second general didn't order Octadic Treasure Phoenix and those dishes, yet this bastard actually dared to squander away their holy medicines here.

The hearts of this group of people were not calm. The 'dead person' in their eyes actually dared to do this, truly leaving them beyond furious. 

"Dao friend, you haven't carried out your promise yet, speaking about where Huang is, yet you used up a case of holy medicine already. If there is a problem, what will you bring out to pay?!" The blonde male asked coldly.

"The more that I do this, the more it proves that my information is trustworthy. I am not even leaving, calmly enjoying delicacies, so what is there for you all to worry about?" Shi Hao replied. 

Then, he revealed a brilliant smile, inviting Qing Yi over as if they were familiar with each other. 

The blonde male was as fed up as he could be. He had already been courting her favor for such a long time, yet in the end, this dead person dared to step in.

With his status, even in Immortal Ancient, he could travel unhindered, yet today, he was deeply attracted to this exceptional beauty surrounded by moonlight, doing everything he could to get something going.

"Dao friend, one should understand their status!" The blonde male said.

"Just two Archaic Octadic Treasures, yet you want the fairy to move, should I call you ignorant or foolish?" The red-haired male coldly spoke, openly ridiculing him, basically calling him young and stupid. 

Those on his side all laughed as well, carrying ridicule and mockery. They all harbored malicious intentions and long thought that Shi Hao was unsightly. They wanted to use this to humiliate him. 

However, something that almost made their eyeballs pop out happened. The exceptional fairy with green moonlight around her unexpectedly moved, getting up to walk towards Shi Hao's side. 

Immortal Palace's second general, the blonde male, was shocked, embarrassed and at a complete loss.

The red-haired male even more so almost bit down on his tongue. He had just finished speaking when the green-clothed woman got up; this truly made it hard for his face to stay on, basically the same as delivering a slap to his face.

Qing Yi, bright eyes and white teeth, black hair shining and supple, her dress dragging on the ground as she walked over gracefully. 

Her figure was tall and slender, curves rising and falling, her bearing graceful and refined. Her snow-white neck, unmatched appearance, and her intelligent large eyes gave her exceptional beauty. 

Those people's eyes almost popped out. She sat down casually by Shi Hao's table just like that, her hand holding ivory chopsticks, exquisite and moving!


Many people were stunned, especially Immortal Palace's second general and the red-haired male, looking stupefied. Their hearts were feeling an indescribable anger. 

Two dishes!

Fucking shit, that rascal used just two dishes to 'hook in' the fairy they were admiring, making them so angry they almost slapped the table. 

The most hateful and irritating thing was that the rascal used their holy medicines to buy those 'two dishes', making them feel utterly terrible. 

The blonde male's face fell, almost erupting with fury.

For someone with his identity to chat with a woman and earnestly speak about his good points, he felt like he was already humbling himself greatly. Normally, as Immortal Palace's second general, no matter where he went, he would be surrounded by people like stars around a moon. He felt extremely embarrassed today. 

As for the red-haired male, he wanted to immediately kill Shi Hao. He felt like this bastard was doing this on purpose, squandering their holy medicines to purchase octadic treasures and calling over the fairy from by their sides to anger them. It was shameful and hateful!

The Octadic Treasure Carp was like a carp dragon, a meter long and flowing with brilliant colors. It was glistening brightly within the cauldron and releasing a sweat fragrance. 

"Second time I'm eating this now." Shi Hao felt a wave of admiration. He thought of his days in the lower realm, how full of energy he was, how he was always in high spirits as he advanced, sweeping through all enemies in his way. 

When he entered the higher realms, he was always held back, having to hide all types of things and even having to conceal his identity. When he entered Immortal Ancient, he was even turned into a wanted criminal with a bounty and claimed to be turned into a servant, becoming a target of capture.

This was only one example. There was also Divine Dark Child, Ning Chuan, and others. 

"This tiger doesn't display his might, so you think I'm some cat? From today forth, I will forge my own path and raise my glory!" Shi Hao said softly. Then, he sensed something, suddenly raising his head and saying, "Aiya, fairy, you are moving so quickly! Leave some Octadic Treasure Phoenix for me!"

Shi Hao released a strange cry and hurriedly moved his chopsticks to fight over the divine bird. 

In the cauldron was an auspicious bird that resembled a phoenix. It looked like it was carved from jade, surging with holy light. It was rich with spiritual essence and carried a rich fragrance. 

This type of meat was translucent and tender, about to dissolve into the broth. When one placed it into their mouth, it unexpectedly directly turned into symbols and entered the body, able to deal with all types of hidden injuries in one's soul. 

After taking a bite, not only was there enjoyment, the body would relax, the entire body would shine, and their pores would expand. 

Apart from this, there would be a wave of sweet scent from one's body that wouldn't scatter for a long time, similar to the fragrance of an orchid. It was rumored that it was because the Octadic Treasure Phoenix could retain youthfulness, able to preserve one's appearance for many years, containing a wondrous substance. 

That was why, as a female, Qing Yi directly 'fought' over the Octadic Treasure Phoenix, appearing entirely different from her normally pure and holy self, appearing a bit 'lively'. 

"There's no more, no more!" Shi Hao cried out. He only ate a small half and cried out, "Boss, bring over another twenty of them!" 

In the restaurant, the group of people were petrified. Did they treat this like duck? Immediately ordering twenty, this was too extravagant and wasteful!

The waiter ran over, continuously wiping at his sweat. He inwardly complained, what kind of freak was this? He truly knew how to open his mouth. He smiled apologetically and said, "I am sorry dao friend, this is the last one. This is a rare precious dish, something that can only be found in Immortal Ancient. However, there is no way we can catch twenty of them at once!" 

Shi Hao felt regretful. His lips and teeth were still fragrant, not even having his fill yet.

He stared at Qing Yi's beautiful bright red lips, feeling a secret grudge. He felt that today, she truly wasn't acting like a wise and virtuous woman, not like a fairy at all. She was completely different from how she usually was.

In the surroundings, the group of people were speechless. This type of exceptional beauty was sharing a meal with you, what kind of expression is that? Actually having this type of look. 

Immortal Palace's second general, the  blonde male, really wanted to walk over with large steps and curse Shi Hao out, and then bring away that gorgeous green-clothed woman. 

However, after thinking about his own identity, he didn't take action. 

Shameful, hateful! The others silently cursed as they stared at Shi Hao.

Qing Yi, her beautiful refined face was bright and glowing like porcelain. Her eyebrows were extremely long, her eyes intelligent. She gave him a displeased look.

This type of gaze made this group of people upset, truly wishing to kick him out and sit in his place.

Suddenly, Shi Hao's expression moved, because the Divine Striking Stone returned. It went in through the window and entered his sleeve, saying to him, "He is in Green Spirit Realm!" 

His mind trembled, and after asking in detail, he couldn't help but become overjoyed. The DIvine Striking Stone found the path and entered a secret place. 

"Good, didn't he want to offer a reward to kill me? In a bit, I'll pay him a visit myself and wipe him out!" Shi Hao relaxed, gently pouring wine and sipping on it.

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao sensed that something was off. It was clear that the blonde male and the others received news to subdue Shi Hao. Their eyes revealed cold looks. 

"Friend, have you eaten enough? How about you come with us to see great one now." The red-haired male said. 

Shi Hao ignored him. The individuals on the other side revealed faint killing intent. He looked towards the waiter and said, "If you don't have Octadic Treasure Phoenixes anymore, if I bring the ingredients myself, will you all help me cook it?" 

"This… it can be done!" 

"Then that's good. Then bring me a dish of -- Stewed Golden-Winged Peng!" Shi Hao said. 

When these words sounded, everyone's expressions changed. The Great Golden-Winged Peng was how domineering of a creature? Generally speaking, who dared to provoke them? He actually wanted to eat one!

Those who understood the inner details all looked towards the blonde male from Immortal Palace. 

"You are courting death!" The blonde male couldn't endure it any longer. He released a low roar, and then behind him, an enormous Peng shadow appeared. It was incomparably terrifying, golden light shining in tens of thousands of streaks.

"Take action!" The red-haired male shouted. Several individuals moved, all of them rushing over murderously to capture Shi Hao. 

"You think I'm scared of you all?" Shi Hao drank the final glass of holy medicine wine, and then flew out like lightning, arriving in the air. 

Golden light flickered. That blonde haired male rushed out through the window as well, turning into a great Peng. His wings covered the sky, erupting with resplendent symbols, the power enough to move the heavens and earth

The blonde male and the female exceptional talent followed closely behind. 

"Kill!" These people rushed over murderously. 

However, with a raise of Shi Hao's hand, a streak of silver light surged like a True Dragon, piercing through one individual's skull. Blood erupted, lightning interweaving. 

Everyone became shocked. Who was this person, killing a powerful individual with just a point of his finger?

"Careful!" The red-haired male reminded. 

However, it was still too late. Under pu pu sounds, several spears of lightning flew outwards, killing two more individuals. They exploded in the air, turning into bloody mist. Only three exceptional talents remained.

"The three of you aren't enough!" Shi Hao shot them a look of disdain,

"Then what if I join as well?" Black-colored yin energy pervaded the air. Underworld Clan's general walked out, arriving in the void. 

"And who do you think you are? Still not enough. Back then, I ate eight exceptional talents at once." Shi Hao said indifferently.

When these words sounded, it left everyone shocked.

"He is… that devil king who took action from Radiant City?"

"Heavens! He is Huang! He came himself!"

Everyone was horrified, all of them in shock.

"What? It's… you!" 

Immortal Palace's people were so angry they began to tremble, wishing to vomit blood from their mouths. They were actually deceived by this person to this extent, gifting away all of those holy and divine medicines! 

"Hand over your life!" 

Shi Hao rushed into the heavens to face that Great Golden-Winged Peng. He moved the Kun Peng wings, stirring forth heaven overflowing mists and sky splitting battle energy, slaughtering his way over. 


It was just the first attack, yet the most resplendent brilliance erupted between the two. They both used great divine abilities. 

Even though that Great Golden Winged Peng was powerful, known as a heavenly ranked race, bloody light still splashed out from his body. One of its wings was dripping with blood, almost falling off. Its flesh received serious damage. 

Everyone was shocked. The Peng Race's bodies were matchless, yet it suffered a defeat after just a single exchange.

"Worthy of being the Devil King Huang!" 

The red-haired male was horrified. He never expected to run into the main character himself. His heart was beating nervously. Even though he took action, he felt fear. 

"There's no way out! He grasps extreme speed, so we can't escape. There is only a battle to the death!" The female exceptional talent said. 

They rushed into the skies with killing intent. 

"Count me in as well." Underworld Clan's second general said. He was a bit regretful as well, never expecting Huang to pay a visit himself. However, there was now no way out.

"I'll exchange pointers with you." Qing Yi spoke, her voice peaceful and natural. Hazy green splendor scattered outwards. Like a fairy walking on ripples, she already arrived in the sky. 

Thus, a great battle erupted, separated into two battlefields. 

Shi Hao's battle was without any suspense. Golden-Winged Peng versus Kun Peng technique, this naturally left it suppressed until it couldn't raise its head, completely suppressed. After several dozen exchanges, the blonde male's body was already dripping with blood. 


The space between the female exceptional talent's brows was struck by a finger. Her beautiful eyes widened, and then blood bloomed, her body falling from the sky. 

A moment later, that red-haired male released a miserable cry. He discovered with horror that when Shi Hao's hand blade hacked down, his head already separated from his body, drawing a large expanse of blood. 

The Great Golden Winged Peng's expression was disastrous. He did everything he could to resist, but he was still powerless to enter the skies. In the end, he was killed by Shi Hao, golden feathers scattering everywhere. 

When Shi Hao turned around, he couldn't help but be shocked. Qing Yi also concluded her battle. 

A sphere of green flame surrounded her, burning up all of the underworld energy, leaving behind a clump of ashes. Underworld Clan's number two divine general's body and spirit were wiped out, turning into ashes. 

"This…" Not only Shi Hao, even the others were shocked. 

Generally speaking, after igniting a divine flame, those irregular flames would leave on their own, not staying with their host.

That was… the Green Lunar Flame, like a green moon, bright and peaceful, making Qing Yi look extraordinary and aloof. This flame hadn't left. 

This was a flame left behind after a true immortal died. It accompanied Qing Yi, the two intimately connected.


Qing Yi's finger pointed outwards. Underworld Clan's remaining people were also devoured by the green light flames, all of them burned into ashes. 

Peach Blossom Garden, this place was dead silent. Everyone were stunned by these two's methods.

"The Green Lunar Flame is still there? If I stay together with you, it won't burn me, right?" Shi Hao broke the silence. 

Qing Yi glared at him, naturally understanding that there was something wrong with his words. 

"Heavens, he's Huang! He killed Immortal Palace's people." 

"This fairy is also extremely formidable!"


Shi Hao carried the Golden Winged Peng and delivered it to Octadic Treasure House, saying, "Shopkeeper, clean it up properly for me and roast this Great Golden Winged Peng. The taste better be good!" 

Then, he turned around to look towards the distant skies, saying, "Right now, I am going to kill Immortal Palace's inheritor. When I come back, we'll celebrate with holy wine and eat the Great Golden Winged Peng!"

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