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Chapter 838 - Silver Polish Mountain

Silver Polish Mountain, a place silver and shiny, as if it was a glowing snowy mountain. It was brilliant white and spectacular. 

This was a metal mountain range, made mostly of silver essence. Mountain peaks rose and fell. Even though it was only ordinary silver essence, when all of them were piled up together, it was still extremely shocking. 

At the very center of this place, there was one enormous mountain that was quite unusual. It was like a millstone, its shape bizarre, not quite like a mountain peak. This was also where it got its name -- Silver Polish Mountain from. 

Great winds whistled about. Shi Hao descended here, with Luo Dao and Lu Yi following behind him. They closed in on this silvery metal mountain range. 

"Lan Yichen is able to merge with metal, a type of innate divine ability, using this to preserve his life. He brought the Octadic Treasure Unicorn with him, hiding in this mountain range." 

Luo Dao explained. The two of them fled separately purely for the sake of survival. Back then, a large group of people chased after them, making it dangerous to the extreme.

Lan Yichen hid here, borrowing the vast metal mountain region to escape the slaughter of a group of powerful individuals. 

Meanwhile, Luo Dao was the most daring, after breaking free from everyone, immediately returning to Radiance City, becoming the 'darkness under a lamp', hiding himself in the most dangerous place. 

Otherwise, it would have been extremely difficult to escape. There was a large net cast around the entrances of Radiant Realm. 

"Let me see who exactly it is that dares to steal my Octadic Treasure Unicorn!" Shi Hao said. After coming out from isolation this time, his strength was greatly improved. He became even more calm and unflustered. 

He released a formless wave of might, leaving Luo Dao shocked. They hadn't met for nine months, but this young devil king's strength actually fiercely increased again. 

Even though there was a pressure, it gave him a strange sense of confidence, feeling that they might be able to rescue Lan Yichen. 

"This place… has many people, all of them experts. Will the three of us be able to pass through them?" Lu Yi was absolutely terrified. Even though he had seen how savage Shi Hao was, with how many experts there were here, he still couldn't help but feel a bit scared. 

If he could run, he would have done so a long time ago. Following this devil king was too dangerous, but where could he go now? Immortal Palace's people already hated him greatly.

After all, it was him who that led the way, and those people all remembered that. 

"Which powers are here?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Many. People from Fire Cloud Cavern, Divine Dark Palace, Sword Valley, as well as…" Luo Dao explained.

These people were extremely terrifying. Not only were there subordinates of the most powerful individuals of the present world, there were also followers of ancient freaks. There were just too many of them. There were also a group of loose cultivators. 

This place was surrounded, which naturally drew the attention of those outside. A few powerful loose cultivators, and exceptional talents from different clans, after obtaining the news, hurried over, joining in as well. 

The Octadic Treasure Unicorn could increase the potency of any divine herb, holy fruit, and any other medicinal effectiveness by several times, so how could this not move hearts? If it was in the outside world, those ancient inheritances would definitely fight a great battle over this.

"Regardless of which powers they are from, if they dare stand in my way, I will kill them all without exception!" Shi Hao only had this sentence. Then, he began to walk forward with large steps.

"Good!" Luo Dao clenched his fists, his face revealing a bit of excitement. 

It was because recently, he had been too sullen. It was clearly them who obtained the rare treasure, yet once news leaked out, they were surrounded from all sides by great powers and chased down, only barely making it out alive.

As a result, both him and Lan Yichen lost a lot of blood as they continuously fled, almost losing their lives.

Silver Polish Mountain would surge with white light from time to time. This was a reflection of abundant metal energy. There were many people who originally wanted to gather essence gold here, believing that there were divine materials. 

"Halt, this mountain is sealed up. You all are not allowed to enter."

As soon as they stepped into the silver colored mountain region, someone discovered them, standing in their way. Their expressions were all cold. 

"Didn't many people enter the mountain? Why are you stopping us?" Lu Yi appeared and asked. 

"It is precisely because too many people came that all sides established rules that no one else is allowed to enter. The entire silver mountain body doesn't have much essence gold to gather, so you all can leave."

Lu Yi wanted to say something else, but Shi Hao stopped him. He walked forward and said, "We didn't come here for essence gold, but to find someone."

"Who?" The expression of the one who stood guard outside the mountain region changed. 

"Lan Yichen." Shi Hao said indifferently.

"Heng, you also want to get a cup of the good soup? Friend, you came too late. This place has already been divided into eight regions by various sides. There is no place left for you." Someone said coldly.

"Lan Yichen is my brother, and I've come to bring him back. I do not need any regions or territory." Shi Hao calmly said. 


"Issue a warning, quick!" 

Several individuals quickly backed up, wishing to send information into the mountain.


An enormous pair of Kun Peng wings appeared behind Shi Hao. With a light movement, crazy winds swept about, divine might surged, clouds pervaded the air. Those individuals were all blasted flying, coughing out large amounts of blood before smashing against the walls, their bones broken and tendons severed. 

Forget about Lu Yi, even Luo Dao's eyes were jumping crazily. This fella's strength had increased, becoming a great deal stronger than before! One has to understand that none of those individuals were weak, all of them rather strong.

"Go!" Shi Hao said, heading forward. He came precisely to unleash a great slaughter. 

Octadic Treasure Unicorn belonged to them to begin with, yet other people coveted it, demanding that they hand it over, in the end even attacking them from all sides. With the devilish child's temperament, how could he swallow this?

Shi Hao was surging with killing intent as they headed inside.

Inside the mountain, not a single blade of grass grew. There was silver essence everywhere. The mountain was shining with brilliance, the landscape rather unique. 

Soon after, they arrived in the second mountain entrance. There were still people standing guard here. In fact there were people here all around the entire mountain ridge, with cultivators standing guard every set amount of distance. 

"Yi, this person… looked a lot like Luo Dao." Someone's expression change. After comparing him with the picture scroll in hand, he discovered that this was the exact same silver-robed youngster. They were immediately shocked. 

Luo Dao took action, turning into a streak of silver light and rushing forward. His head of long hair erupted with power like a waterfall. It erupted with scarlet multicolored radiance, covering the sky with symbols. 

Those individuals cried out, all taking out weapons to defend themselves.

However, the hair that turned into scarlet multicolored light was invincible, piercing through those bone weapons and scattering their precious techniques. Its power was shocking. 

Following a wave of keng qiang sounds, these people were blasted flying. 

Luo Dao pursued them, taking action again!

One has to understand that blood had even been drawn from Shi Hao's hand before. So one could see just how sturdy and astonishing this hair was. It possessed exceptional divine might!


In that instant, those people had the space between their brows penetrated by the hair surrounded by scarlet multicolored light. All of them collapsed with their faces towards the sky, not a single one living. 

"Seeing how nimbly you are taking action, why did you still almost die?" Lu Yi commented softly, but he was greatly shaken up inside. 

"Rubbish, you try facing the attacks of several exceptional talents." Luo Dao said. 

This left Lu Yi shocked. Shi Hao nodded. Luo Dao was indeed powerful. Being able to survive under the surrounded attacks of exceptional talents was enough to prove quite a bit alone.

They proceeded, continuously breaking through four checkpoints, all those who stood in their way instantly killed. As a result, not much disturbance was stirred up, allowing them to quickly enter the depths of Silver Polish Mountain. 

There were powerful individuals standing guard at the checkpoints around the mountain, but there wasn't a single exceptional talent. It was because they were only there to stop those who arrived later from entering. 

The true top level figures, the powerful exceptional talents, were all inside at the heart of this place, all of them pursuing Lan Yichen to steal his Octadic Treasure Unicorn. They didn't stay in the perimeter.

"Not good, someone broke in."

Finally, someone discovered Shi Hao and Luo Dao's traces, as well as the corpses left behind at several checkpoints. They quickly issued a warning. 

As a result, the entire mountain was filled with figures. Bone texts rushed into the air continuously.

Lu Yi's face immediately turned pale. There were just too many people, right? This mountain range was hiding so many great experts, all of them guarding this place to capture Lan Yichen.

"Why are most of them human shaped? If I kill them, they should display their original forms, right?" Shi Hao frowned. 

Luo Dao was confused, but Lu Yi opened his mouth, feeling extremely speechless.

"Kill him!"


Within this silver mountain range that stretched as far as the eye could see, there were too many figures. They were all shouting noisily, rushing over to kill them. 

Shi Hao didn't feel any fear, walking forward with large steps, directly heading into the depths of the mountain range. His eyes were chilly, carrying shocking killing intent. This immediately left those people stunned.

Many people felt like this youth looked like an asura, possessing a wave of pressure that left them feeling terrified.

"What are you all scared of? We have so many of us on our side. Are you telling me that we aren't his opponent? Moreover, those great ones are just inside, so they will definitely sense something and come out soon." Someone said. 

Then, many of them rushed over from the mountains. All types of magical artifacts flew about and precious techniques shone, submerging the world below. 


Golden symbols emerged from within Shi Hao's eyes. Killing intent pervaded into the air. His body shone, and like a flying immortal, the light that was released was especially dazzling. 

This was Heaven Calamity Light. Even though he intentionally controlled it, not letting it reach its most powerful state, it was still extremely shocking and exceptionally brilliant. It was as if a rain of light gathered above their heads, scattering down onto the world. 

This type of precious technique could attack indiscriminately, the most suitable for group battles!

Pu pu sounds rang out incessantly. The group of people were all pierced through, falling down onto the ground. Blood flowed everywhere. There were more than thirty people, yet in the end, all of them lost their lives. 

The scene was a bit quiet. Everyone shivered inwardly, stopping again, feeling fear and chilliness. They continuously stepped backwards.

Shi Hao didn't pay them any attention, rushing forward and directly entering the depths of the mountain range.

At the heart of this place was a large silver millstone like mountain body. It was even taller than mountain peaks, imposing and majestic. 

There was a large formation here, something that several top powers worked together to arrange. It surrounded Silver Polish Mountain to prevent Lan Yichen from escaping. They continuously shrunk the formation, believing that in a few days, they'll be able to force him out.


Shi Hao continuously took action. After being together with the Divine Striking Stone for a long time, he developed some knowledge towards formations as well, viciously attacking at the weakest places. In the end, he forcibly tore open a corner and walked inside. 

Inside the great formation, There were eight figures seated within Silver Polish Mountain, each occupying an area. There was someone with silver hair, another with hazy purple energy, and one with long golden horns, all of them were different, possessing astonishing auras. It was as if eight archaic divine mountains were towering here, exuding a pressure that made one feel suffocated.

"Not bad, breaking into this place, you have some methods." The silver-haired individual spoke. His eyelids lifted, sizing up Shi Hao. 

"You came too late. You should just leave!" A male with a vertical eye between his brows spoke. His face was sinister and beautiful. This individual was sitting on a several tens of zhang tall silver boulder as he looked down on Shi Hao. 

They had clearly already received a report, knowing that Shi Hao's group of three were powerful, that they slaughtered their way in. 

"Hahaha…" Someone roared loudly. This was an expert with long golden bull horns. After laughing, his eyes became cold. While standing on a silver essence boulder, he lowered his head and said, "Who do you think you are, wishing to bring way Lan Yichen and take the Octadic Treasure Unicorn for yourself? Keep dreaming!" 

"Do you think that you are that strong? What qualifications do you have to bring him away? Are you challenging our dignity?!" A female dressed in black armor and shrouded in black mists spoke. She carried a deathly aura, clearly someone from Underworld Clan. 

"En, the main character himself has come. Turns out you are the one behind Lan Yichen. Oh, Luo Dao, you came as well. This is the one that you two rely on? He doesn't seem to be all that? So he only amounted to this much!" The one who had golden bull horns on his head laughed loudly. However, his eyes were extremely cold.

"Hahaha… the main character has come. Good, once he is dead, wouldn't the Octadic Treasure Unicorn be without an owner?" On the other side, a woman who wore scarlet armor smiled and said. Her delicate and beautiful face carried a look of ridicule. 

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