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Chapter 814 - Uninhabited Region

Sin Province wasn't the only one. All three thousand provinces were resonating in response. The bell sounds sounded simultaneously, shaking the higher realms, indicating that everyone was starting to proceed onto the next phase!

Super transport formations started up one after another, bringing the victors of each province out, heading towards that ancient earth. 

"Hateful, I have to see him be killed!" In Sin Province, Fire Cloud Cavern and Phantom Drake Dao Gate's people roared, unable to accept this result.

"Let's go, we should head to that ancient place and observe the results." Someone said. 

Of course, not everyone would be able to go, because the distance was too great. Moreover, even if they went there, they could only wait. Who knew how many years this great battle was going to last. 

A brook murmured, plant life green and lush. This was a peaceful and beautiful world. 

The ten thousand people from Sin province appeared. They weren't crammed together, but scattered throughout this vast region of mountains and rivers. However, they would still occasionally run into each other.

They looked left and right, all of them full of curiosity. Was this the boundless uninhabited region? They unexpectedly entered!

One has to understand that there were many legends related to this secret earth. Even sect master level figures would fall upon entering this place. This was the most mysterious and dangerous part of the world.

Natural Luck Academy's head was incredibly heaven defying, known as an old unmatched existence in the past, an existence comparable to the Six Great Celestials, yet in the end, he died in the uninhabited region's depths. 

Perhaps one could only enter in this special time, right? After all, that Immortal Flower appeared, about to blossom in this region and covering this place with 'auspicious signs'. 

The smell of the earth, and the sweet scent of the plant life wafted out. Shi Hao took a deep breath. After experiencing a great battle, he ended up coming to a place like this. He was now completely relaxed. 

There were more than twenty supreme experts within a range of several li. They all sensed his existence, each and every one of them horrified. They quickly retreated, staying far away from this place.

They all felt great fear and respect towards him. This was someone who even dared to kill a heavenly deity, so who wouldn't be scared?!

"Am I really that scary?" Shi Hao revealed a smile, his teeth extremely white and brilliant. However, those twenty or so supreme experts were all frightened until their scalps became numb.

One of the girls couldn't help but cry out, "Don't… kill me!"

"Truly boring. I originally wanted to stay together with you all." Shi Hao shook his head, and then he didn't pay them any attention. 

When these people heard this, they were greatly moved, too late for regrets. If they traveled together with this type of young devil king, what would they be scared of? As long as they don't encounter the freaks of past generations, they would likely be unstoppable!


Suddenly, Shi Hao raised his head and looked forward. He felt something strange. 

A wave of gentle fluctuations appeared in the void, auspicious, pure, and holy, making others feel as if they were bathing in the winds of spring, their entire bodies comfortably warm and all fatigue washed away.

In the distant horizon, immortal radiance shone streak after streak, brilliant like morning multicolored clouds, white like silver moons. Large amounts of light scattered downwards, making that place incomparably divine. 

"It appeared! Immortal Dao Flower Bud!" A supreme expert cried out in alarm, feeling incomparably moved, their bodies all trembling. 

If one wanted to enter Immortal Ancient, they had to wait until the Immortal Dao Flower's Bud appeared. Only when it blossomed would that gate open, unveiling the dust covered path that leads into Immortal Ancient. 

It already appeared. When was it going to blossom?

Sun Province's ten thousand supreme experts were all waiting here expectantly. However, from what they understood, the place they were currently in was also a place of natural luck. 

It was to the extent where for most people, it was the only natural luck they could obtain. It was because even though they arrived here, not all of them could enter Immortal Ancient. 

However, this was the uninhabited region, vast and boundless. Normally, outsiders couldn't come in. There were too many precious medicines and treasures that grew here. 

Moreover, it was rumored that there was undying matter here. If one somehow obtained a drop or a casual bit, it would be enough for them to be personally welcomed by those ancient sect masters. 

That was why it could be said that this was a place of natural luck. 

Based on the experiences of past history, the Immortal Dao Flower Bud would blossom in several hours at the soonest, the latest not exceeding three days. The seal on Immortal Ancient would then be opened. 

"Need to take advantage of this time to search for opportunities!" Over ten thousand supreme experts scattered in this region, rushing through the mountain forest to search for their own opportunities. 

Shi Hao wasn't in a rush, not in a rush, but not moving too slowly either. He walked forward, staring towards the horizon the entire time.


A drum sound rang through this heaven and earth, heavy, grand, and boundless, as if the world was resonating. The radiance at the end of the horizon becoming more resplendent. 

At the same time, a great sound rang through the air, every single supreme expert hearing it clearly.

"This time, the higher realm's three thousand provinces have fifty million supreme experts that have successfully passed, entering this uninhabited region."

This was the voice of a group of sect masters, those at the peak of this world. Even though none of them dared to get close to the Immortal Dao Flower Bud up ahead, they could still come within a certain distance of this place. 

At this time, they publicly announced a few circumstances to all of the supreme experts that entered the uninhabited region. 

When Shi Hao heard this information, he immediately felt overwhelmed. Fifty million supreme experts… it was twenty million greater than what he had anticipated!

He thought that every province would have ten thousand people, but it seems like a few great provinces allowed more people to pass. 

"Based on the past, each time, there would be several million supreme experts who would ultimately enter Immortal Ancient. When the Immortal Flower blooms, all of you have to grasp the opportunity."

Shi Hao listened carefully. Even though he knew quite a bit, he still didn't come from a great sect, so the inside information he knew naturally couldn't be compared to others. 

"I believe your masters have all prepared Region Shattering Symbols for you. Should you fail, unable to enter, or encounter danger, you can immediately break through space to return. Keep in mind that only when the Immortal Dao Flower Bud appears would this uninhabited region display abnormalities. Otherwise, you all might not be able to use those precious symbols."

Shi Hao's mind shook. He truly didn't know about this stuff, because Qi Daolin always asked him to place highly, but never spoke about any of this in detail.

"All of you are currently divided into three thousand regions, all of them vast and boundless, the cultivators of each province in a specific region. There are realm walls between different regions. I advise you all not to attempt to break it to avoid conflict. All of you should enter Immortal Ancient through your respective regions in an orderly manner."

When these words were spoken, it meant that these endless mountains and rivers were divided. The supreme experts that were all quite far away from each other could not calm down, because this meant that there might be danger. 

They knew clearly that those transcendent individuals from past eras would break the realm walls between regions, crossing regions to search for undying matter, carrying out great slaughter to do so.

Shi Hao proceeded forward, his expression calm and peaceful. He didn't have much to be scared of, just have to wait until Immortal Ancient opened.

"Even though the Immortal Dao Flower Bud has appeared and auspicious signs have surrounded these mountains and rivers, making it so that there are no excessively vicious creatures appearing, it is still best for all of you to be careful." 

This was the warning of the higher realms' sect masters. This place wasn't really all that peaceful; there would still be dangers. 

The uninhabited region was quite special, with no one able to say for sure what there was here. Stepping on a piece of yellow earth would be enough to take the life of a sect master, being infected by a drop of seven-colored dewdrop would cause powerful experts to fall.

It was because these were all things that had happened before!

Currently, auspicious radiance pervaded the air. Strange events normally wouldn't happen, but one still had to remain vigilant.

The first day went by extremely peacefully, nothing major happening. 

Even though fifty million supreme experts was a huge number, when scattered throughout the boundless mountains and rivers, it couldn't be considered all that much. There was enough of a cushion between them. 

The second day. Endless experts came from the surrounding regions, all of them big names from different parts of the higher realms. They all wanted to see exactly what was the situation.

They didn't dare to enter too deeply, because that Immortal Dao Flower Bud released a great repelling force. The most powerful couldn't exceed the Supreme Expert Realm if they wanted to get any closer.

"Immortal Dao Flower Bud, since the era of its birth, has already bloomed two thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine times, each time exhausting a bit of its great dao. Now, there is one last chance, as well as the most perfect chance. It will blossom with three thousand flower petals."

"Those flower petals are all extraordinary items, able to illuminate the secrets within Immortal Ancient."

This was one of the reasons why they came here. They couldn't approach closer, but they could use the three thousand great dao flower petals to observe some of the circumstances within Immortal Ancient.

Of course, any flower petal needed a sect master to activate it. The consumption was tremendous!

It was because they couldn't get any closer, needing to activate them from endless distance away. One could well imagine how difficult it was.

In reality, whenever this time came, the giants of different sects would descend. The experts of each province would then work together, each province only able to grasp a single flower petal, using it to probe the unknown. 

The second day's afternoon, the outer region was already packed with people. 

Carriages moved through the air one after another, releasing auspicious multicolored light. They all carried great figures, some of them accompanied by chaotic energy, making even heavenly deities feel fear, quickly moving to the side. 

"That is… Heavenly Country's war chariot. Their sect master personally came!" Someone cried out in shock.

A blood-colored war chariot that released heaven overflowing murderous energy appeared. It was as if it had been soaked in the blood of ten million creatures, carrying endless baleful energy. They could almost vaguely hear the anguished cries of countless creatures. 

Everyone's expressions changed. This master of killing was the most mysterious figure. Even after endless years, not many individuals had seen him. Today, his war chariot unexpectedly appeared!

The Immortal Ancient Era had passed, and this era was reaching its end soon as well. A few forbidden figures seemed to have sensed something. This might be the final opportunity, and that was why he personally appeared. 

A copper palace pulled by nine flood dragons rumbled over, releasing chaotic energy. 

This scene shocked everyone here!

Immortal Palace's people came, moreover the inheritance's ancient existence that had remained dormant since the Archaic Era personally came. The copper palace was where he was laying dormant!

Could it be that he woke up? This made the hearts of others tremble!

"Should still be asleep, just coming here to wait for an opportunity. When the time comes, there will be people who will wake him." A giant speculated. 

Then, Heaven Mending Sect, Western Sect, and other top level inheritances came one after another.

The Emperor Clans of the present world descended as well, triggering a great commotion. 

Sin Province, Fire Province, Heaven Province, Demon Province, people from all different places arrived.

From Five Elements Province, Immortal Heavenly Deity personally came while accompanied by a group of people.

"Hao'er has entered. I wonder how he is." Shi Hao's mother Qing Yining was also here, her face filled with worry, but at the same time a trace of regret. She said softly, "The other Hao'er, sigh!"

Shi Ziling stood by her side. He had returned from his bitter cultivation specifically to see Qin Hao off, watching as he entered Immortal Ancient to compete against the geniuses of this world and seize natural luck.

"With two supreme being bones, he will definitely reach an undefeated level. It is because the old ancestor has used undying precious liquid on him, making both of those bones undamaged!" A few people from the Qin Clan discussed, feeling extremely confident. 

It was because at the latest, it would open in three days. It was clear that the time was about to be reached.

During this period of time, there were some who obtained great natural luck, discovering undying matter, triggering a great commotion and being chased after by many supreme experts. In the end, they had no choice but to leave with a Region Shattering Symbol.


Multicolored brilliance surged from the horizon, immortal light overflowing into the heavens. That place became more and more divine and auspicious. 

Everyone knew that the Immortal Dao Flower was going to blossom!

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