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Chapter 854 - Exceptional Bearing

"Six Crown King Ning Chuan is someone who has shown disdain for his peers both past and present, overlooking the nine heavens and tenth earth. He will definitely suppress all enemies, and kill these sinner's blood descendents!" 

In the outside world, there was someone who said this softly, carrying hope that since Ning Chuan had been unmatched in six eras, he was still going to sweep through all those in his path in this one as well. 

Fallen Immortal Ridge, a great battle was on the verge of breaking out. 

This was, without a doubt, the battle that drew the most attention in the year and a half since the battle of three thousand provinces began. This involved the contest for supremacy between exceptional individuals. 

Fallen Immortal Ridge was a place lush with vegetation. The large trees reached into the sky, enormous vines winding about the mountain. The portion of mountain stone that was revealed was a dark red color, rumored to be left behind after being soaked in immortal blood.

Four great experts stood in the void, exerting their pressure. A terrifying aura pervaded the air, one that became more and more terrifying.

Metal chains sounded, ringing between heaven and earth. 

This sound wasn't all that resounding, nor was it ear piercing, but it gave others a hair-raising feeling, making their souls unsteady and their breathing about to stop. 

In the mountain region, all of the observers were shocked, their faces lacking color. They retreated in horror. 

This was Ning Chuan! 

His white clothes were exceptional as he stood tall at the center of the stage. A golden symbol flickered, and then it took form. A golden chain emerged in his palm.

This was quite mysterious. That golden divine chain released sounds of metal clashing as it slowly moved out from his palm, its radiance resplendent. 

When it took form, it made one's soul tremble and their hearts shake. Everyone felt uneasy, feeling a great fear. They felt like they need to bow down in worship. 

"Heaven's… trial!" 

There were people whose lips were trembling with fear as they spoke these words. This was Ning Chuan's powerful precious technique, an unmatched method. 

In the past, he relied on this technique to suppress who knew how many enemies, forcing outstanding talents of all clans to bow down and kowtow. They couldn't rival Ning Chuan's power at all. 

Ning Chuan's snow white clothes were exceptional, making him appear incomparably otherworldly. His entire body released a warm radiance, untainted by the mortal world. His shining silver hair scattered down, his eyes deep, his face refined without the slightest blemish. His entire being exuded an exceptional bearing! 

The golden divine chain in his right hand smashed downwards, forming a stark contrast with the gentle radiance. It represented a type of unrivaled might. Symbols surged brilliantly. 

Qin Hao released a cold snort, the one most unwilling to accept this. 

"Five elements evolve, collapse the heavens and overturn the earth!" He released a short shout. 

Qin Hao was still young. He was always someone who hated losing, carrying a competitive heart. He took the initiative to attack.

Five-colored light erupted, turning into five immortal swords, flying at Six Crown King to remove his head. Chi chi sounds rang out continuously, and cracks appeared in the void. 

"Heaven and earth undying, trial of the great dao." Ning Chuan said softly.

Following hualala sounds, the golden divine chains rose. Fragmented golden light swayed gently, pouring out like waves. Meanwhile, the true chains were incredibly compact, like True Dragons as they weaved through this world. 

It quickly arrived, unexpectedly unavoidable. It first wound about the five immortal swords, and then it shot towards Qin Hao, trapping him within a golden colored world. 

"En?" Qin Hao was shocked. These golden divine chains looked like it had substance, but it was a chain of divine will, restricting his soul instead of directly attacking at his flesh.

"Trial of sin and blood!" 

Ning Chuan released a light shout. His entire body erupted with endless splendor, the golden divine chains surging with even more brilliance, covering everything. It surrounded the mountains, trapping Qin Hao within.


Shi Hao took action, helping Qin Hao escape from this attack.

At the same time, Shi Yi moved as well. He hacked his palm outwards, saying, "Kill you a bit earlier and use you as a blood sacrifice!"


Golden divine chains shone, covering heaven and earth. It was just an instant, yet it extended out several dozen li, winding about like a snake, surrounding everything within several dozen li.

Even Shi Hao and Shi Yi were wrapped within, all of them surrounded by the golden symbols. 

This type of scene was too terrifying, leaving the crowd shivering in fear. Ning Chuan was just a single person, yet he simultaneously attacked three great sinner's blood descendents, powerful to a ridiculous level.


Heaven overflowing bone texts erupted. A golden world was formed here, becoming a sea of divine force!

Everyone was stunned. The cultivators in Fallen Immortal Ridge backed up further and further. A few creatures directly collapsed under the shocking pressure in the forest, their bodies shuddering uncontrollably.

Many people were trembling with fear, their souls shaken up. They couldn't help but bow down in that direction.

"Heaven's trial, the great dao suppressing enemies. When the divine chains move through the skies, all deities would be suppressed!" From the distance, a powerful exceptional talent sighed. His heart was alarmed and his body was shaking uncontrollably. 

This type of power left one shivering in fear. It was difficult to defend against.

It was rumored that once the golden divine chains appeared, even deities would tremble. This was a trial against all deities, suppressing all experts. 

In addition, this was not directly used on the flesh, but was an imprisonment of the divine senses, dragging out the soul to face a trial!

Ning Chuan towered there, his white clothes fluttering about, aloof and otherworldly. That place was incomparably peaceful, with great dao flower petals fluttering about, sparkling brightly. He became the center of this world. 

A golden divine chain extended outwards, winding about a space of several tens of li.

Qin Hao struggled angrily. He felt as if his soul was going to leave his body. It was bound by the golden symbols. He struggled with difficulty, but he found it difficult to break free.

In the other two directions, Shi Hao and Shi Yi's cold snorts sounded. Radiance flourished greatly, bone texts destroyed the skies. Terrifying great earthquakes erupted; they displayed their might.

"Worthy of being Six Crown King, his exceptional bearing matchless, overlooking past and present. How many people in this present world can compare? He alone has suppressed outstanding individuals for eras until they couldn't raise their heads. Simply impossible to contend against." 

In the mountain region, someone commented.

Many people exclaimed with admiration. This type of method was truly frightening. Who could compete against this type of exceptional style?


Qin Hao's soul was about to be pulled out. He was in an extremely dangerous situation.

"Break for me!" 

Qin Hao roared. Symbols surged from his chest, releasing streak after streak of immortal light. He broke the golden divine chain, temporarily freeing his soul. 

However, the golden divine chains appeared layers after layers. They wrapped around him again, binding his soul and suppressing him once again.

This was a terrifying attack that continuously wore down Qin Hao's magical force, exhausting his foundational energy. When he reached a critical point, a fatal attack would then be added.

"Shatter for me!" Qin Hao roared. His chest shone again, about to destroy all of the golden divine chains. 

However, right at this moment, metallic sounds rang out again between heaven and earth.

Ning Chuan's palm also shone. A blood-colored divine chain appeared, similarly resplendent, but it lacked the peacefulness, instead carrying a wave of killing intent.

Immediately afterwards, the world became bone-chillingly cold. There was a ruthless and cruel aura. That blood-colored divine chain erupted, quickly shooting outwards to kill its enemies. 

"Shackles of deities, heaven's trial!" Ning Chuan said softly, his voice moving heaven and earth. 

It was clear that this blood-colored divine chain and the golden divine chain complemented each other, a type of trial, an adjudication. It was beyond terrifying. 


Qin Hao roared, going all out in defense.

The golden divine chain bound his soul, about to drag him into the void. Meanwhile, that blood-colored divine chain streaked through the air to crush him to death.

"Immortal dao obliteration!" Qin Hao shouted. At this moment, his chest seemed to contain a small sun. it continuously released light, making his entire being shine resplendently. 

A type of natural law pervaded the air. It was incomparably great, shocking everyone in Fallen Immortal Ridge. 

At this moment, it was as if a true immortal descended, covering the world with his might!

"En?" Ning Chuan was surprised. This was the first time his expression changed. 

Regardless of whether it was the golden divine chains or the scarlet divine chain, they continuously disintegrated, destroyed under this attack's power.

In the outside world, the experts from all sects were shocked as well. This type of symbol was too frightening, possessing an indescribable type of power. 

"You have an immortal bone. Unfortunately, the amount of power you can display is limited. This thing is most suitable for me. If it is used together with my hand bone, I will be unmatched under heaven!" Ning Chuan said softly, the radiance in his eyes astonishing. 

The two types of divine chains continuously shattered, but they were reforged by Ning Chuan's magical force, exhausting Qin Hao's magical force just like that.

All of the spectators were moved. The sinner's blood descendent was terrifying after all, even the youngest's power could destroy the trial and adjudication magical chains. It was enough to shock the world.

His precious technique was definitely exceptional. 

One had to keep in mind that in the past, as long as one of the two types of divine chains appeared, it would be enough to kill the heavenly talents of each clan. It was unknown just how many heroes' corpses fell underneath his feet. It was simply unstoppable. 

In addition, Ning Chuan actually had to use magical force to suppress Qin Hao's divine ability!

"It is just because you are young, your cultivation slightly more shallow." Shi Hao's voice sounded, ringing through heaven and earth. 

He was clearly speaking to Qin Hao.

At the same time, Shi Yi's area also erupted with brilliant radiance.

Both of them moved, killing energy overflowing into the heavens. With a hong sound, it was as if the void ignited, the golden divine chains and blood-colored divine chains breaking apart inch by inch, the destruction extending towards Ning Chuan. 

The scene of Qin Hao's magical force being exhausted, the situation of him almost unable to hold on was turned around. 

The trial and adjudication magical chains were destroyed!

"Little Six kid, only amounts to this much."

"Remember, this is not a besieging, but rather a slaughter!"

Both Stones took action at the same time to kill Ning Chuan. Only at this moment could they be considered to have truly erupted with power.

Qin Hao roared angrily as well, rushing over. 

"This…" Everyone began to tremble. 

"The situation is changing!" Everyone watched nervously.

"A single one of us is enough to kill you, but it wouldn't be as refreshing as slaughtering you like this." Shi Yi laughed out loud. 

When the spectators heard this, they were all greatly shaken.

The Stone Clan brothers were clearly extremely powerful. They attacked together, only wishing to slaughter Six Crown King, eliminate his six era glory.

"Do you really believe you all will succeed?" Ning Chuan said coldly. His white clothes fluttered about, his body immediately erupting with the most resplendent radiance!

His hands formed imprints. Cold killing intent pervaded the air.

"Accept death!" Qin Hao shouted. 

As for the two Stones, they had long reached the front lines, releasing their most ferocious attacks. 

This battle was destined to be short. They all used their most terrifying methods, the Stone Clan brothers wishing to slaughter Ning Chuan. Meanwhile Six Crown King was also going to decide life and death at this moment.

Hong hong hong…

Heaven and earth trembled. This place was submerged under brilliant light.

Human figures flew out in reverse, natural laws rushing into the sky, great cracks extending in the void. Nest World was greatly shaken up!


In the void, countless stars appeared. Great stars moved about one after another, as if there was a starry stream, surrounding Six Crown King.

This was Shi Hao's precious technique, Lightning Emperor's secret method. Those great stars were formed from lightning, now strung up together by a divine chain, covering the void.

"Not good!" In the outside world, everyone became shocked.


At the same time, Ning Chuan and Shi Yi each displayed a great divine ability, and a strange change happened.

Under everyone's shocked eyes, Ning Chuan's precious technique seemed to have hacked through the big Stone, yet Shi Yi unexpectedly didn't avoid it.

"Not good!" 

In the outside world, a few heavenly deities' expressions changed.

"Heaven Mending Technique!" A sect master said softly.

That body that looked like it was pierced through reappeared in the rear. Shi Yi was unharmed. Meanwhile, he also released a streak of divine light that penetrated Six Crown King's shoulder, causing blood to splash outwards. 

"Dual-pupil user looked like he was going to attack indiscriminately, but actually used the Heaven Mending Technique to recover, and then used his own attack to injure his opponent!" 

A sect master spoke, commenting on this a step further. 

Even someone as powerful as Six Crown King was injured, drawing blood.


At this moment, Shi Hao pulled a magical chain, and with a light shake, the stars in the sky all swirled before ultimately exploding.

Lightning radiance overflowed everywhere!


Everyone shivered in fear.

Ning Chuan released a low roar. His body shone, bone texts interweaved, resisting this attack, all of this while continuing his attacks.


Heaven and earth became chaotic, lightning poured down endlessly.

When everything calmed down, Ning Chuan's right arm was scorched black with blood dripping outwards. Bright red drops of blood floated there, dyeing the void red! 

However, the youngest Qin Hao suffered an attack from his finger. Blood trickled out from the corner of his mouth.

"Don't mind it. You experience is lacking, there's no rush in fighting someone like him. If he was killed with just a few moves and died just like that, he wouldn't be the Little Six kid." Shi Hao consoled. 

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