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Chapter 810 - Six Crown Killing Intent

"You dare speak rudely about Six Crown King great one?!" A white clad male scoffed, his sharp eyebrows standing on end and his eyes shining like small suns. 

The others were glaring at him as well, all of them releasing killing intent.

Six Crown King -- Ning Chuan, a being that left others in despair, insurmountable, a heavenly talent that could not be defeated!

He was viewed as one of the most powerful supreme experts since the ancient times, showed up at different points in history, appearing a total of six times, his natural luck glorious. 

In the six eras he emerged in, he established a reputation of being unmatched under the heavens, an absolutely dazzling figure who created miracle after miracle, becoming an illustrious figure that could not be surpassed. 

Not only did he defeat all the supreme experts of the past, he had even killed a Three Crown King in a previous era, shaking all three thousand provinces of the higher realms. 

Whenever he was mentioned, everyone would always think of an unmatched, exceptional, insurmountable figure, heaven warping talent, great and without equal; these were the best words to describe him with. 

Now that these six white clad men came down from the fourth layer at the same time, it naturally triggered a commotion. Everyone was paying attention, watching carefully.

Shi Hao was the only one that felt disdain towards this!

"Dao brothers, you all came at a good time. Let's kill him together." Another group of people arrived at the third layer from a different direction. The people from several great ancient sects all appeared. 

There were over a hundred people here, all of them supreme experts. They were people from two different sects that were walking together.

"Don't worry. We have accepted Six Crown King's order. We have a great weapon that is strong enough to kill him." The six white clothed individuals were all calm, not feeling any fear while facing Shi Hao. 

"Even six servants dare to act so wantonly." Shi Hao said, looking at them. He didn't feel any aura of time past from them, so they should be people of the present world. 

"Who do you think you are talking about?" A white clothed individual spoke with a cold voice, his eyes chilly and ice cold. 

They were all extremely unordinary, experts of their area, the outstanding talents of a few ancient sects that ranked at the very top. They only listened to Six Crown King Ning Chuan's orders out of admiration for him.

Otherwise, within their own respective sects, they would all be dazzling top figures. 

"If you all aren't slaves, why in the world are you listening to orders?" Shi Hao said, calm and unhurried. He walked forward step by step.

Several tens of thousands of supreme experts, even though they were still climbing with difficulty, arduously ascending the altar, they still paid some attention to this place above. They were shocked. Sixth Crown King who had shone brilliantly through past and present sent people to kill the sinner's blood descendent; this left everyone shocked. 

With a huala sound, the hundred experts that had just arrived surrounded this place, about to take action together with the six great experts. 

In the distance, all of the experts looked over, wanting to see what kind of methods the six individuals had.

A few older generation figures and even heavenly deities were paying close attention, all of them serious. Towards Ning Chuan, despite themselves being much older, they still felt restraining fear. 

It was because rumor had it that Ning Chuang was proficient in many ancient scriptures, observed many worthy inscriptions of the past for enlightenment. If he wanted to break through, he would continuously do so for more than ten years. 

If he was given time, he could quickly catch up, surpassing the people here.


A white clad individual took action. His palm released a streak of fire that burned fiercely. This was innate Li fire, incomparably hot. 

"Even with just this, you want to kill me?" Shi Hao laughed loudly. 

He raised his hand, and then a streak of lightning radiance flew out that was extremely blue like a stream, piercing through those flames. This was an application of the lightning dao precious technique, possessing water attributes.


Soon after, Shi Hao felt as if something wasn't right, some type of dangerous feeling pervading the air. That individual's palm shone, making the flames blaze with even more intensity. The case he held split apart.

That was a bird beak, not that large, but sparkling red and translucent, surging with flames. It merged with the white clad male's fiery radiance, drastically increasing its power. 

Was this the precious artifact bestowed by Six Crown King Ning Chuan?

Everyone was shocked, widening their eyes to watch closely.

Following a bird cry, heaven and earth trembled. A string of fiery light erupted, and a divine bird that looked similar to the Vermilion Bird appeared, circling in void. It then turned into a scarlet clad woman.

It opened its mouth and roared. Fiery light overflowed into the heavens, submerging the area Shi Hao was standing in. 

"How powerful! This is more formidable than Fire Cloud Clan's number one expert! What kind of bone is that?" Everyone became stupefied.

Fiery light shone resplendently, illuminating the skies, burning the void until its distorted.

Shi Hao remained calm. This bird beak was definitely an exceptional item among precious items, and before its death, it was a top level young expert. Even he could feel the blazing heat and danger. 

With a shua sound, he put up a barrier of light, blocking everything before him.

Everyone was shocked. Even the descendant of sinner's blood was taking this seriously, proving how unordinary this scarlet bird beak was!

"I understand what happened! This is a Vermilion Bird descendent Six Crown King killed before, the young female supreme being of the FIre Cloud Sparrow Clan!"

Someone among the spectators exposed the truth, triggering a commotion.

Six Crown King killed too many enemies, heaven warping and unmatched. A supreme being young lady from the Vermillion Bird bloodline fell, but her precious bone didn't split apart and was seized by Ning Chuan.


Golden light flickered about. When the great flames poured over, golden lotuses blossomed around Shi Hao's surroundings one after another, planting themselves in the void to stop the flames.

Golden lotuses grew within flames!

He blocked that scarlet bone with a strange magical projection, forcing back the girl that was formed.


At this moment, the second white clad individual took action. The precious case in his hands split apart, and a purple scale emerged, erupting with lightning. Symbols covered the sky as it hacked at Shi Hao. 

"Yi?" This left him shocked and his mind shaken. It was another incredibly powerful precious artifact. It turned into a young man that slaughtered over. 

Everyone's hearts beated frantically. It was not only because of that scale, but also because the other youngsters also carried precious cases. What did this signify?

"Could they be the Six Dao Supreme Bracelet?" Even the big names from various sects were shaken up, staring at the altar.

It was rumored that Ning Chuan appeared six times, killing many enemies, turning all types of precious bones into a bracelet, refining six worlds. Its power was beyond compare. 

"Even if it isn't it is still a similar type of precious object!" Someone said, having a premonition. 

This lightning radiance was extremely dazzling and incomparably powerful. However, against Shi Hao who had passed heavenly tribulation, it instead became something he wouldn't worry about at all. He allowed the lightning radiance to flow over, and then he completely absorbed it all.

Then, his palm shone, sending all of the refined lightning dao divine force blasting outwards.

Those white clad men's expressions changed. They all began to take action. 

"Calamity Dragon Sword -- kill!" After the third precious case exploded, a tooth appeared that was splendid and colorful, but killing intent rushed into the heavens. It turned into a dragon, and while holding a sharp sword in its mouth, it hacked it towards Shi Hao, cutting through that streak of lightning radiance.


The fourth white clad individual shouted. The precious case exploded, and a pearl appeared. The surroundings immediately became blurry. They all disappeared, and Shi Hao entered a strange situation. 

Desert, sea, palaces… it was like a mirage. 

"That's a pearl condensed from the Clam Beast's dao, a glorious ancient expert killed by Six Crown King." 

The people couldn't see Shi Hao, only able to see a hazy expanse. Those were the void transformations of the Clam Beast, deceiving all.

Then, the precious cases of the other two individuals exploded, and as a result, six streaks of light rushed into the heavens, drowning out this place. Bone texts were layered like ocean waves as they suppressed forward.

Forget about the tens of thousands of supreme experts, even the older generation figures that were watching were moved. Those six bones merged together, forming an extremely powerful ring of attacks, submerging that area with their power. 

That place was extremely hazy, because of the Clam Beast Pearl, mists spread outwards, sealing everything off.


Everyone heard an enormous sound. That region swayed, and a resplendent holy light shone. Then, a figure slaughtered out, blasting a white clad male flying. 

The one holding the Clam Beast Pearl coughed out blood, almost falling off the altar.

Everyone was stunned. Even the older generation big name who spoke earlier was shaken. This descendant with sinner's blood was so formidable, defeating this kind of precious artifact, sending it flying?


A white clad individual shouted. They all let go of their precious artifacts,and as a result, the beast tooth, bird beak, beast bone, and others rushed together, stringing together and becoming sparkling and translucent, suspending themselves in the void.

"Activate it together!" They shouted loudly.

That precious bracelet shone. Six streaks of hazy radiance spun about, scattering down endless brilliance, illuminating that place. 

"Heavens, could it truly be Ning Chuan's Six Dao Supreme Bracelet?"

This was a radiance that continuously flickered with brilliance, cutting the spirit and seizing the soul, peeling away one's dao cultivation. This bracelet was exceptionally powerful, the power it erupted with extremely terrifying. 

Forget about Shi Hao who was on the scene, even the supreme experts that were far away below felt a pressure weighing down on their chests that was incredibly uncomfortable. They were simply about to go unconscious. 

"Six Crown King Ning Chuan is too powerful!" Someone sighed. 

Even if the number one young expert came from a race, they would still die with resentment, because this bracelet's power was incomparable, enough to kill people at the peak of the Supreme Expert Realm. 

Six types of precious techniques shone in harmony, holy radiance illuminating everything. 

Shi Hao was as fast as lightning, continuously grabbing four people. They were all experts from the group that hurried over, throwing them forward.

These were all well-known figures among supreme experts, but in the end, they couldn't even release a sound before they exploded, turning into ashes, as if they experienced the six worlds of destruction.

"This isn't Ning Chuan's Six Dao Supreme Bracelet, but it is similar. It also refined his killing intent, the result of accompanying his side for a long time."

A heavenly deity spoke, his eyes continuously flickering. 

"Haha, Ning Chuan is indeed a formidable figure. He didn't even take action himself, just the bracelet he bestowed to others is going to kill the descendant with sinner's blood. Heaven defying as expected." Another person laughed and said. 

Figures became hazy in this battlefield. Holy radiance scattered about. Everyone felt a heavenly overflowing killing intent being released from that bracelet. It was as if a human figure was currently condensing. 

"As expected, this is Six Crown King's killing intent! It is too strong!"

Everyone became stupefied. 

"Just hand over your life! Six Crown King wants you dead, so not even the heavens can forgive you. Suppress and kill!" Those white clad individuals shouted, jointly operating this bracelet.


Suddenly, at the center of the battlefield, bone text erupted around that youth. Like a giant, he released a clear roar. The surface of his body shone, as if there was a resplendent armor around him.

Those were symbols, unknown what types of precious techniques were merged together to produce it. He suddenly rose up and bare-handedly grabbed at that precious bracelet.

The hazy radiance, heaven overflowing killing intent, none of this was able to injure him. Right now, he seemed to be impervious to all methods!

"What?" Everyone became shocked.

The killing intent couldn't penetrate the symbols protecting his body. The precious bracelet's six types of radiance couldn't injure him.


Shi Hao pulled on it, and then the bracelet broke. The bird beak, tooth, beast bones, and other items scattered, flying towards six different directions.

"This… he scattered the precious technique Six Crown King bestowed!"

The spectators were all greatly shocked. 

"You…" In the battlefield, the six white clad males' expressions changed, feeling incredibly shocked. There was someone who could break the precious artifact bestowed by Six Crown King? This was simply unimaginable!

Sure enough, a great disaster descended on them.

The result was without any suspense. Shi Hao took action viciously, unleashing a great slaughter. Bloody radiance erupted, and the six white clad individuals were all killed. 

"Run!" The remaining group of people were panicking. There was no way they could contend against this power! They all rushed down the altar. 

This made the faces of the great inheritances' older characters fall greatly. They were greatly defeated today, this humiliation difficult to wash away. 

Unfortunately, Shi Hao didn't give them the chance to escape. His spiritual bodies all moved, following after them and ruthlessly taking action, reaping lives. 

Under pu pu sounds, a group of people bled, all of them cut down.

Outside the battlefield, someone released a low roar, releasing terrifying energy. This made a few ancient inheritances' deities furious, releasing killing intent. 

On the altar, Shi Hao overlooked all of the supreme experts below, and then he looked outside the battlefield. 

After a brief pause, he turned around, rushing towards the top of the altar. He didn't want to waste any time, wishing to obtain the Supreme Liquid within that stone bowl. After passing the trial, he should head for the uninhabited region. 

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