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Chapter 815 - Corner of Tomorrow


Another heavy sound rang through the air that sounded like a drum, but it shocked one to the soul. This was related to the Immortal Dao Flower Bud, the great dao sound that it contained. 

Multicolored brilliance shone resplendently like smoke, mists pervading the air, dazzling and brilliant. This entire world was dyed in this holy radiance. 

The Immortal Dao Flower Bud vaguely appeared there, releasing an immortal energy that flowed through the mountains and rivers. 

"How comfortable!"

Many people couldn't help but cry out. No matter how tired they were, whether they had injuries on their bodies or not, right now, they all rushed into the sky, as if they experienced a holy cleansing. 

Between these mountains and rivers, all things were covered by a thin layer of multicolored mist, making it appear even more hazy.

The plant life was fresh and clean, the leaves becoming more green, releasing a radiance. Spiritual medicines shone, medicinal fragrance so rich it wouldn't scatter. A few creatures' vitality greatly surged. All things seemed to be becoming stronger, gaining a type of life force. 

"Be careful, it is extremely dangerous right now. Strange creatures might appear, so protect yourselves on your own path!"

At this crucial moment, there was a loud sound resounding through this place, reminding the fifty million supreme experts that this was something those of the past had already experienced. 

Immortal Dao Flower Bud blossomed, making this uninhabited region more and more auspicious and peaceful. It chased away the most vicious creatures, as well as neutralized all types of strange dangers. However, it would, at the same time, draw some inconceivable creatures. This was even more so the case when the Immortal Flower blossomed. 

Originally, once the Immortal Flower blossomed, all dao would resonate, suppress everything over the Supreme Expert Realm, but it couldn't do anything to the great holy and extraordinary existences. They would always draw creatures to them like moths to a flame. 

The endless participants knew about this, because their clan's seniors had already warned them repeatedly.

Shi Hao was stupefied. He didn't know about this. Cultivators like him weren't many, but this type of reminder was still extremely useful. 

"There is no need to feel nervous. Those are just a small number of creatures. All of you should head on your way, just be mindful to be a bit more careful." A few giants reassured. 

All of the supreme experts were moving along, heading forward while staring at the Immortal Dao Flower at the end of the horizon. However, for them, it wasn't that far. With a single weave, they traveled out like a divine rainbow, traveling quite far out. 


Suddenly, an enormous streak of lightning roared from the distance, shaking mountains and rivers, making many supreme experts' blood and qi roil. The surrounding uninhabited region was shaken up.

"How terrifying of a creature is this?"

Shi Hao was shocked, raising his head to look into the distance. 

There was an enormous figure in the heavens, its entire body covered in red hair, and blood colored radiance made it so one couldn't make out its true appearance. The blood colored hair was incomparably thick, making it hard to tell if it was a person or beast. 

It was quite malevolent, its aura astonishing. He had never encountered a creature like this that gave him such an uncomfortable feeling. It was strange and ominous, making one's soul tremble.

Below it, the grass and trees became dim. 

Within a large region, quite a few supreme experts were suppressed to the point where they couldn't move a single step. Their chests felt heavy, feeling extremely suffocated.


The scarlet furred creature with ominous blood colored radiance swirling around its body roared, opening its bloody mouth towards the Immortal Dao Flower Bud, actually intending to devour it. 

At this moment, forget about those participating, even the great figures in the distance couldn't help but feel shocked. This thing was so powerful, seemingly quite sinister as well.


The flower bud released a sound, as well as a strand of auspicious light. It was as if sunlight illuminated ice and snow, scattering the strange energy. 

This enormous creature released a cry, its opened mouth unexpectedly spitting out black-colored blood before retreating unwillingly, thus disappearing from this place.

Everyone released a breath of relief. This thing was too powerful. If it displayed its might, it would definitely be a great disaster!

By the horizon, a light sound rang through the air again. There were flower petals that were blossoming, auspicious radiance surging into the heavens, surrounding heaven and earth, making this place more and more magnificent and unordinary. 

After a long time had passed, no one said anything, only silently staring forward vigilantly. 

However, this path was quite peaceful. Many people selected good positions. They then stopped, quietly waiting for the flower to completely blossom.

Another hour passed. From time to time, sounds of the flower opening could be heard. Flower petals were appearing one after another, a total of three thousand of them, each representing a few great dao of the heavens. 

At the same time, large amounts of rain scattered downwards, sparking and translucent. When one tried to reach out their hand to touch it, they unexpectedly weren't able to catch it, only feeling a bit of comfortable warmth.

Outside, all of the sect masters were incredibly envious, and a few individuals without much life left even trembled slightly, truly wishing that they could barge in and be in their place.

These fifty million supreme experts, regardless of whether they could enter Immortal Ancient or not, just being able to obtain what they received right now made all of their efforts worth it. This was a rain of light that contained immortal dao energy. At the very least, it would add a hundred years of life for every person here. 

Without even doing anything, just taking a walk through this place resulted in this type of opportunity, it truly made others envious.

Towards these extremely young supreme experts, it might not be much, but for those ancient existences, it was extremely precious, worth exchanging for with divine objects.

Life would always reach its end, and when that came, the precious medicines would become useless for those sect masters. Only these types of special matter would work. 

"Sigh!" A soft sigh rang through the air, sounding from within a purple golden emperor carriage. It was pulled by nine divine birds that looked like purple phoenixes. It released hazy chaotic energy.

Everyone's minds trembled. This was the war chariot of one of the present world's Emperor Clans!

"These young heroes have peered into a strand of heavenly secret. Perhaps the day will come when even we will roar towards the heavens for a few extra years of time, or even a few more months of time. These hundred years might not seem all that precious now, but once that day descends, things might not be the same."

This was a deep and remote voice, one that carried melancholy.

"Is that day coming soon?" Someone said softly, similarly a great sect's master, his heart feeling uneasy. So many people came this time, all because everyone sensed something.

"Did something happen by the desolate border?" A snow-white old turtle spoke, suspending in the void. 

Everyone's hearts jumped. This was one of the higher realms' most ancient creatures, his vitality long lasting, his age terrifyingly great. Even it came!

There were many sect masters who weren't clear on the details regarding what it spoke about. Only a few experts from the most ancient inheritances' pupils shrunk, their hearts feeling shock. 

"Some undying matter, even though sparse, can be transferred over and distributed throughout the higher realms, thus allowing all cultivators to live longer. If the day comes when those things no longer appear, what will happen?" Heavenly Country's lord was exuding a bloody energy, sitting on a bleeding war chariot as he spoke. It made everyone shiver inwardly. He then continued, "When that time comes, man will eat man, creature will eat creature. All things will wither. This will be the most common sight."

These were bloody words, making many people's fine hairs stand on end. If that day truly comes, this lord of Heavenly Country would definitely be a great disaster.

At the same time, many people shuddered. The first time they received this type of information, the lives of the cultivators of the higher realms were all quite long. Could it be that this wasn't a natural phenomenon?

There was actually… another reason!

"If this world dries up, if we sever our relationship with that place, the slight amount of undying matter unable to cross over, then even the most powerful of us wouldn't live past ten or twenty thousand years." 

Western Sect's master sighed softly. He had cultivated the Six Zhang Golden Body, but he was different from ordinary creatures. He looked like he was cast from gold, his precious image dignified, one of the higher realms' most powerful individuals. 

Western Sect's inheritance was related to the ancient era's cultivator 'Gu Seng'. Rumors had it that they excavated great ruins, and thus, not only was this sect strengthened, they even learned of many secrets. 

"Strive to cross!" 

These words sounded from Immortal Palace's direction. Within that ancient copper palace slept their sect's ferocious individual from a past era. He was powerful to an unestimatable degree. 

Right now, even these sect masters were like this, let alone the others.

"How could this be? Ordinarily, is our life force extremely little? Not even the most powerful individual able to live past ten or twenty thousand years of age?" Many people refused to believe this. 

Even a few heavenly deities were shaken up. They looked towards their respective sects' sect masters. These news were too shocking. At first, they were only startled, but as it went on, they felt more and more terrified. 

One had to understand that there were many powerful experts in the present world, all of them from the Archaic Era, any random one over millions of years old. None of those sect masters died prematurely.

Even the worst off could live for hundreds of thousands of years!

Right now, someone suddenly told them that in the future, these higher realms' most powerful creatures might not live longer than ten or twenty thousand years. How could this not leave them terrified and shaken up?

If this was the case for the most powerful creatures, then what about heavenly deities?

Then what about the supreme experts even closer to the bottom?

This was unimaginable!

When the time came, how many years would they be able to live?!

"Immortal Dao Flower Bud, three thousand petals will all be released, exhausting everything it has. This era will reach its final stages, and that day will perhaps… not be too far off." A woman within a silver war chariot spoke with unwillingness. There was a type of great regret that seemed to contain the vicissitudes of time. 

This was the war chariot of one of the present age's Emperor Clan's chariots.

These inheritances spoke one after another, proving that this was not some empty words. They were all worried.

"The future is unpredictable, but we can still see a corner of it. We needs to make preparations ahead of time." Someone said.

"This shouldn't be the case! It cannot be allowed to be like this!" Someone released a low roar, an ancient sect master. His face distorted, unable to remain calm. 

Everyone quickly understood that those that had survived from the Archaic Era were the most shaken, because they had already completed most of the life cycle, not having much life left to begin with.

If that type of thing happened, then how many years would they even have left?

This wasn't all. True deities, Divine Flame Realm experts, and others, this was true for them as well. Unless they were still young themselves, there would only be ominous things waiting for them. 

One could infer that once that day arrived, quite a people wouldn't be able to live past a few years before withering away with the era!

"This is still not the most terrifying part. The scariest thing is that when that time comes, there will be the greatest battle of history… one that will arrive from the desolate border. The flames of war will spread and engulf the three thousand provinces!"

An ancient vine spoke. It extended its branches, releasing azure radiance. However, regardless, it was too old, about to erode away. 

Everyone felt chills run down their bodies, especially the younger generation experts. They all stood there in a stupor. This was the corner of the future the most powerful experts of the higher realms foresaw? It was just too terrifying.

"The future is full of variables, impossible to predict. Nothing is certain. Everyone, please do not treat everything as the truth." Someone spoke, easing the atmosphere a bit.

"Hurry and look, what is that?!" Someone cried out loudly, his voice trembling and full of shock, finding this difficult to believe. 

When everyone heard this, they all quickly turned their heads to look into the uninhabited region. 

"What, that's a…" Even the sect leader of a large sect trembled, crying out with alarm. However, he didn't dare speak that name that left one in reverence.

"Even this type of existence has appeared?!" Sky Severing Sect Master's black hair scattered down, feeling deeply shocked. He quickly formed an imprint, cutting a piece of heaven and earth source to acquire that aura and confirm if it was real. 

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