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Chapter 866 - Selling Oneself

Everyone's eyes gazed over. This floor of the restaurant immediately became quiet. Talking to Immortal Palace in front of everyone's faces like this was an extremely courageous thing. 

After all, Huang's vicious name was too well known. 

"Is what you say true?" That blonde male asked, his eyes flickering with light. He wore a set of golden armor, making him look extremely divine and heroic. The multicolored lights around his entire body looked like scattering golden feathers. 

"Of course!" Shi Hao nodded rather seriously. Right now, he wasn't using his true appearance, because he was aiming for the other party's 'reward' without any integrity. 

"Alright, since you have clues, knowing where Huang is, then we can give you a precious artifact of shocking value." The blonde male smiled, unexpectedly about to get some information here. 

"I only want holy medicines and divine medicines. Precious artifacts are useless for my current cultivation." Shi Hao was quite direct. 

"You dare to speak so daringly, immediately demanding holy medicines, and divine medicines, do you treat these things like weeds?!" Another person with scattering red hair said coldly. 

"What exactly is the reward you all are offering?" Shi Hao feigned shock, saying, "Don't tell me that it is just a weapon made of some pieces of bones, and you're treating it like something expensive?" 

The face of the other person fell, but soon after, he calmed downed down, his head of red hair fluttering about, "There is naturally a generous reward, only, demanding divine medicines right from the get go is too ridiculous. Friend, please tell us where Huang is. Immortal Palace will show gratitude." 

When he mentioned the name Immortal Palace, it was a reminder, as well as a warning and threat, implying that having good relations with this ancient inheritance might be the greatest benefit. 

Of course, different people interpreted different things differently, some unable to see any problems. 

"I really felt quite expectant towards Immortal Palace, always wanted to know what kind of place it was exactly." Shi Hao smiled. In reality, he wanted to smash his way in to see what kind of place it was. He then continued, "Then so be it, since divine medicines are too much, then exchange with holy medicines or half divine medicines. I am an extremely straightforward person and won't beat around the bush." 

Within the private room, Qing Yi revealed a faint smile. It was truly hard to say good things about this person. Could it be that he really was going for the enemy's reward? If Immortal Palace's people knew this, they might vomit blood from anger. 

The red-haired male's face fell, feeling that this person was really too lacking, even daring to want Immortal Palace's stuff, moreover speaking out so boldly. Killing intent flashed through his eyes.

"Good, I like people who are direct." On the side, that blonde male smiled, not allowing that red-haired male to speak. He was the leader of this group. "How many stalks of holy medicines do you want?"

He was allied with Immortal Palace, known as the second Immortal General. 

"Hundred stalks of holy medicine, ten stalks of half divine medicine." Shi Hao said. 

When this sentence was spoken, everyone became shocked. Their eyes became sharp as they looked towards him. This person really knew how to open his mouth, truly giving everyone a fright. 

The red-haired male's voice was a bit cold. "Are you sure you didn't make a mistake just now?" 

"It's negotiable, but not by too much. After all, you all know how vicious that Huang person is. If I leak out secrets like this, there might not be a good end for me..." Shi Hao said. 

"Friend, too much greed is not a good thing. Demanding so much, extorting Immortal Palace is not something you should be doing." The red-haired male's voice was cold, hiding his killing intent.

"Your tone is clearly not one of good faith. Immortal palace is admittingly powerful, but living high and looking down, is this a reward or coercion?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Friend, you are thinking too much. It is just that you are asking for too much, something that we cannot accept.l" Even the blonde male put away his smile.

"Forty stalks of holy medicines, eight stalks of half divine medicine. If we still can't agree, then let's just pretend I never said anything." Shi Hao gave out his bottom line. 

"It is still too much." The red-haired male said coldly. 

"Then there's no way." Shi Hao shook his head.

"If your information is true, then we can consider it," said the blonde male, his eyes deep. As the second Immortal General, he could make the decision on many things.

The red-haired male secretly transmitted, "Are we really going to give it to him? If that is the case, then we are better off directly capturing him." 

"Exactly! Just capture and kill him! Precious medicines my ass!" Another individual said as well. 

"We can give it to him first, but he won't be alive to keep it!" The blonde male secretly spoke, his tone cold-hearted and callous. 

"You all aren't agreeing first and are planning to kill me later, right?" Shi Hao suddenly said. 

"Friend, you joke. How can Immortal Palace conduct ourselves like this?" The blonde male smiled brilliantly. 

Shi Hao hesitated a bit, and then he pretensively said, "Then that is good. I was starting to regret standing out in the open like this. Fortunately, there are powerful exceptional talents here and outstanding talents of their respective provinces, all of them able to serve as my witnesses." 

The grand Octadic Treasure House was silent, feeling that he was brave before, but now became fearful. However, who was willing to confront Immortal Palace for his sake?

"Dao brother, please relax." The blonde male smiled.

"Then that is good. I want to see the precious medicines first." Shi Hao said, his attitude quite resolute. 

On Immortal Palace's side, several individuals frowned. This wasn't a small amount, shockingly precious holy ancient medicines. It was difficult to gather all at once. 

"Please wait for a bit. We will do our best to gather them." The blonde male said. He ordered people to head for several small worlds to examine their secret strongholds. 

"It might still not be enough." The red-haired male shook his head. It was because recently, Immortal Palace's young great one was attacking at the limit in isolation, using up large amounts of precious medicines. 

Even if there were exceptional talents overseeing the outside world, searching through the medicinal fields of every land, it still might not be enough. It was because powerful experts like the blonde male needed these things as well, or else how could he join Immortal Palace? 

"It is a bit troublesome." The blonde male frowned. 

Suddenly, he raised his head to look towards the private room on the other side. There was someone who nodded towards him, an expert from Underworld Clan. 

"We came on the divine child's orders. We heard that Immortal Palace offered a bounty for Huang, so we are willing to join." A pale faced youth from Underworld Clan spoke. 

"I send dao brothers my greetings." The blonde male revealed a look of pleasant surprise. He never expected Underworld Clan to be so direct. 

"Huang had killed my Underworld Clan's experts. Even though the divine child cannot come out from isolation, he ordered us to come here and ally with Immortal Palace, not wishing for that person to continue living." Underworld Clan's youngster said. 

The restaurant erupted with noise. They recognized this person, Underworld Clan's second War General. 

"Haha…" The blonde-haired male laughed and said, "I am the second general of Immortal Palace. Our identities really are quite similar." 

This place became extremely quiet. Divine Dark Child couldn't emerge from isolation, but he wanted to kill Huang. The two great powers were going to join hands! This was incomparably shocking.

"If the information this person brings is true, we are willing to offer half the compensation." Underworld Clan's second general said. He was an ancient divine corpse that gained intelligence, impervious to blades and weapons, water and flames unable to approach him. 

"I guarantee that the information is true!" Shi Hao slapped his chest in a promising manner. 

"Good. Everyone here has already recorded your spiritual fluctuations. If you are lying, then even if you have methods of escaping today, then it will still be hard for you to continue living in the future!" The blonde male said, his expression serious, eyes penetrating. 

"Are you all threatening me? Don't tell me that there is no reward, right?" Shi Hao asked with a suspicious tone. 

"You like holy medicines, so we'll naturally give them to you." Immortal Palace's red-haired male laughed coldly. 

In the end, Immortal Palace and Underworld Clan produced forty stalks of holy medicines and eight stalks of half divine medicines. All of the cultivators in Octadic Treasure House couldn't help but suck in cold breaths of air. 

So many holy medicines, all of them swirling with brilliant colors and rich with medicinal fragrance, it immediately made this entire restaurant resplendent, becoming incomparably shocking. 

The jade case was transparent. Even though it was closed tightly, the holy light it released was still dazzling, and wisps of fragrance flowed outwards, making everyone's eyes red. 

"Dao brother, if your information is wrong, all of these precious medicines would have been gathered for no reason." The golden-haired male said. 

"I truly am… too moved!" Shi Hao used his hand to caress this jade case. The joy on his face was real, and that happy laughter was definitely not fake. 

Qing Yi was speechless. This fella was too dishonest, truly a fraud. If those people knew that truth, they would definitely vomit blood and go unconscious.

"Immortal Palace, Underworld Earth truly are generous, I… give you thanks from the bottom of my heart, truly have no words to express my feelings, not knowing what to say." Shi Hao smiled like a flower.

Right now, it was as brilliant as brilliant could be. Everyone could feel his happiness, a joy from the depths of the heart. 

Only, this kind of expression disgusted Immortal Palace and Underworld Clan. Who was willing to bleed themselves like this?!

"Thing that doesn't know the difference between life or death, will you have your life to keep it all?!" The red-haired male sneered inwardly.

"Even daring to take Immortal Palace's things, if you took the initiative to speak, that is one thing, but now, you are just courting death!" This was what the blonde male was saying inwardly. His eye's gaze was merciless, a cold smile hanging from the corners of his lips. 

"Thank you, really, thank you so much!" Shi Hao walked over, sending his greetings in a sickening fashion. In addition, he even grabbed one of Immortal Palace's female exceptional talents without letting go, wasting time and continuously thanking them. 

As for Underworld Clan, he ignored them, because he couldn't stand that deathly energy.

The faces of Immortal Palace's people weren't pleasant. This fella was just too happy right? His speech was even starting to become incoherent. 

As for that female exceptional talent, she felt incomparable disgust. She retracted her jade hand without batting an eyelid. If it wasn't for Immortal Palace needing the information he knew, she would have long released a slap. 

"Seize your life when the time comes!" The female exceptional talent sneered. Her face was smiling, but there was a hint of ridicule and contempt hidden within.

"Dao friend, you are losing your sense of measure from joy." The blonde male reminded, having him speak about Huang's whereabouts. 

The red-haired male even more so released a cold snort, faint killing intent pervading the air, almost unconcealable. In his eyes, Shi Hao was already a dead person!

Underworld Clan's people carried smiles that were a bit cold and merciless. How could their precious medicines be that easily given out?

"I was too excited. Everyone, please forgive me. So many holy precious medicines, it truly makes me beyond happy." Shi Hoa said, but he still didn't forget to share his happiness with others, wishing to waste more time. 

In the end, everyone truly couldn't take it any longer. This was just too much!

Inside Octadic Treasure House, many cultivators were speechless. This fella didn't understand the difference between life or death! One had to keep their life to enjoy anything!

However, Shi Hao truly began to seize it, grabbing at the pile of precious medicine, collecting them stalk after stalk carefully as to not damage them. 

"Dao brother, what is the meaning of this?" The blonde male's face fell,because this fella didn't mention anything about Huang at all.

"I am right here, are you all really scared that I'll run? Also, I will only tell Immortal palace's young great one my information. I believe when he learns of the news, he won't kill me to silence me, and he definitely won't seize back the holy medicines. As for you all, I can't trust." Shi Hao explained in a 'righteous' manner. 

"You…" The group of people's faces fell. 

"It's not like I'm running, so what are you all worried about?" Shi Hao put away everything, and then he sat down, insisting that he was only going to give the information to Immortal Palace's inheritor. 

Those people endured their killing intent. With a wave of the blonde male's hand, another exceptional talent personally left to report the news.

Shi Hao already returned to his seat by the window, one hand hanging from the window sill in a leisurely manner. At this moment, he loosened his palm. The Divine Striking Stone silently fell into the peach blossom forest to follow that exceptional talent. 

A hint of a smile appeared at the corners of his lips, killing intent surging within his heart. Immortal Palace's inheritor unexpectedly offered a reward to kill him, moreover wanting to take him as a servant. He decided that the would take the initiative to attack!

If the Divine Striking Stone succeeded, he would directly slaughter his way over to Immortal Palace Inheritor's place of isolation, cutting him down there and then. 

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