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Chapter 858 - Appearance of the Scriptures

"The primordial true bones have been dug out by someone." After Lan Yichen carefully inspected this place, he said rather regretfully. 

Divine Wing Clan's Peng Tianyi, a creature who had been recorded in bone books, powerful to a ridiculous level, someone who had overlooked the world. This was an existence that was known to be number one through three thousand provinces. 

Unfortunately, after his second appearance, he died here. It was a bit obscure. 

"Were their true bones seized by those who came later?" Lu Yi sighed inwardly, feeling that it was a pity.

Shi Hao carefully searched around. His flesh had long disappeared, but his bones didn't break. Apart from the true bone that carried its life symbols, all other parts were preserved quite well.

He then looked at the other four skeletons. Their bones were quite special, sparkling with luster. There were golden bones, scarlet bones, and even after tens of thousands of years, they still didn't corrode.

They belonged to different clans. These bones were preserved well, the bones not damaged at all. 

"They are all quite powerful, all of them the most powerful young outstanding talents of a clan." Shi Hao said. 

In reality, if they weren't powerful enough, there was no way they would have been able to walk here. All of them would have died already. 


Suddenly, when they reached out with their divine will to investigate, the praying mat shone. Chaotic energy became dense, startling them.

"An ancient scripture?"

Luo Dao was shocked, feeling that this was a bit inconceivable. 

Within that praying mat was a great dao true meaning. When they reached out with their divine will, it released a rumbling sound and then spread outwards, shaking up everyone's souls. 

"Careful." Shi Hao said.

Luo Dao and Lan Yichen naturally understood what he meant. They were controlling themselves as well. After all, even an ancient freak died here, so how could there not be anything sinister here?

They backed up and carefully looked around, observing this region.

In the end, they came to the conclusion that this path should have been extremely dangerous. The only reason they smoothly arrived here was because Peng Tianyi and those other people already broke through all the restrictions.

"That is to say, we are basking in their glory. Endless years ago, they cleared out the other dangers along the way?"

"It seems like the only danger remaining is this praying mat."

For even a powerful individual who was recorded in bone books to nurse a grievance, there was no need to say anything further. It was quite clear that this place was extremely dangerous, and a single mishap would result in death.

That praying mat carried a passage of scripture that made it hard for others to give up on it. No one wanted to pass up on this. 

Shi Hao carefully sent out a strand of divine will towards that praying mat again. The great dao scriptures sounded again, entering his heart. After carefully sensing it, his heart was shaken.

These were bone texts related to 'power'. After reading a few sentences, he knew that this was an unmatched supreme dao. The scripture expounded on the great dao of all things, but all of it revolved around 'strength'. 

This was undoubtedly shocking. Who could resist this type of temptation? 

Even though he was fully aware that this praying mat might not be ordinary at all, he still couldn't help but want to explore it to its end, obtain the perfect unmatched scriptures. 

Suddenly, Shi Hao sensed something. All of the fine hairs on his body stood up, immediately severing all connection with that praying mat. He resisted his urge to continue comprehending it and backed up.

"So?" The others asked.

"It's extremely dangerous!" Shi Hao's expression was grave.

However, how could they give up on this ancient scripture just like that? 

"Let me use a spiritual body to see what kind of problems there really are. You all observe from the rear. After finding out the truth, we'll find a way to break through it." Lu Yi said.

He felt like if he didn't help at all after travelling with them all this time, only following behind to receive the benefits, it would leave him too uneasy, feeling extremely apologetic.

As such, he produced this suggestion to act as the bait. 

This would undoubtedly be extremely dangerous, with a single mistake resulting in dying here. However, Lu Yi insisted on doing this.

"It'll just be a spiritual body dying at most. It shouldn't implicate the main body as well." Lu Yi said, strengthening his own courage.

The others backed up. Lu Yi produced a spiritual body and added a bit of essence blood to make it more powerful and realistic. Of course, divine senses were indispensable too. 

They carefully watched from the distance, paying close attention.

The spiritual body walked forward one step after another. When it was three zhang before that praying mat, it was stopped. Bone texts flickered, shining with incomparable brilliance.

"Cannot walk forward any further. It's as if there's a mountain blocking the way." The spiritual body said. Then, it sat down, sending out some divine will to probe the praying mat's mysteries. 

Soon after, he became foolish, submerged within.

"Read out the scriptures." Lu Yi's main body spoke, wishing for Shi Hao and the others to hear as well.

However, that spiritual body opened its mouth and said a few things, but it couldn't send over any divine will. They were cut off. Moreover, Lu Yi's main body also lost connection with it, unable to sense it anymore. 

"En, it's quite strange. That praying mat is extremely sinister." Lan Yichen said.

The spiritual body sat there, continuing to comprehend the praying mat's scriptures, becoming more and more holy and auspicious, completely immersed within it. 

Soon after, everyone trembled inwardly. Their bodies became cold. It was because the praying mat surged with a streak of life that condensed into a sharp blade. It quickly flew outwards, hacking towards the space between the spiritual body's brows. 

The spiritual body released a large cry. It sensed something and did everything it could to resist, producing several secret treasures. 

What left others confused was that the secret treasures passed through that streak of light as if they didn't make contact with anything. They didn't produce dazzling bone texts or other things from a clash either, not being able to stop it. 

The spiritual body cried out loudly. It used its precious techniques and did everything it could to resist. However, everything was ineffective, unable to defend itself at all. That streak of light directly entered the space between its brows, piercing through. 

The expression of Lu Yi's spiritual body changed greatly. A streak of light shot out from the crown of his head. That was his divine sense that was trying to escape and leave the skull.

The blade radiance that flew out from the praying mat changed directions, not entering his brows and following it into the skies, pursuing the divine sense. The two tangled together, fighting intensely.


Lu Yi's true body spat out a mouthful of blood, his face becoming incomparably pale. It was because the divine sense in the air was hacked through. The spiritual body turned into a rain of light, dying as well.

At the same time, the blade of radiance also scattered, thus disappearing.

"It cuts down one's primordial spirit, leaving the body unharmed. That streak of light is quite mysterious, unexpectedly disregarding the attacks of weapons. It seems like only primordial spirit power can resist it." Luo Dao said after some thought. 

"Is this the embodiment of 'power'? Even primordial spirit force is included, including everything." Shi Hao was shaken. This ancestral precious technique was formidable. 

It was simple and direct, purely an evolution of power. 

The more it was like this, the more it made one desire it. The great dao became the most simple. If this was truly the secret method of one of the vicious ten, it would definitely shock past and present. Everyone would want to obtain it. 

Rumors had it that the vicious ten were originally Immortal Ancient Era's creatures, only dying after reaching this great era. There was reason behind this after all. 

Otherwise, how could this vicious nest be here?

"I feel like just now, that streak of light wasn't all that powerful either. It could kill Lu Yi, but against us, it should be ineffective." Lan Yichen said. 

Lu Yi's face was pale. He had lost a spiritual body, which could be considered a serious injury. He accepted a half ginseng fruit Shi Hao handed over, and after ingesting it, he sat down and began to meditate.

"Let me give it a try." Lan Yichen also produced a spiritual body, hoping to receive some type of benefit. 

"Yi?" Those individuals were all shocked. 

Even someone as powerful as Lan Yichen's spiritual body also could only walk within three zhang, and then it couldn't travel any further. It was no different from Lu Yi.

Then, his spiritual body also sat down to comprehend that secret method. At first, he also read a few sentences, but then, his divine senses were also isolated.


When that spiritual body was completely immersed, reaching the critical point of comprehending the secret method, the praying mat released another streak of light. It was as if a divine rainbow pierced through the sun, fast to the extreme.

Something shocking happened. Lan Yichen's spiritual body was no match. His divine senses were hacked through, thus turning into a rain of light. It was completely the same result. 

His true body cursed, his face becoming snow white. He devoured some precious medicines to recover his foundational energy.

"Why is it also this result?" 

"Against different people, that streak of light would be a bit more powerful than the one comprehending the method, but not to a ridiculous level." In the end, they came to this conclusion. 

Those individuals frowned. This was quite troublesome. Only a bit more powerful than oneself, but enough to kill you, how were they supposed to comprehend the ancient scripture then?

"It is rumored that Peng Tianyi's weakest area was his primordial spirit." They understood why the ancient freak died here. 

"Is this a trial set-up by the owner of the vicious nest? If that is the case, there's no way it is designed only to kill. There has to be a path of life." Shi Hao said.

"It's too dangerous. It is still better if we back off." Luo Dao was a bit more cautious. 

However, when he turned around, he was left stupefied. That path slowly disappeared, a wall seemingly able to grow, blocking off their original path. It was slowly moving over as well.

"Chi!" With a raise of Luo Dao's hand, a streak of sword energy flew out. As a result, kengqiang sounds rang out, but it was unable to break through the dark red wall. 

Then, his long hair rushed out, all of them shining. This was his exceptional talent precious technique. They all pierced towards that wall, but they still couldn't do anything, instead leaving him shaken up until he flew backwards. 

Shi Hao also gave it a try, but it was completely useless.

"This is bad. We are trapped." These individuals frowned.

The Divine Striking Stone was woken up. Shi Hao had it try to break this formation, but in the end, it was also helpless. Everything was because of that praying mat, as that was the center of the formation. 

"Can one only comprehend through it?" Shi Hao frowned and then said, "Could it be that it requires the comprehender to possess strength beyond the limit of their realm?" 

Then, Shi Hao walked forward, his true body sitting three zhang outside the praying mat.

"Too risky! You should have just sent out a spiritual body to test it out." Luo Dao's expression changed, advising like this. 

"Need to advance courageously and do everything I can to resist that primordial spirit attack." Shi Hao said. 

He wasn't being rash, because he had passed the most powerful lightning tribulation and even had the lightning radiance baptize his primordial spirit. Apart from this, he also ate the Golden Bodhi Fruit, so his primordial spirit was far more powerful than that of others in his cultivation realm. 

Shi Hao comprehended the method. Soon after, danger came as expected. A streak of light that was even more resplendent than the one before appeared, hacking towards his primordial spirit. 


A battle erupted. Shi Hao's primordial spirit turned into a resplendent little figure, directly attacking over to fight that streak of light.

"How powerful! The primordial spirit has taken form, vivid and lifelike, far more powerful than ours." Lan Yichen said with a sigh. 

At this moment, Shi Hao displayed the Reincarnation technique,and Lightning Emperor's method with his primordial spirit, causing this place to erupt with intense radiance. It was shocking to the extreme. 

"Block it!"

"You have to succeed!"

The individuals in the rear shouted loudly, feeling as if they were fighting themselves. Cold sweat soaked through their clothes. They felt incomparably nervous, because if Shi Hao failed, then they might truly be without hope, trapped here to death. 

That light was too powerful, who knew how many times greater than the one that shot at Lu Yi and Lan Yichen. An immortal blade flew over, continuously hacking towards Shi Hao, putting him in great danger.

This battle lasted an entire two hours. Shi Hao felt completely drained. He finally wiped out that streak of light, and his primordial spirit returned. He immediately sat down to recover his energy.

"He actually won!" 

Those individuals were shocked, feeling incomparably happy. 

Shi Hao ate a Half Ginseng Fruit, and then sat there for a day and night before finally opening his eyes, completely recovered.

One could imagine just how much energy he exhausted during that battle. It was incomparably dangerous. 

Shi Hao didn't say anything. He continued to comprehend the symbols within the praying mat. However, this time, when he extended out his divine senses, chaotic mists became hazy, and that praying mat was shaken. A gate appeared in front, and then a bundle of light brought them away from this place. They entered a cave dwelling.

"What a pity. That scripture was just an opening part. It didn't touch upon the core essentials yet." Shi Hao felt regretful. 

"That might be a test. Only by passing it can one advance further." 

This was an extremely spacious cave with strand after strand of mist curling about, pure white and hazy. It made this entire place look hazy, giving it an immortal dao aura. 

"Yi, there are actually people who came out from that path. That is a route of death, one of the most terrifying paths. There is someone who actually succeeded today!" 

Cries of alarm sounded from within the cavern, the voices sounding incomparably shocked. 

Shi Hao's party walked forward. After closely inspecting this cave, they discovered that it truly was massive. There were actually a hundred stone gates, each leading to this place from a different direction.

The path they traveled through was merely one of them, and the stone gate at the end of this path, as well as nine others had the word 'death' carved on them, indicating their difficulty. 

They walked out. The pressure increased greatly, making even walking difficult. They almost couldn't lift their feet. 

Up ahead, dao platforms appeared one after another like seats, arranged in a row within the cave. Every single platform had creatures seated on it.

This wasn't the key thing. What drew Shi Hao's attention was that there was a hazy ancient cave in the very depths. Primal chaos and immortal light swirled simultaneously, a dense mist surrounding that place.

He could vaguely see a jade table within the ancient cave. On it was a piece of divine bone book that released immortal light. It was incomparably mysterious! 

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