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Chapter 813 - Passing the Trial

A loud roar sounded. This heavenly deity retreated, holding his broken arm with his hand. Glaring red blood flowed down, half his body now dyed red. 

His eyes possessed blade-like sharpness as he stared at Shi Hao. Suffering a heavy injury like this was not only a complete defeat, but even more so a humiliation. 

This place was dead silent.

Everyone felt as if a great flood swept over their hearts. They could not calm down at all. This youth was rarely seen since the past, powerful to a ridiculous degree!

"Old ancestor!" A group of people rushed over, protecting the heavenly deity within. 

The cultivators of several sects were greatly shocked, their faces pale. They suffered a great humiliation today, unexpectedly unable to deal with a youth.

In all these years, their inheritance had towered at the peak of this world, high above all others, overlooking all directions, who dared to provoke them, let alone being swept through like this?!

Today, a youth took action domineeringly, slaughtering them to this extent!


The sounds of footsteps rang through the air. Two individuals walked over, heavenly deities as well, their eyes chilly as they stared at Shi Hao. They stood beside the wounded heavenly deity.

Shi Hao laughed out loud, thriving with vigor. Then, he revealed a look of contempt. This was a type of brash attitude, and even more so arrogance and disdain, not attaching any importance to them.

The group of experts were immediately furious, some of their faces becoming scarlet red. Blood energy surged, making them feel a type of humiliation. A youth unexpectedly looked at them like this!

Endless cultivators were watching the battle. When they saw this scene, they were greatly shocked.

"Sin, if he doesn't die, he will definitely rise up to the peak one day." Someone said with a light sigh, calling Shi Hao 'Sin', because that was the name he left behind on the Supreme Being Ancient Altar. 

"The newer generation will replace the old, a supreme being will inevitably rise up. How unfortunate it is that our disciples don't know, and we have no way of informing them not to provoke him after entering Immortal Ancient." 


When those great ancient sects heard these people's discussions and quiet conversations, they couldn't help but reveal even more unpleasant expressions.

It was quite clear that everyone believed that they had encountered a disaster today, destined to suffer greatly. These were ancient sects we were talking about!

"You with sinner's blood!" A true deity shouted, "Acting so unrestrained like this, challenging our ancient sects, are you going to fight to the death against us in the future?"

This was a threat, as well as an intimidation to have Shi Hao give up. After all, those were all glorious great sects. In the real world, who dared to fight against them alone?

"Your words hit the nail on the head! In the future, I will definitely pay each and every one of you a visit!" Shi Hao replied.

"Not knowing how high or deep heaven and earth are!" The true deity berated. He knew that this path wouldn't work, the other party not going to back off. 

"Why don't you try and speak another sentence?" Shi Hao looked at him coldly.

The true deity was furious. This was an undisguised threat. Everyone could see this young supreme being threaten a true deity, moreover one that was standing right next to another heavenly deity.

"I am saying that you don't know…" He repeated once again, berating while staring at Shi Hao. 

However, before he even finished his sentence, he felt his sight blur. A golden lotus took root in the void, releasing raging flames at him, erupting with golden radiance. 

"You dare!" Many people shouted loudly.

Even the three heavenly deities' eyes became cold. This was just too arrogant, going to kill a true deity in front of their faces, clearly not putting these three great heavenly deities in his eyes. 

The three individuals quickly stepped in to stand in his way!

"Why wouldn't I dare? You three pieces of trash, get out of my sight!" Shi Hao roared. His entire body surged with burning radiance, as if it was truly fire, incomparably blinding and flourishing. 

As soon as these domineering words were spoken, he continuously cut down the experts in his path, rushing towards the three great heavenly deities. 

Everyone became greatly alarmed. As for those directly involved, the three heavenly deities were beyond furious. What was this youth saying? He actually dared to call them trash, it was simply outrageous.

How many years had it been? Endless years had passed since they had become heavenly deities. It was always them who looked down on other races, receiving the reverence of all sides. Who dared to talk to them like this? 


Blood splashed outwards. Shi Hao soared into the air. When his foot descended, it stamped out shocking lightning, blasting a few supreme experts until they cried out loudly. Some of them were charred black on the spot, and a few even exploded. Bloody mists surged.

He was at a level of his own!

This scene left every single person deeply shaken. What was unrivaled? This youth displayed this type of might. 

All of the spectators, the big names of various sects, all of them were stupefied. How many years had it been since they saw a youth with such divine bravery? They were young in the past, their hot blood previously surging into the heavens. Right now, it was as if they returned to the era of their youth!

A youth was berating heavenly deities as three pieces of trash, slaughtering experts like they were ordinary chickens. It shocked everyone close to Supreme Being Ancient Altar!


Several great ancient sects' cultivators joined hands to stop his attack. The three great heavenly deities were even more furious, and even the eyes of the one who lost his forearm were cold, erupting with the most powerful divine might and activating precious artifacts to fight.


Shi Hao's body was in midair, moving about like a True Dragon as he passed above many people's heads. When he brandished his leg, divine light erupted, and then it directly smashed down. That leg was even more powerful than a dragon's tail, making a group of people vomit blood, crying loudly as they flew out, exploding soon after. 

This type of tyrannical scene left every single person shocked!

"All who dare to stop me will die!" 

From the end of his finger, strand after strand of white light flew out, holy and resplendent, auspicious, yet inwardly tyrannical. They could erupt with devastating divine might at any moment. 

This was heavenly calamity radiance!

The three great heavenly deities were horrified. Their precious artifacts were all blasted until they became dull and lightless, all of them flying outwards. Moreover, this type of radiance blasted them until their chests felt oppressed, about to cough out blood.


Shi Hao swooped down like a dragon, blasting a group of experts until they coughed out blood. Corpses and heavily wounded individuals were sent flying to both sides of him.

Even the three great heavenly deities were struck until they took steps backwards, unable to stop this power.

"You…" The face of the true deity who spoke before was now deathly pale. 


Shi Hao's palm descended, white light overflowing outwards, covering heaven and earth. This individual was directly eliminated, blasted into a bloody mist, then into smoke and dust, ultimately into a rain of light. 

This great army attacked an enemy, yet no one could stop him!

With a weng sound, Shi Hao spun into the air, one foot down towards a heavenly deity's face, one palm towards the other heavenly deity's head, attacking powerfully. 

His true targets were naturally the three great heavenly deities.

One individual roared, bringing out a picture scroll. This was a secret artifact. When this item was activated, it would fade away and be used up. However, its might was boundless.

He was hoping that this item could temporarily break through the limit of the Spirit Realm's suppression and eliminate Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao felt surprised, but he didn't worry. With a loud shout, his body surged with holy radiance, creating a boundless expanse of light. Moreover, an imprint appeared in his palm, releasing blinding brilliance.

Then, a blurry hand struggled free from the flesh, taking form in the void. Unfortunately, it wasn't solid enough, a bit hazy and dull, incomplete.

Despite this being the case, it still released terrifying might, because this was -- Hand of Heaven. 


That painting scroll was penetrated, being scattered before it could even burn. Its energy couldn't sweep over.


That heavenly deity beared the brunt of this attack, half his body being struck through. He was severely injured, blood splashing down on the battlefield. 


Shi Hao produced a Soul Shattering Needle, sending it flying at his body. This was to kill him.


Sure enough, it landed on its target, making that heavenly deity's expression change greatly. 

With a qiang sound, his palm formed a blade, decisively cutting off his shoulder. He then quickly fled towards the distance. 

A heavenly deity was running!

This triggered a huge uproar. When the other experts saw this, all of their faces became while, their confidence crushed. They fled towards all directions. 


Shi Hao shouted loudly, chasing after those people and continuously taking action.


Unfortunately, a few bell sounds rang out from Supreme Being Ancient Altar's direction, stating that the trial had ended. Several thousand supreme experts were sent out, everything here ending. 

Shi Hao was rather regretful. He felt a tremendous force pulling at his body, about to bring him out from this battlefield.

He directed his final attack at a heavenly deity. An indistinct and incomplete Hand of Heaven smashed out, making that individual's expression change greatly. Even though he was retreating at flying speed, he was still blasted until he coughed out large amounts of blood, part of his body tattered.

The most terrifying thing was that this palm Shi Hao released had a Soul Shattering Needle clasped between the fingers. 


This time, this needle flew towards the head, accurately entering through it, making that heavenly deity release a miserable cry. His eyes erupted with miserable radiance; he was truly horrified.

"What? A heavenly deity was struck by a Soul Shattering Needle!"

"Heavens, a heavenly deity is about to fall?"


This triggered an uproar. The three great heavenly deities were all seriously injured, their blood splattering out onto Spirit Realm. One of them might even die!

All of the spectators erupted into an uproar, their hearts greatly shaken.


Shi Hao disappeared from this place, sent out through Supreme Being Ancient Altar, leaving Spirit Realm. 

Sin Province, within the enormous dao field. 

Multicolored light flickered as figures were sent out one after another, decreasing by more than seventy thousand supreme experts. Only ten thousand remained, the ones that managed to ultimately pass!

The ones that left the dao field all felt unwillingness and despair. They entered the crowd, feeling incomparably dejected. 

Of course, within these types of expressions, there was also a type of indescribable brilliance. They were all staring at that dao field, searching for a youth's figure. 

Everyone knew that something major had happened!

Sin, he not only established a record, obtaining the stone bowl's Supreme being liquid at the highest point, the ninth layer of the altar, he also unexpectedly wiped out the inheritors of a few inheritances and killed some of their deities. 

Immediately afterwards, the spectators returned. Endless cultivators revived. This place immediately became chaotic.

"Did the heavenly deity who suffered the Soul Shattering Needle come from Fire Cloud Cavern or Phantom Drake Dao Gate?"

"This is truly shocking! Just a trial, yet a heavenly deity is about to die?"

Clamoring sounded noisily, this place in absolute disorder. All of the cultivators revived, but they didn't look at the ten thousand cultivators who succeeded first, but were instead looking for that heavenly deity.

This was going to stir up huge waves!

After so many years had passed, this type of thing had never happened before. Spirit Realm's trial unexpectedly changed into a decisive battle against heavenly deities, with one of them possibly dying. 

Finally, they found the ancient inheritances whose names shook the world. The group of people could not remain calm, all types of shouts sounding there. 

It was because a group of people collapsed on the ground, unable to rise again.

Shi Hao didn't only kill one true deity with Soul Shattering Needles!

"Heavens, old ancestor, hurry and wake up!" Someone cried out mournfully.

Moreover, a heavenly deity from Phantom Drake Dao Gate laid on the ground, the corners of his lips flowing out blood, his face miserably pale. There weren't any sounds, unknown if he was dead or alive.

Apart from this, the other two heavenly deities were shaken as well, because they received serious injuries in Spirit Realm. Now that they returned, their foundational energies received great damage. 

"Capture him! He is not allowed to leave!" Someone shouted loudly, staring into that dao field. 

"That youth cannot be allowed to enter Immortal Ancient. We will not allow him to leave!" Fire Cloud Cavern's heavenly deity personally spoke, rising up and arriving at the border of the dao rite. 

This place erupted with commotion, extremely noisy. 

Many people knew something happened in Spirit Realm. These ancient sects were going to try and stop that sinner's blood descendant from leaving, going to capture and kill him here.

Everyone looked towards the inside of that dao field. They finally found that youth.

"Hahaha…" Shi Hao roared with laughter, standing up and shocking the supreme experts around him until they all stepped backwards, not daring to get close to him. 

His attitude was bold and unrestrained as he looked outside this place, staring at those ancient inheritance's people. "Truly domineering, even daring to destroy this type of natural law. However, will you all be able to enter?"

"Break open for me!" There was a heavenly deity who took action, wanting to destroy the entire dao field. Unfortunately, he was stopped by a streak of divine radiance, unable to come any closer.

This formation was extremely ancient, powerful to a shocking degree. It was precisely to maintain fairness, preventing outsiders from coming in. 

Even though those inheritances were powerful, they never expected this type of thing would happen. Now that they suddenly felt the urge to break the formation, it was simply impossible. It would only be doable by expending a large amount of time. 

"Who exactly are you?" A heavenly deity asked.

"Who am I?" Shi Hao looked around, but he didn't say anything. Instead, he revealed a cold look of disdain. "You all will know once I enter Immortal Ancient!"

The two heavenly deities clenched their fists. They knew that this youth's backing was likely shockingly great, not only having a single identity. 

"Heavens, old ancestor, you have to wake up!" Someone cried out miserably, shaking the heavenly deity who suffered a Soul Shattering Needle.

This was not something from the Void God Realm, but something Shi Hao collected after entering the deadly formation they used against him. It was a forbidden object that possessed domineering power in the higher realms. 

"Our inheritances have exceptional talents, and there are even ancient freaks. They will definitely kill you in Immortal Ancient!"

There were deities who roared with endless killing intent and hatred.

"Is that so?" When Shi Hao heard this, he laughed coldly. He nodded and said, "Thank you for telling me. When the time comes, I will definitely slaughter them clean, so please don't worry!"

"You…" Those great ancient sects' people were furious, the veins on their foreheads all jumping, but they couldn't enter.


A bell sounded. The great formation operated, and this entire dao field became blurry. Everyone knew that the transport was starting. These ten thousand supreme experts were going to be sent into the boundless uninhabited region. 

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