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Chapter 841 - Hotpot

Six great experts had been turned into corpses! 

The Golden Barbaric Ox dripping with golden blood, the Flame Heavenly Scorpion that had its nine tails removed, Dragon Sparrow flickering with five-colored divine light, Three-Eyed Beast that had its third eye pierced through, the bold and powerful White Lion…

These experts all displayed their true bodies, some of them as large as a small mountain, one with a glistening bird beak, some whose blood flowed like a great river. Holy radiance surged, the scene terrifying. 

It was precisely experts like these who were powerful and without equal that were slaughtered. No matter who saw it, they would all feel horrified. After all, these were all exceptional talent level experts. 

Next to the corpses, on the golden blood, a youth stood tall with a great halberd in hand. He point it forward, his expression cold, killing intent rushing into the clouds. 

The other two experts still wished to escape. Unfortunately, they were both locked onto already. One of them was cut off by Luo Dao and Lan Yichen, while the other one was being stared at by Shi Hao. 

"Are you going to cut them all down, not letting a single one go?!" Lu Yi had long been frightened stiff, retreating far into the distance. He had never seen such a terrifying scene before.

Corpses covered the ground, golden blood flowed. He was trembling uncontrollably all over. This was just too terrifying! 

One had to keep in mind that those were all exceptional talent level experts! Normally, forget about all of their corpses on the ground, just eight of them walking together was rare. 

However, after the battle of Silver Polish Mountain, a single person killed six of them. Once news of this got out, it would definitely alarm Radiant City, triggering a huge uproar!

"You… are really going to kill us all?" The silver haired individual said softly. When his eyes opened and closed, many silver symbols interweaved around his body. He tried to slow down his voice as much as possible to talk to Shi Hao. 


A streak of light shone. The Divine Striking Stone was thrown out, directly hitting him between the brows.

"Ah ah ah…" While in midair, like pigs being slaughtered, screams sounded endlessly. It was extremely fast, instantly reaching that place.

The silver haired male used precious techniques to defend himself, but in the end, he found that he couldn't free himself from this stone. The other party was too fast, not stopping until it hit its target.


The Divine Stirling Stone immediately struck a precious symbol, leaving the silver-haired male shaken. This was a Space Shattering Symbol he produced to escape. 

However, he got caught in his own trap. There was a great formation locking this place down, so this symbol lost most of its effectiveness. Even after activating it for a long time, it still didn't split apart the void. Now, it was destroyed, completely crushing all hope of escape. 

"Do you still want to leave?" Shi Hao held the halberd as he walked over murderously. 

This time, there was no longer any suspense. The great Void Halberd shone, immediately distorting the void, producing streaks of cracks. Even this powerful silver haired male couldn't fend off this attack.


His body was chopped up into four to five pieces, falling onto the ground. Blood flowed everywhere. It was actually a silver mastiff.

At the same time, sword radiance rushed into the heavens. The youth who held the magical sword and was curling with purple energy was about to break out, yet in the end, he was intercepted by Luo Dao's long hair. 

He was the only one left. There was naturally no way for him to change this situation. While he was frantically brandishing the sword energy, Shi Hao already hurried over. A leg swept over like a dragon snake brandishing its tail. This was precisely the loose method he obtained from Origin Sky Secret Realm -- Golden Snake Leg. 

A dragon snake could vaguely be seen rising up in power, crushing down on the other party. All of the sword energy was scattered, and this attack landed on that person's body.

The sword radiance thus scattered. That person released a loud cry, his body splitting into two. This dragon snake leg was alike a deity lashing whip, but also like an immortal sword that could cut down enemies. 

A purple vicious bird that was surrounded by mists appeared. Its wings looked like they were forged from purple gold, brilliant and resplendent. Unfortunately, they were already broken. 

"Purple Golden Swan, an archaic divine bird, rare species." Luo Dao was shocked. This type of species was rarely seen, but they were all powerful. Their bird beaks were like swords, able to pierce through all enemies. 

Unfortunately, he encountered Huang, met Shi Hao. The bird beak shattered, and his body even more so broke into two pieces, thus losing his life. 

"Purple Golden Swan. There were records of it in bone books. Its flesh is delicious, second only to the Phoenix Clan among bird species…" Shi Hao commented. 

When those people heard him, they were all speechless.

If not for his black hair that scattered about, eyes cold, giving him a great demonic god appearance, they truly would have doubted if he truly had terrifying fighting strength. 

"Alright, we can clean things up now. Lu Yi, go look for a water source so we can wash up. In a bit, we'll mend our bodies. Wasted too much energy just now, I'm so hungry." Shi Hao put away the halberd and walked around the mountain region to look over his spoils of war. 

Lan Yichen walked over. Now that he saw Shi Hao again, his expression was complex. Both him and Luo Dao never truly sincerely followed him. If not for the 'Seed Formation Technique', they definitely wouldn't 'cooperate'. 

But now, his opinion changed. Shi Hao personally came to rescue him, and he was so powerful, unleashing a great slaughter, leaving both him and Luo Dao feeling great fear and alarm. This was just too vicious. 

The cultivators of all sects saw everything from start to finish. They were all stupefied. These were eight great experts! Even with such powerful exceptional talents overseeing this place, it was still their corpses that covered this place.

Everyone looked at each other silently, not saying anything for a long time. If Huang was allowed to grow up, just how powerful would he become? 

He should have entered the ranks of the ancient freaks now, right? This was what everyone was thinking. 

Many people felt great waves stir within them, simply unable to calm down. There was even less of a need to talk about those who had a grudge against Shi Hao. Their eyes were ice cold, truly wishing they could enter Immortal Ancient right now and kill him, not giving him the chance to grow up.

There were some who saw their own clan's exceptional talents die, feeling great pain inside. Their vision grew dim, almost fainting on the spot. The losses were just too great.

"Once one reaches the end of the Divine Flame Realm, it will be hard to walk half a step further. For those cultivators, they could be said to have already completed the path, unable to advance further." 

A sect master sighed, speaking the truth.

"Perhaps someone can tread on that path, illuminating the past and present with glorious light, stepping onto the unmatched great dao path." At this moment, a snow white old turtle spoke.

When it spoke like this, everyone raised their eyebrows, because many people recognized it. This was one of the higher realms' oldest existences. Its shell was snow white and sparkling, releasing a luster of life. 

"Impossible. That path cannot be travelled further, those people cannot be seen again. At the very least, in this great era, it will be too difficult for someone like that to appear." An old Hou spoke, an authoritative figure who had survived from the Archaic Era, its age great. 

"I agree… even in Immortal Ancient, those blessed by heaven and able to take that step aren't many. Now, the world has already changed. It's simply impossible." Another person spoke. 

Everyone became shocked. This was the Taotie Clan's ancient ancestor. It had even eaten the sun, moon, and stars. It had killed quite a few powerful experts in the archaic war. 

The number of sect masters it devoured definitely numbered more than the single digits. It was beyond terrifying.

"Everyone, we don't need to hide things any longer. Now, those people have entered Immortal Ancient, so no one can interfere. What else is there to worry about? As for who is going to take that step in this world, all of you already understand." Within a purple golden emperor carriage that was filled with chaotic energy, someone released this voice. 

This was someone from an Emperor Clan of the present world. These types of words were spoken. 

This left many people who didn't understand the inner details shaken. They looked towards Divine Temple, Dragon Palace, Sword Valley, and the other most ancient inheritances. They all had ancient freaks enter from their side. 

"Indeed, from the past to present, everything the sect has have been passed down to them. I hope they can recreate the glory of the Immortal Ancient Great Era's most powerful experts!" Someone nodded, calmly admitting it.

The crowd was immediately shaken. They were going to step onto that path! It made many people's hearts tremble. 

"Perhaps only one or two can succeed. Even though we've given them everything we could find from the Immortal Ancient era, it will definitely still be nine deaths and one chance at life."

"Ten Crown King's small tree should be that one from Immortal Ancient right? I never thought that it could reappear in this world!" Someone sighed.

If everyone understood what was said by this person, all three thousand provinces would be greatly shaken!

"I just fear that he will be killed halfway through that path by the mysterious power." Someone spoke, clearly worried, their face overcast.

Suddenly, someone revealed a look of shock when they looked at the monument. Meanwhile Underworld Clan was even more so angered until their faces became ashen. 

Radiant World, Silver Polish Mountain

Shi Hao sent Underworld Clan's female corpse flying with a kick. "This clan is the most useless, ruining my appetite." 

It was clearly this that made the teeth of Underworld Clan's people feel sore. 

Of course, apart from them, there was also the Archaic Barbaric Ox Race, Flame Scorpion Race, White Lion Race, and Dragon Sparrow Race's people who were feeling great hatred, their eyes all becoming red. 

It was because something intolerable was happening at the foot of Silver Polish Mountain. 

Sure enough, Lu Yi found a source of water that flowed out from the bottom of this silver essence mountain. It rushed forth, sweet and refreshing, carrying a fragrance. This was a spiritual spring.

Only after part of the great formation was broken did they see this spring. 

Shi Hao personally took action, bringing all of the prey over, having Luo Dao and the others skin them and let out the blood.

"This is all good stuff, all of it great mending medicine. A single piece equals many days of bitter cultivation! Today, we are going to properly satisfy the senses, eat joyously!" Shi Hao was truly happy as he smiled, having them prepare these 'ingredients'. 

Lu Yi was about to faint. When had he ever seen prey like this? This was a pile of exceptional talents! When he saw them before, he would always hide far away, yet today, there was a pile of them waiting to be skinned. 

"I'm going crazy…" His entire body was shaking uncontrollably. 

It was because even though these experts had died, there was still a type of pressure that made him feel terrified. Every single one of them were the most powerful young outstanding talent of their province. 

Now, they were all corpses waiting to be eaten!

As he watched them skin them, and pluck their feathers, these shining divine birds and vicious beasts arranged at the spiritual spring's side, Shi Hao felt greatly satisfied. The harvest this time was too great. 

"Should I simmer fry, steam in broth, or roast them over a fire?" He propped up his chin, feeling a bit conflicted.

In the outside world, a group of people wanted to spit out blood. Some of them roared towards the sky, their lungs about to explode. 

"So much… it's probably best eaten as a hotpot." Finally, Shi Hao came to this conclusion.

A cauldron was propped up. Luo Dao stirred up a dao flame, bringing the spiritual spring inside to a boil. Shi Hao, Lu Yi and the others began to put the meat inside. 

"Fatty beef really is good for hotpot." Shi Hao looked at the barbaric ox that was like a small golden mountain, feeling extremely satisfied. This flesh contained a large amount of essence. The flesh was golden and surging with radiance. 

Soon after, he brought out condiments and seasoning of all types. There were even many jars of good wine. 

When the Golden Ox was chopped up into thin slices and placed into the water, Shi Hao had those people dig in, starting this feast.

"It truly is a delicacy, worthy of being a Mutated Barbaric Ox full of golden blood. It's almost as if I am eating ginseng, a single mouthful making my entire body relaxed, my body about to float up." Shi Hao sighed with amazement. 

The meat fragrance assailed the nostrils, golden light shining brilliantly.

This type of eating was too extravagant, something not even sect masters dared to eat. It was because these were exceptional talents, all of them raised up like treasures within their respective clans. Who would dare eat them?

However, Shi Hao was eating them extremely happily, his mouth releasing fragrance, broth flowing from his lips and teeth. His large eyes became crescents, enchanted with this meal. 

Lu Yi was still a bit alarmed at first, because these were all great figures that he normally had to look up to. Even when they were eaten as meat, there was still a bit of a shadow over his heart. 

However, when the golden beef entered his mouth and became the most powerful medicinal strength, he completely let it go.

After three pieces of golden beef entered his stomach, his seven apertures released golden radiance, and his entire body was about to float from the ground. He hadn't even started drinking, yet he was already becoming intoxicated. 

"This Flame Scorpion meat you all have to be a bit careful with. Don't put any of the tail poison inside the cauldron, or else all of us will die." Shi Hao reminded.

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