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Chapter 839 - Eight Great Experts

Shi Hao swept his eyes over these individuals one after another. Sure enough, they were all unordinary, their blood energies like a sea within their bodies, difficult for him to immediately see their depths.

It was clear that none of them were weak. They were all the most powerful experts of an area. 

These people were at the very least the most powerful of a province. Their future accomplishments were immeasurable, most likely becoming a terrifying figure that would rule over an area. 

"Have you looked at us enough yet? If you don't want to die, then just leave. If you want to throw away your life, then you can step forward." The male who was wrapped within purple energy and had a holy sword in his arms spoke. He was leaning against the mountain while calmly speaking. 

Shi Hao didn't pay him any attention and carefully sensed around. He confirmed that there were only these eight great experts and no others hiding. 

"Since you don't want to leave, then we'll just send you on your way!" The expert with a pair of golden horns on his head spoke coldly.

"Wait a moment." A White Lion spoke, its eyes brilliant, stopping that golden horned expert. It looked at Shi Hao and said, "Dao brother, are you willing to join my Divine Temple? From your dignified spirit, you are definitely the hero of a generation. Why don't you form an alliance with us?"

It was bold and powerful, not turning into human form. Its entire body was shining with white golden fur, especially the hair on its temples that swelled out, making it look heroic and tyrannical. It looked just like a king of all from a legend. 

When the others heard this, they all felt a bit displeased. It was actually trying to rope someone in.

"Is Divine Temple that formidable? What kind of benefit is there in joining?" Shi Hao asked.

The people here all revealed looks of shock. He hadn't even heard about Divine Temple before? This was an ancient inheritance that was on par with Immortal Palace in reputation, powerful to the point of making others feel reverence. 

There weren't many people in this inheritance, but not few either. They also had a glorious dao rite, but there was only a single ancient temple. Three divine images were consecrated there. 

Rumor has it that those were three great statues that hadn't been destroyed since the ancient times. They represented great power!

Some had said that those were immortals in the Immortal Ancient Era, and others said that they were undying divine ancestors from the Divine Dao Era. There were others who said that those were heavenly emperors who were going to become unmatched in the heavens above and earth below. 

The people that came from this inheritance were all extremely powerful. They grasped the 'Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Scripture', known as the highest inheritance, one of the unmatched heavenly techniques!

"As for how great Divine Temple is, dao friend can ask any random person and will know. As for joining us, this is a type of alliance. You won't be restricted, and once there is trouble, we will lend a helping hand. That is to say, we will mutually help out each other." The White Lion said. 

"Wu, I only have one question then. Will you guys be willing to help me seize the Octadic Treasure Unicorn or not?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Ancient Holy Child needs the Octadic Treasure Unicorn. If dao brother is willing to exchange, we are willing to do everything we can to satisfy your needs." The White Lion's eyes flickered as it spoke like this.

"Then what point is there in joining what Divine Temple? You all even want my Octadic Treasure Unicorn, so if I join, won't I have to hand over everything?" Shi Hao mocked.

"Ancient Holy Child needs this rare treasure badly. If dao brother is willing to give it up, then everything can be discussed." The White Lion said. 

When it mentioned Ancient Holy Child, those on the side all shivered inwardly, because that was an expert so powerful that it made them all tremble. This individual entered Immortal Ancient several times, coming out unrivalled each time.

The name Ancient Holy Child not only came from his surname 'Ancient', but also because he was an ancient freak that came from Divine Temple. The Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Scripture had been comprehended by him to the extreme, making him powerful without equal. 

In this era, not only did Divine Temple have an exceptional inheritor, they even had Ancient Holy Child who entered Immortal Ancient together with him. Their strength could be said to be powerful to the point of leaving others in despair. 

"I need it myself as well, so I won't give it to someone else, nor will I exchange it." Shi Hao said calmly.

"Then that is truly a pity." The White Lion said. Its eyes were no longer peaceful, becoming a bit dazzling.

"What is the point of talking so much? Just seize the Octadic Treasure Unicorn through your own skills. Just send him on his way already!" Someone said. 

"Luo Dao and Lan Yichen's brother? Your two brothers are quite lacking, only able to run and not willing to fight. Truly uninteresting." A male with five-colored sparrow wings behind him spoke. This was a powerful Dragon Sparrow. 

"You!" Luo Dao was furious. "You all attacked us from all sides, yet you still have the nerve to say this!" 

The one with bull horns laughed coldly, "Already defeated so badly, even if we fought one versus one, you are still far from being my opponent, chased until you pissed your pants in terror, holing up and not coming out. Otherwise, you would have been killed a long time ago!" 

Luo Dao glared at him furiously, about to take action.

However, he was stopped by Shi Hao. He was going to take action himself.

"Let me!" The Dragon Sparrow moved his wings, rising up into the air. This was a powerful race with several bloodlines in the higher realms. Every single one of them were terrifying to the extreme. They had the most powerful ancient blood within them, and even though it was now thin, their names explained everything. 

"No, let me go first. Do not fight with me over this." The expert with golden horns spoke. He leapt down from the enormous boulder with a single step, trampling down onto the ground with a hong sound. The great earth split apart, the energy that was released berserk. It was as if there was a large golden mountain here that made it hard for others to breathe.

In the rear, Lu Yi's face became snow white. He couldn't help but take steps backwards, his body trembling.

"Hehe, even a fella like this dares to come." The golden figure mocked. Then, he looked at Shi Hao and said, "Come, let me have a taste of how powerful the Octadic Treasure Unicorn's master is." 

"Are you all really fighting over who is going to kill me?" Shi Hao revealed a faint smile.

"Correct. If you don't have the skills, then not only will you have to leave behind the Octadic Treasure Unicorn, but your life as well!"

A roar sounded. That golden figure brandished his fist and rushed over, domineering and forceful to the extreme. Endless divine force surged, as if a great sea was pouring over. 

At this moment, everyone's expression changed. Even Luo Dao in the rear was shocked, loudly crying out. 

It was because this was the Archaic Barbaric Ox Clan's mutated expert -- Golden Ox. Currently, he had already successfully advanced to the late stages of the Divine Flame Realm. It was an exceptional talent to begin with, and its cultivation was high as well. It was definitely terrifying to the extreme. 

Luo Dao suffered quite a great loss back then, and that was when the Golden Ox's cultivation was still lower. After several months, it actually became this powerful. 

Even Shi Hao was startled. This was only a year and a half, yet someone already reached the late stages of the Divine Flame Realm. His speed was fast as expected, putting him on alert. 

"This fella has cultivated for several decades, always suppressing it. He had long studied how his predecessors have achieved divinity, and it is only through Immortal Ancient's holy medicines as well as other things, that he was able to become so fierce, rising up quickly." Luo Dao said.


Heaven and earth caved in. The Golden Ox was was exceptionally ferocious and tyrannical. When the fist smashed over, the entire sky seemed like it was going to fall.

Shi Hao faced this attack head on, also releasing a fist. His fist energy rushed into the heavens, overflowing like a great river, similarly magnificent. 

This strike made the void tremble. It was just too powerful! Divine force surged greatly, drowning this place with golden light. It was as if a restricted divine sea was rising and falling. 

Everyone was shocked. With this kind of flesh power, how many people could match him? 

The golden light retreated. Shi Hao was still standing in his original place without moving, and what was shocking was that the powerful ox deity Golden Ox took more than ten steps backwards, his arm trembling slightly. The space between his thumb and forefinger was split with blood flowing from it.

"What? The Divine Flame Realm late stage, Golden Ox known for his unmatched divine force lost in a contest of physical prowess?" Everyone became shocked. 

The Golden Ox's eyes widened, golden light burning like a torch. He stared at the other party with disbelief. He actually ended up kicking a metal board this hard. 

In reality, Shi Hao was shocked as well. Now that he cultivated to this stage, he could kill Divine Flame Realm experts with just a simple move, even if the other individual's cultivation level was higher.

However, he never expected this ox's flesh to be this sturdy, able to forcefully take a hit from him. If it was anyone else, that arm would have definitely exploded. 

"Not simple, able to block a fist from me and only bleeding a bit between your fingers. Rarely seen." Shi Hao said quietly.

However, when the Golden Ox heard this evaluation, he was so angry he wanted to spit out blood. His powerful flesh was his strong suit, his great force matchless, yet in the end, that fist almost blasted his arm apart, and he even heard these types of words. 

"You… go die for me!" The Golden Ox roared. He brandished his arm, and then a shining long blade appeared. He brandished it, immediately hacking down towards Shi Hao. 

"Have a bit of skill. Whose follower are you? It'll be better if you follow me instead." Shi Hao said. 

"He is someone allied with Sword Valley, known as the second divine general." Luo Dao transmitted.

"Sword Valley, Gu Jianyun…" Shi Hao frowned, recalling that ancient freak. In Sin Province, he had gotten a hurried glance at him.

"Kill!" Towards this, the Golden Ox roared loudly. The shining long blade hacked downwards. 

Shi Hao didn't hold anything back either, his five fingers forming a dragon claw and releasing resplendent radiance. This was a loose move he obtained from Origin Sky Secret Realm. 


Not only did this strike contain Shi Hao's flesh strength, it also displayed a powerful divine ability, erupting with resplendent bone texts. It was incomparably vicious, bringing with it a dragon shadow.

The sound of the exchange was deafening. This place became incomparably brilliant.

"Kill!" The Golden Ox roared, already going crazy, fighting a great battle against Shi Hao. 

"This is the right way. He should have used his powerful methods sooner." The scarlet armored woman spoke. She had advocated for Shi Hao's death from the start.

However, after several dozen collisions, suddenly, golden light flashed, and with a kacha sound, the long blade broke apart, and the Golden Ox flew outwards, his mouth coughing out large amounts of blood. 

A terrifying dragon claw imprint appeared on his chest, long streaks of blood flowing from it. His heart was almost pierced through. 

"Even the Golden Ox has been defeated. Everyone, even if there is someone among us who is stronger than the ox, it wouldn't be that much greater. It is still better if we work together to eliminate this person sooner." The White Lion spoke. His attitude immediately shifted a hundred eighty degrees, now taking the initiative to attack!

"I've long thought of this person as unsightly. Let's get rid of him together and turn the Eight Treasure Unicorn into something truly without an owner." The scarlet armored girl spoke. Even though her face was delicate and beautiful, it carried a cold killing intent. That was definitely a type of oppressive smile. 

"Even though she is unordinary, she's not an ancient freak in the end, not worth capturing. Guess I'll just kill her." Shi Hao said. 

"You…" The scarlet armored woman's eyes carried coldness. She was actually being talked about by someone like this.

"Everyone, do not hide anything any longer. This is the first time the eight of us are working together." The silver haired male spoke. 

The eight experts moved. They came from different powers, all of them the most powerful experts of an area. 

"No matter who comes, they will all die. There won't be any miracles." Someone said softly.

From a certain perspective, this truly was the truth. No one could simultaneously take on eight great experts. At the very least, among those who have come out from isolation, there is no one that strong! 

One has to understand that they had four exceptional talents among them, as well as four who could fight exceptional talents. They were all the most powerful experts of their respective sides!

Luo Dao walked up to help Shi Hao. 

"One of you, stop him. The other seven will work together to kill this person." The male who had purple mists curling about him and carried a sword spoke. 

"Luo Dao, back up. Let me do this alone." Shi Hao said calmly.

"Who do you think you are? You are going to fight eight exceptional talent level experts at the same time?!" The Dragon Sparrow laughed coldly. A pair of wings moved, multicolored clouds surged, erupting with divine might. Countless feathers shot out, turning into divine arrows before flying at Shi Hao. 


Towards this, Shi Hao also moved his wings. A berserk aura surged outwards, and then all of the Dragon Sparrow divine feathers were sent flying out in reverse. Following several pu pu sounds, several divine feathers pierced the Dragon Sparrow's own body.


Shi Hao released a loud roar, his voice shaking Silver Polish Mountain. Blood energy overflowed outwards. He was going to fight eight great exceptional talent level experts here alone. 

The woman who wore scarlet armor took action. Her hands formed an imprint, forming a blazing fan. She fanned it in Shi Hao's direction.


Shi Hao formed a fist imprint, directly smashing it outwards, blasting that blazing fan apart and sending that woman flying outwards, blood flowing out from her mouth. 

Shi Hao's black hair danced about crazily, his eyes like golden lamps. He didn't hold back at all, taking action with full force, using this to test out the results of his cultivation. He was just like a devil king.

"Who are you?" The White Lion asked.

"Shi Hao!" Shi Hao replied. He attacked again, his legs like dragon snakes, lashing outwards, blasting apart the White Lion's precious artifacts and almost sweeping past its head. The strong winds shaved off its hair in that area. Blood flowed outwards.


The eight experts trembled inwardly, no longer daring to hide their greatest methods. They all used their true fighting strength, taking action together.

"Shi Hao, that sounds a bit familiar…" Someone said while attacking.

"Today, I will establish a reputation for my own name!" Shi Hao roared. His blood energy was berserk, the light that erupted from his body illuminating the entire mountain region. He attacked completely like a devil king. 

After arriving in the higher realms, more people knew about his name as Huang, and only a few people knew that he was Shi Hao. Today, he was going to prove himself through this battle!

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