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Chapter 812 - Tyrannical Ferocity

A single move of Shi Hao's body possessed tremendous power, as if a shooting star was smashing over!

Following a dong sound, large boulders flew everywhere, landing on a stone mountain. The entire mountain split apart, on the verge of collapse. 

"Too fast!"

In just the blink of an eye, he already slaughtered his way forward. 

He paused for a moment, scanning his eyes over the crowd, staring at a few deities. Those individuals had their inheritance's symbols on their sleeves, making them quite easy to recognize. 

It was clear that he was going after Fire Cloud Cavern, Phantom Drake Dao Gate, Luofu True Valley, and other sects. 

At this moment, forget about those directly involved, even the fine hairs of those unrelated stood up. This youth's eyes were too crazy, shining like little suns.

Quite a few of Fire Cloud Cavern and Phantom Drake Dao Gate's people's expressions changed. This was especially true for a few people at the Divine Flame Realm who immediately felt as if they had been locked onto by an enormous beast. 


Shi Hao's arms moved, and like a Great Golden Winged Peng spreading its wings, crazy winds stirred about, causing sand and stones to fly everywhere. From the mountain peak that had just collapsed, boulders weighing several thousands to tens of thousands of jin smashed over like rain.

As for he himself, he also rushed over, full of murderous intent. 

"What are you doing? Violating the rules, do you want to lose your qualifications in this competition?" A true deity berated, his face falling. His eyes were extremely cold. 

Shi Hao didn't pay these words any attention. The crazy winds formed from enormous rocks showered down. He also sent out a palm.

"You dare?!" Someone shouted. 

"Not knowing when to come or leave, you dare to act viciously here?" A few people said coldly. 

More than ten individuals soared into the air, producing precious techniques and propping up a screen of light, protecting this place and at the same time attacking Shi Hao. 


Enormous boulders smashed down onto the screen of light. All of them exploded, turning into fragments. 

However, Shi Hao's following palm wasn't as easy to deal with. Half of these dozen or so individuals were Divine Flame Realm experts, as well as a few true deities. They all felt a tremendous force suppressing over.

"How could he be this strong?" Someone released a low shout.

Even though they had long seen the display of heaven warping divine might on the altar, when they truly experienced it of themselves, it was a different matter. They could only display power at the supreme expert level here. All of them began to tremble. 

"Ah…" Someone cried out loudly. 

Many people's bodies trembled greatly. All of the precious techniques they activated scattered, and they themselves felt as if a divine mountain smashed into them, causing them to cough out large amounts of blood and to fly outwards.

The true deities also encountered a dangerous situation, because in this place, they were only supreme experts at the consummate level, unable to be any stronger. Their fighting strength were inferior to exceptional talents. 

"Kill him!"

Several individuals shouted. The moment the precious technique was scattered, they brought out their own magical artifacts. Blades cried out, piercing light shining coldly, bone texts resplendent. 


However, the hand that descended from the void was incomparably sturdy. It destroyed the bone swords, snapped the long blades. Moreover, when that hand turned, divine radiance surged, crushing downwards.


A deity was furious. The sinner's blood descendent was too domineering, crushing his hand down on his head, cruel and full of disdain, attacking in such a nonchalant manner. 

He was forced to raise his hands to defend himself, but in the end, it was still not enough!


Sounds of bones fracturing rang through the air. Shi Hao's hand broke his arms, and the crown of his head was turning numb, his fine hairs all standing on end. 

"No!" He did everything he could to resist, but in the end, that large earthen hand continued to crush down, making his skull crack and his body dispirited. His muscles and tendons snapped.

Pu pu…

This was not only true for one person. When Shi Hao's palm enlarged, it pressed down on this place. Several individuals were sent spinning through the air, their bodies exploding.


The deity that rushed over first was shocked and furious, and then in the end, the expression on his face immediately froze. Shi Hao rushed over with a single step, bringing over endless golden radiance. 

With a pu sound, with a point of his finger, a Soul Shattering Needle appeared, dark red and cold, entered the space between his brows, immediately making his face go rigid.

"Enough. Why are you killing others here? Could it be that you do not wish to enter Immortal Ancient? We are going to strip you of your qualification!" Someone berated from the rear. The people of a few ancient inheritances erupted with fury. 

Shi Hao took action. Thunderous radiance overflowed outwards, completely sweeping through the remaining heavily wounded individuals. Bloody mist surged, wiping them all out.

Only then did he stop. His black hair was a mess, but his body was without blood or injuries. His eyes seemed to release electrical radiance, making it look like he had a wave of demonic nature.

"Is my qualification something you all can strip just by saying you will?" Shi Hao sneered coldly. 

His eyes were cold and harsh as he looked around, making a few individuals' hearts feel nervous. This was an absurd feeling. This was clearly a young supreme expert, yet he was looking down on deities like this.

"Slaughtering the innocent without reason, his heart is vicious and bloodthirsty. Someone like you doesn't have the qualification to enter Immortal Ancient!" Someone from Phantom Drake Dao Gate berated. 

Shi Hao stood on a mountain, staring outwards. Even though he was only a single person, he gave off the feeling of a monarch overlooking the world, as if he was the only sovereign. 

"How interesting! You all are disgustingly hypocritical!" Shi Hao said. These ordinary words made the face of the true deity who spoke up turn completely red, his eyes releasing flames.

Just a youth, yet he dared to humiliate him in front of the big names of a province, leaving him furious. He truly wished to blast the other party into blood and bones with a single palm.

"What happened just now? Anyone with eyes could see that all of you ancient sects truly have no sense of shame, breaking the rules and taking action against me." Shi Hao said. 

He didn't give them any face, directly speaking in front of everyone's faces. 

These inheritances cared about face the most, so he naturally wouldn't let them go. He was going to tear off all of the skin on their faces. 

In reality, just now, when Shi Hao was trapped by a formation and suffered a strange attack, it was quite obvious what happened. Many people guessed at what was going on. 

However, no one could have expected that he would be so direct, immediately slaughtering his way over, not even rubbing the sand in his eyes. 

Even those most ancient and powerful inheritances weren't enough. He directly took action!

"Little friend, your words are too excessive. Just now, you slaughtered our sects' disciples on the altar, yet we didn't say anything. Now, you are using such a low reasoning to speak out against us? This isn't too good. 

An old woman spoke, an expert at the True Self Realm, a true deity.

"Get lost!"

Towards this, Shi Hao only had these words, directly berating and not saying anything else. 

There were too many cultivators here. Sin Province's people occupied the majority, but there were big names from other provinces as well. When they saw this scene, they were all stupefied, truly feeling some pity for the people involved.

Glorious deities, great ancient sects, all of them were stopped by a single youth and loudly berated. This was something never heard of before.

"Youngster, you are too arrogant. Do you truly believe that no one here can deal with you? Humiliating and slandering us, there can no longer be any kindness. We demand an explanation!"

"The explanation I will give you then, is that all of you will be slaughtered!" Shi Hao spoke coldly.

"You…" A few people were so angry they began to tremble. 

A group of people walked forward, all of them exuding killing intent. Their eyes were cold, bone texts coming out from their bodies. They were going to use their most powerful precious techniques. 

The people of several sects moved. Even though they knew that he was extremely powerful, they could only take action. Otherwise, what dignity would these great ancient inheritances have left to speak of?

"All of you… can just come at me together!" Shi Hao's black hair danced about, his eyes resplendent, full of confidence. Just like that, he overlooked everyone.

When these types of words were released, this group's faces were completely red. A youth at the supreme expert realm was… showing such disdain towards them!

Even though many people began to press forward together, when they were berated by someone like this, domineering and with such contempt, they still felt embarrassed.

"Take action!"

From the rear, someone coldly spoke. Everyone's hearts trembled. It was a heavenly deity who spoke. 

In that instant, everyone's eyes became resplendent. There were more than one heavenly deity providing support. Of those that could reach this type of cultivation realm, just how many were ordinary? This was especially true when one considered that they had terrifying secret treasures on them as well. Perhaps… they could kill this person.

"Haha…" Shi Hao roared with laughter, his thick black hair dancing about. His eyes shone resplendently like golden lamps. There was a type of domineeringness, but also a type of madness. He looked at all of them with contempt. 

He knew that in these people's hearts, there was actually great restraining fear, but in front of these great sects' faces, they had no choice but to advance. 

"Hand over your lives then!" Shi Hao rushed over.

His entire body shone, one step one illusion. As he pressed forward, golden waves roiled behind him, blasting the void. 

"This is a condensation of magical projections, divine force into a sea. It is a sign of peak power!" Many people shivered inwardly.

He reached this type of stage, something only seen in ancient legends. In the present world, it was already something that no longer existed.

Shi Hao immediately entered this group like a tiger among sheep, incomparably ferocious and tyrannical, unleashing a great massacre.

His arms moved, sending golden light in tens of thousands of streaks, ocean waves reaching the skies. It was just one attack, yet the experts at the very front were all sent flying outwards before splitting apart in the void. 

Bloody light could be seen everywhere. More than ten people immediately fell.

"What true self, divine flame? They only amount to this much in the Supreme Expert Realm." Shi Hao spoke, full of contempt. This was an undisguised humiliation. 

"Unbridled! Little monster, accept death!"

Someone activated a secret treasure, making the void release weng weng sounds. This was a precious arrow refined from a divine bird's beak. Its power was great, able to slaughter deities.

In the real world, this was a heavenly deity magical artifact.

However, here, it was greatly restricted, unable to display its might. 


Shi Hao's actions were simple and domineering. A fist smashed out, and then that precious arrow flew backwards, its owner completely unable to control it. It released bitter radiance that swept towards the crowd.

It was because the power of Shi Hao's fist was just too great!

Pu pu sounds rang out unendingly. More than ten people immediately had their bodies pierced through, miserable cries ringing through the air. The radiance of this precious arrow was blinding. It was incomparably sharp, killing quite a few of their own people. 

This left those from Fire Cloud Cavern furious. They strangely suffered losses of their own people. It was not only humiliating, but also quite a miserable loss.

Without waiting for them to think any further, Shi Hao rushed into the crowd, sweeping through all before him. A fist smashed outwards, and then a divine flame expert exploded on the spot.


Then, he rose high up into the air, a leg moving like a Dragon Snake. As bone texts surrounded it, there was a type of terrifying flexibility as well.

This leg covered the sky. A large group of people around him collapsed, six or seven individuals having their bones broken and tendons snapped, badly mangled as they flew outwards. There were six or seven others who were struck until their bodies broke into two, their torso splitting apart.

Ferocious, tyrannical, domineering! 

The countless spectators were all shocked, their fine hairs standing on end. This was simply like a human Tyrannosaurus Rex, enough to crush everything. He had an unmatched divine power here.


Everyone shouted loudly, their eyes all becoming red now. They surrounded him and attacked from all sides. 

Shi Hao's body shone, beneath his feet golden lotuses covered the ground, accompanied by flames. An irregular scene appeared!

Raging flame golden lotuses were everywhere!

Chi chi sounds rang out incessantly. Golden lotuses rose up from the ground one after another, bringing with them a fiery light. Like immortal swords, they shot out, auspicious multicolored brilliance resplendent. 

Pu pu...

These were terrifying sounds. With so many surrounding him and attacking from all sides, it was the perfect opportunity for Shi Hao to release a mass slaughter. Many people had the space between their brows penetrated, all of them 'planting' into a raging flame golden lotus. Blood flew everywhere, their expressions all freezing.

This was a mass slaughter!

Shi Hao's courage and strength were unmatched, incomparably tyrannical. 

They were all at the Supreme Expert realm, but he was unmatched. Even if those people had previously walked this path and had long ascended to a higher level, it was still not enough!


With a raise of Shi Hao's hand, heaven overflowing radiance surged. His arms and legs moved, unleashing a bloodbath. 

Whenever a fist smashed out, there would inevitably be people ahead who exploded, turning into blood and bone. He pressed forward boldly and powerfully; no one could stop him. 

The most terrifying thing was that he was using Soul Shattering Needles to hunt a few extremely powerful individuals.


Someone used a precious wheel to fight against Shi Hao. The void distorted, purple waves striking the skies.

"You are breaking the rules!" A heavenly deity spoke, his expression cold and ruthless. He held the precious wheel in his hands.

"I passed Spirit Realm's trial, yet you all dare to secretly harm me, using Soul Suppressing Pagoda, and Soul Scattering Bells to go after my life, yet you dare to speak about breaking the rules?!" Shi Hao was powerful. A leg swept out from above, his limbs striking towards the heavenly deity's face. 


The heavenly deity was furious. This place was immediately covered in overflowing divine light. A youth actually dared to act so wildly, using his feet to trample towards his face!

The experts of a few great sects couldn't remain calm any longer, many of them rushing forward. 

Peng peng...

After several dozen collisions, light erupted into the heavens. It had to be said that creatures who could become heavenly deities all possessed shocking methods, or else there wouldn't be so few of them in each inheritance after all these years.

Only, after the continuous collisions, the magical wheel artifact already became dim, about to be forcibly struck flying.

Moreover, during this process, these were more than ten experts who were killed by Shi Hao one after another, blood splashing high into the sky!

Shi Hao took action again, unexpectedly gripping the heavenly deity's forearm and fiercely tore at it. With a kacha sound, bones broke and striking red blood flew several feet into the air. 

He tore off the forearm of a heavenly deity!

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