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Chapter 840 - Devil King Unmatched 

"Arrogant, you can forget about challenging us all by yourself. I don't believe that there is someone who can do so in this world unless an ancient freak came out!" The Golden Ox roared. His injuries weren't light, but his battle strength didn't decrease. He rushed out. 

With a step of his feet, golden light erupted, forming a golden ripple that quickly rushed towards Shi Hao. 

This was a resonance with the great earth that condensed, a battle skill of the Barbaric Ox Race. The symbols were exceptionally terrifying, using the great earth's power to directly crush an enemy. 

The others used their most powerful methods as well, not daring to act carelessly, working together to kill Shi Hao. 


A streak of sword energy pierced through the air, rushing over from the east while accompanied by purple energy. The male with the holy sword now held the sword with both hands, thrusting it over.

Shi Hao's pupils released cold lightning. His legs moved, and with every step, lotuses were born. Golden lotuses covered everything, neutralizing the Barbaric Ox Clan's innate skill, causing all the golden ripples to scatter.

At the same time, he raised his hand, his fingers like a sword, directly smashing into that sparkling divine sword. The tips of his fingers stopped the sword, erupting with divine radiance. 


Everyone became greatly shocked. How domineering was this? To dare take on the divine sword with his fingers! Every movement he made gave others an unmatched feeling.


Sword energy weaved about. The male who released sword energy from the east, sword edge resplendent, bone texts interweaved, became more powerful. He continuously attacked with the sword. 

Shi Hao's fingers blossomed with sword radiance. Stalk after stalk of grass appeared in the void, the grass a bluish green and full of vitality, incomparably mystical. 


Following a great clash, that divine sword was blasted flying. All of the grass turned into sword energy, sweeping in all directions and attacking at everyone.

Earsplitting shouts were released. Everyone was doing everything they could to resist, no longer daring to act carelessly, feeling more and more like this youth was ridiculously powerful.

Now, as long as Shi Hao took action, it was definitely fatal against Divine Flame Realm experts. Only by working together could these eight great exceptional talents resist. 

Otherwise, if it was anyone else, they would have already died.


The scarlet armor clad woman's hands formed an imprint, forming a symbol flame fan to attack Shi Hao. 

"Just some small trick." Shi Hao said coldly. He already saw it and broke through it before. This type of precious method was ineffective against him. His palm slapped outwards, scattering it again, immediately sending fiery light overflowing into the sky. 


Suddenly, under the blazing fiery light, a scarlet hook rushed over with great speed, arriving before Shi Hao's eyes, piercing through the protective energy around him.

This was a scorpion tail that came from behind that woman. The moment she formed the imprint, it already stabbed outwards viciously towards his vital area.

"Fire Scorpion's person!" Lu Yi was shocked. As long as this tail pierced through the skin, it could poison a true deity to death. It was because it could corrode the primordial spirit, harming the great dao's foundation. It was the most sinister thing.

Luo Dao's expression changed. This attack was too sudden. Not even he knew that the scarlet armored woman was from the Flame Scorpion Clan. 

Shi Hao was shocked, but he wasn't flustered. Golden ripples appeared around his body, spiraling there, forming powerful energy that distorted the void.

This was the Golden Vortex Ripple technique that came from the Peng Clan. Now that Shi Hao comprehended the Kun Peng technique, this art's power greatly increased, becoming incomparably powerful. 

Not only could it devour the foundation energy of the outside world, it could also erase all types of attacks. 


Under everyone's expectant eyes, the fiery red heavenly scorpion tail pierced Shi Hao's body, but it didn't produce the sound of piercing flesh, as if it struck metal or stone.

That extremely sharp, invincible scorpion tail stinger was stopped by the golden vortices. There unexpectedly seemed to be a small figure seated there, chanting scriptures inside that vortex.


The golden vortices immediately wrapped around the scorpion tail, locking it in place.

"En? Hurry up and take action!" The scarlet clad woman cried out in alarm. She had never encountered this type of situation before. As long as she took action, all enemies would avoid this attack. However, someone dared to block her scorpion tail today!

The others naturally took action, attacking Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao's figure was tyrannical. The golden vortices swirled, the Kun Peng method displaying its profoundness, powerful beyond comparison. That scorpion tail was locked down, and then with a fierce twist, it was about to be broken. 

"Ah…" The woman cried out in pain. It was just the beginning, yet not only did her hidden attack not work, she was going to have her tail broken. 

A golden lightning sword appeared in Shi Hao's hands. It quickly hacked at the woman. 

The Flame Scorpion Clan's female expert's eyes flickered with cold light. She knew that Shi Hao purposely didn't break her tail, using this to pull in the distance and then kill her.

She spared no effort to jump backwards, and with a kacha sound, her tail snapped. Poison flew everywhere, rushing towards Shi Hao's body. Her action was decisive and vicious.

"I underestimated you determination." Shi Hao said. The surface of his body shone, and the Golden Vortex Ripple technique operated, scattering all of the poison. 

"Aiya, what a waste. In the end, she is still a female exceptional talent, so if you really can't subdue her, you can still make her a tea serving girl…" The Divine Striking Stone sighed with pity.

Of course, this was definitely done on purpose, for the sake of ruining these powerful experts' confidence. It was also worried that Shi Hao wouldn't be able to hold on. After all, these were eight great exceptional talent level experts. 

"Will you dare drink it if she serves tea? You'll be poisoned to death." Shi Hao said. Then, he added, "Even if I am going to take exceptional talents, I have to take the very best. She's not enough." 

When she heard this type of ridicule, the woman who wore scarlet colored armor erupted with anger. Her head of hair danced crazily about, and divine light surged behind her. There were unexpectedly nine golden tails that appeared at the same time, all of them shockingly sharp. 

"Nine Tailed Heavenly Scorpion, this is her innate precious technique. She produced so many poisonous tails at once!" Luo Dao was shocked. 

Shi Hao's expression froze as well, no longer daring to show carelessness. He didn't fear attacks of brunt force, but he had to be a bit more careful when dealing with this type of poison. 


Eight great experts rushed over murderously, using their most powerful methods.

When Shi Hao was dealing with the nine golden scorpion tails, behind him, black mists and dark light surged. There was a bit of a decaying aura as well. 

Underworld Clan's female expert held a death god scythe in her hands, bringing it down on the back of his head. It was unexpectedly able to tear through the void, leaving behind a huge crack. It was incomparably terrifying. 


Shi Hao had no choice but to pay attention to this attack. The death god scythe's power was extremely terrifying. It was pitch black like ink. Even though its appearance was unusual, it was definitely refined from void beast bone as well.

However, it shouldn't be able to compare to the void halberd.


Shi Hao released a grunt. He didn't use the void halberd, instead firing out a streak of lightning from his mouth that was incomparably thick. That was the Lightning Emperor's precious technique, extremely effective against dead spirits and Underworld Earth's experts.


Underworld Clan's female expert was alarmed, quickly retreating out of fear of being struck by the lightning radiance. That great yang force left her horrified.

"This is the Lightning Emperor's precious technique?!" She was extremely doubtful.

"Shi Hao, this name sounds familiar. It seems to be that person from the lower realm." Right now, there was finally someone who remembered. They couldn't help but become shocked. Didn't that youth die in the lower realm?


Shi Hao erupted with power, his entire body releasing electrical radiance, sweeping through every direction. In addition, lightning dao stars fell through the void, smashing together and covering this world with electrical arcs. 

Silver Polish Mountain was also made of metal, resonating in response, conducting the electrical radiance. This entire place became chaotic!

"Ah…" Lan Yichen was blasted out. He hid in the distance, looking at everything with shock.  

As for the eight great experts, they were all alarmed. This lightning was just too terrifying! The great battle was becoming more and more intense. Bone texts interweaved like an ocean, surging and pouring out into this place.

"Three Eyes Split the Heavens!" 

At this moment, the sinister male with the vertical eye between his brows shouted. His three eyes shone, unexpectedly deforming the void. He took aim at Shi Hao, wishing to tear him apart. 

In Shi Hao's surroundings, space collapsed, and much of the lightning was guided away, entering an unknown dimension. 

"How powerful!" Luo Dao sighed with amazement. 

Even Shi Hao couldn't help but nod his head, feeling quite shocked. This male actually opened up the void with his own strength! The power of that vertical eye was too great. 

He shifted out horizontally to avoid this attack. That lightning radiance was sucked away by the void. 

The three-eyed male clearly exhausted too much of his foundational energy. After completing this attack, his face became pale.

However, he clenched his teeth and displayed it again, firing out streak after streak of light from between his brows, attacking Shi Hao to end him here. 

When the others saw this, they all attacked in coordination, because the three-eyed divine light was too domineering.

"Let's stop that here!" Shi Hao released a great shout. His body shone, and then flying immortal radiance flew out streak after streak. This was his supreme being precious technique - Heaven Calamity Light. 

This radiance was incomparably resplendent. Even though it normally attacked indiscriminately, right now, all of it was concentrated on three-eyed male. 

"Not good, I can't hold on! The consumption is too great! Hurry and protect me!" The three-eyed male's expression changed. 


Unfortunately, they underestimated Shi Hao's precious technique. This was the divine ability his first supreme being bone produced, its power incomparably great.


Large amounts of radiance shone everywhere, drowning out that three-eyed male. Bloody radiance surged. He was blasted through. A miserable scream sounded.

Even though the others were trying to provide assistance, and even he himself was trying his best to defend himself, that light was too resplendent and too great, piercing through all of his vital points. That third eye in particular took a direct hit, already splitting apart. The Heaven Calamity Light pierced through his skull.

One of these most powerful experts lost his life just like that! 

Everyone became stupefied. An expert fell just like that? 

"En, actually a Three-Eyed Beast and not human shaped. This is too great!" Shi Hao's face was originally sullen, but after seeing the three-eyed male reveal his original form, he immediately became happy.


He kicked the Three-Eyed Beast out, having Lu Yi and Luo Dao properly take care of it.

"Kill! Everyone, if you hide any more secret methods, then it will be dangerous for us! This person cannot be dealt with through normal means!"


Lightning radiance erupted in Shi Hao's surroundings to protect himself. He began to operate his divine force and precious techniques, about to attack at full force.

"I am sure that he is Huang! Everyone, we have to stake it all!" Underworld Clan's woman said, revealing a bit of news.

"What? If Huang is this person, who is Shi Hao?" The group of people were all shocked. 

"I am myself! Today, I will use my own name!" Shi Hao said coldly.


The Golden Ox produced its original body. This was an enormous Barbaric Ox, like a small mountain forged from gold. It rushed at Shi Hao while fiercely trampling on the ground. 

"I am going to repeat myself. Are you willing to follow me and serve as my mount?" Shi Hao shouted.

"You can go to hell!" The Barbaric Ox roared, releasing a thunderous sound. That type of roar was enough to terrify a group of experts, enough to make the void collapse. 

This was its innate divine ability -- Barbaric Ox Roar. This roar was exceptional powerful, able to split the heavens. 

"Ah…" Shi Hao felt his ears ringing, his head feeling like it was stabbed by needles. He couldn't help but feel shocked towards this type of precious technique. It had some unique uses as expected, about to actually injure him.

He released a roar, using his own voice to suppress the Barbaric Ox's roar. "Since that is the case, if you don't want to be a mount, then just turn into hotpot beef!" 

A lightning spear appeared in his hands. It thrusted forward, about to kill this Golden Ox. 

Suddenly, another great roar sounded that made all things wither, making hundred beasts surrender and all creatures of this world tremble. 

It was precisely the White Lion. Its strength was ranked at the top of these eight, and at this moment, it became problematic. It was also displaying its innate divine ability, and it perfectly coordinated with the Barbaric Ox. The two voices overlayed with each other, increasing the power greatly. 

Lion's roar! 

It was incomparably ferocious, the might world shaking, and even added on top of the Barbaric Ox's roar. 

Shi Hao's body staggered, and the lightning spear in his hands even scattered. He was almost pierced through by the nine golden scorpion tails behind him.

"Good, good, good, I really did underestimate all of you. From here on out, there will be a bloodbath!" Shi Hao stabilized his body and unleashed his single heavenly passage, stopping all of the sound waves from reaching him. 

His head of black hair danced about even though there was no wind. His eyes became even colder. He was like an unrivaled devil king that had reincarnated as he slaughtered his way forward. 


A golden lightning spear appeared, dazzling and resplendent. It was formed from lightning, absolutely unstoppable. He rushed at the Golden Ox while holding it with both hands.

"Stop him!" Everyone took action to stop this attack.

However, the power Shi Hao displayed at this moment was too great. With his only heavenly passage protecting him, he went crazy. Lightning swirled about him, pushing back everyone.


The Golden Ox roared, its horns shining and releasing blades to stop Shi Hao. 

Unfortunately, Shi Hao was incomparably ferocious, tearing through everything in his way like rotten weeds. The lightning spear blasted off its horns, and then with a ferocious thrust, a pu sounded. Its forehead was pierced through.

The Golden Ox released a miserable cry, its voice world shaking. Its enormous body fell onto the ground, blood flowing everywhere. Electrical radiance was still curling about its head, dying a violent death. 

The White Tiger unleashed a hidden assault, its incomparably sharp claws turning into wide blades as they slashed at Shi Hao's back.

Suddenly, radiance shone brilliantly. Shi Hao's entire body shone. The Reincarnation technique was activated. He suddenly turned around, the reincarnation symbols forming a heavenly sword in his hands before fiercely hacking downwards. 

Aohou… The White Lion roared, feeling incomparable terror. It felt itself become older, its power flowing from its body, unable to defend itself against that sword at all. 

This was the reincarnation sword formed from condensed supreme being symbols! 


Shi Hao hacked down, slicing through the lion's head. Blood splashed high into the air. 


Strong winds roared from above. The Dragon Sparrow moved his wings, displaying their might from the sky to attack Shi Hao. His eyes were cold and vicious. 

Shi Hao raised his head. A pair of Kun Peng wings appeared behind his back. He rushed upwards, the heaven reaching wings moving about. Golden multicolored light and mists surged, divine force erupting chaotically.


Divine might moved heaven and earth!

Ah… The Dragon Sparrow cried out miserably. After clashing with the Kun Peng wings, his wings were broken, blood flowing everywhere. He was no match at all. 


As the final strike, the Kun Peng wings behind Shi Hao moved, removing his head and wiping out his primordial spirit. A corpse fell onto the ground.

Several great experts lost their lives. Those below all shivered in fear, immediately too scared to fight further.

Underworld Clan's woman held the death god scythe in her hands, using the Void Beast Bone precious object to hack apart the void, turning around to leave. 


A void halberd appeared in Shi Hao's hand. He directly chased into the void, brandished the halberd, fiercely hacking it down.

Following a deafening sound, the void shattered. The two individuals reappeared. The death god scythe was broken. The void halberd released a dazzling light that was incomparably dazzling, and with a ferocious hack, it cleaved the Underworld Clan female into two. Black blood splashed everywhere! 


This was what the remaining three individuals thought. There was no way they could defeat this enemy! This was an unmatched devil king! He was just too terrifying. 

"Where do you think you all are going?!" Shi Hao held the great halberd in one hand, cutting off that Flame Scorpion Clan female exceptional talent's escape path. 

"Kill!" The heavenly scorpion girl screamed.


In the end, the nine golden scorpion tails were all cut off. Poison splashed high into the air. Then, he brandished his halberd, removing her head, sending it flying far into the distance. Large amounts of blood splashed outwards.

Shi Hao faced the wind while holding the halberd, his black hair flying about, gaze like lightning. Right now, he was like a demon lord towering in the world of mortals!

In the distance, Luo Dao and Lan Yichen were both shocked. Even those as powerful as themselves were trembling. This was the first time they felt that if they followed by this person's side, they wouldn't feel so wronged after all. 

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