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Chapter 811 - Supreme Being Liquid

A weng sounded. The bird beak, fish scale, beast tooth, and other items reappeared, stringing together and moving through the void, releasing divine radiance and shining towards Shi Hao.

"En?" Shi Hao wasn't the only one that was shocked, even the others were startled. Could it be that… Six Crown King personally came?!

Soon after, Shi Hao understood. This mysterious bracelet was gathering aura, engraving his soul fluctuations within so that it could kill him when he entered Immortal Ancient. 

The deities that were watching also understood the bracelet's plans. If it could kill the sinner's blood descendant, then that was good, but if it couldn't, then it would still record his aura so that once Shi Hao entered, it could still find him in the shortest amount of time. 

Shi Hao faced it coldly, not feeling fear. He looked at the bracelet and then said, "Just get lost. When I enter Immortal Ancient, I will definitely put an end to you!"

This type of confidence, this type of domineeringness left many people tongue-tied and at a loss for words. Since the ancient times, how many creatures in the Supreme Expert Realm dared to say these words?

He actually publicly spoke these types of words, that he was going to kill Ning Chuan after entering!

Forget about the several tens of thousands of supreme experts, even the true deities, heavenly deities and others watching felt speechless. This sinner's blood descendant was too ferocious, not fearing anything. 

In this era, the Immortal Ancient was full of ancient freaks. Even though the sinner's blood descendant was extraordinary, did he have the strength to back up his words?

"Everything will be exposed in the end. Once you enter Immortal Ancient, I want to see just how you will 'free' yourself from this disaster!" A deity roared out with a cold voice, carrying great hostility.

"Immortal Flower and petals will shine upon everything. I will personally watch if you will display might or if you will crawl under someone else's feet." There were quite a few people from the ancient sects that suffered heavy losses who had overcast faces. 

Outside the battlefield, a young lady appeared. With a wave of her hand, a xiu sounded, and the bracelet then turned into a stream of flowing light before flying out. She grabbed it, and then her figure disappeared.

"Really are putting on quite a bit of extravagance." Shi Hao released a cold snort, not chasing after it.

He ascended to the fourth floor altar, his speed not that slow either, still as fast as flying, making those supreme experts below feel powerless. This person was too much of a freak. 

Could this still even be called a trial anymore? Everyone was climbing step by step, as if they were moving while carrying a huge mountain, yet he was taking large steps. This really dealt a great psychological blow to everyone, truly testing the tolerance of the other supreme experts' hearts. 

With a shua sound, Shi Hao leapt up, rushing to the fifth layer. He felt pressure here, his steps slowing down a bit.

He was shocked. He noticed a few figures on the rising path who were moving forward with difficulty. While he was dallying about fighting intense battles, some people had already arrived here a while ago. 

This was quite extraordinary. They were all definitely well-known supreme experts of a province!

In reality, as long as one climbed up to the third layer, it meant that they already more or less obtained the qualifications, because for just ten thousand supreme experts to reach the first layer was already not bad.

Those that climbed higher were all just individuals who wanted to see how great their own potential was, wishing to obtain the stone bowl on the ninth layer, and acquire the Supreme Being Liquid within. 

On the sixth layer, the pressure Shi Hao faced was now great, his steps heavy. However, it still couldn't stop him from advancing. 

In this place, he saw another two individuals, a male and female, both quite strong. However, they were now covered in sweat, feeling a tremendous pressure. 

When the two people saw him close in so quickly, advancing upwards, they almost fell over right there and then. The sweat on their faces flowed down with hua hua sounds. This was just too terrible, hurting their confidence too greatly!

Outside the battlefield, all of the spectators were shocked. They had a feeling that something extraordinary might happen today!

Phantom Drake Dao Gate, Fire Cloud Cavern, Luofu True Valley, the people of these inheritances all fell, because they were completely defeated. Not a single one of their disciples were able to enter Immortal Ancient through Sin Province, all of them defeated by a single person.

"He ascended to the seventh layer!" Someone cried out in alarm. 

Shi Hao's steps were extremely steady. He arrived on the altar's seventh layer, now already roughly halfway up the enormous altar. His position was extremely high, so he could overlook the scenery of all directions. 

This moved many people. One has to understand that it had already been many years since something like this happened. Powerful geniuses wouldn't surpass the seventh layer, but it would still be extremely difficult for them to do so. They would only make it that far by struggling between life and death.

Meanwhile, this youth was so carefree, advancing along the upward path!


When Shi Hao reached the eighth layer, his body trembled greatly, as if an archaic demonic cliff had smashed down on his body, making his bones release pipa sounds.

This place already reached into the sky. With his arrival, the tremendous force scattered the clouds.

When the supreme experts below found out about this, they looked like they saw a ghost. They raised their heads, unable to believe it. 

As for the distant cultivators, they were stupefied as well. How many years has it been? Should be more than thirty thousand years now, right? No one could reach the eighth layer of the altar, all who tried failing to do so.

This youth, this sinner's blood descendant, he was trying to establish a record, breaking the peace of thirty thousand years!

Gasp! Someone sucked in a cold breath of air as he stared at Shi Hao's rear figure. He said softly, "Why do I feel like déjà vu? His style of doing things, as well as his great confidence, it's a bit like… Huang!"

There were some who became suspicious, but there was no proof. 

Regardless, once they entered Immortal Ancient, all identities would be exposed, no secrets that could be kept hidden. 

"I am looking forward to seeing who exactly he is, what kind of identity he has!" Someone said softly.


Shi Hao was walking forward, treading on the eighth layer of the altar, causing the entirely black Supreme Being Ancient Altar that was even more massive than a mountain to tremble slightly. It was because the power it suffered was too great.

The several tens of thousands of cultivators below were horrified. Even without being able to see it, they were aware that someone climbed up to the eighth layer of the altar. It was because legend had it that only by reaching that place would they be able to move the altar. 

Dong, dong...

The divine footsteps were heavy like the thunderous beating of divine drums, ringing by everyone's ears. The rhythm remained unchanging. A few supreme experts couldn't take it any longer, actually spitting out blood.

It was because the entire altar was pulsing, making their blood and qi resonate as well. 


Another trembling sound rang through the air. The Supreme Being Ancient Altar shone, and at the same time, the sound of scriptures could be heard. It also sounded like zen chanting, as well as like heaven and earth stellar universe harmonizing. 

The enormous ancient altar trembled intensely, radiance pervading the air.

"Heavens, he broke an eighty thousand year old record, ascending to the ninth layer of the altar!" At this moment, everyone's expressions froze. They were filled with shock. 

Meanwhile, a sparkling ancient monument appeared, a glorious divine stele. All those who ascended to the ninth layer of the altar would be able to leave behind their name.

This heaven and earth could no longer calm down. Regardless of whether it was the several tens of thousands of supreme experts or the spectators watching the battle, they all erupted into commotion. Loud sounds of discussions erupted.

The divine stele rose into the air, appearing near Shi Hao. He thought for a bit, and then he wrote down the symbol that shone with holy light from his forehead. It appeared on the stone stele. 


When the great ancient sects' people saw this scene, their faces fell tremendously. They stared at that character. They never expected him to leave behind this type of name. 

"This represents honor, merits, and achievements, as well as glory! Sooner or later, the truth will be exposed!" Shi Hao spoke, his voice like thunder, resounding through the skies. Everyone could hear it clearly.

On the stone monument, there were a few names, all dazzling experts from ancient eras past. A few of them had already become giants of their respective areas, and some had been buried for more than several hundreds of thousands of years. 

Shi Hao gave it a look, and then he retracted his gaze, continuing upwards. He wanted to close in on the heart of this place and obtain that bowl.

The ninth layer's pressure was several times greater than before. Even someone with a physique as powerful as Shi Hao's felt his bones ringing and rumbling.

At this moment, he felt as if he was supporting the sky on his back!

However, what was shocking was that he still didn't stop walking, continuing to move upwards. The rhythm of his footsteps didn't change, continuing upwards.

"This… has never happened before, right?"

In the past, glorious creatures had arrived here, but it was extremely bitter, full of suffering and continuous struggles, reaching the core with great difficulty. However, he was actually able to enter with this type of uniform velocity!

This was definitely a magnificent feat!

Soon after, he arrived at the core region. A stone bowl was suspended in the void, the liquid within brilliant and about to flow out.

A fragrance that penetrated one deeply into the heart wafted about, making others feel intoxicated. 


Shi Hao's hand touched the stone bowl, feeling a refreshing feeling. In addition, this place immediately surged with auspicious multicolored light, brilliant rays shining in tens of thousands of streaks, incomparably dazzling and holy. 

A stone monument appeared, recording everything that happened. Shi Hao left his name behind again.

It was because even though others arrived at the ninth layer of the altar, they couldn't reach this place, ultimately collapsing here with regret and shaken off the altar.

Shi Hao succeeded, directly arriving in the core region.

"Sin, fastest speed, Sin Province two hundred thousand year record established."

It was a simple sentence, recording this type of glory. Everyone saw it clearly, all of them stupefied. 

Not only was the record shocking, it was also because everyone clearly knew that this fella delayed for quite some time!

He moved around the altar, defeating the experts of eight directions, and then he fought on the third layer as well, defeating Six Crown King's people and sweeping through all enemies. This definitely took up quite some time. 

"This is bad. We severely underestimated the sinner's blood descendent. He is abnormally powerful, but now, we cannot tell the disciples of the sect!" Someone said. 

Right now, all provinces were being filtered out, the only difference being the checkpoints resting in different locations. However, they were all moving through Spirit Realm, and once it concluded, the qualifiers will be directly sent into the uninhabited region.

Shi Hao grabbed the bowl and fiercely moved it. The void even began to move, and then blazing radiance surged. He finally grabbed the bowl, sending it to his mouth. 

A sparkling symbol appeared, engraving itself in the void, explaining the Supreme Being Liquid's history and other things.

This liquid was made up of imprints of deities, the condensed essence of Spirit Realm. It descended from the void, a bowl collecting only after many, many tens of thousands of years. 

Shi Hao was greatly shaken. This liquid contained divine dao, liquid that could refine the primordial core and nurture the spirit, to the extent where it could even allow the primordial spirit to change again, shedding its shell to develop an immortal form. 

"This stuff is formidable!" Shi Hao's heart trembled.

Perhaps, when igniting a divine flame, this Supreme Being Liquid would be extremely useful!

He didn't hesitate, opening his mouth to gulp it down, but he didn't refine it, instead storing it in his primordial spirit, turning it into a sphere of light. It shone with dazzling brilliance. 

A line of texts appeared, telling Shi Hao that now that he obtained this liquid, he could not come back to acquire a second bowl of Supreme Being Liquid, that this was a one time opportunity.

Shi Hao didn't complain. This one time was enough!

After a brief pause, Shi Hao leapt out, jumping off the Supreme Being Ancient Altar.


The ground trembled. Like a demon lord, he dropped onto the ground, his black hair flying about, eyes shining like lightning. 

This time, the harvest was tremendous. Everything was now set; he just had to wait to enter the vast uninhabited region.

Suddenly, Shi Hao sensed an abnormal danger, as if something bad was about to happen. However, the only people around him were some defeated supreme experts shaken off the altar who refused to leave. Could it be them?

Streak after streak of light drowned out this place, dazzling to the extreme. It was dangerous to the point of leaving one horrified.

This was a magical wheel that turned into a light screen, sealing everything within a range of ten zhang. Within this limited space, all types of forbidden secret treasures danced about.

Soul Shattering Needles, Soul Suppressing Pagodas, Soul Scattering Bells...

There were several hundred of them, all of them great killing weapons that could kill people within the Spirit Realm. Back then, he had came into contact with them in the Void God Realm.

These things couldn't be touched. Once they harmed the body, the spirit would become weak and ultimately deteriorate. They would then die in the real world as well.

The most frightening thing was that in this narrow space, once these things exploded, their power would be much, much more powerful than the forbidden objects of the Void God Realm, attacking at him. 


Shi Hao roared. The Kun Peng wings appeared, reincarnation fists shook the skies, Lightning Emperor precious techniques soaring into the sky, interweaving together. Holy radiance erupted as brilliantly as an exploding sun. No one knew what was happening in here. 

Only a moment later, after a loud hong explosion, that magical wheel shattered, and countless formations refined by sect masters were broken. All types of great killing weapons in here turned into powder.

Shi Hao's hair was disheveled, but his body was without injuries. His eyes were incomparably cold. With a peng sound, he grabbed a few supreme experts that wanted to escape. Without saying anything, he directly searched their memories.

Immediately afterwards, his eyes burned with radiance, killing intent overflowing into the heavens!

Pu pu sounds rang out, blasting a few people apart. Then, he took to the skies, directly slaughtering towards the distant spectators, rushing towards those deities.

This place erupted with chaos. Everyone was struck dumb. This youth was too lively. There were heavenly deities here, yet he directly slaughtered his way over!

Suddenly, everyone realized something. Right, even heavenly deities received restrictions here.

This truly was quite the temper, about to kill deities after being angered. Everyone was greatly shaken, their eyes standing straight as they watched everything. 

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